T-Mobile Announces Some “4G” Launches

If you have been following my tweets (TmoNews_Andrew, and while you are at it follow TmoNews and TmoNews_Kick13) or T-Mobile‘s, then you have probably seen some talk about 4G today.  Wait a second… 4G?  Since when did we get a 4G network.  That is a good question, but don’t be confused.  T-Mobile is simply saying that their new HSPA+ network is reaching 4G speeds.  You know, the 4G speeds that Sprint is touting.  The difference is that we get these speeds on our smartphones without buying a brand new headset and paying extra per month (take that Evo 4G).  So, let’s be clear, the initial tweet by T-Mobile USA, and follow up tweet, are referring to 4G speeds and not a 4G network..  From here on out, let’s just keep in mind that 4 is not necessarily bigger faster than 3.5.   Also, the super fast HSPA+ network is now available in Upstate New York (Albany, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse), Connecticut (Hartford, New Haven, Milford and Stamford), Providence R.I., Memphis, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey and suburban Washington DC. Magenta states that their HSPA+ network will expand into Washington, D.C., and Boston “in the coming weeks.” So what do you think of these 4G speeds, eh (*wink, wink)? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

UPDATE: Official Press Release Below

Press Release

4G Speeds From T-Mobile Now Broadly Available in the Northeastern U.S. and Other Major Cities

T-Mobile Deepens, Expands Mobile Broadband Network to More Places on More Leading Devices

BELLEVUE, Wash. – May 24, 2010 – T-Mobile USA, Inc. announced today the continued expansion and customer availability of its HSPA+ super-fast mobile broadband network that delivers 4G speeds in the Northeastern U.S. and other major cities across the country.
As the company continues to aggressively broaden its HSPA+ network in the New York City metropolitan area, including New Jersey and Long Island, T-Mobile announces the further build-out and widespread availability – right now – of its super-fast network in adjoining regions, including Upstate New York (Albany, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse), Connecticut (Hartford, New Haven, Milford and Stamford) and Providence, R.I. Already live in Philadelphia, as well the Washington, D.C. suburbs, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network will expand into Boston and Washington, D.C. in the coming weeks, further enhancing the Northeast corridor with 4G speeds.
In addition, customers in Memphis, Tenn., and Las Vegas, also now can stay connected on T-Mobile’s high-speed mobile broadband network.
Using the HSPA+ wireless technology standard, the T-Mobile network currently delivers theoretical peak download speeds of 21Mbps1. T-Mobile’s rapidly expanding HSPA+ mobile broadband footprint makes it easy for customers to enjoy 4G speeds2 on existing mobile broadband devices such as the T-Mobile webConnect™ Rocket™ Laptop Stick. In addition, more than a dozen released T-Mobile devices benefit from these enhanced speeds, with two high-performance smartphones available next month – the T-Mobile® myTouch 3G Slide™ and the Garminfone™.

T-Mobile’s HSPA+ mobile broadband network now covers more than 30 million Americans. With an aggressive build-out plan, T-Mobile expects to make further significant leaps in the coming weeks and months to deliver 4G speeds in 100 major metropolitan areas, covering 185 million people in the U.S. by the end of this year.

T-Mobile customers with 3G smartphones who live in these areas served by the company’s mobile broadband network are now getting enhanced data speeds without having to buy a new phone or spend additional money. Now, these customers can surf the Web, download files and share media on-the-go – many times faster on home-broadband-like speeds.

“Our competitors are asking consumers to pay more for faster wireless service with limited coverage and very few capable devices,” said Neville Ray, senior vice president of Engineering and Operations for T-Mobile USA. “In contrast, T-Mobile is already delivering 4G speeds today to customers and we continue to make major leaps in expanding our HSPA+ mobile broadband footprint.”
T-Mobile’s next-generation network can provide consumers with a home-broadband-like experience on-the-go. T-Mobile currently has 5.2 million customers using 3G-capable converged devices on the network, a 33 percent increase in smartphone adoption since the end of 2009 and expects to increase that number to 8 million by the end of the year.

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  • C

    Where is the love for Chicago?

    • i know tight

    • bakalao

      Exactly. This service is already available in LA and NYC.

      GO HAWKS!

  • Ace

    If these are just 4G speeds how fast will our network be when we actually get 4G

    • Andrew

      Fast, really fast. the HSPA+ network can get up to 3 times faster than what we have seen so far. LTE’s top speeds haven’t been seen yet anywhere, but it is much faster.

