Android 1.6 Update For Behold II Coming June 28th?

You know that Android 2.x update Samsung promised Behold II owners and then failed to follow through for, causing angry customers and threats of a potential lawsuit? Yeah, that one. If you may recall, Samsung ended up announcing that it would give Behold II owners one last update to Android 1.6 stating that the Behold II was not upgradeable beyond Android 1.6. According to the folks over at Phandroid, they’ve gotten word from an anonymous source that Samsung Behold II owners will start receiving the Android 1.6 update beginning June 28th. So Behold II owners, can expect stale donut goodness two weeks from now. As always, we’re working to confirm this and we’ll keep you updated! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Mohammad

    That’s nice of Samsung.

    • maxp

      WTF!!!! last samsung product i will ever own, so tired of be $crewed by these no talent a$$ clowns

      • NeXus

        I agree with you about not buying samsung products anymore. HTC will be my new best friend.

  • jrperiod

    1.6 LOL. I guess rooting is the only option for ppl who bought this phone. I just hope they don’t fall for this kind of foolishness again. Gotta research the specs.

    • Bradley

      We did research the specs and the only reason most of us got this phone was because Samsung said that it would get 2.x as soon as it became available. Also just by looking at the specs the B2 is better than the Cliq and it will be skipping 1.6 all together and will have 2.2.

    • jake

      Its not because of the specs, the behold is capable of running 2.1, most people who know anything know this, samsung just simply does not want to upgrade it beyond 1.6. As far as rooting the phone, it doesnt work because samsuck wont release all of the source code. So developers cant even start to make roms for it, with the exeption of BHMANS 1.6 rom. It wasnt foolishness either, they said it would be upgraded to 2.0, and the phone itself was better than anything else TMO had at the time, It is still the only amoled screen phone for tmo with the exception of the N1.

  • TMOGUY89

    pretty obvious we are getting Samsung Galaxy S ,samsung wont release 2.x on its current device 1 month before its Superphone comes out, its all in a business perspective, good move Samsung, and thank you for what is to come. :)

    • Hitch

      yep. what is to come is that I’ll never touch a samsung again.
      and all the people that will get burned with the galaxy S?
      they probably won’t either. and so on.
      I’s GREAT marketing, assuming they want to stop playing in the smartphone space…

    • DRew

      Screw Scamsung!

  • doubt it

    i doubt it will come that soon as samsung has (in the past) posted the open source files for updates to the web site serveral weeks to a month before the ota’s are pushed. there is still no update for the behold2 on their open source page beyond the original bug fix update, so don’t bet on this date just yet!

  • chimphappyhour

    First it was TMO and the horrible Samsung flips that kept coming and coming. Then there is this. Mmm, no, I don’t think I’ll be touching the Galaxy. I just think Samsung is too mediocre.

  • Blake

    This phone is 100% capable of running 2.1 Specs are even higher than the mytouch3g 1.2 and that phone is getting 2.2. It is just samsung not wanting to put effort into a phone that they abandoned because they’d rather have people buy their new phone. And once you buy the new one they will soon abandon that as well.

    • Bradley

      Supposedly someone heard that T-mobile is planning on doing a ‘rebate’ of some sorts for Behold 2 owners. It’ll be $50-$100 and you can only use it if you get the Samsung Galaxy S. Personally I wouldnt trust Samsung enough to want another one of their products. Who’s to say as soon as they start working on a new phone they wont drop support for the Galaxy? Unless Samsung gives me a Galaxy free of charge and apologizes for the problems they created, I’ll be getting a MT3G Slide.

      • Jose

        They never even updated the first Samsung Galaxy in Europe so I don’t trust samsung at all when it comes to Android phones. I am sticking with HTC or Motorola cause they seem to be the only manufacturers that update their devices. Even still I really prefer vanilla android phones than those ones that have customized ui’s cause as you can see the ones the manufacturers customize tend to take forever when it comes to software updates.

  • JBLmobileG1

    What a joke! Android 1.6 only!? Its better than nothing I guess but what I don’t understand is how they say 2.0 won’t work with the phone… yet… programers/hackers can get it to work with root. Hhhmmm sounds to me like they just don’t want to waste their time trying to get it to run because they have newer phones to worry about. I look at it this way though… why not take the time and do as you promised? Especially when you have people who will know boycott Samsung phones because of this… not to mention the lawsuits that are popping up. Personally… I don’t think I will ever buy a Samsung phone because I would be affraid the updates wouldn’t come (atleast if its a phone with the Android O/S on it)

  • umaluver

    Wow. slap in the face if you ask me.

