LG, Android, T-Mobile; Connecting the Dots

Now let’s be clear, everything that follows is, for the time being, speculation, but when the seemingly random placement of dots are connected, they sure do make a pretty picture.  LG and T-Mobile have not had a great relationship in the past, neither has LG and smartphones for that matter.  It has taken a while for LG to offer up some phones on T-Mobile, and their offerings were weak at best.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that they have been bad phones – in fact, I prefer LG to Samsung – but their T-mobile phones aren’t up to snuff.  LG, though, is looking to change that.  We will look back, again, to that (more correct than not) leaked roadmap, which clearly shows a couple of LG phones, one of which is an Android device.  Couple that with our knowledge that LG will be making their presence known this year and you have yourself asking some questions.  Well, LG has been talking the talk lately, some of which could be important.  LG knows that they have been behind on the smartphone game, and they will change that.  Their goal is to launch 10 more smartphones and sell 5 million units by years end, but it gets better.  They have also come out saying that they are working on a device that uses a dual-core Nvidia Tegra processor.  A single core Tegra processor can be found in the buttery smooth Zune HD, and should be amazing with Android.  So, now we have a question.  Is LG working on a dual-core Nvidia Tegra powered Android Optimus smartphone, to be released by years end?  Only time will tell, but in the mean time, leave your thoughts in the comments!

WSJ (Tegra), WSJ (Interview)

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