Nexus One Available In Third Party Retail Channels, Coming To Corporate Stores Soon?

When Google announced it would stop selling the Nexus One online and revert back to selling through retail stores, I don’t think any of us expected an independent third party retailer such as i Wireless. i Wireless, an authorized T-Mobile affiliate has started to sell the Nexus One for $299.95 on a 2-year contract after rebate. It might be a bit more than the contract price that was available through the Google Web Store, but, unlike Google’s Web Store (which required the Even More 500 plan to get the $179.99 contract pricing), you have the freedom to select any plan your heart desires. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope that Magenta starts offering this through T-Mobile corporate locations.

Engadget Via i Wireless


  • Green Robot

    This is a baby step in a right direction. I went to the site and there does not look to be a way to buy this at a discount by existing customers. I would resign for 2 years in a heart beat if I could get N1 at $300 and keep my existing family plan intact. Then I could finally ritualistically throw my G1 in a blender and set it on liquefy for few minutes…

    • Ryan

      Or you can pay $699 and just buy one out of pocket!! Totally worth it!

  • GenesisDH

    I don’t like the sound of this if corp stores get it. That means one less AWS smartphone that can be bought and used without the ridiculous smartphone plan…

    The only good thing I see is that legacy plan holders can upgrade without paying full price or converting their plan.

    What’s next? Increased ETFs like AT&V [intentional misspelling]?

    • daniel

      I hate it when I hear people complaining about a data phone requiring a data plan. It makes about as much sense as buying a Camero and putting a moped engine in it. Why would you want a data phone and not use the data? You may want to check out the other articles. There are some new Samsung phones that don’t require Data Plans for you.

      • GenesisDH

        Car analogies are ridiculous. In this case, it’s closer to being buying a Camero to have in a collection and having to buy the gas even though you may not ever use it.

        To be honest, I’m not complaining about the requirement of a data plan but the cost of such plan. T-Mobile should really be lowering that data plan cost down to compete with Cricket (which now is nationwide and cheaper). That’s why this step is in the direction of AT&T-like behavior (N1s on their system are having smartphone plans added on, even if the N1 is an AWS model).

        Like the N900, the N1 originally was allowed to be used without a data plan, and do so pretty well. Plus, it could have been used on cheaper data plans, such as the $10 web2go plan or the old standalone data plans.

        If this becomes true, then T-Mobile will simply restrict usage on non-smartphone plans like they do with other Android devices. Even if it’s purchased full price. Buying w/ contract entails different requirements that I’m not arguing about, but if I buy it full price I shouldn’t be required to have the data plan if I want to use its data features on WiFi.

        Why do’t you ask the [insert word] of iPhone users that only want the iPhone for wifi only use why they want this option? They like the phone but don’t want the data plan. This isn’t any different.

      • 2FR35H


        Who says that just because we don’t want a data plan mean that we aren’t going to use data? Your analogy and comment makes no sense. Who the hell wants to pay $30 a month for data when they are 90% of the time surrounded by free wifi? Do you really have that much money to throw away that you can’t see why people don’t want to be required to buy a data plan? and btw you misspelled “camaro” it not “camero”

      • Robert


        I agree – if you have the means to use your phone through WiFi – or even if you just like the phone but don’t plan on using the data features, you shouldn’t be required to pay for the data plan if you don’t want/need it.

      • shane

        LOL Hey retards T mobile’s not a charity, it’s a business. And the car refrence was fine…….. Here’s another one, Having a data phone without data is like having a car without wheels…….. Also, keep in mind that they are still the least expensive contracted data phone options, so if you still need help paying for the cheapest internet available on your phone that requires it mc donalds has some full time positions open and many locations to choose from…..

    • dcb

      And what was the alternative when Google was selling it…..don’t you people pay attention???…If it comes to the retail stores then it will be sold at a discount for a contract or at full price without a contract or data requirement….why would anyone have this phone without data anyway???

      • dude

        THANK YOU! to say a data phone W/O data is still worth it is like purchasing a HDTV and not inputting HDMI cables

      • john

        First off, it’s spelled Camaro secondly of course you would have to have web for this phone, why would you not want web on an android phone.

      • 2FR35H

        Why? because when you are surrounded by free wifi 90% of the time it becomes an ABSOLUTE WASTE OF MONEY!

      • Robert

        You can buy the HDTV and get OTA signals with HD programming for free… just because you buy the HDTV doesn’t mean you’re obligated to buy some form of HD programming (i.e. Cable/Satellite). If that were the case, then you would have had to sign up or prove you already had some form of premium HD programming for the tv you bought.

        Using WiFi without a data plan on your phone would be like watching a BluRay on your HDTV. Someone’s already paid for it, whether it be yourself, or someone else, and it’s there to use. The quality is just the same, but you’re not stuck in any kind of commitment to keep purchasing it.

