Did The Behold 2 Get Left Out In The Cold?

Update: Engadget is now on the case as well!

There is a story making the rounds that has a number of T-Mobile customers up in arms. Samsung, who, according to some buyers were sold the Behold 2 at launch under the premise it would later receive an updated version of Android is now the target of an online petition claiming that Samsung has failed to provide said update. While the facts of the issue are still being pieced together, the matter here is that there are those claiming Samsung misled them by purchasing a device on the premise it would be updated in the future. In fact, thanks to some eagle-eyed twitter followers of our @TmoNews account (shameless plug) we discovered our own article which stated But not to worry, a new video from Samsung Mobile has confirmed that the Behold 2 will indeed support Android OS 2.0, that is, “when it arrives.”

An online petition is gaining traction where Samsung Behold 2 owners are demanding the promised update

Update: Here is a link to the video where it states, “when version 2.0 arrives, it’ll update wirelessly.” Now look, I think its open for interpretation as to whether or not that constitutes a promise and if so, did Samsung intend to make it sound as such or is that just how it was delivered.

There is a flurry of activity over on various Android forums discussing this topic and without any question, Behold 2 owners are very upset.

I think the real issue here is what exactly went on that decides whether or not this phone, among numerous others would receive an update. Is it appropriate for these individuals to be fingering Samsung and quickly placing blame or are there larger forces at work. With Android fragmentation issues becoming increasingly frustrating for buyers, could Google have been responsible for dropping support for Android 2.0 and not allowing Samsung to update to another OS the Behold 2 might not be equipped to support?

We’ve reached out to Samsung for comment and we’ll update this story as we hear more.

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  • Thanks for posting this!

    It may not have been a promise, but when you misrepresent, mislead, and guide people who are seeking something, that is wrong in it’s own sense, if it may not qualify for the false advertisement cry. I felt misled that I was getting a phone that would get the much adorned update. T-Mobile was the only exclusive seller of the handset, I’m sure Samsung had some sales pitch guidelines that were to be adhered to.

    When I bought my phone in December 2009, I was doing my research before doing so. I watched all the videos, saw the quirks here and there. I went to store for hands on, store reps discussed the update was coming 2010. When I actually placed the order, over the phone, I reemphasized my interest, there they reinstated the same plug about the update was to be released early 2010.

    It may not be T-Mobile’s fault, but in part they are the only sales people selling the phone. Verizon wasn’t, AT&T wasn’t, nor was Sprint, exclusively T-Mobile. Now, I love the service, been a long time subscriber. I think that T-Mobile should play more of an advocate for the consumers who bought the phone who are probably threatening, even if just written digitally on the petition, threatening to stop subscribing and not ever buy Samsung and throw out their Samsung equipment. T-Mobile is the middle man, why they may be a messenger, they should play some sort of support role for the consumers that were fooled into buying it on the premise they had disclosed to us consumers.

  • Matt

    Again, kudos for posting this.

  • tato22

    good job David

    • Dashi

      I Agree Kudos And Because Of You (Shameless) Plug I Am Now Off To Make A Twitter Acount Which I Have Avoided Doing… But If Tmonews Is On It I GUESS It Can’t Be All Bad Lol

  • robby

    im glad to see some real news about this when i was deciding to get a new phone cause i cracked the screen on my g1 i looked into it and was told this phone would get a 2.x update and i played with it in the store and it seemed pretty nice but touchwiz was kinda weak i figured there would be some nice roms for a phone that was pretty nice too bad samsung refuses to release the kernal so we could get some high quality roms

    • Agreed on the roms. I have seen other enhancements to other phones across the youtube, I was like, surely all the Android phones will be like this as that is supposed to be the goal, open, customizable… And you know, 6 months later, well we are all singing to the choir on that. It’s not like we want to crack their proprietary code, I just want a phone that I can upgrade as needed. I don’t care about “their” code, touchwiz, etc. Let me mess with my phone, that’s why I went with this type of phone as well, not just the update potential, but the ability to have it, my way? :)

  • B H_MAN / Eugene373

    Great Article, David!!