    • ryan

      “4G” is a bs marketing term that solely means it’s the fourth generation of that companies high-speed wireless networks. Calling the new upgrade 4G is just a way of making sure customers realize it’s better and faster… no customer would understand we have an HSPA+ network :D…..

      while they’re at it they might as well call it 5G or 6G

  • elithegreat

    unfortunately I think nothing of them. since my phone G1 is at the same 3G speeds since T-Mobile first deployed their 3G Network.
    I have friends with Droids and iPhone 3G’s (not iPhone 3GS) and they still manage to pull in faster speeds than me and my supposed HSPA + network.

    • J-Hop2o6

      the G1 is capable up to 7.2mbps.. your TOWER doesn’t have HSPA/+ hardware upgrades (yet).. u just have to wait like i do also in Seattle.

  • Steve-o

    Still doesn’t mean anything to me…I’m sitting in the capital of Florida (Tallahassee) and I’m still on Edge. Lol.

    • Ace

      I know I go to FSU and Suffer I’m happy I’m home now in Orlando With 3G

  • soon2TMO

    ahhh… i guess this is why they upped their monthly rates?
    fair enough..!

    how about bay area california? when are we gonna get that?

  • Obe1

    What 4g speeds in vegas maybe las vegas strip but around vegas dont expect any HSPA+ Love cause you might just get tired of waiting.

    • watbetch

      I get HSPA+ in much of Vegas. Stop your nonsense.

      • Obe1

        please do tell cause L3wish and I dont get any of the HSPA+ love unless you live in city center then yes you do get HSPA+ all the time but not here in spring valley, summerlin, the lakes, moutains edge and Southern Highlands.

    • watbetch

      Go to the Fresh and Easy off of Durango and Trop.. it’s all over that area. It’s not 100% but it’s 75% all over the 3G network in Vegas. Mountains Edge and the Southern Highlands area barely have 3G, no 3G towers in that area..

  • Nate


    I bet those speeds will have alot to do with the type of radio your phone is running. If you are getting slower speeds see if you can flash a different radio to it.

    I get really fast 2G in my area, I mean like fast enough that I cant tell I am on 2G and this is with a Unlocked ATT Tilt 2 running on the tmobile network.

    I live in the Kansas City Area in Missouri.


      good to see another kansas citian in here. my data really fast in the city and the burbs.

  • Does This Mean Better Signal.?

    When 3G Is Available, We Obviously Have Full Edge, So Will This Show Full 3G When We Have 4G.?

  • Stephen

    No matter the speeds… Sprint 4G enables them to have no data caps, even when you use the phone as a hotspot(and in the case of the EVO, you get unlimited data on 3G thanks to the $10 addon),,
    I am seriously considering jumping back to sprint!

    • J-Hop2o6

      im sure they have “abuse” policies in there somewhere.. like tmobile has a 10GB soft cap limit.. after that, they’re “suppose” to slow down your speeds.. but i haven’t seen a slowdown passing 10GB (happened once when i hit 13GB).

    • Garet

      I have unlimited on my plan and now with 2.2 on my nexus I have a hotspot no charge from T-mobile for it either.NO DATA cap either.

      • Stephen

        There is a cap…if you look at the T-Mobile TOS you’ll see that they limit you to 10gb… Sprint 4G has no cap, and on the EVO the 3G has no cap either(for tethering)…. I have a Sprint Overdrive which is the 4G hotspot, and i regularly use 40gigs per month since its my only Internet at home, and have had no problems from Sprint.

  • Nitaino

    Woohoo Viva Las Vegas!!

  • Dear Alex

    I live in Brooklyn and still have regular 3g speeds 1.5 mbps the most.

    • jrperiod

      I live in the Bronx, and work in the city. I’m not seeing any real increase in speed. Every now and again i’ll get 2mbps’s down. but that’s a streach.

  • Still Waiting

    I live less than 5 miles from the T-Mobile HQ in the USA…. Why am I waiting to see any HSPA+? You’d think that being near their HQ, home of Microsoft and Nintendo around the corner we’d see it first…

  • Laz

    I was told by a corporate TMO rep that Phoenix will see hspa+ in September. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Eddie PR

    Remember Puerto Rico, Tmo is loossing customer because the bad data service/ Great customer service, but only EDGE slowwwwwwwwwww. Please update ypur service.

  • ant

    i just got back from vegas with my G1… didnt notice fast speeds at all. granted i turned off 3G a lot of the trip so i could conserve battery life for the nights ahead.