      • GlockBuster

        Android is not meant to not have data. Everything that phone does requires the server and a web connection. I understand that some people do not need internet, and certain phones (like BlackBerry’s) work fine without it, but to even want a phone like the N1 without web is ridiculous to me. And, T-Mobile only makes you add web if you do a 2yr contract, so if you really do not want web you will be able to buy it full price and not add it… and it will probably be cheaper than $529.99 since right now the HD2 is $449.99 and seems to be more expensive of a device to manufacture.

        Although… I think $24.99 is plenty for the data package. $30 seems a little steep, but whatever.

    • B

      Ah yes, shame on them. One less smartphone you can buy without a smartphone plan. How silly of them. Next thing you know, these newfandangled DVD players will only accept DVDs.

    • soon2TMO

      yah they might follow suit!

      i was surprised when they raised their monthly rates on even more plans. sprint now is more cheaper than tmo (good strategy tmo, you surely will be getting more new customers, LOL).. but sure no other carriers can beat their even more + plans, but then you need to buy the phone unsubsidized in order to get that cheaper monthly rates.
      obviously im not “grandfathered” yet like most of the people here that’s why i’m mostly the one who has a say about their altered rates. but they do complain about the seemingly unfair pricing of tmo’s forthcoming handsets.

      tmobile FTW!

  • ben

    The better question here is why this tmobile affiliate has such cool phones. How do you get the Hero, Milestone and Nexus One? Seriously, can I get a plan through these guys and stay with Tmo in SC?

  • Funnyman

    the elitess feeling will soon disappear once ghetto rashan has the phone because it’s “tight”

    • Sorry to inform you funnyman, rashan already has a nexus one. Your wife bought it for him.

      • Funnyman

        i knew i didnt just mis place $530! what was a thinking!

    • jaythe01

      Well put sir couldn’t agree more!

  • Funnyman

    the elitess feeling will soon disappear once ghetto rashan has the phone because it’s “tight”

  • chimphappyhour

    $700 suggested retail?!? Really?!? Glad I ordered mine from Google!

  • frank


  • chimphappyhour

    $700 suggested retail?!? Really?!? Glad I got mine from Google.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    waiting on project emerald…

  • andrew

    wish tmobile would have there online or stores for $180

  • D

    I love my N1, but even I’ll admit that the whole 3G to EDGE thing gets really old really fast.

    Besides the reason above, I don’t think T-Mobile is excited about supporting a phone that will soon support up to 8 simultaneous data sessions without paying them any additional revenue.

  • A S

    I did the math (for T-Mobile’s individual plans /w contract) and the total expense for two years is still cheaper when you buy it at full $529 upfront price. The subsidized price of $299.95 w/ contract plans simply doesn’t workout for individual users. In fact, if you are going to sign a 2-year contract anyway, didn’t Google’s $179 price make more sense than this retail price? Am I missing something?

  • watbetch

    Coming to T-Mobile yes?

  • Ducter

    heh.. The Camaro analogy is flawed. You can always take your Camaro to the track and run it wide the hell open. You can always grab a wifi signal and could run it wide open..

  • dvd03

    anyone who buys a nexus one with out a data plan is just retarded! I use to work at tmobile and everyone wanted blk berry curves and pearls without data, drove me nutz!

    • 2FR35H


      YOU are retarded do you not realize how big a waste of money data plans are when you are surrounded by FREE WIFI 90% OF THE TIME?!?!?!?! If you want to throw money away just donate it to me through pay pal at least you know then you are wasting your money.

      • Bigs12

        when you buy data phones you have to get a data plan….if you don’t want the solution is simple, all the money you don’t spend on the data plan you can PAY FULL PRICE!!!!! or is that throwing money away also?

      • 90% of the time……really?? Have you tried to send mms without a data plan on an android device?? How about using google maps without that same data plan. It would surely be horrible to need gps during that 10% window you speak of.

      • 2FR35H


        oh big big big. tsk tsk tsk you fail to see the point. You don’t seem to understand that I am saying that we SHOULDN’T HAVE TO buy data plan with the phone! Don’t give me that bullshiit you are speaking. Saving money doesn’t automatically mean that you have enough to pay full price either -.- I swear you are retarded by any definition. People can save hundreds of dollars a month doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any other obligations tied to it. And if you are buying a contract why should you have to pay full price just because you don’t want an extra $30 a month bill?


        Actually yes I have I get along PERFECTLY FINE. I don’t need gps because I know how to get around my city. I don’t get lost. Its called a bus and checking before you leave your house! I have wifi in my home so if I ever needed a map I would just do it before I left and save the directions.

        If any of you believe that you need a data plan then you are being fooled.

        go ahead be all happy go lucky paying extra $30 a month that you may not even need!