    To Touch on some Issue at hand!

    Motorola cliq has 2.1 already out for the testers… Behold 2? Nope, not even an official 1.6, but 1.6 is not the issue here!

    I think I can Speak for everyone when I say we bought our Behold 2 due to the 2.X update that they was Promoting!

    • Dashi

      WAIT Where Is This Update For The Cliq???? Please Tell Me There’s Some Back Water Link You Know Of :( I Want

  • B H_MAN / Eugene373

    Great Article, David!!

    To Touch on some Issue at hand!

    Motorola cliq has 2.1 already out for the testers… Behold 2? Nope, not even an official 1.6, but 1.6 is not the issue here!

    I think I can Speak for everyone when I say we bought our Behold 2 due to the 2.X update that they was Promoting!

  • JBLmobileG1

    If it was me and I owned a Behold 2 I would probably boycot Samsung until they provied an update. I mean seriously… why would I want to buy another Samsung phone if they don’t follow through with their plans? What if the Samsung Galaxy S doesn’t sell well because its overly priced? What then? Will Samsung release yet another phone and not update the Galaxy S when say Android 3.0 comes out? The Behold 2 wasn’t the best Android phone avaliable.. but it did and probably still does offer one of the best looking screens out of the Android phones on Tmobile. Without an update I would demand they give me some serious rebate if I were to upgrade to another Samsung phone. Like $100 mail in rebate from Samsung if you purchased the phone during a certain time frame. Some update is better than no update… especially when theys said there would be one. And come June 2nd…once I get my MyTouch Slide I better see Android 2.2 within the next year otherwise I will be pretty upset myself. Especially since there are a few key features that should have been updated along time ago in the Android software. (apps2sd and bluetooth dialing).

  • namo

    Nice to know. One sure thing at my end. I will surely boycott Samsung phones for good.

  • dstewstar

    Here is the website for the petition. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/behold2/

  • Wuna_2021

    I baught my handset after my orig behold 1 broke i was given the option to upgrade to behold 2. I baught it cus samsung promised to provide updates.. And they say that even if u root it u still CANT upgrade to 2.x they screwed us over good. Im not going to purchas anymore samsung products

  • laphoneuser

    This definitely makes me less apt to buying a Samsung smartphone. It’s a shame, because I generally like their products.

  • chimphappyhour

    Dude, it’s Samsung. They’ve been disappointing me on TMO since 2004. :P And that is why I stopped buying their stuff a while ago and why I have no interest in the Galaxy. It is still Samsung, I guess they’re just happy they turned out something other than a cheap flip phone. :))

  • Wilma Flintstone

    this is one of the reasons why I am not anticipating nor am I getting the Galaxy S. I hardly ever hear about Samsung updating their phones. hopefully that mentality will change with the Galaxy S.

  • jmts80

    Sux 4 the people that bought this phone! They did the same thing to the original Galaxy, just abandoned it. That is why I hesitate to ever buy a Samsung phone. The Galaxy S sounds nice on paper but I just dont trust Samsung anymore!

  • kilari

    Dude. Samsung sucks. I hate to say it, but I’m not really surprised in the slightest. This is my reason, I used to really like their Instinct line on Sprint, owned one for a little while, bugs and all. No updates to fix some obvious issues. There never was an update to fix all the problems of Sprints best selling handset in their history. This Instinct issue has already led me to passively boycott Samsung, I just refuse to give them a dollar of mine. So with that in mind when my G1 died on me last month I saw on the website the Behold 2 was free with 2 year contract, but insted I went down to the local store and paid store price for a Cliq XT. Fool me once shame on me, now i’ll never buy a Samsung phone again.

