HSPA+ Update

It has been said before, and it will be said again, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is fast, very fast.  HSPA+ is now available in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey and suburban Washington DC, with more markets (LA for instance) going live soon. T-mobile is currently focused on delivering this network to 185 million people by the end of the year.  What’s great about this HSPA+ network?  Simple.  It offers the speeds available from other networks 4G networks without the need to upgrade equipment. Twelve of T-Mobile’s phones can take advantage of these super fast speeds, with the Garminfone and MyTouch 3G Slide being added to that list soon.  Why is that important today?  Well, Verizon decided to show off their LTE network today, and those speeds look similar to those offered by our trusty Magenta’s HSPA+ network.  Let’s Go T-Mo (I assume you know the chant).  Full release after the break and leave your thoughts in the comments!

T-Mobile is focused on the aggressive rollout of our high speed (HSPA+) network – delivering blazing fast speeds on existing smartphones and devices customers are using today.

T-Mobile currently offers more than a dozen devices that can benefit from faster speeds on HSPA+, with two more becoming available next month – the Garminfone™ and T-Mobile® myTouch 3G Slide™.  In fact, the majority of smartphones T-Mobile customers are using today are automatically getting faster without having to upgrade or spend more money.

T-Mobile currently offers HSPA+ in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey and suburban Washington DC, with several more markets, including Los Angeles, expected to go live very soon. And looking forward, T-Mobile plans to cover more than 100 major metropolitan areas and 185 million people by the end of the year with HSPA+. With a rapidly expanding footprint, HSPA+ makes it easy for customers to enjoy today’s 4G speeds* on existing broadband devices including the webConnect Rocket™ Laptop Stick and enjoy much faster speeds on their smartphones – from searching the Web to watching videos or downloading the latest applications.

For an image of T-Mobile devices that benefit from faster speeds on HSPA+ today, please visit www.thenewsmarket.com/t-mobile


  • Genavive

    Where’s the update in the PR?

    I was hoping for an “accelerated launch,” or “we decided to update our speeds to 51 Mbps.”

    • Andrew

      New York was expanded

    • God

      there’s no 51mbps HSPA+ profile.

      Also, i’d rather they roll out to more areas rather than them upgrading to even faster profiles that their backhauls can’t handle.

  • tomato

    Come to San Francisco Bay Area :D

  • Gabriel Salgado

    Still no 3G news to f****ng Puerto Rico, stuck in EDGE = Dialup …

  • i don’t see these speeds on my nexus one and i’m in the nyc/nj area- what am i doing wrong? ;T

  • JBLmobileG1

    Hold on… I am confused. I thought HSPA+ was faster… like up to 21mbps or whatever? Then on the Garmin phone post it says that it supports the 7.2 or whatever which even the (almost 2year old) G1 supports. Yet this post says the Garmin phone supports HSPA+. I think I am lost… someone clear this up for me. On a second note… I do believe something is happening to the T-mobile Network in the Henderson/Las Vegas area because my phone is on edge and I normally have full 3G bars. So for sure does the MyTouch Slide support the new faster HSPA+ speeds or is it just the 7.2 like the G1? Someone please clear all this up because I am REALLY confused.

    • Andrew

      HSPA+ is a progressive change. It requires more work to take the current HSPA+ speeds to their full 21 MBps

    • Omeer

      It DOES NOT say the garminfone or any existing phone on T-mo is capable of HSPA+ speeds. These phones can only “benefit” from the faster speeds of HSPA+ so in effect where you normally get 1Mbps you might get 2Mbps or higher. HSPA+ capable devices are rumored to launch by the end of the year, let’s hope its true.

      • Omeer

        Also since the garminfone and all other current T-mo phones are not capable of HSPA+ speeds they’ll max out at 7.2 Mbps regardless of the speed boost from HSPA+. This is obviously because the phones simply don’t support speeds higher than that. I hope that helps JBL :)

      • shakarak

        Many phoens are already hspa+ compatible. It’s backwards compatible with 7.2 phones. This is what is communicated to the employees.

    • effdee1121

      yeah i live in vegas and i’ve been using my phone on EDGE for quite a while now, stupid 3G here where I live is weak and goes back and forth to EDGE.

    • watbetch

      I’m in Las Vegas also and the network has been getting wonky, I actually saw GPRS a few times. But the speeds are increasing, I get 5Mbps in some parts of the valley now.

      • TMO

        the reason why your service has been inconsistent is because over 3/4 of the cell towers have been worked on and prepared for the HSPA+ transition, tmobile has confirmed that the HSPA+ release will happen near the end of June, got it in my email today, I work for Tmobile corporate in Vegas. Also, I had a field technician in today that I helped out, she said they have completed about 160 or 170 tower upgrades out of about 210. I wouldn’t be complaining about your GPRS because in about a month it will be HSPA+

  • my hspa+ is blazing fast, and let’s see how the VZW network handles the transition and keeps satisfying their customers.with all the traffic and subscribers, i see numerous crashes coming

  • artiepants

    ok, they really need to get this up in the Seattle Metropolitan area: it’s your headquarters for pete’s sake!

