AT&T Unhappy About T-Mobile Claiming “4G” Speeds?

So let me get this right? AT&T is up in arms because T-Mobile said they had “4G” speeds going with yesterdays Northeast HSPA+ launches? Boo freaking hoo AT&T! Instead of actually fixing your network you are complaining about verbiage? I wonder if you took the money you spent fighting back bad reports and invested it into your network, your customers might be able to make calls. Speaking to Fierce Wireless AT&T spokesman Seth Bloom had this to say: “I think that companies need to be careful that they’re not misleading customers by labeling HSPA+ as a 4G technology.” I think the real problem here is the use of language and since most people don’t know that 4G exists as a term, never mind as a condition of service it’s really moot at this point.

However, there is something to consider, that as the 3G to 4G transitions begins to find its way into the public atmosphere, T-Mobile might want to focus more on the actual speed itself rather than the verbiage. I think calling it 3.5G is likely to give customers the idea its better than what’s out there now, which is what’s actually true. Getting into a contest about whether or not your service is actually 4G is likely something you are going to lose as its not actually 4G service, so you might want to get cracking on calling it, “Magenta power,” Or “Magenta, faster than the sound of speed,” or something fun. Just a thought.

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  • Wuna_2021

    lol wow, you gotta be kidding me. Well AT&T should be worried about keeping their customers happy instead of What T-Mobile “says”. AT&T sucks in customer service, and they find anything and any way to over charge you. Tmobile FTFW

    • andrew

      i know it feels so good to be with tmobile customer right now

    • Tim

      Maybe Tmaybe should focus on adding post paid subs. AT&T sucks so bad that they are ranked #1 in every major publication’s speedtest. What is T? Not the cheapest, not the fastest, not the ….well you get the point. All this banter sounds like envy.

      • Jay

        I don’t know bud… T-mobile to me is the cheapest between the 3 (Tmo, AT&T, Verizon). But all that aside, I hear Verzion is better than AT&T and the customer service is awesome. Me personally, I’m fine with Tmo – it fits within my budget for now at least

      • Mega G

        “All this banter sounds like envy.”

        And you sound like an asshat AT&T fanboi.

        FWIW.. for a company that touts such great coverage, VZW doesn’t work for squat in my area and never has. I won’t pay VZW’s rates. Not in this economy for sure.

        AT&T – worst customer service ever. Period. VZW.. good customer service – I’ll give them that. When I told them I was ending my contract because their phones don’t work where I live.. they just let me out.. no ETF.

    • Jonwong

      Tmobile sucks. Network and value are “you get what you pay for.”. And you get a lame 1900 / 1700 MHz network. Where signal bounces off buildings, and they don’t have the iPhone.

      • Josef

        Jonwong, ATT sucks and the iPhone is overrated. Android is the future: they are gaining market share by the day and all of att’s android phones are crap. Furthermore, if you love att so freakin much, why are you on a T-MOBILE NEWS SITE in the first place. Take your sorry self back to att and leave the rest of us alone…

  • shadow

    actually david i think ppl who visit this site QQ more about tmobile choices then att does. im suprised yall still even deliver the news either way yall still do a good job

    • David

      Not sure I follow what you are saying? You are surprised by what?

      • steven

        Translation: David, I think people who visit this site cry more about T-mobile than AT&T (the “QQ” looks like two eyes crying). I am surprised you still bother posting for your whiny visitors. Nevertheless, good job.

        • David

          Ah, well thanks for clarifying, its late, I’m tired and if nots straight forward right now, its another language!

    • jmts80

      Nice translation Steve! lmao

      • shane

        WOW I Concur

  • That Picture Says What They Are. They’re Always In On Some Kind Of Dogfight. I Hope T-Moible Responds To This In A Professional Fashion, Rather Than Talk About Them And Keep It Goin’. ATT, GROW UP.

  • GGTTOO is interesting that they did not call Sprint on this one first with their claim of 4G speeds. I read somewhere that T-mobile’s 3G was actually faster than Sprint’s 4G.

    • TehAndroid

      Yes at this point T-mobiles HSPA+ speeds are faster than Sprint’s Wimax. Wimax is technically considered 4G and HSPA+ is considered 3.5G. Its basically just buzz words thrown around because we all know if its a higher number its got to be better right?

      At&t is just butthurt because they will have to change all their stupid ads with Luke Wilson.