    But setting aside my dislike for Samsung i’ll tell you what I think they should do. Really? If your code and TouchWiz is that hard to recode for 2.1 just give everyone an optional upgrade to vanilla 2.1. Some people might be happy to get rid of TouchWiz, some people might really like vanilla. It can’t possibly be that hard to put together the drivers for the phone and an already mature build of 2.1. Do something to make up for it, short of Apple Samsung is the next popular company who just likes to take advantage of their consumers. It’s sad, take care of your buyers and just like loving children they’ll stay loyal and take care of you in your old age. HAH. Not really cus people just chase whatever is the new best thing.

    But either way, take care of your customers. What I’m considering…If they still refuse to patch their phone i’ll be looking forward to picking one up on ebay for $100. It’ll make for a good backup Android phone on the cheap. I might stop the boycott just to benefit myself.

  • Ryan

    Thanks for getting the word out David! Behold II owners (myself included) need all the traction we can get in order to get Samsung to hear us. A large portion of BH2 owners actually purchased this phone under the premise that it would receive 2.x (based on a TMo rep AND the linked video). Aside from that, it has better hardware than some of the phones slated to receive 2.1. It’s very frustrating as a consumer to feel as though you’re being abandoned just 6 months after the phone’s release.

    Again, thank you for posting this. We are very appreciative!

    And anyone else that is reading this but IS NOT a Behold II owner, please help your fellow Android users by taking a minute to sign the petition here:

    We will be forever grateful!


  • threetee14

    This makes my choice between the mytouch slide and galaxy s much more easier. At least the mytouch promises froyo later this year. And I believe them.. HTC works very closely with Google. Heck even the G1 has 1.6 and navigation.

    • While I agree HTC is a much better bet, Android 2.0 has been out for over 6 months and its still going to take longer? Not to rehash fragmentation arguments, but with Blackberry and even Apple supporting their hardware through updates in a timely manner it would seem advantageous for Android manufacturers to follow a similar pattern.

      • The Observer

        thing with blackberry and apple is that they use their own hardware and software. while android software is on different types of hardware. also the manufactures of the hardware make changes to android software.

      • remixfa

        every different blackberry device has its own software version and features. They are no different than android. Its just not such a big deal because the changes between versions arent generally as huge as the change between 1.6 and 2.1 and now 2.2 android.

        While I agree this is bad on the part of samsung, dont go blaming tmobile or the rep that sold you the phone. They only know what they were told.. which was that it was gonna get updated to 1.6.. 2.0 ect. phone companies sell cell service. You just buy the phones to access it. Exept for companies like VZW which are big enough to get away with demanding things from the manufacturers, most cell companies get to give little input into the software of the phone or when its upgraded ect.

  • soon2TMO

    yes they should sue samsung for being inaccurate and misleading..

    anyway, im still getting the galaxy S, most likely they will support this phone…
    GSMarena is claiming that it will get froyo. But if samsung fail to update this phone after froyo, we will definitely make actions too! hell ya! LOL or maybe ill just get different phone by then. hehe

    • soon2TMO

      * well , gsmarena is not officially claiming it will get froyo, but they were hearing stuffs.

      • hitch

        yeah, so….ever heard of “fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me”?
        behold 1: we’ll update, we swear, we promise, no really! oh, look, behold 2!
        behold 2: we’ll update, we swear, we promise, no really! oh, look, galaxy s!
        galaxy S: want to guess how this is going to play out?


    makes me glad i didn’t win one in the giveaway b/4 christmas.

  • Don

    Yet one more reason why I am glad I bought a Nexus One, which is running 2.2 btw, You cannot depend on an OEM to update a phone as they would much rather sell you a new one.

  • @Behold_II_Man

    Follow the on-going saga as @Behold_II_Man goes up again the closed-source tech of thyPhone and ReallyDarkBerry.

    All the while…unbeknownst to him, the Mastermind Sam Sung and his evil henchman, Mark Eting-Hype are behind the plot to keep E-Clair and Fro-Yo from the public…..

    Will @Behold_II_Man be able to break out of the closed-source trap thyPhone and ReallyDarkBerry set ? Will Sam Sung succeed in keeping E-Clair and Fro-Yo from the public ?!