  • wantspeedindc

    BS on the HSPA+ speeds in DC. 4 bars of Hspa and I get 450kbps, whoopee!?!

    • ty

      Also in metro DC and speeds b/t 400 and 900 kbps.

      • I live in NW DC. I am about to purchase a N1 due to this report.. please let me know what kind of actual speeds you guys are pulling.. if its 400-900 ill stick with my iphone. I do tether, and I will be using it for work and home. any info would be apperciated.

  • Jelc

    I am currently in New Haven, Connecticut and Data speeds have improved.

  • Evan

    Who cares! If you need that kind of speed on a cell phone please do the world a favor and check yourself into gizmo-rehab!

    • Ermac

      Umm lemme guess what ur running, a motorola v300 with the 9dollar web wait my bad 5dollar web cause u have a grandfathered plan, ur comfortable with going on mobile editions of web sites aaaaannnnnnnnnnd……oh ur friends don’t call u for any info cause u don’t have the ability to do it while ur on the phone, am I in the ball park?

      • john


  • Anthony

    i too live in Brooklyn NY and only get u too 1.5 mbps. What 4G or HSPA+ thay talking about?

  • T

    HSPA+ needs to come to the Tampa Bay area!

  • jesus

    how will we know when we have it? its just going to be a Full 3G ?

    • Garet

      it appears as an H instead of 3g next to your signal meter

  • 30014

    Since it’s in Memphis hopefully Atlanta can’t be far behind. On a side note I have yet to see a speed increase from regular hspa.

    • APlayerfromtheHimalya

      Last Time I was home in the M, there was 3g coverage everywhere there wasn’t a couple months previous…I was pretty impressed…

  • Green Robot

    I happened to be in Syracuse NY this past weekend and I was getting download speeds in excess of 3 Mbps – definitely HSPA+. Getting about 2.5 Mbps in Westchester about 30 miles north of Manhattan and in Flushing Queens. Things are looking up. Now if I could only buy a high end android phone from TMO, I would be a happy camper.

  • jayyoung

    don’t know about u guys but in manhattan i’m getting 2.20mbps down and 1.16mbps up

  • Pablo

    wait. question. will our current 3g phones be hspa+ compatible? in other words, will a mytouch work on hspa+ speeds (4g speeds) or will we have to all buy new 4g phones?

  • hector

    just like tmobile giving the rich up state peaple the good stuff and yes us lower state bums will never see it,

  • jay antwan

    Goes this for all phones? All radios? I have a G1 in Queens, NY. Am I to expect heart racing speeds as well?

  • afive

    I will probably be switching to Sprint when rvo is released. I am currently running nexus one on T-Mobile, but am getting fed up with crappy data timeout. sometimes texts won’t sent, other times I have to reboot to get data back, or calls wi onto go through. had that issue on my touch, g1, and now nexus. my friends with Android have same problems on t-mobile here in Denver, think its time.

  • DayJob

    Of all places why is SF not getting setup already?

  • djnutz

    Where is the Seattle love lol. You’d think with T-Mo corporate being in Bellevue we would get this quicker. Woe is me.

  • mike

    i believe current phones can get up to 7.2Mbps and forthcoming phones will supposedly be able to get 21Mbps, which is full HSPA+

  • l3wish

    I live in las vegas and there is not any HSPA+ yet here. I haven’t even seen any 7.2Mbps speeds yet.

  • Jrsykind

    I live outside Trenton, NJ. Just used PDA Net on my G1 w/ Speedtest.net test. Got 2.6 mb first time, 3.5 mb second time. Anyone know if this is HSPA+? The map shows I’m the border.

  • kevin

    Hey tmobile we want an EVO!!!!!

    • Doug

      Why? same specs as the HD2 other than camera and “4g” however with HSPA+ the HD2 should have similar speeds to the EVO. TMO’s 3g/HSPA+ radio frequencies are a bit lower than the 2.5 ghz that wimax uses, so it should have slightly better building penetration. I also hear there are some “weather” issues with wimax, doesn’t surprise me, its close to the 2.4ghz chosen for microwave ovens because it is a resonate frequency for water. and HSPA+ is just a software and backhaul upgrade to existing cell towers, so it should be a faster roll out vs wimax needing a complete new buildout.

      From what ive read the EVO also has a design flaw where when laying on its back it rests on the camera lens itself! that’s gona get scratched to hell quick, least the HD2 has a lip to slightly protect it.

