Windows Phone 7 Announced, Previewed

With little surprise Windows Phone has been completely overhauled with its series “7” iteration. Unsurprisingly it’s taken on a very Zune like interface and that’s not a bad thing. If the iPhone taught us one thing, it’s that simplicity can work to your advantage if done right and Windows is certainly bringing their massive resources to bear with the future release of Windows Phone 7. Details are still forthcoming out of Mobile World Congress and we’ve got eyes on the attending blogs scouring for information.

Most importantly, Windows Phone 7 will be coming to T-Mobile, along with the other U.S. carriers sometime in 2010. On the positive note, we know that the HTC HD2 has the hardware support required already so what’s already a good phone, will become a better phone when it gets the series “7” overhaul. Microsoft has done what it should have done a while ago, and started completely from scratch and built an entirely new OS although Zune HD users will feel slightly comfortable with it already. Reading from an Engadget story, everything we know about Windows Mobile needs to be thrown out the window, this is a new, brand spanking new rebuilt completely from the ground up OS. The Start screen? Gone. Xbox Live integration? Check. Zune integration? Check. Thankfully, Microsoft is mandating hardware requirements so phones won’t be plagued by inferior processors or lack enough ram to multitask efficiently.

This story is still developing as the Microsoft press conference is ongoing as of this writing. Stay tuned for more!

Windows 7 Phone Series Official Site, Above video linked here




  • Mockerfab4

    My first impressions from it was WOW! As an Outlook user, the featured that impressed me was the Calendar. I loved how it color codes exchange appts and personal ones. Very slick and simple feature, but very important for me.

    Everything else looked clean, and easy to use. I like how it integrates some of the apps like Pandora radio in the music section, facebook in photo and contacts. Even Bing (which I’m not a fan of) looked super impressive on this phone. Overall I’m happy with the direction WM is going.

    Too bad we have to wait until the Holidays though. I’m already planning on getting the HD2 next month which runs on WM6.5 and Sense TouchFlo. Not sure how I feel about switching gears to a different OS later in the year.

  • Twitch110

    Looks pretty cool. Can’t say i’m THAT excited about the new look. I think the current home screen is absolutely beautiful and eye catching. I wish they could have kept that in there somewhere. The weather screen is just cool if you ask me. But then again, i’ve never actually used it, so i don’t really know. Just think it’s cool eye candy. Series 7 looks like it could be pretty cool though. It’s that some of the things that i thought seemed cool with windows mobile, are now gone. But again, i really don’t know how well winmo works, so i can’t really voice a valid opinion. hmmm….

  • dennis p

    dont see anything revolutionary there. Android and Iphone have all the same features already. No thanks microsoft.

    • Max

      Don’t feed the troll folks, move along, nothing to see here

      • just some d?de

        You hit the nail on the head Max, nothing to see here is right.

      • Mockerfab4


    • Josh

      Don’t see any revolutionary comment here. Other fanboys and trolls have all the same comments already. No thanks Dennis.

      We don’t need you (troll) and your comments here!

    • Landshark

      You are right, nothing new here. Microsoft has had touch-screen, downloadable app driven, smartphones long before the iphone and droid.

      So, no Microsoft isn’t re-inventing the wheel here. They already invented it long long ago. :)

  • just some d?de

    WOW, you cant make heads or tails of this. You dont know if its coming or going. Once again leave it to MS to make another bloated fugly OS. Unless this is a skin and underneath is the regular old outdated WM.

    Android rules.

    • Chris

      haha, seriously man, i’ve used my android phone (g1) since it came out. I’m happy with it. But you can’t disregard that this improvements on android and Iphone will definitely bring some competitive aspects in the mobile world. And microsoft already said before, its a complete overhaul of the OS, meaning the UI is completely different and Zune HD like. They have said that. So this newly awesome OS is highly likely will look like the official release. And this is the OS, so its pretty much not hiding anything. Don’t be such a dick. I love Android, I even bought shirts with Android logo on it. But when these new OS gets released, we have to open our minds. I know I’m definitely getting an HD2 if they announced that it’ll be upgradeable.

  • Camusa

    Yeah. ANRACHY ANARCHY…OY. Enough.

  • Camusa

    PS-Psyched. WinMo 7 will rock.

  • Marc

    Can’t say I like this, I actually don’t. Maybe it will grow on me.

  • Camusa

    PS-Psyched. WinMo 7 will rock!