    Will @Behold_II_Man make it to the barbershop for a trim, and still be on time for his date tonight ?!

    Tune in….for more of this on-going saga….. http://www.twitter/Behold_II_Man

  • Rayen321

    I saw this video in a training session. It did promise the Behold 2 would run 2.0 eventually, but on a sidebar. Anyone using this phone realizes the device with TouchWhiz is GARBAGE. The Behold 2, like the Behold and the Memoir where all great ideas (Nice phones with great cameras), but Samsung’s OS turned that idea into a poorly working device.

  • wondercoolguy

    Behold 2 is an ugly phone with a terrible interface. This is the perfect example of why you don’t go out there and rush to buy any product. Because if it fails then regardless of the product if it fails the producer will abandon it. You wait atleast two to three months after a phone is released to make sure its a hit; if not then wait for the next one.

  • jdog

    I agree with Don its because of these types of money hungry assholes(Samsung) that Google made the Nexus One. I wish one of my friends would have told me he was buying this phone because I would have told him to steer clear of it, at least his brother told me in time.

  • hitch

    This is all just fine. Broken promises and poor execution are just 2 of the numerous problems with the phone (I won’t even get into the hardware issues I’ve had across 3 replacements). Even if they give me android 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, whatever, it’ll still be riddled with issues and problems, just like their horrific mod of 1.5.

    This is my 2nd Samsung phone. it’s also my LAST Samsung phone. Ever.
    congrats, Samsung. you’ve lost a customer for life.

  • ls9freek

    me as well is mad with samsung and tmobile .

    first time i looked at it . i asked tmobile reps clearly if it would get 2.xx . and they said yes.

    and samsung also posting and promising updates on their twitter they havent done and their video to promote the phone says it will 2.xx /
    so whats the problem!
    man samsung you are getting me mad!!!

    update us please!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      they won’t like you when you’re angry. ls9freek SMASH!!!

  • Andrew

    The easiest solution for samsung would be for them to just release the proper drivers/source code so that modders could port 2.x to the behold 2.

  • micky

    Well this is bad news… This puts a serious kink in my affection for Samsung products and a dent in my respect for T-Mobile. I was just about to pull the trigger on a Samsung digital camera too. If Samsung cannot follow through with support for their products I don’t want them.
    Samsung, I’m just one little consumer in this great big world but get enough of us little consumers mad at your inability to support your products and you folks making the decisions at Samsung won’t be able to make your Porsche payments. We won’t buy your products. For me, I’m stopping as of this moment. It would be greatly appreciated if you would reconsider your decision not to upgrade the Behold 2 OS to the latest Android version.

  • DannOfThurs

    This will kill Galaxy S if it’s true. No one will buy a high-end phone just to see it die quickly.

  • Matt

    I created a facebook group just for this matter


  • Joe Daniels

    While I understand this is not T-Mobile’s fault, I hope for their sake that they can pressure Samsung to release a 2.x update for the Behold II!

    I just upgraded 4 lines to the Behold II last month, on the understanding that 2.x would be released. I was going to get the Galaxy S for my 5th line; however, that may very well change based upon how Samsung handles this issue.

  • Joe

    I bought the phone with the anticipation of 2.x (I really wanted a Galaxy). I am now locked into a phone that I wanted to love but now look at with discust. I am a HUGE Sammy fan and this really makes me upset to think that a company I think highly of is abandoning a product 6 months after putting it out is really sad. I will never buy another phone from them and I will defentaly question buying any more tvs or my other eletronics. I feel misled and burned. Galaxy S…YAH RIGHT!! NEVER AGAIN!

  • swrogers

    When 2.0 comes out…..2.0 what? They never said, so they’re in the clear. Perhaps they were just referring to some generic 2.0 application – which would happily upgrade in the Android Market, absolutely.

    This is why I always state and recommend that nobody purchase a device that you can’t live with from DAY ONE. Not some indeterminate time in the future. I didn’t buy the Behold II because I couldn’t stand the interface – I though Touchwiz on the Behold was crap and sacrilegious on the Android platform. Not to even mention the stupid cube.