      It also looks like we are getting closer to having android on the HD2 so with the HD2 you’ll possibly have 3 OS choices, WM6.5 WP7 and android. Unlikely to see WP7 on the EVO if it actually turns out to be good due to licensing issues, technically a gray area with the HD2, but aleast it does have a valid WM6.5 license

  • Melissa

    Hopefully it will be Jacksonville, FL’s turn, soon. Puerto Rico should be getting at least 3G a while ago. When I was visiting my family, I was on EDGE the whole time.

    • hector

      am with you on that PR needs 3g and gainesvile needs 7.2mb

  • gmack

    what i really want to know is when TMO will drop the Samsung Galaxy S….

  • anthony

    weres the love for baltimore, why dc cause its so small?

  • Blargables

    When people say Japan has like 6G(just a guess) is it true that ours are just at fast or we’re still catching up?

  • effdee1121

    It says Vegas has hspa+, but I’m still running edge.

  • watbetch

    I don’t think anyone understands how this stuff works.

    If you have a G1, which is 7.2HSPA, you should NOT expect 7.2Mbps 100% of the time. I ran my smartphone against my data stick and my data stick was twice as fast as my phone.. what does that mean? OMG MAI PHONE IZ NOT GETTIN HSPA+ LET ME SWITCH TO SPRINT!

    Secondly, I’m in Vegas and I’ve seen HSPA+ speeds all around town. If you’re seeing 2Mbps, that doesn’t mean that’s all the network will give you.

  • justsomedude

    while Sprint can technically say they have 4G, which for them is in the upper 4.5Mbps. We (T-mobilers) will be and some already are enjoying anywhere from 6 to 9Mbps, and in the very near future as high as 21Mbps.

    • I see 4g happening for T mobile by the end of the year because we are already somewhat 3.5g

  • Juan

    I live in ALbany, NY and my N1 gets around 4.2 megs/sec is so great I LOVE TMO

  • Vinny

    Live in a suburb of Boston and getting a more powerful signal is great news. Just having a strong 3G signal would be fantastic because the 3G speed I get is pretty good when it is stable. Great job for T-Mobile, the future’s so bright.

  • jp0131

    im in Ct…this is their super fast 3G wow…..ummm its really fast (sarcasm)

  • alex

    i live in New Jersey, i have a CLIQ XT, i don’t get it how do i use the HSPa+ network, can some one please explain?

  • Kusgan

    I live in CT between New Haven and Hartford so i dont really get the max speed. My usual upload 3G speed on speedtest.net is just below 1MBPS. Was surprised yesterday ’cause I was close to 3MBPS. Fantastic T-mobile.

  • mike

    I live in the Miami market you’d think we would get it soon …

  • Mark

    I live near Hartford, CT. Until recently I never saw 3g speeds over 900kbs. Just a few days ago I was running speed tests and clocking in above 1 mbps, sometimes as high at 1.9ish. I’ve seen VZW handsets consistently get over 2mbps on EVDO, so I’m not entirely impressed. What I suspect is that the backhauls still need upgrading, but I’ll take the bump in speed, such as it is.

    Based on running speed tests on iPhones and my wife’s iPad, I’d say that T-Mo’s network is slightly more consistent than AT&T’s – at least in my area. I see AT&T speeds hopping all over the place – even during one quick speedtest.

    • watbetch

      Your phone will never be able to grab maximum bandwidth from a tower. You’ll need the HSPA+ stick for that.

  • dayum

    thats cool

  • Trent Large

    Wow. T-mobile you need to step it up buddy. I live in atlanta, and I’m running edge the majority of my day(albeit with a low signal bar!!!!!) . When I do get 3G, I have to stand on my right leg, spin, and hope to keep it above 2 bars.. Maybe not literally, but I’m constantly moving to keep my 3G signal. On edge, I’m averaging 21 kb/s, for my 3G I’m only getting 56kb/s!!!! Come on T-mobile!! I mean seriously!? 56???? My dial up gets better bandwidth than that! Looks to me you need to stop worrying about 3G+, or 4G, and worry about getting your normal edge and 3G working right!!!! Geez! I love you, but you need to step it up a notch…. Or 7.

    • juan

      that sounds like a personal problem i think they got this old thing called coverage map you should look into it

      • Mark

        Have you seen their data coverage maps lately? “Mobile Web” “Fast Mobile Web” and “Very Fast Mobile Web”… What the hell does that mean? Why can’t they just say “EDGE, 3G and HSPA+?

        @Trent – Juan has a point, double check your coverage map. If you’re not getting the service you’re supposed to ask around. It’s possible your phone sucks. Just sayin….

