T-Mobile Says Samsung GPS Fix Coming In September

T-Mobile released a short internal statement (Check out Engadgetmobile for the same story, different pic) to the front lines acknowledging that a fix to the Samsung Vibrant GPS issue was indeed forthcoming sometime in September. This isn’t really news however as Samsung already said as much being significantly more proactive than they were with the Behold 2. Still, it’s nice to see that T-Mobile is being proactive as well disseminating this info and allowing the front line folks who ultimately deal with customer feedback/trouble to know that something is on its way to rectify the problem. I can only wish they would do the same thing with Motorola and the Cliq/Cliq XT Android updates.

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  • Vicosphi

    Thanks, now let’s hope “optimize” also means a permanent fix :)

  • andrew

    i want 2.2

  • Robert

    I think this “fix” is a download of the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”. At least it will take your mind off of the non working GPS. :-)

  • NiiDiddy

    Right below the image above it talks about “MyTouch 3G Slide OTA Rollout Extended…” That’s all I can see. I am sure @Tmonews and his people are working on a story about that. We should be expecting MAYBE an a Froyo OTA on those devices soon…my wife will be happy!

    Back to the Vibrant —never had an issue so I dunno know if I’ll install the updates when it rolls out. Maybe I will for the heck of it especially if they package it with some other Samsung Vibrant updates (not Android) we may not yet know about… ;)

  • alex32

    not related..but heres news that just came out for the desire hd with the offical specs.

    I am starting to wonder if the htc meeting in london september 15th has nothing to do with tmobile USA.
    anyone..whats your take?

    • alex32

      oh, and if this does come out to tmobile USA whiich i doubt now after seeing this..itll really make me wonder hard whether to get the g2 or not.
      guys..this looks like its ONLY for the UK… ):

      • Andrew

        the desire series is for the UK. The mytouch HD will be similar to the Desire HD though.

    • alex32

      i see, but similar in what way?
      the mytouchHD is going to have that expresso skin which is a complete downer/kill. that already makes the phone horrible. If the mytouchhd had either stock andorid or sense it would really make a competitor against the evo, iphone, and droid series

  • ItsMichaelNotMike
    • Andrew

      We’ve got this on our Vibrant sale page already, been there for a while

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Also, not sure what you mean by “our Vibrant sale page.”

        I thought that the Amazon penny sale, so to speak, was separate and significant news. I did not know that TMoNews has news “threads.”

        I did not see where the Amazon sale of one cent was on that “thread” anyway, I guess it’s news to me that the Amazon one penny sale has been on that page for a while.

        Oh well, did not mean to waste your time and bandwidth. :)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oh… well never mind then. Here’s T-Mobile’s explanation on why it’s $200 on T-Mobile’s site and one cent at Amazon:


  • Joe

    Too little too late :/
    Took my Vibrant back, I had to exchange the first one. The compass on neither one of them worked.

    • xminer

      The compass on mine is also broken, totally useless… and GPS wont lock more than 1 or 2 sats… and is slow and inaccurate when it does lock 1 or 2… :-(

      Has anyone heard anything about Samsung/TMobile addressing the compass issues?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Is T-Mobile officially calling it an “update” or a “fix?”

    The term is important because IMHO T-Mobile is not going to admit the Vibrant is flawed. Why? Because if it needs a “fix” that constitutes an “admission” that the Vibrant is defective.

    If the product is defective the consumer is entitled to return the phone under federal warranty law and even the Vibrant’s one-year warranty. That means Vibrant purchasers can return the phone beyond the 14 to 30 day buyer’s remorse period.

    That’s a significant predicament for T-Mobile and Samsung, phone sales going south because people return their phones, and worse for T-Mobile, people getting out of two-year contracts!

    T-Mobile is stuck because even if the terms of the warranty gives them the right to replace the defective phone with a similar or like phone, nothing is equivalent to the Vibrant.

    T-Mobile also cannot repair the phone because Samsung has yet to provide the fix. So the only thing T-Mobile can do is refund people’s money.

    T-Mobile will argue, but it would not hold up in court, that the GPS works, works well enough or that GPS is not essential to operation of the device. Of course for obvious reasons none of those excuses would hold up. (There’s plenty of evidence the GPS does not work, for many it does not work “well enough,” and no one could seriously argue that GPS is not an essential feature.)

    Oh, and T-Mobile cannot tell you to keep the phone because a fix is on the way. For one, they have not assured when, and two, the law does not require you to keep a defective device because help is on the way, in a month or two.

    I guess T-Mobile could also say “fine, send it in for repair, we will send you a loaner while we are fixing the phone. And we’ll get it back to you in about 45 days.”

    For one, I don’t know if the warranty says T-Mobile can even do that (have not read the warranty that came with the Vibrant), but this procedure too would not hold up in court.

    It’s called the implied warranty of merchantability. Regardless of a manufacturer’s warranty, in regards to the Vibrant it means the phone should perform as advertised and as a phone with GPS should. If it does not, the phone’s considered defective and a consumer can return it, not have to wait for a repair that may not come for 45 to 60 days.

    Bottom line: Any of you wanting to return your Vibrants can probably legally do so, even if you bought the phone on launch day.

    The CSR will tell you to take a hike, but I submit he or she does not know the law and is simply echoing the “first response” lawyers said they should make.

    If T-Mobile is calling this an update I submit that’s proof they have been told by Company lawyers that if they call it a fix people will be returning their Vibrants.

    • Justin

      This is an update, GPS isn’t broken. It takes 30s-1m to lock and has a 15-25ft accuracy. The update will increase the GPS performance.

      • ScratchSF

        It takes 30s-2m to lock *if* I use Google Maps 4.0. If I use Google Maps 4.4, I might not get a lock after 10 minutes. My temp fix is to just use Google Maps 4.0. But until the fix comes out, I am limited in terms of other applications that might also use the GPS. At least I have a fall back with the stock version of Google Maps.

  • mtnman

    I’ve been lucky, as to have no issue with my GPS (knock on wood). I’ve read where others have stated that they have major issues and some haven’t. Samsung doesn’t want this to impede sales of it’s Galaxy line since it’s also coming out on all 4 carriers. Unlike the Behold II, where they only had it on Tmo, and didn’t care, this time it will really give the company a black eye especially now that the smartphone market has kicked up in high gear.

    You don’t want to look like a chump up aginst Moto and HTC and iPhone arena.

  • mike

    Does anyone know when 2.2 is coming for the vibrant?

  • xminer

    I’ll put a 5iver on it that’s its a hardware Q & A issue. Software fix, if they put one out, will be a work around to make the GPS to appear to work better by one means or another… for some that will be fine…

    Also, no one is talking about the compass here, also a hardware issue… I put 5 more on it… its Q&A…