    • J-Hop2o6

      I feel u on that.. I’m in SW Seattle and I’m getting 2.0mbps right now.

  • jose

    3G speeds suck on staten island! did they forget we are part of NYC again?!

    • jay

      I agree 3g speeds suck on staten island especially near csi

    • jay

      3g sucks bad on staten island

    • watbetch

      You’re the part they didn’t upgrade.. they upgraded to HSPA+ in parts, not the entire city..

  • @jblmobileg1 all 7.2 phone run better with hspa+, non hspa+ areas pump off 3.5mbps but what we get is 1.8. with hspa+, im currently pullung down 6mbps on my 7.2mbps device.

  • Whenever I connect to 3G in Chicago (when I’m visiting) it begins to connect as HSPA then it goes over to 3G…

    Needless to say I get beyond excited when I see that H…

  • Anthony

    Can someone tell me how can I tell if I have hspda+ I live in NYC and haven’t noticed anything spectacular. Should I see anything different in my settings I see hspda should I show hspda+

  • Brenda J

    I love T-Mobile, but sometimes their press releases are smoke and mirrors.

    They’ll announce a market or markets are HSPA or HSPA+ but they really only mean the underlying software has been installed.

    In English, this means the users still won’t see an immediate increase of speeds because they haven’t installed the necessary backhaul yet.

    We got 3G here in my part of Southern California since Oct 2008. We still only get 300-400 Kbps second download speeds and our phones still bounce to EDGE and back again all day long. 3G is still spotty and the fact that T-Mobile does not acknowledge this makes me a bit ticked off.

    • socalfrank

      Palm Springs California here….they say we are part of the Los Angeles market, but the 3G is REAL slow and data coverage is lousy, even though the voice coverage is pretty good. Go Figure.

  • Jonathan:Brazil

    Is the MyTouch 3G v.1.2 apart of that 12?

  • AJ

    I am also with Brenda but I am in NYC and i got 390kbps. Also, I have a very spotty 3G coverage I now understand those Verizon commercials with dead zones of 3G……

  • Dear Alex

    I think they are deploying hspa+ service in NYC that is why we see speeds like 300-450 kbps, but that’s temporary. We will see much higher speeds soon.

  • tato22

    when are we miami people going to see this ?????

  • wantspeedindc

    I’m in the suburbs of DC and although I have 3g/H everywhere, it sits around 300-400kbps, not fast at all compared to ATT 3g which was around 1.5m. Hope I start seeing some results soon…it’s a big part of why I switched (as well as the HD2).

  • rme

    Been getting higher speeds in parts of Charlotte, NC for about 3 weeks now. It’s not everywhere here yet but it’s growing day by day.

  • N1

    Tmo in central Florida has been trying out hspa+ off and on for a while now.
    Down: 542 kB/s UP: 48.9 kB/s compared to regular 3g which maxes around 90 kB/s up and down.

  • tmorep

    from what ive been told the mytouch slide, cliq and cliq xt are compatible with hspa… I heard a rumor that the bold 9700 was compatible as well, can anyone confirm this or know if this is true??? Hspa is not out in my area so i cant comment on the speed…. no1 knows wether the HD2 is compatible but i could care less cuz i hate that phone….

  • Steve-o

    It would nice if the Florida’s capital (Tallahassee) would get 3g…..can they get 3g out before they start on hspa? Lol.

  • Fitch


    All 3G phones cannot “take advantage” of the HPSA+ speeds of [theoretical] 21Mbps– they will BENEFIT from the upgrade and get them up to, maybe, 4Mbps, but only phones that specifically support HPSA+ will get the 8Mbps speeds!

    I love TMO, too, but don’t be misleading.

  • Tmoemployee

    Here in Seattle, home of Tmo and no hspa+, :( one of the network guys came into our store, 9700, and the mt3gs, and xt are part of hspa+ and so is the garminfone. Hspa+ will be awesome, when we get it. Knowing tmo it will be when 5g launches.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    3G Suckage going on down here in Atlanta too. Looking for that HSPA+ update soon Maggy.

    • 30014

      Wilma I’m in Covington and my speeds always average around 600 kbps. What do your download speeds look like?

  • Antonius

    I don’t think any of the current phones besides maybe the HD2 and Nexus One are going to benefit from this at all. My myTouch, CLIQ, CLIQ XT, G1 all say UMTS under Mobile Network Type, while my Nexus One says HSDPA. 7.2 has all ready been rolled out, so these devices should at least say HSDPA, unless its a firmware issue.

    • J-Hop2o6

      go to http://gsmarena.com and search for those phones.. all those above are 7.2 capable.. the Garminfone is only 3.6 for some reason.. to make it quicker for u, here’s most of the 3G tmobile phones http://bit.ly/5IlN9A

    • J-Hop2o6

      go to http://gsmarena.com and search for those phones.. all those above are 7.2 capable.. the Garminfone is only 3.6 for some reason.. to make it quicker for u, here’s most of the tmo’s 3G phones http://bit.ly/5IlN9A

  • bREV

    One of the editors at pocketnow showed proof he was getting over 10mbps on his hd2 early on when it was released and some commenters were getting close that. I’m in central nj right now and I’m close to 4mbps. so for some of you that were wondering, the hd2 is def capable… I don’t know if it’ll do 21 tho.