  • juan

    and people wit bad signal let your voice be heard at http://www.t-mobile-takeaction.com/ fill out the thing instead of complain on a site thats not even part of tmo usa but anyways this guy do a great job to bring you the new and rumors sometimes

  • timmyjoe42

    Does the display still read 3G, or does it change to 4G? How do you know you have the faster connection?

    • B

      It wouldn’t make sense to say 4G, because it’s not 4G, as the text above stated several times. You can see if you have a faster connection by running speed tests.

    • thugjedi

      the difference is the upload speeds are poor so vidoe calling wouldnt be good

      • Eric

        Actually I get 1.4mbps up on T-Mobile’s existing 3G infrastructure in Charlotte, NC on my Nexus One, I’m sure HSPA+ will be even better. These speeds are plenty for video upload and faster than most home up connections.

  • wantspeedindc

    It says “H” as in HSPA+

    • Listen&learn

      Not true at all it will still say 3G only new phones produced after this launch may say H but doubt it. I’m in las Vegas with hspa+ speeds are up over 100% and phone still displays 3G plus that image is in framework which cannot be changed simply by building a bigger network! Phones system files would need to be changed. Don’t post with false info! If u don’t know what you are talking about just shut up and let others answer!

      • Calm down guy. Don’t act so ignorant. Mine often says H with NRG Rom on the Touch Pro 2, sometimes just says 3G.

      • B

        That’s your NRG ROM saying displaying, not your Touch Pro 2.

      • B

        That’s your NRG ROM telling it to display H, not your Touch Pro 2.

      • Cracker

        It varies depending on the handset. My N900 will sometimes register 3.5 when HSPA+ goodness is afoot.


        I’m in Florida, sometimes my hd2 displays an H instead of 3g. Any guesses?

      • God

        @vHatch – that’s your specific ROM. The standard US Roms (ie not cooked) say 3g. This is for both Android and WinMo.

      • silo

        Maybe you should take your own advice “Listen&learn” and learn how to read a user manual. Tmobile HTC HD2 user manual shows the H as HSPA when its available. MY HTC HD2 does show the H. look at the manual page 34 STATUS ICONS!http://member.america.htc.com/download/Web_materials/Manual/HTC_HD2/USHD2UM.pdf

  • Anthony

    Was told by T-Mobile Rep that in a Hspda+ area the phone will still say 3g. I got the feeling he didn’t know what He was talking about. I would really like the real answer. I have a N1 and have been seeing speeds of 4800 at times but phone says 3g. I would think in a Hspda+ area it would at least show H+

    • B

      Your phone, any phone won’t display ‘H’ if it was not programmed to do so. Getting a faster connection doesn’t magically insert text onto the screen. The Nexus One was not designed to use HSPA+ either way.

      • superg05

        you have no idea what your talking about so you should just shut up some phones not all to display the H there talking about but not all manufactures put in higher speed notifications in varies by handset

  • going_home

    I need this in Tampa Tampa Tampa !


    • tato22

      we need this in miami

      • dee

        i know right my mytouch barley gets 3g now in miami

    • mmaxxsooner

      Easy now you’ll get it in 2021!!?

    • shane

      Make that two for tampa N1

    • Kyle

      I need this in Tampa for the summer, but I still need 3G in Tallahassee when I go back to school!

  • Cu2cool

    Bring it to BOSTON!!!!!!!

  • foxhound2185

    Chicago please…..The tmobile network here is garbage. Especially the West Suburbs.

  • wantspeedindc

    <– has a HD2, lives right outside of DC, phone says H or E.

  • wantspeedindc

    Oh, listenandlearn, jump off a bridge or something will you? Hyperventilating because you think you are the master of all knowledge is not only funny but pathetic. My phone says H. Pwn.

    • Listen&learn

      Hey smart guy that’s cause your phone was released after the hspa+ network was begining to be deployed…your phone is new and thus has the new framework all 3g phones will work and older ones only say 3g you faggot little bitch take the cock out of your mouth moron!

      • tato22

        lol that was not right no need for all the bitching and bad words

      • johnnyonthespot

        lol…agreed. no need for the bad words. And wantspeedindc wasn’t wrong anyway, his phone did say “H”.

      • tehcub

        You really need to use the ‘f’ word? Honestly? So really, because this guy proved you wrong, you had to get all whiney?

        The ‘f’ word is like the ‘n’ word. It’s not to be used, ever.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I wonder if someone will make an Android app where its a widget and when your in a HSPA+ area the widget will change from the 3G to H+. Its a thought… I doubt you could sell it but it would come in usefull if you want to know what type of network your on. Maybe even have it to where if you click on it you’ll be able to see your network speed.