      • mike

        yo many times are you gunna tell us your surrounded by free wifi 90% of the time? if you want a wifi phone without a data plan go buy the tmobile shadow you chode. that or switch to att verizon or sprint and tell them you want android phones without data plans too. they’ll laugh you right out the door….ohh and by the way when you go to cancel with att or verizon youll be paying $325-$375.

        enjoy champ.

    • SteveBerman

      People wanted blackberrys without data because they were easier to text on that the dumb phones available at the time. Most people 30 and younger text a lot more than talking, so it would make sense to get a phone that makes it easier to do so…not necessarily to surf the web or get emails at all times.

    • Alex

      You should be really careful in using that terminology. I work with the mentally disabled population. Many of there families would be appalled at how some of you flaunt the term as if not using “stupid”, or “idiotic” could not be more appropriate..

      As for the topic above, WE THE PEOPLE should have the right to buy a smartphone of choice without a data plan. There is noting wrong with doing so. We are individuals with our own preferences….It kind of the defeats the purpose of having wifi hotspots.

  • RayBean

    Here’s a suggestion. If you don’t want the required data plan. Buy the phone outright. Then you will be free to do whatever you want with it. When you buy a phone at a subsidized price, expect to play by their (T-Mobile) rules! Its really THAT simple.

  • mike

    If u don’t want data and still get a discounted price buy the phone off eBay or craigslist

    • 2FR35H

      Hell yeah man thats what I do but it still shouldn’t be a requirement.

  • daniel

    Well what really cracks me up about this is that you all act like T-Mobile is the only company that requires data. Verizon even requires it on some of their “Phone First” devices. AT&T requires it on data phones. (At a higher price). Want the new EVO from Sprint? Oh yeah you have to pay $10 higher in data than any other Sprint customer. Now we will have the next thread about how T-Mobile doesn’t have the same coverage. I have been places where my phone doesn’t work and someone with Verizon or AT&T does. I have also been places where my phone works and theirs doesn’t. So for those who want to use the ‘Coverage Sucks” point, if Data was free you would still complain about coverage. If Verizon and AT&T was all of that and so great then they would be the only cell phone companies. So please make the jump to AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. I am sure they would enjoy the same people complaining over there on their blog sites.

    • 2FR35H

      @ Daniel

      who is acting like that? thats just your retarded ass assumptions. nobody said that we were the only ones that provide it you moron. Its called stating an opinion you can do that on blog you know FOR YOUR INFORMATION!

  • Miguel

    How did this outlet come up with a $299.99 “suggested retail price”? Suggested by whom? Them probably.

    And if you don’t want a data plan then don’t buy the phone subsidized. Go to and buy it dammit. People are always looking for a way to screw the system and double-dip.

    • Miguel

      Opps.. I meant $699.99 “suggested retail price”.

      • Redwoodflyer

        First thing that caught my eye… It’s the same way Macy’s has a pair of socks or whatever for a “suggested price” of $100, with a 75% off discount no matter when you go there. As long as there are rubes willing to buy a $25 socks because it’s “75% off, limited time only” instead of the same pair for $5, with 0% off, these shams will exist.

  • I wireless has better plans than tmobile. I see they give unlimited talk text and web for 50 no contract.

  • narunetto

    Does anyone not realize that the reason they force you into the data plan on subsidy is because of the huge discounts they give for smart phones. It’s just like how they give you a dumb phone for free but you have to have your voice plan for two years.

  • tmorep

    no because people are idiots and assume phones should be free without any commitments… the whole point of a smartphone is to have INSTANT email access, web browsing, maps, sports scores, facebook, myspace, gps ON THE GO…. and how do u do this? DATA!!!! AND remember all android phones REQUIRE a gmail address which backs up contatcs and calendar to your phone and gmail server…

    U guys are idiots for even thinking like that…. “i want a data phone without data”

    Just buy the phone outright dumbass… youll probably end up putting data on cuz youll hate how it performs without it….

  • Tmobile4life

    Tmorep I agree wit ya… Nexus One here I come!

  • phonegeek

    they have better phones on there than the tmobile site itself wow!

  • Bigs12


    I don’t understand you language, that right because i’m retarded I forgot… I know why you have a problem with the REQUIRED DATA PLAN cause you cant afford it, you want to be like all the ppl that buy these 4-$600 phone just to say I have one… it and go under contract or go to cricket or metro…..that might be to much money for you as well…you could get your service for free and still bitch about something, build a bridge and get over it…..

    most ppl here complain and some with good reason others is because…don’t bitch about it DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT….

  • going_home

    Went to look at the 3G Slide today a TMO sales rep had beta testing here at a Tampa area store.
    Looked nice and all but he did say something that perked my ears up a bit.
    He said TMO will be selling the Nexus One in the next couple months !
    This makes me very happy !