      • Tim

        technically wimax is not considered 4G, it’s 3.9

      • J-Hop2o6

        aka pre-4G

  • SharkMaster

    Actually, it has been said that HSDPA is 3.5G and HSPA+ is 3.75G. Also, technically Wi-Max is not a 4G service and neither is LTE. If you look it up you’ll see both are considered pre-4G networks and don’t fit the standards for receiving 4G nomenclature. I have heard some call Wi-Max 3.9G. So as you can see, nothing is set in stone and is essentially all being used as Marketing terms. What T-Mobile needs to do is simply say they have the fastest data network in the country, faster than Verizon, Sprint or AT&T! But they cannot make this claim until they finalize the backhaul support as most T-mobile customers still are not seeing anything over 3Mbps whereas they should be getting more that 7Mbps on HSPA+.

    • nokiabrock

      I could care less what you guys call it. Because as we all know all the carriers lie and exaggerate their specifications. This is my simple data test for all networks. I will ask the service provider to show me what they consider to be their best data phone. Then I will perform these 3 simple tests. 1: How fast does my favorite FULL (not mobile) web page load? 2: Can I stream audio from my favorite music site without clips or chirps in the audio 3: Can I play a youtube clip without rebuffering. EVER. If you cant pass my simple test, then don’t waist my time. Anyone can CLAIM they have the best this or that. Let me make my own decision with my own ears and eyes.

      • Welllllll…

        @nokiabrock: I don’t know that your test is as good as you think. Using various computers in various locations (corporate broadband, dsl and cable at home) I’ve seen failures for those conditions. I’ve had comparable success rates with my G1 to any computer on any hardwired network. Various 3rd parties have tested HSPA+ ‘in the wild’ and shown it is the fastest. That’s good enough for me to trust that, ‘theoretical’ speeds aside, T has the fastest current network in HSPA+.

  • digitalthug

    The problem at hand is how does T-Mobile go about advertising to America that their HSPA+ is faster, and will be faster for some time, than all the other companies’ 4g speeds. Everyone has to realize that in most comparisons, regardless of the industry being examined, a bigger number means better. The average Joe is gonna see 3.5G and 4G and automatically think, “O ok, X company is better because 4 is greater than 3.5.” It’s a very frustrating thing to swallow, especially when you know you have the faster speed but because you have to be “politically correct” you have to slap a label on ur product that doesn’t do it justice.

    Like Noah of Phonedog said, wireless companies should advertise actual speeds – if home internet companies can do it, then why cant the wireless industry?

    • Tensuke

      T-Mobile — 4G speeds on a 3G network.

      I agree that they should advertise speeds as well, but some other companies won’t want them to do that(for obvious reasons)!

  • JBLmobileG1

    Maybe they should create the slogan “A Network so fast that we decided to skip the Gs altogether” – Tmobile. What do you all think?

    • Dashi

      That Is Actually A Great Idea But Unlike Verizon T-mobile Has Never Been A HUGE Advertiser They Like To Try To Make The Products Talk For Them Selfs Which Unforainatly They Can’t Do All The Time Like Those HD2 Commercials 90% Of Them Are Actually From HTC

      Sry For The Spelling Mistakes In A Hurry

      • Amy

        Actually, T-Mobile invests its money in lowering plan costs for its customers rather than advertising. No devices are made by the wireless companies, they are made by the manufacturer, and wireless companies do not make money off the devices themselves (it takes at least 6 mths of bills to pay back a “loan” from a manufacturer for a device), they make money off loyal customers paying for their service. T-Mobile has nothing to gain from marketing, they have everything to gain from utilizing their resources to establishing a stable and fast network, training great CSRs (proven by beating AT&T time and time again in JD Power and Associates), and focusing on providing the best value. T-Mobile has their head on right. The other companies focus on service but AT&T who touts the “fastest network” has consistently ranked low on network speeds in various reports.

  • ako1pinoy

    What????…AT&T invented lying in advertisement. Remember when they claimed “the fewest dropped call” ? That was a flat out lie! In fact, they were at the bottom of the competition in terms of dropped calls.

  • ako1pinoy

    What????…AT&T invented lying in advertisement. Remember when they claimed “the fewest dropped call” ? That was a flat out lie! In fact, they were at the bottom of the competition in terms of dropped calls…gimme a break AT&T!