    • Steve Jobless

      Why would anybody take time to develop an app of such uselessness? Fart apps would get more use. There are website you can go to on your phone that do just that. Don’t quit your day job kiddo.

      • erick

        i dont think that would be a bad idea. maybe if you know you’re in a HSPA+ zone you can start downloading apps, start streaming pandora, get on youtube or something else that requires a faster connection

  • T

    I hope that in the (very near) future T-Mobile programs their phones to read HSPA+ as 4G in the icon bar… It looks a lot cooler, and a lot less confusing compared to H because not everyone knows what H is, 4G makes more sense because technically, HSPA+ came after 3G so it is still 4G, just like Verizon considers their (slow, crappy) CDMA- EvDo network 3G when in fact it is just EvDo, nothing special.

    • HSPA+ is an improvement upon the original HSPA technology, but they are both still considered 3G technology. Just because HSPA+ chronologically succeeded it’s predecessor does not mean that it can be considered ‘4G.’

  • JBLmobileG1

    WantspeedinDC…. I think you need to stop with the lies. I highly doubt your phone says H…. its more than likely Edge your getting and my guess your pissed because that’s all you get on your HD2. Your screen name alone blows your cover. If your getting the speed that you wanted then you wouldn’t have created a name like that now would you? Its true though… the phone would probably need to be updated to even change signal graphics. In fact, if I remember correctly, on the MDA someone created a hack so it would show Edge and not just the GSM signal…. might have even been a part of an update (which I think it was). So while I am sure your phone along with my G1 can take some advantage to the HSPA+ network… there is not H displayed…. only 3G. So go pwn yourself.

    • tehcub

      Actually, I can verify that the HD2 does get H displayed. I’ve got about 5 of these in my office that I support and they all have the H displayed on them.

    • gi user

      actually his screen name is “wants peed in”. He is freaky little an to be sure. Although his phone probably does have an “H” is is on the keypad though ;-(

    • gi user

      actually his screen name is “wants peed in”. He is freaky little man to be sure. Although his phone probably does have an “H” is is on the keypad though ;-(

  • Danny

    I agree that HSPA + may in some areas produce faster speeds than WiMax currently delivers.

    But they better be careful how they market this. When customers see the 3G symbol but are expecting “4G,” they might get their panties in a bunch.

    Techncially, neither Sprint’s (Clear) or Verizon’s 1st iteration of 4G is technically “4G,” according to ITC specs. But since the underlying architecture that they use is based upon 4G technology they will market it as such.

    Still T-Mobile needs to work faster and harder. They should hit 200 million POPS not 185 million and get that backhaul out. No reason to still be getting only 600 Kbps near a 3G cell site. Americans are demanding and expect more and the Germans at DT don’t seem to comprehend this on the other side of the pond.

  • fort

    I live the suburbs of Washington DC. 4g speeds. Ive seen 1754 where are the 4 or 3 hell 2?

    • wantspeedindc

      I feel you. It is not consistent and 1.7 isn’t that bad compared to what I’ve seen. I’ve also noticed that TMobile’s spectrum is awful at penetrating buildings. My 4 bar HSPA signal drops to Edge when I am 5 feet inside a building. Compared to ATTs lower spectrum, it stinks. Hope they really saturate the market with towers to compensate.

      • watbetch

        Your 3G signal doesn’t sound strong to begin with. More 3G towers are on the way, big markets that cost lots to cover have not been completely overlaid with 3G.

      • watbetch

        You also have an HD2.. I hate to tell you this but that phone sucks w/ the 3G reception just like the Nexus

    • God

      @vHatch – that’s your specific ROM. The standard US Roms (ie not cooked) say 3g. This is for both Android and WinMo.

      I live in St. Louis with 3g speeds. Get 3mbps pretty routinely.

  • tmorep

    gosh so much wrong info on here…. when tmo officially launches it, THEN your phones 3G will change to something else not sure what.

    Tmo is battling in court regarding whether to call it 4G or not cuz everyone knows 4G and not HSPA+ but it is technically faster than 4G so i doubt it will be called that….

    Plus tmo is going to market HSPA+ so cant wait for the commercials…

    • God

      gosh so much wrong info on here

      Pot? Meet Kettle.

      You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. How ironic.