    I feel for those that did get this device, but I’m not surprised by Samsung’s inaction here.

    • When someone is misled based on the premise of an update, it can change the way people decide on a product, it influences a purchase or a different option. If there was no intention of an update, than there shouldn’t have been the video of ever mentioning it, whatsoever. They have editors and censors, directors and producers in their media group for the company. They have people that decide what to publish and what not to publish. They published a video that influenced people based on updatability. If that was not their intentions, than their editors had the right and ability to not publish the video. Now the cats out of the bag and what are they doing, they are recovering their videos as fast as they can. Try to find it on Youtube. I have seen search results show it but when you watch it, the notice is there about it being deleted by the request of Samsung. If that doesn’t show red flag “guilty” than I don’t know what else you’re looking for. Influencing decisions and not sticking to the statements is false advertisement and there are laws in place that protect the consumers. If you were misled, I am sure you would be in outrage too. Companies don’t need sympathy from consumers, that’s how they take advantage of us. This is not implied at you feeling sympathetic to Samsung, simply stating the reality.

      • swrogers

        Well, it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen the referenced video so I am going to admit ignorance as to the actual content. Does anybody recall if the video stated what version of Android the device came with? Did it state that when Android 2.0 came out that it was going to be provided by Samsung?

        Yes, I will give that perhaps the video might have been a little shady…..I don’t think that Samsung had any real options on that one – the device was low spec and just the fact that they expected it to fly off the shelves really kind of disturbs me.

        That said, will the “average” T-Mobile soccer mom customer (which would be nobody reading this site…or used to be, I don’t know anymore) care about what version of Android is on their phone? I know that my wife could really care less, she just wants the darn thing to work smoothly. Still, going back to the doubletalk of the video – I still contend that if asked, they are going to fall back to the response of either “yes, it can update OTA” or “yes, (some thing – app, OS, whatever) can update OTA”.

        I did not purchase the Behold II, I picked up what could be considered the lesser device in the MT3G. However I did so knowing full well that the OS on it was not at a level that I desired and was fine with that. I could have picked the Behold II, but as stated I don’t like touchwiz. I still believe that if you pick something based on “promises” or “possibilities” then you might be upset come the future. Of course, I will admit that I picked the HTC device knowing full well that I was going to hack it and eventually flash a 2.1 ROM on it…in time. ;-) But then, I do admit to not being the average T-Mobile customer.

        Did the video influence peoples’ decisions? I’m sure it did. Would I be angry had I purchased the BII thinking it would get the upgrade? More than likely. Is that why Sammy has pulled the videos? Quite possibly….though I think it’s a big mistake on their part.

  • Patzax

    Um? You Have no Clue how Android work then… You can’t run 2.0 app on 1.5 / 1.6.
    Must be a Samsung Fanboy to try and help Cover for them.. Get Real!!

    Come with android 1.5, and when 2.0 arrives it will update Wireless.. How Stupid can you be to Miss-judge that Comment? Wtf ever man… Not try to be Rude, but stop Covering for them…

    Some of us like the TouchWiz & Love the Phone, all we want is for the Honer what they was Promoting!!

  • bryan

    Samsung repeatedly told tmobile reps that the phone would be upgraded to 2.0 and then 2.1 when it was released.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well Samsung is in a spot of trouble here because commercials, print ads and promo materials are under the law considered legally binding promises.

    So I have no doubt Samsung will have to provide the update (or give a partial rebate to Behold II owners, say about $100.)

    Of course, instead of digging in Samsung should stop the bad publicity, especially so close to the worldwide launch of the SGS.

    Sidenote: Samsung does what Apple does, except in a different way. Apple sells new phones by debuting the iPhone with limitations, this so that it can sell a new and “improved” iPhone the next year (hence no expansion slot for a 16GB microSD chip, for example. Better to sell you an 8GB iPhone one year, then a 16GB iPhone the next).