  • tato22

    lol poor at&t

  • Well T-Mobile might as well label it as 5G no one claim it yet and it is faster 2x than current 4G (sprint):)

  • watbetch

    AT&T is such a whiny, pissy company. They’re jealous because T-Mobile is getting the HSPA+ jump on them. They need to get a grip and focus on their customers and not their image.

  • I think tmobile should call it what it is. Instead of that “3G” symbol on the top of the screen, put the “H” there, and let the ppl know. couple of commercials in showing the difference would hurt either.

  • nell_z

    Cant wait for AT&T to lose the iPhone dominance so they can fall again and STFU!

  • Jono

    What crap. It’s not 4G. You can’t compare it to 4G, because no one has 4G. Why are they using the term if: 1. It’s incorrect and 2. it’s not a comparison???

    T-mobile, and every other service provider, get your act together when it comes to marketing.

  • chimphappyhour

    Well, after the tantrum AT&T threw after the thing with Verizon, is anyone really surprised? :P

  • Rosario

    Isnt the problem that if Tmobiles 3G speeds are almost up there to 4G, wouldnt that make AT&T’s claim that they have the fastest 3G be wrong? When in fact Tmobiles would be the fastest? Hmm, someone over there needs to get on this fast, get some test groups out and knock AT&T’s slogan down once and for all.

  • mike

    If i were T-Mobile i would not want to get into a pissing contest with anyone since they are lucky to supply 3g to a 3rd of their customers, i for one only get edge and know alot of customers only get gsm so do not toot your horn to early because the other 3 carriers will supply 50g by the time T-Mobile supplies 3g to all.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well this is not really an issue at all because 4G is a generic marketing term that no one owns.

    Besides, when it comes down to it, no one can say what 4G means, at least not in terms of a legal definition, just as much as no one can define what exactly a smart or super phone is, in terms of specs, hardware, and functionality.

    AT&T’s comments are just as ridiculous if it said “T-Mobile better be careful about misleading the public about which of its handsets are actually smartphones.”

    AT&T is simply crying foul because T-Mobile is coming out with faster speeds and is competing against its 4G handsets.

    AT&T also appears to be trying to say “dibs” on the term “4G” and what it means, but it cannot. In other words, AT&T cannot say “Hey wait T-Mobile, 4G is what WE say it is, and your HSPA+ is not 4G, so quit misleading the public.” Fact is, who the does AT&T think it is, the 4G Police? :)

    That’s akin to when Microsoft tried to trademark/copyright the finger that appears when your cursor hovers over a link. Washington govt. types told them “Nice try, but go away.”

    If 4G becomes a generic standard by which a net connection is measured (the same as DVD drives started at 1X and increases in speed were designated from that initial speed, e.g., 10X, 24X, 48X) that will mean anyone can use it as an imprecise net speed measurement. When that happens T-Mobile is entitled, like anyone else, to say “We provide 4G speed or better.” That’s perfectly legal because T-Mobile is NOT saying it has 4G technology.

    T-Mobile’s press release is fine because it did not say it has 4G service/connections, it said we are delivering 4G or faster speeds. There’s nothing inaccurate about that because T-Mobile is putting it in a way that the public understands.

    Sorry AT&T, you loser now.

    Sidenote: Check out these speeds I was getting this afternoon. Not sure why this was happening since typically I get about 760kbps.

    T-Mobile should send this pic to AT&T.

  • Garet

    here is a speed test from a nexus one in Indiana.

  • Dame

    I called T-mo customer care to inquire about my contract due date and I was told that I’m currently on a month to month. The rep. also informed me on what great phones I could get at a low price if I renew my contract, I told her I wasn’t interested because I’m planning on changing to SPRINT. She ask why, I told her because of their new 4G service. This B%#$% had the nerve to tell me “WELL WE HAVE 4G SERVICE”. I had to explain to her that I wasn’t somebody who didn’t know anything about their wireless service.

    • joe

      Obviously you don’t know much about the wireless service, as T-Mobiles HSPDA is faster than Sprint’s ‘4G’ network (and bigger last I checked). I can see where the service rep might try to use this to educate you so that you would not move over to Sprint, and, really, I do not have a problem with that. You on the other hand make no sense at all, give the facts listed in my first sentence :)

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Joe… I think he was pointing out (and taking offense) that the CSR referred to T-Mobile having “4G service,” which would be an incorrect representation by the CSR.