  • JBLmobileG1

    If its faster than 4G then call it 5G… that’ll bring in the customers. LOL

  • wantspeedindc

    Listen & Learn
    This would be my victory dance on your face:


    H for HSPA! I’m using Cookie’s Homescreen Mod and I’ve tabbed out of my personal information, I’m sure you won’t mind. Check the time and date stamp, the tmobile 3g signal indicator and the big whopping H on the top. you sir, are served.

    DC has HSPA, but it is not truly backhauled yet. The speed is nowhere near where it should be. It sits around 500kbps-2MB. Phone fluctuates between Edge and H. Yes, the username I made suggests I want the real HSPA+ that apparently is coming in the coming weeks.

    • God

      You have a 3g indicator mod. And that’s your “evidence” of having HSPA+?

      Do you know how back-asswards that is? Wow, you ARE an idiot.

  • J.

    Guys, STOP fighting we all want HSPA+ so that we can brag to The Other 3(Verizon, Sprint & AT&T).

  • Brian

    Tmo’s HSPA+ has HUGE latency problems. It so slow to pick up which defeats the whole idea of being faster. HSPA+ IS NOT 4G!

    • God

      And by latency problems, you mean what? It’s always under 100ms?
      Cuz that doesn’t seem like a problem to me.

  • SteveBerman

    I’d also like 3G outside of major beltways of interstate… Verizon is looking better every day

  • JBLmobileG1

    Cookies homescreen Mod? In otherwords your phone has been hacked? If you had a fresh HD2 out of the box and next to your phone I would see an H on it as well? Like I mentioned above it will take a hack or an upgrade to show this. A mod would probably do the trick. I also posted above that someone could make a widget for Android that could show when your in an HSPA+ area. While you may see an H it doesn’t mean everyone will see it… especially if your using some mod. Seems like the mod just replaced the 3G signal indicator with an H…. am I right?

    • J-Hop2o6

      on my custom Energy ROM on my TP2, i get 3G & H data symbols.. 3G= idle data.. H= active data.

      • God

        that’s the stupidest mod i’ve ever seen.

        As I posted on HoFo – most of the kids over at XDA are absolutely retarded.

  • Stanly

    Here in Cleveland, 3G speeds just took a big bump up. I usually test every once in a while at 1 AM while I’m up wondering why I’m not sleeping and to avoid network congestion. I was usually getting 700-900, but for the past week or so I’ve been getting 1500-1800. Big improvement! T-Mobile is pretty good in Cleveland, I rarely have dead spots.

    So I’m hoping they put a bunch of backhaul in and HSPA+ is coming soon!

    • watbetch

      You should test it with a USB modem. T-Mobile’s current 3G phones can barely show higher than 3Mbps when the network is capable of giving you much more.

  • wantspeedindc

    Sigh, lol.

    Not a hack, read about it, simple program. It’s stupid to bicker about this crap anyways, I just got drawn into it because some smacktard jumped all over me for a simple helpful sentence I wrote. I’m done.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Looks like JHOP gave it away and cleared it all up for us.

  • Carlos

    i have a hd2 which im using right now to type this and it says H at the top..its seems faster..i have a custom ROM as well…

  • sevendigitz

    First of all we do have hspa+ I’m using it right now on my nexus with 2.2 if u go to system info u Can see It and I played call of duty on my ps3 from my nexus hotspot with no lagging

  • Andy G


  • Jay

    Hey Tmo how about some better coverage here in FL bro?
    I can barely get any 3G out here…

  • DarkCloud25

    Im not sure if you all know but 4g is a network and device that already out will not get 4g becasue your hardware has to be compatable if anything till a 4g or a device thats HSPA+ is released then the device will not read 4g. hence why the webrocket is the only device on tmobile to get the full speed is anythign with the upgraded towers well get bettery 3g signals. now the mytouch slide wish HSPA+ ready so if you want to be the first on the 4G bandwagon the hop on over to your local tmobile stores on june 2nd and get a mytouch slide. i will be there getting one for my wife not me phones too small. ill hang with the hd2 till the samsung S or the htc sidekick slide is here lol

  • Phalosopher

    Interesting.. bc i live in NC and my signal has been Reading “H” for a while now since ive had my HTC HD2.. can definitely provide a screen shot to verify…

    • wantspeedindc

      Hehehe, you will be accused of fabricating this symbol to make yourself feel better because your signal actually sucks. I for one know this is true. Even if you did happen to have a modified ROM, it only allows for the H signal to show up when….wait for it….you have HSPA! Not to show up at anytime to make yourself feel cool. Hell, I’d prefer a 5G symbol then!

