Windows Phone 7 Announced, Previewed

With little surprise Windows Phone has been completely overhauled with its series “7” iteration. Unsurprisingly it’s taken on a very Zune like interface and that’s not a bad thing. If the iPhone taught us one thing, it’s that simplicity can work to your advantage if done right and Windows is certainly bringing their massive resources to bear with the future release of Windows Phone 7. Details are still forthcoming out of Mobile World Congress and we’ve got eyes on the attending blogs scouring for information.

Most importantly, Windows Phone 7 will be coming to T-Mobile, along with the other U.S. carriers sometime in 2010. On the positive note, we know that the HTC HD2 has the hardware support required already so what’s already a good phone, will become a better phone when it gets the series “7” overhaul. Microsoft has done what it should have done a while ago, and started completely from scratch and built an entirely new OS although Zune HD users will feel slightly comfortable with it already. Reading from an Engadget story, everything we know about Windows Mobile needs to be thrown out the window, this is a new, brand spanking new rebuilt completely from the ground up OS. The Start screen? Gone. Xbox Live integration? Check. Zune integration? Check. Thankfully, Microsoft is mandating hardware requirements so phones won’t be plagued by inferior processors or lack enough ram to multitask efficiently.

This story is still developing as the Microsoft press conference is ongoing as of this writing. Stay tuned for more!

Windows 7 Phone Series Official Site, Above video linked here