        T-Mobile may have 4G “speeds” or better, but the CSR should not be saying the Company has 4G “service.”

    • Marie

      Do you not understand that HSPA+ is faster than sprints 4g? You obviously know nothing about wireless service. So you want to go to sprint and pay 10 dollars more a month on top of your regular data plan, and have slower service…?
      here’s some links to help you educate yourself.

  • TmoFan

    att are a bunch of whiining babies, me and my friend always fight over the hd2 and his iphone me having the hd2. the iphone is dead, its so like overplayed. i have a family memeber who works for tmo and has told me that tmobile is planing on getting the iphone and ive also read some other posts about other carriers also getting the iphone, as soon as any carrier gets the iphone att will crumble to pieces. tmobile is seriously so much better. better signal, better prices, better phones, best coustomer service. so screw ATT. and psht the ipad?! useless piece of crap. nough said =]

  • Jason

    I think its great Tmobile is launching HSPA+ but what i hate is the fact that I live in a city with a half a million people and we are still stuck on Edge. (Springfield MO) Get your entire network up to 2010 before takeing care of the East coast.

  • AT&T you stink and so do your business practices along with the service you provide. Get over it.

  • DarkCloud

    or AT&T and let me tell you they freaking suck balls man. best reliable 3g my ass, people come to my store all day long man this service sucks ill have no signal for 2 days and even if I’m next to a tower i get low signal. not to mention att phones are as dry as the Sahara desert lol. iphone please are you telling me that all you got is an iPhone lol, that’s the only phone that works well on their network. att network is a sham, I think att is the only company that has phones that randomly one day your earpiece blows and you can’t hear anyone wtf. i have had almost every T-Mobile phone and never had to do a warranty exchange” well that’s a lie the G1 and that squeak when you flip out the display was killing me lol” but you get me never have i heard i was sitting home and my ear peace blow out lol then how you have a android phone that you can’t update the version because you just don’t have the technology. the weak ass back flip is running 1.6 and not even the updated one lol. im not hating but T-Mobile has better phones, Customer service, plans and now better network than att and Verizon and sprint in my opinion the hero is trash and the evo is old now before it comes out only a matter of time before there’s a Harte that can run on the hd2 then with have a evo/hd2 in your pocket, video chat just wait we all know that the next htc phone makes the best htc phone looks like childs play. so i have the strongest feeling that the the HTC sidekick will have video chat, then the 8mp camera before real is there a differences when you take a pic on your device NO!! it looks the same unless you blow us the photo which none of us do on the reg… then back to att i think there just sad that their HSPA+ only gives them 14mbps even with their millions of towers lol sad but im stop because im just getting ticked off with how att feels about T-Mobile. everyone that’s a T-Mobile customer, we have a great company that has been there for you all the time weather it’s a phone or customer service or network they listen to us and fix it. att sprint and Verizon doesn’t care it’s all just trial and error. and trust me I know I work for the biggest piece of …. carrier. last thing did you know that if you have a smart phone att puts a 30buck internet plan on your account without asking you and you can’t take it off. if some how you do they put it right back on. :) ATT you suck big floppy donkey D…

  • Brian

    LOOK, I have T-mobile service but I saw nothing wrong in the AT&T statement. I think you have taken it out of context. HSPA+ is NOT a 4G technology. It’s always been called 3.5G. It DOES have limitations that the LTE does NOT have. 4G is a 4th generation technology that is either WiMax or LTE. HSPA+ is pretty fast (when implemented) but it has a low ceiling and some long latency times which can effect actual speed.

    You guys are nit-picking here. AT&T is too expensive for my taste but they were just stating some facts. they were not directly attacking T-mo.

  • jamssx

    Since the big V gets away with calling their just faster than EDGE service 3G so they can have a nearly all red map, I don’t see what the problem is. The term nG is pure marketing of the air interface… TMs statement is about speed. Sprint barely gets 10M out of it’s 4G network. HSPA+ if they carry on upgrading beyond the current 21M that they are deploying can even go up to 56M. In theory the next revision will provide for 168M. Oh and LTE? It’s not 4G you know… It doesn’t fully meet the requirements… ;) You need LTE-A for that… Actually nor does WiMAX in its current form (802.16e), it needs to go to 802.16m – (100 Mbit/s for high and 1 Gbit/s for low mobility)

  • J

    If I was a share holder or user of AT&T, I would want the management to focus on the business at hand..! NOT whether Verizon or TM are doing whatever…????? Is it any wonder why I don’t have an iPhone with them.. Go figure… Duh..!! Lousy network, and really expensive rate plans.. NO THANKS.. Keep up the good work T-Mobile..!!!!!!!!!