    I have been saying for years (to anyone who WON’T listen) that Apple is guilty of planned obsolescence. Jobs way back admired the way car manufacturers got people to buy new cars every three years: don’t design things to last, but instead to wear out or break down by the time the three year warranty expires.

    The perfectly designed car, to Detroit, was to make parts timed to start failing at about 2.5 years into ownership. They did this so to “remind” the owner that the warranty would soon be expiring. The remedy to the now-afraid car owner was to trade-in the old care for a new one, that has a new warranty.

    Apple’s planned obsolescence tactics did not go the “make parts that will fail over time” route. Instead, it simply leaves out available technologies or the most advanced features, this so that it can add them in later on a new and improved iPhone and debut it as the new must have handset.

    While Samsung designs its phones with expandability, it drops updates and support so people will buy newer handsets. As the world’s largest maker of cell phones Samsung (just like Apple, and Detroit in the old days) don’t want people to hold on to their phones for two to three years.

  • Gago

    BOYCOTT SAMSUNG! Simple as that! No if no but!!!

    I still luv you T-MOBILE!

  • Cat

    I am deaf person guy and my deaf girlfriend had samsung behold 2 still android 1.5 os still no update well. and I am very upset waiting for samsung release update android 2.2 behold 2 need new now A2.2! and because I had old crap tmobile wing (htc) then I need new upgrade buy to samsung S android 2.2 now cause I talk to guy in tmobile retail and he say waiting get samsung galaxy S box. I am boycott Samsung S super phones release at june now. and samsung must resolve this behold 2 new android 2.2 immediately!!!! I am demand you samsung! T-mobile need get Samsung galaxy S release at june! I am not waiting buy this samsung galaxy s…thank you asap!

  • derrickps3

    i hope samsung lose alot of money and realize what they have done. although i won this phone for free during their giveaway last year, i was about to get a bb 9700, so i held off since i won the bh2, knowing it would get a 2.x update as said. rest assured i will be converting to blackberry soon when the bb pearl 3g arrives.

  • Had I known then what I know now, I would have went HTC, period. Or ok, maybe Cliq. I know that the Cliq will be getting updated soon now, but I didn’t know that then, that it would be getting updated, I never heard of it having the option: https://supportforums.motorola.com/community/manager/softwareupgrades

    I heard then that the BH2 would get updated. I know now it may…or may not get updated, that’s still up in the air.

    I remember that Tmonews here said in the rumor mill, that T-Mobile will have all android phones at 2.x Q2 2010. Just a rumor still though: https://www.tmonews.com/2010/02/all-u-s-android-handsets-to-get-2-1-goodness/

    I hope that still stands heh.

    So when someone asks me, what’s the big deal, they didn’t really say it would be updated….well the big deal is that most of our decisions, were based on the fact of it’s updatability, and the words, “…when version 2.0 arrives, it will be update wirelessly.” citation: http://www.4shared.com/video/h2yo4y2j/Samsung_Behold_2_promo_1.html

    When decisions are made based on a premise of an implied 2.0 update, those decisions are based on reliable sources, straight from the mouth, straight from Samsung. We didn’t see that video from some phone review site box opening session, or a casual get together video highlight of the phone (implying Cliq video I watched) at some bar. The video that moved decisions was from the manufacturer. I was the undecided voter if you will, getting as much factual information as I could, one of those factual bits of information was from Samsung. I based my purchasing decision on that, therefore if there is no update to come, it hence becomes false advertisement. All of us, BH2 owners or not, are entitled to consumer protection from this evil word. If this had happened to an HTC handset or a Motorola handset, the same protection exists, and I sure hope the fowl cry would gain support and justice to prevail. We only wish for a perfect world, we let the lawyers handle the rest, eh? (not a knock on lawyers, but Samsung is like the proverbial car salesman) Oh sorry about that, I love my car.

    So yeah, we may have a small niche here, but it’s big to us.

  • I wrote an e-mail last night, I got a reply today, I am willing to share, because it really has no reason to be in the dark.

