(UPDATE) T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant $0.01

If you’ve been on the fence with the Samsung Vibrant, its time to rethink that decision, as Magenta is currently running a one-day only sale for the Vibrant. The Samsung Vibrant is on sale, as a web only exclusive on T-Mobile.com for the low price of $99, today only! (Grab the Vibrant for 1 cent, 1 cent people.) The usual standard stuff applies, such as a new 2-year agreement etc. But in all honestly, this is one of those deals that you don’t see everyday, so head on over and order away!

PhoneArena Via T-Mobile

UPDATE: Amazon has the Vibrant going for $0.01, so you should, like, jump on that, NOW! GO HERE!


  • Ohsnaps


    • Leachpunk

      YOU LOST!

  • Ohsnaps

    whats so good about the special when you have a flexpay account with no contract…..booooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • SPAND

      Get better credit and don’t eff it up! Perks my friend, perks

  • TmoBully


  • WhoRok305

    Ahhh man, gotta call ’em so I can get rid of this Cliq Xt. Interesting

    • Ms. Matrix

      @WhoRoc305-get rid of that stupid cliq xt, I did and it’s the best move I could have done.

  • onilink

    hmmm not seeing the deal on the my.tmobile.com or on the main site

    • onilink

      nvm its on the main site just not in my.tmobile.com even though im eligable for an upgrade

  • Ecks

    Damn you, my contract just expired but I wanted to wait until november.

    • cp

      Mine ends in November, but they approved me for a full upgrade early. I will continue to wait as appealing as this deal is.

  • slypenguin0

    I don’t see this deal even on the main site, just says $199 still

    • slypenguin0

      Nevermind I see it now, just had to resign in to mytmobile and log out again

  • Jake

    Is the deal still up? I can’t find it anywhere anymore!

  • Jake

    nevermind, I needed to clear my browser cookies.

  • Jake

    Is this only for “new customers”? When I login, the price jumps to $199.

  • Fred Coulter

    I have to wait for a check to clear at my back. It’s supposed to happen at 5:00 pm, so I’ll be logging in this evening for the upgrade.

  • NokiaN900User

    Has any current T-mobile Customers been able to upgrade online for this price?? It seems its only for new customers that sign up for a new line or add a line. This sucks cos Im getting the 199 price even though my contract has been up since May this year.

    • hecg55

      i got it for 99 th first day it came out! it was a special offer they gave me

  • I went to t-mobile’s site and looked at this, it is $199 on both of my lines, one is out of contract too.

  • For those who are having issues with T-Mobile’s site, you can get the phone for the same price on Amazon.


  • Robert

    Why the blow-out price? Is the Vibrant not selling well? Or, is there a Vibrant II on the horizon?

    • SEFan

      Interesting question. I was thinking along those lines – blowing out current stock of Vibrants to make way for a new stock of Vibrants with an upgraded GPS chip. But it could be as simple as all the traffic ABOUT the GPS probs has dented Vibrant sales and this is a way to move some stock…

      • ObsceneJesster

        Samsung already stated the GPS was a software issue. Get over it.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Sheesh… some of these comments are… well… you know what I mean. You put tinfoil hat people to shame.

  • Jake

    My theory is that the Samsung Vibrant’s issues are not going to be fully resolvable by Samsung, so they must make sure they can clear out their Samsung Vibrant inventory before they release the bad news since it will be harder to do so after people learn the GPS in these units cannot be fully fixed due to hardware issues.

    Also, T-Mobile has the new Android G2 slated for release in three weeks, and they need a price point differential between these two products. My guess is the Vibrant will be going down to $149 as the standard subsidized price in a week or two.

    And yes, simply order the Android from Amazon if you’re an existing T-Mobile customer who is eligible for an upgrade. T-Mobile’s deal is only for “new” T-mobile customers.

  • Ella

    I am a current T-mobile customer, whom is eligible for an upgrade. The $99 deal didn’t show up on mytmobile and when I called customer service the deal didn’t show up on their system. However, I went to the Amazon Wireless website and was able to get the phone for $99 (with two-day shipping) as an existing customer. Once the phone arrives, I plan to go into a T-mobile store to make sure my plan get updated, etc.

  • Jymmyblanka

    Wtf, I want a 100dls. Rebate now :'(

    • davidohio

      You would want a rebate. To bad you won’t get one.

  • Bimmerz

    This is a good deal. Although I am a little surprised that Tmo didn’t hold off on this special until August 31st – when the GS Epic is released on Sprint for $250.00

    November cannot get here soon enough, or so I hope it’ll be well worth the wait to see what the holiday phones are. :)

  • Paul

    I’d like to see the non-subsidized purchase of this phone available to me. I’ve got the even more plus family plan and I can’t switch one of the lines to be subsidized, so only full purchase price of $500 for me and a $25/month data plan.