  • ONCE AGAIN AT&T IS PISSED OFF CUZ SOMEONE HAS A BETTER NETWORK THAN THEM.. seriously at&t is crap. i have gone to LA , texas ,seattle, chicago,new york and at&t’s 3G network always let me down in those places. fastest 3G network my ass.. t-mobile is much much more faster n reliable in all those places… i still wonder why doesnt t-mobile take out video calling? im pretty sure there network would be able to handle it…

    • Ed

      You can video call over T-Mobile right now. The Nokia N900 has video calling over Skype, G Talk, and between two N900’s via the secondary camera.

  • tmo-guy

    at&t are being such whiners, even though they suck they don’t have to get mad at t-mobile for it, why are they getting mad a t-mobile anyways?

  • Chris

    Interesting that tmobile coverage maps now use the terms:

    Very Fast Mobile Web/Fast Mobile Web/Mobile Web

    As their keys now as opposed to edge/3g, which they used to do. Obfuscate the actual data speed and nobody can call you on it.

  • mingkee

    ATT will lose again the battle.
    VZW picked ATT’s weakness, 3G coverage, and ATT made commercials with “fastest 3G network”.
    I say “what”?
    There’s no doubt T-Mobile has fast and reliable 3G network, at least in NYC. This comes from a user uses tethering and webconnect on daily basis.
    Back to 2004-2005, Cingular claimed “fewest dropped calls” and turned out a big laughstock.
    The thing ATT should care is to make the network more reliable (fewer dropped calls) before counter T-Mobile “4G like HSPA+ network”, or will fail the third time.

  • Alex

    In Denver I just canned TMO because AT&T Edge speeds are consistantly faster the TMO 3G. 1.5 to 2.0 Mbs baby, not like the 300kbs to 500kbs I was getting on TMO. Thank goodness I did the month to month and tested it before buying the HD2.
    have fun AT&T haters

    • mingkee

      This is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY ATT EDGE can get 2Mbps, no matter whatever carrier EDGE!
      Class 32 EDGE can get no more than 300kbps in the real world.

  • justsaying

    i agree with some of the points, but att is putting 19 billion into 3g upgrades this year, anyone know how much $ tmo is investing this yr in their network ?
    they also cover 75% of the us population currently with 3g, what is tmo up to?

    • Sean U

      They acutally spend about the same amount. It was around 18-20 billion last year

  • Blacksheep427

    David, great job on reporting, don’t let down. The opening pic says it all, AT&T are crybabies. Fix your own company, AT&T, and you will be better, maybe. Who cares what they call it, TMO (Verizon and Sprint too) is a winner; AT&T is a loser, period. The tactic of blame TMO and your own customers wears thin VERY quickly. I will never be an AT&T custommer. TMO for life…

  • Mr Know It All

    I really think you all should click the link and read the full article before forming an opinion…

    “But AT&T is not happy with T-Mobile’s designation of HSPA+ as a 4G technology. “I think that companies need to be careful that they’re not misleading customers by labeling HSPA+ as a 4G technology,” said AT&T Mobility (NYSE:T) spokesman Seth Bloom. AT&T plans to cover fully 250 million people by the end of this year with HSPA+, and it will begin rolling out LTE network technology next year. Bloom said AT&T will call its HSPA+ upgrade just that: HSPA+. “We aren’t labeling those technologies as 4G,” he said. However, he added that AT&T will refer to LTE as a 4G network”

  • Brian

    LOOK, Everyone I think alot of people are FREAKING out over NOTHING!

    The AT&T CEO said what I would have said to a friend and I HAVE T-MOBILE service! BUT 4G actually does have a definition! HSPA+ is NOT 3g, it is an extension of HSPA that has a VERY LOW ceiling and high latency but it is faster than HSPA and in certain conditions it will be faster than WiMax but because of it’s low ceiling you have to throttle the speeds down!

    HSPA+ is a bandaide for T-mo until it can get a 4G partner.

    My god, the ceo of AT&T makes a clear distinction between calling HSPA+ 4G and everyone flips? HE IS RIGHT! It is 3.5G but NOT 4G! AND I STILL HAVE TMO SERVICE!