  • allen pain

    please keep this in the back of your mind when you get your galaxy S !!! Nice phone but i’m waiting for something better for HTC!!!

  • UzukiC

    I would love to see how the convorsation over between Samsung and Tmo went down when they had to admit that 2.x wasn’t going to come to the Behold II after all. If it ends up being a huge bargaining chip for the Galaxy S to come to Tmo first, smart consumers aren’t losing out on this deal at all – it’s not like there weren’t three other android phones to choose from at that point, and an effective Galaxy S campaign would blow the Incredible and Evo out of the water if the rumor specs are worth their weight.

  • kilari

    Ya. Samsung sucks. I’m never gunna buy a Samsung phone again. I learned my lesson with the Samsung Instincts. Thank God I bought a Cliq XT, I had a bad feeling about the Behold2. I didn’t believe their promise of 2.1. Good thing I distrusted them. Lying a-holes.

  • rell

    I would be angry as well if I were any of you but yet again the general public doesn’t know about these things The see the behold 2 and go hmm I had the first one lets see how this is some like it some don’t. Samsung is doing what every company is try to make a buck the best way they know how legally and without hurting anyone. I think Samsung should have 2.2 on it but hey thats just me. matter of fact im curious don’t most of you root your phones and put different UI’s and different version’s of Android on it? just do that.

  • yomamma

    im going to beat the crap out of tmo employees when this dam galaxy s pos comes out .

    dont worry i will be discouraging people looking at it not to get it cause its samsung and will talk down on emplyees. oh well they deserve it for also lying to us

  • derrickps3

    poor behold 2, glad i jumped ship. thank heavens for the EIP

  • isaac

    HELLO NO have had my behold 2 for 5 months and all this time they have been telling me that im gonna get 2.1 not 1.6, screw it im just gonna get the nexus one i dont care how much it costs

  • i will take the new galaxy if they want to exchange it f0r free

  • i will then take a piece of masking tape write nexus one on it and cover the samsung logo!!!although it wont help when i turn on the power

  • Boris

    How come i have not seen anyone complain about the fact that the galaxy s has no flash on the camera, the motoroi has 8 megapixel xenon, mytouch slider has flash, the behold II even had a flash,i have no desire for your upcoming phone, even the iphone is moving toward flash, what incentives are there to buy this phone, even the problematic hd2 has its fair share of issues had a dual led flash.

  • Holiday

    I never owned a Samsung, but i am still going to threat them with a law suit over the behold 2

  • jake

    I know it dont have a flash, its funny cause even our behold 2 has one, even funnier is all the idiots on the other blogs getting all excited for the SGS and how much they rip on the customers who got the behold 2. We will see who has the last laugh when they realize that even the “POS Behold 2” has a LED flash, and more importantly when samsuck stops supporting the SGS just as soon as they start building up a new phone. I have said it before but if the SGS ever gets an update it will only be one, and go to froyo, then samsuck will say its not upgradeable beyond 2.2 or I suppose it is possible that samsuck will have learned a lesson from the behold 2 and actually start supporting their phones, because it wasnt too long ago that even HTC was like that, only recently has HTC, and motorola started stepping up the updates. I guess anything is possible at this point. But like others have said I wont get an SGS unless they give to me for free and apologize for my behold 2.

  • Joe

    1.6 is good I’ve messed around with 2.0 it isn’t really that much better. At the same time it’s false advertising to lie your ass off just to sell your product and try to find room in your already bulging pockets ( if you can’t tell I’m talking to you Samsung). I think they should just give us our money back and let us buy something worth the money they stole from us got caught and still got away with it. Samsung used to be awesome, hopefully they’re not dumb enough to try again. Stick to tvs ass clowns.

  • Bobby T

    Samsung Behold 2 is by far the worst phone I’ve ever had. Samsung is weak for not addressing our concerns or issues. I’ll never buy another Samsung phone nor will I ever recommend one.

  • dolphin

    Samsung did NOT lie. Chances are they short changed internal storage size and android 2.x does not fit well. They could probably can get android 2.1 working on behold 2, but maybe only 2 apps can store on it lol. Of course performance wise, it might be slower with more freezes too.

    I have owned many android phones including cliq,mytouch,nexus, cliq xt, and behold 2.
    Only minor irritation is side drawer for me. Other than that, behold 2 seems to have shorter battery life.

    After voice/active wall paper etc, nexus response was about same…

    I am back using behold 2 to upgrade to 1.6, but seems it has not arrived yet…

  • Anonymous

    lmao…that a god damn insult to the behold 2 owners. if it not htc, im not buying. plain and simple.