    • dcb

      Paul. …..you get a discount on your service with em+……don’t you people that complain about no discounts on em+ understand???? You don’t get a discount on your service and get a subsidized phone! All of you that want a phone discount please sign a 2 year contract and pay the regular price for your service…..if you want no contract and and cheaper rates then you will not receive the discount so stop asking!

  • Reena

    I did the same thing and tried to go through Amazon, it’ll charge you 150 for an upgrade and add the data plan to your bill if you don’t have it already, but at least you save fifty bucks. Now just to decide if I wanna do that or wait for the G2 or MyTouch HD…

  • ObsceneJesster

    If the GPS issue never gets fixed than call customer service in a few months and tell them your phone hasnt been acting right. “Make up something” (I do it all the time). Then hope they send you a unit with a upgraded GPS chip. It’s actually a pretty simple process.

    • davidohio

      Yeah that’s real nice. Just call them and lie to them to get a new phone. The fact that you do this is bad enough but to tell other people to do it just makes you a huge scum bag!

  • Fwill3

    Just got 2 vibrants for $99 from retention center on the BOGO deal. plus $20 data and $10 family text. thank you Tmobile. now ill try to send in the $50 mail in rebate when I get the phones

    • Dick Richards

      Sounds like an awesome deal! Now I’m a little jealous! I thought I was getting a great deal today!

  • cantgetright

    The $99 deal is only for new customers. I just got off the phone with t mobile

    • Dick Richards

      I’ve been a customer for 8 years. The first rep told me the same thing. I flexed a little muscle, and they forwarded me on to the next person. She gave me the Vibrant for 150, which is what a new customer or new line would be with all the activation fees etc… I was able to break up the payment on my bill, and they didnt charge me the first installment. T-Mobile rocks, and their customer service is 2nd to none. Of course she gave me the speech that this may only be a one time deal and I may have to wait 22 months for the next full upgrade (this is the same thing they told me 12 months ago when they gave me the full upgrade only 11 months into my 2 year contract!).

  • cscorbin

    $99 only for new customers. I’ve been with TMO for over 5 years, have two lines out of contract and was hoping to upgrade one of them – only to get shafted..
    F@#$ TMO what gives.

    • Dick Richards

      See my comment above. Gotta ask to speak to someone, or threaten to leave. They WILL cave in, guaranteed.

  • tmobvibrant

    I got mine for $149 less than a month ago, called retention and they credited my account $50 so I got the $99 deal today. The CSR said the price wasn’t in the system, but put me on hold and came back a couple minutes later and said she could give it to me for that price too. Just call back to talk to a different CSR. Thank you T-Mobile!

  • Fred Coulter

    Yeah, I’m another t-mobile customer who can’t get the $99 deal. Darn.

    Also, Amazon wants to charge me $150 for the upgrade. However, it you’re a NEW customer, Amazon is only charging a cent for the phone. So if you want the phone and are new to t-mobile, you may want to go through Amazon rather than t-mobile.

    • Ella

      Humm…I’m an existing customer and was not charged $150 for an upgrade. Maybe b/c I was due for an upgrade. I paid $99, had to agree to the $30 android data plan. No tax and shipping cost. They charged $18 for activation/some fee.

  • Scottron

    Vibrant for $0.01!!! Price dropped for new contracts!! WTF? what is going on here are they scrapping this phone, almost bought it today


  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Any of you attaching some kind of negative significance to this, wise up.

    1. It’s a one day sale, T-Mobile has had lots of those.

    2. It does not mean the Vibrant is not selling well. If that were the case, don’t you think the sale would be longer than 24 hours.

    3. You think it’s so new Vibrants can roll out, with the GPS fixed? Good grief, even if the GPS was a hardware problem (it’s not), do you really think that Samsung and T-Mobile would try to “dump” the defective ones, leave us first adopters high and dry, all so they can bring out a newer model? If you think this your IQ must be about 60.

    4. Do you think it might be simply a response to RIM lowering the price of the Torch to $99 and the debut of the Droid models? Duh…


  • Khadar

    I really love this Phone but I wish they give me for free with two year contract, that would generous deal from tmobile but I am worried if the vibrant will never get 2.2 update for firmware. Why would tmobile get rid of front face camera and flash? This tells tmobile galaxy s version is inferior to the sprint version and that is big disappointed for the loyal customers. I have been with tmobile in UK they have the best phone devices including iPhone 4 and they should do the same in America.