  • docpsyd

    @Andy G – I’ll hook a brotha up… you can download one of many speedtest apps like speedtest.net app… or, go on your phones web browser and go to a site that will check the speed like “http://www.mobilespeedtest.com/”

    I have a N1 with 2.2 and I’m in Philly, using the speedtest.net app I get speeds ranging from 600kbps dl/ 600up to 4000kbps dl/ 3200 up…. using the http://www.mobilespeedtest.com/ site, I consistently get around 2000kbps dl- the site doesnt give upload speed.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I am in San Francisco and have had “H” indicators for months. But I am not getting HSPA+ speeds (since the service is not yet here.)

      Performing the mobilespeedtest.com often (I have it as a shortcut on my HD2 Today screen) I get OK speeds, but nothing compared to what others are reporting.

      Just now I got 782 kbps, which indicates on the Speedtest chart that’s “broadband” speed.

  • Deke218

    While it says New York City has implemented HSPA+, I have yet to see it.

  • Deke218

    While it says New York City has implemented HSPA+, I don’t see it often.

  • Snake

    We need the H in Houston…

  • Andy G

    docpsyd… Thanks alot homie…

  • Reece

    While I get that current 3G phones’ll benefit from this upgrade, they won’t benefit from the upper potential limits of HSPA+ (21mp/s), thus T-Mob need to get on their asses and push that HSPA+ (android) phone ASAP

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here’s a pic of the speedtest.com result I mentioned:


    And a pic showing the “H” on my Today screen:


  • on a surprise note erie, pa has just went 3g! bout time i been paying for data since 9 years ago and finally a 3g signal.

    • Michael Mortimer

      Wow.… that has to be a happy day.

      If it’s any consolation, even though I am in the Silicon Valley area (San Francisco) and in a high tech city, I only started using 3G about za year ago because before that I was using the BlackBerry Curve and the Pearl before that. Neither of those devices were 3G.

      So you are only a year behind me, not 9. ;)

  • D-WAD3

    We need this in Miami NOW! Come on T-Mobile most people in the states are going to come to Miami during the summer and their going to be like man T-Mobile 3G sucks down here in South Beach. Come on!

  • Michael Mortimer

    THE FRIGGIN CAT WALKED ACROSS MY KEYBOARD before I was done with my post. Of all things he pressed the submit icon. So disregard the “za” in my post.

    Sidenote: That’s a nice thing about my dog. While he barks on hearing a jet pass overhead at 40,000 feet, at least he does not walk across my keyboard. Sheesh…

    Guess the silver lining is that the cat reminded me to be on guard as I am writing an important document and cannot afford for the cat to delete it.

  • HEMI 922

    THATS ALL I CAN SAYING ” WOW ” its 3.5G, not 4G!

  • Tmobile should be trying to expand their 3g network before trying to upgrade their network. Why upgrade when you only have a fraction of 3g cities… T-Mobile needs to step out side of the box and reach more people before trying to compete with 4g…

  • =jb=

    Still waiting for 3G… :(

  • Vinny

    Great to see T-Mobile bringing outrageous speeds to our network. Now let’s bring the best phones and leave all those low rated, middle of the road phones alone.Today’s customers are looking for the most powerful, fastest and best looking phones on the market. They are out currently out there right now using the T-Mobile 1700 frequency. Go out and bring them into the T-Mobile store so we can buy them at some kind of a discount. Sony Ericsson X10, Dell 5, HTC phones with the snapdragon processor and the Nokia N900 and also the Nokia N8. There are so any to list but go and get them T-Mobile. Today’s educated customer wants them.


    As a pda rep for tmo I can let you know your phone will say H instead of 3g.

  • chicago081

    We need it BAD in Chicago. The network here is basically garbage, especially in downtown Chicago but it is actually good in the Oak Lawn area, go figure.

  • Bryan Thomas

    I live in the Boston Metropolitan area and consistantly get HSPA speeds here. Most of the time my signal displays and H instead of 3G/or E. My HD2 is so fast that I seldomly turn of my WIFI because HSPA make a significant difference in data speeds.

  • raholco

    Every now and then up in the Twin Cities my N900 will swing between 3G and 3.5 on its signal strength display.

  • jutin

    its good there getting faster data but i still have the worst service every never have a signal maby insted of new data maby they should focus on getting pepole service firt cuz it usless if u cant get a bar of service

  • Greg

    Dallas average of 2,000 kbps to 3,600 kbps with MyTouch 3G.

  • hello!