  • bluepenny65

    I am not sure if the HD2 will be getting it when it comes out….although it definitely packs all the hardware needed, Windows Mobile 7 Series phone was announced to only have 3 input buttons (HTC HD2 has 5) and has its own Windows user experience (very similar to HTC’s). Ballmer mentioned there won’t be any overhaul of that new user experience with other OEM’s (like Sense UI)…..but rather offer extensible approach…and this will be consistent across board. So its either, HTC recreates another 4.3 beast to host Windows 7 and leave HD2 alone as it is but with more 6.5.x or 6.x.x updates…..or surprise us. Their site already mentioned the WM7 Series + HTC experience partnership…

    • Guerrilla

      the additional buttons on the HD2 are the call and call end buttons. i think that the HD2 will still be recieving Windows Phone 7, but only time will tell

    • God

      “we know that the HTC HD2 has the hardware support required already so what’s already a good phone, will become a better phone WHEN it gets the series “7” overhaul”.


      David continues to make assumptions that will no doubt get picked up by readers and interpreted as fact (as he’s done with reports on HSDPA rollouts, project dark, etc..).


  • SteveG1

    I can’t wait to get my HD2. And look forward to HTC re-doing Sense to work with W7. This year is going to be exciting for phones.

    • teesquared

      me was thinking the same thing. i can’t wait to Sense on this baby!! nice work microsoft….nice work

    • chaoscentral

      They won’t be redoing Sense for WP7, Microsoft doesn’t want all different kinds of UI’s as that kind of hinders both brand recognition and application development. When you use a WP7 phone you will know it, and developers will have a much easier time creating programs that work in the single UI rather than having to come up with designs for various other UI’s that may or may not work on other WM phones. Ever try a program on one WM phone then try to use it on a completely different spec’ed and powered phone? That was a nightmare!

      • edd

        I think they learned from the android mess .. which is a good thing I guess.

  • dothack

    Looks pretty goo, we’ll have to wait until its release and we see tons of youtube videos to determined if the os is up to par with the iphone or android. now, something that the blog states that the os is a complete new os, that means that previous windows mobile 6.x applications won’t work on this??? cause they are plenty of great apps out there that would have to be redone for this os

  • Alex V

    Holidays 2010 means December?

    • Kickstar13


      • Guerrilla

        holidays 2010 actually means november. november is typically the start of the holidays (i.e. when sales begin for christmas) many companies do alot of marketing in november as well, somi would expect wm7 to appear sometime in november.

  • Todd

    Looks intriguingl

  • TmoAsian

    Isn’t windows mobile 6 based on windows vista and windows phone 7 based on windows 7? it seams like that… It would be awesome to be able to download cool stuff like wizard101 on it

  • bill

    Am I the only one confused by this phone? Who are they trying to compete with? iPhone? Blackberry? Where’s the landscape mode? Why is the UI locked down? This will probably mean I can’t remove or even move the Xbox live symbol. Integration with other products but this is taking it way to far with Bing, Live, Xbox. It just seems like they’re trying to do too much with it.

    • bill

      Also where’s the apps? Will it support a free map service like Google?

      WL over Twitter? Who are they kidding?

  • Cybersedan

    I’m not a huge WinMo fan, however I really like to see that Microsoft is stepping up their game. Its this kind of competition among hardware/software makers that keeps bring more innovative products to us consumers.

    Go Microsoft!!

    I’ll definitely give it a try when available before I cast judgement.

  • dave

    MS has got to be kidding. How can they say with a straight face that we have to wait about 9 months!!! That’s ludicrous. The train has left the station if I had to wait for “7”. Bye-Bye MS.

    • Peter

      Bye Dave!

  • Lawrence

    go check out…they have a 22min demo video of Windows Phone 7 Series…Android and Apple can honestly have seat now cause 7 Series is @ the top lookin down at everybody now

  • dease knuttz

    Hopefully the HTC HD2 gets the Winmo7 update…

  • David

    Forgive my ignorance but, if the HTC HD2 gets the WM7 update, will it be free?
    I don’t know how Windows work with their mobile OS upgrades.

  • I like the OS, but I think I prefer the HTC HD2.

  • Paul

    I’m not sure if I like the cut off screens in windows 7. I know it’s supposed to be artistic, but I’d rather the screen just use the entire screen for what I am doing rather than showing part of the next screen on the side.

  • newcleus

    At first glance, I like the look of this. I especially like the Zune integration. I have a Zune, but would love carrying only one device for just about everything. I know the iPhone does this, but I don’t want one of those things at all.
    I’m a little disappointed WPS7 won’t allow HTC’s UI on top of it, but hoping WinMo has something as good or better.
    Definitely getting HD2 when it comes out.

  • my likey big blox! suck on thumb while playing with baby looking toy. i haz mail, biggy block sez so!

    ugh… i used to be a winmo fan… you cant wrap the UI so you’re stuck looking that these LAME blocks. 5 pounds of FAiL in a 2 pound bag.

    Android is looking better each day.


  • When you use a WP7 phone you will know it, and developers will have a much easier time creating programs that work in the single UI rather than having to come up with designs for various other UI’s that may or may not work on other WM phones.