    • davidohio

      Well khadar that would be nice if you could get for free this phone. I’m sure everyone would want for free this vibrant. Wake up!!! This is a $500 phone retail. Also this is not the UK. I thought we were done with the front facing camera crap.

  • Xeroku

    Amazon has the Vibrant, mytouch 3G slide, Motorola CLIQ, Samsung Behold II, Nokia Nuron 5230, is on sale for new and exisiting customers for $0.01. :) Oh and the HD2 for $49.99. Link….http://wireless.amazon.com/T-Mobile-myTouch-Slide-Android-Phone/dp/B003MQN3WG/ref=cv_dp_ph

  • B777

    Xeroku: The Vibrant is $149.99 for existing customers and not $0.01.

    • Hmmmm?

      Correct, the wording on the discount is misleading “This discount has been provided to you based on your agreement to (a) activate a new, OR extend an existing, line of service for this device with the carrier” If you are an existing customer and try to upgrade you only get offered the price of $149.00. Still not bad but a far cry from $.01. I just hope, for T-Mobile’s sake that one of these new phones is pretty awesome and they give us existing customer’s a decent upgrade price or I’m probably going to head towards Verizon.

  • 2.2 G1 user

    sucks its only for new customers, already returned the vibrant that i had since i just wanted to test it out. waiting on the G2 dual core,ffc,4g,Samoled screen,5 row qwerty, gingerbread 3.0. hahaha jk i know it wont have most of that, but im getting it regardless, tired of waiting of the better product, too many new phone coming out constantly.

  • Jeff

    so is there a catch? like if you break the contract is there an additional amazon contract?

    • Hmmmm?

      Yes, you have to have the contract for at least 180 days or something. If you break it you get charged by both Amazon and T-Mobile. See below.

      “maintain this service in good standing for a minimum of 181 consecutive days. If you do not activate or extend a line of service in connection with this device, or if your service is canceled/disconnected before 181 consecutive days, Amazon.com will charge you $250 per device, plus applicable taxes.”

      • Jeff

        wow thanks. that actually seems reasonable, only 180 to a single contract. i did notice with Walmart, the cheaper the plan the price of the phone went up. this was another phone i was looking at. that deal seemed like you were paying for the phone just in another way.

  • Josh

    Ugh I have the g1 and its tough to pass up the slide for $50 or the vibrant for $150. But I really want to see what the G2 is going to be. Don’t screw me over tmobile for waiting!

  • Rifleman

    T-Mobile’s downward slide will continue in the 3rd quarter and they are trying to lock as many people as possible into new 2-year contracts.

    There’s no way it should take until sometime in September for a Vibrant software fix and people are slowly starting to see the hand writing on the wall.

  • himynameisAO

    Totally off topic here a little bit…but does anyone know when the vibrant is getting Froyo?

    • now_onTMO

      the galaxy S version (UK) will get froyo next month i believe, so some are speculating that the US versions will get it the same time.. let’s hope so!

  • now_onTMO

    oh come on!!! 1 cent? just 1 cent??? i should have waited then.. LOL

    so what now? the phone suddenly has lost value to be sold this cheap?? LOL

    yaa i should’ve waited..

    love my vibrant though..! :)

  • tron20

    They will be getting another Samsung touch screen mobile soon. They couldn’t afford the flash on the camera an the front face video conferencing. The next Samsung phone will have those two features. Just wait until April of next year 2011. The next phone might be wave bada or vibrant 2.

  • Rifleman

    AT&T can’t keep up with the demand for the iPhone 4 but think they may be able to catch their breath by the end of September. They plan to sell 14 million units in the 3rd quarter and 15 million in the 4th.

    Meantime Samsung Vibrant owners have their fingers crossed ………… that they can get a GPS software fix sometime in September.

    Come on T-Mobile. People are getting tired of waiting.

  • josue

    Costco is selling the Samsung Vibrant for 150 with a 50 rebate! $150-$50= $100 for a Vibrant and you also get a free complimentary car charger and bluetooth!

  • Joey82

    Is anyone having trouble pairing their Vibrant with a Bluetooth headset? I have a Plantronics Voyager Pro, have had it paired with several phones but can’t get it to work with the VIBRANT. I CAN PAIR THE PHONE WITH MY COMPUTER NO PROBLEM SO I KNOW THE BLUETOOTH IS WORKING. ANYONE?

  • lucas

    I know this is late.. but I wonder if they are dropping prices to try to sell out of some of this stuff to provide room for an iPhone 4…?