    “Dear Matthew,

    Thank you for your correspondence. We sincerely appreciate your taking the time to contact us with your concerns about the delay and lack of information regarding the operating system update for your Behold II.

    It is not our intent to be neither neglectful nor unresponsive to this matter. We would like to assure you that Samsung Mobile is listening to the feedback we are receiving from customers about this, yourself included. We are working diligently to be able to provide more complete information shortly.

    We value your time and would not impose further to ask that you contact us for these updates. We will keep your contact information on hand so that we can respond to you directly once we are able to offer additional information.

    We also value your continued interest in our products and are truly committed to your satisfaction. Again, allow us to express our thanks for your patience and understanding.

    We will contact you as soon as we have more information.


    Technical Support”

    For archiving purposes, hope it helps. Action speaks in numbers.

    • swrogers

      Personally, what I would like to see (and I’m sure that you and the rest of the Behold II users as well) would be to have T-Mobile push Samsung (or Samsung to just go ahead and do the right thing) to just release a vanilla 2.1 or 2.2 ROM for the device. Sure it might not have TouchWiz or the cube or any other bolt-ons that they’ve added, but at least it would be an updated OS.

      I know that I would hate to be stuck on 1.5. Developers aren’t writing apps to versions of Android that are that old.

  • I tried sending this before, but sending again, sorry if there are two comments identical.

    I am posting this for archiving purposes and hoping it helps the cause. It seems they have an interest in our complaints and concerns. How far that goes we’ll see. Let’s hope for the best expect the worse, but expect the best would be just as good.

    “Dear Matthew,

    Thank you for your correspondence. We sincerely appreciate your taking the time to contact us with your concerns about the delay and lack of information regarding the operating system update for your Behold II.

    It is not our intent to be neither neglectful nor unresponsive to this matter. We would like to assure you that Samsung Mobile is listening to the feedback we are receiving from customers about this, yourself included. We are working diligently to be able to provide more complete information shortly.

    We value your time and would not impose further to ask that you contact us for these updates. We will keep your contact information on hand so that we can respond to you directly once we are able to offer additional information.

    We also value your continued interest in our products and are truly committed to your satisfaction. Again, allow us to express our thanks for your patience and understanding.

    We will contact you as soon as we have more information.


    Technical Support”

  • I shot off an email to the CEO of T-Mobile explaining my extreme disappointment in both TMo and Samsung in regards to the Behold II. I explained that I had been through 4 behold IIs and when I had battery issues with the 4th, Tmo sent me a CliqXT free of charge. So I then had two phones. And a few hours later, A rep from the CEO’s office made a deal with me for a brand new myTouch Slide in exchange for both the Cliq XT and the Behold II. Not a bad deal IMHO and Tmo saves face as the premiere carrier with the best customer service.

  • Mark

    I think the real issue here is the usability of the Behold 2. I had been desperately looking forward to getting the 1.6, or the 2.x update because I was hoping that the update would make this device actually usable as a phone.

    Samsung did such a horrible job with TouchWiz on the Behold 2, that were now stuck waiting for updates to fix our phones, just to get them back to where they should have been in the first place: useful.

    I propose that Samsung release an option to download and manually install stock Android 2.x for Behold 2 owners. We don’t want TouchWiz, and TouchWiz is part of the holdup… so kill TouchWiz.

  • shawn1224

    Thanks again David for getting this out in the open for us beleaguered Behold II owners

    Let’s hit em where it hurts.

  • Blake

    Yes, thanks David. Samsung needs to own up.

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  • TigerLilyBlues

    FYI – I contacted customer service to see what steps they were taking to help customers who purchased this phone under the impression that we would receive 2.0. The response?

    “We do not have any information regarding updates at this time.”

    WTH? Really?

  • Samsung’s real problum is the cruel crime http://bit.ly/90f0AX more than deception. http://bit.ly/a9nih3

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  • Kobby

    hello i hv samsung Behold 2 i want to update da android OS how do i do it