    • Aznluver_boi

      and MY GOD THE CEO OF AT&T is trying to kick out its competition as in all CEO will say whatever he wants to as long as it benefits his company as well as bashing on others services

    • Aznluver_boi

      and MY GOD THE CEO OF AT&T is trying to kick out its competition as in all CEO will say whatever he wants to as long as it benefits his company as well as bashing on others services

  • Dan

    Tmobile 3G network with these conditions:
    1. Don’t go inside the house.
    2. Don’t go inside the car
    3. Stay on the main road
    4. Don’t leave downtown.
    T-mobile 3G network coverage it’s more like an expanded wi-fi netowork.

    • Aznluver_boi

      that is straight up bs i get 3g inside the house inside the bathroom WHILE TAKING A GOOD ONE! and i don’t even life in the downtown area

    • Aznluver_boi

      that is straight up bs i get 3g inside the house inside the bathroom WHILE TAKING A GOOD ONE! and i don’t even life in the downtown area

  • Juan

    I’m a happy TMOBILE customer. I used to be with AT&T, but about a year ago I made the switch. But there is one thing that is not making me happy. Here in Puerto Rico we are still running on EDGE network. We do get all the 3G phones, but no 3G signal :(
    I have asked TMOBILE when are we going to get 3G, all the say is that someday we will get it.
    I was told that 3G was around the corner when I did my 2 year contract. It has been a year allready and my G1 still says EDGE.

  • Oscar

    Ok, here’s my problem…
    For the past month, I’ve been experiencing network related issues, i.e. connection to 3G network.  I have no problem connecting to WiFi networks.  There are completely random times when I will be sitting at my desk in my office where I have full bars of service and when I unlock my phone, the connection drops completely for about 20 seconds.  This also happens at home (about 25 miles from the office) where I normally have full service as well.  It seems to happen when I unlock my phone, when I open an application that uses the data connection (including safari), and also when I open my email.
    As you can imagine, I’m quite frustrated…

    I have spoken with two Apple geniuses on this issue.  The first time, we restored my phone and seemed to work great for about 5 hours – then this issue started reoccurring.  I called AT&T support and had them check to make sure cell tower infrastructure work was not being done in the areas I was at when this happens (let me point out, this happens anywhere I’m at, not just at the office and at home) and they confirmed that nothing out of the ordinary was taking place and had scheduled a hardware replacement that same day.
    Went to Apple, replaced my phone, took it home everything seemed great!  I was thankful.  Restored my previous phone settings, still no issues.  The next day, things started acting up again – losing my connection to the 3G network for 20 seconds, getting it back with full service signal for about a minute, then losing it again for about 20 seconds, and so on and so forth.  I was starting to get pretty irritated.  Went to AT&T, asked for a new sim card as I thought there might have been a problem with it communicating with my device.  Worked fine for about 30 mins, then I started to drop connection in the same manner as before…completely random.
    I’m at my wits end in trying to troubleshoot this.  I’ve removed all 3rd party applications from my phone, removed my email accounts and still have the same issue.  I’ve rebooted several times and still I have this problem.  My last effort is to restore to factory settings as there could be something wrong with the phone’s OS in the iTunes backup.  (I’m going to have fun getting all my numbers back in my phone…is there an easier way to do this?)
    Has anyone dealt with this same issue I’m having???  I’m beginning to think that AT&T might be doing some data throttling on their networks because for the past 3 months I’ve had well over 200MB of data communication on my phone.  I’m not sure if this is a lot, however, compared with other customers.  Has anyone had problems like mine that have high data downloads on their device?

    • Mike

      you could do a backup like Tmobile does for you…lol or if you had a REAL phone like my blackberry Bold 9700 you could just do it yourself with your blackberry software and back up everything on your computer for times like these…you want a toy, you get an Iphone…you want a piece of equipment, you get a grownup phone like a blackberry…lol

  • Exec4Future

    if u like crappy and congested network, terrible customer service and have no friends, get AT&T. if u like the PROVEN fastest network, best customer service (jD Power says so) and best retail service and best value, get t-mobile. if u like being anally raped by an inferior technological company with terrible icantphones and other Apple inc garbage, get AT&T. But only get AT&T if u r flaming. And only defend AT&T if u like other men. Now then, who here was just doing those things? cuz u may b queeeerrrr