    • David

      It’s not capable of 10…just 7.2, I don’t care what that video showed, the phone itself can only handle 7.2.

      • Bryan


        It is entirely possible to get an HD2 up to 10 Mbps…

        The HD2 is an HSPA(High Speed Packet Access) phone, meaning it is capable of running up to a theoretical peak of 14Mbps downlink and 5.8Mbps uplink. HSPA is a combination of 2 protocols, HSDPA(High Speed Downlink Packet Access) and HSUPA(High Speed Uplink Packet Access). The HD2 will not run up to 21Mbps on HSPA+(aka Evolved HSPA) and is limited to 7.2Mbps on HSDPA, but can hit 14Mbps(in theory) on HSPA+…

        There are many different WCDMA(aka UMTS) protocols, and many different categories within the protocols, making it a confusing and messy subject to talk about. Then, as if that weren’t enough, people toss the different terms around incorrectly. There are many other factors involved that can change some of the following numbers, but to sum it up very basically, here are the speeds regarding T-Mobile’s implementation of each respective protocol…and don’t forget, HSPA phones can reach 14Mbps on HSPA+ networks.

        HSDPA – 7.2Mbps Downlink(Category 7/8)
        HSPA+ – 21Mbps Downlink

  • captainbdsc

    What are the supposed 12 phones? I clicked on the link< but it just goes to a random blog not a list of phones.

  • mikeeeee

    is there a map of the hspa coverage in new jersey?

    i’m goin’ to be up there in a couple of weeks and would love to take it 4 a test drive.

  • Randy

    we all want faster data speeds, and for those of us that have had tmo for some yrs now, we expect it to come soon. however, if u look at the time it took sprint, verizon and at&t to get up to 3g, well tmo seems ahead of the curve. with the release and launch of HSPA+, tmo seems poised to take over and make a push. the speeds here in Hampton Roads Va vary greatly, and yeah i wonder myself at times about if Tmo cares about its customers, but remember this, Tmo’s prices r lower and yes we may not get a bunch of high end devices, but really the phonws we have r sufficent enough. they r not phones anymore, they r hand held devices that allow us to make calls. not every phones needs 3g and not everyone needs a smart phone.

    Tmo, take note of this, you do have customers that want and need higher end devices, but we also want you to stay competative.

  • mad dog

    Tmobile currently has no phones available that can take advantage of hspa+. If anyone says different they are lying. I’m not worried about hspa+, I still haven’t seen any speed increase from hspa 7.2 yet. Just plain regular 3g for me.

    • da9th_one

      my touch pro2 can… :)

      • mad dog

        Dude I’m not gonna bother setting you straight.

  • me

    I live in NJ and my speeds have increased in certain areas, Luckily my house is one of them. I average 3.5 down and .5 up. Not great but download has about doubled in speed. What has not improved is the spotty coverage I receive. I dip into Edge and complete dead zones so many times on my commute.

  • tmorep

    hahaha my touch pro 2 can…. lol yea and my first gen iphone runs on tmo 3g hahahaha what a moron

  • alex

    I live in New Jersey, and i have a Motorola CLIQ XT, is HSPA+Supported on the cliq xt? if so how do i use it?
    thanks in advanced

  • Dear Alex

    All 3g phones that are 7.2 mbps are compatible with hspa+. There is no special setting for it. When the services id deployed you’ll notice the speed and latency difference. With HSPA+ you phone will only support speed up to 7.2 mbps.

  • Vinny

    Does anyone know when they will be bringing the high speed to the Boston area??? There are a huge amount of T-Mobile customers in the Boston area. Please T-Mobile bring it to the Boston area.

  • elithegreat

    It all sounds wonderful to hear your carrier is investing in such great technology.
    But when you lead to believe your 3G network is updated to 7.2 Mbps and your downloads are
    Slower than the competitors 3.6 Mbps 3G network (i.e. Verizon & Sprint), its quite discouraging.

    Oh and I certainly don’t believe NY has been upgraded to HSPA +
    Why? Because my phone still takes the same time it did 1 year and a half ago to download webpages I frequently visit. Not to mention that HSPA + is 3.5G and my buddies’ phones are all withh CDMA which I’m under the impression are still under 3.6 Mbps EVDO, and yet their phones load faster lol.

    Oh well I guess the G1, HD2 and Nexus One and all the other capable of 7.2 Mbps aren’t up to par? Or is it just T-Mobile…

  • huh

    i live in northern nj and im still getting 3g and edge in some area and i have an hd2 so where is this hspa? and is my phone suppose to say h instead of 3g on it?

    • elithegreat

      HSPA+ is still under 3G. though in the world of technology its usually referred to as 3.75G since its just a quarter step away from 4G.
      I’m not quite sure why you’re not getting any faster speeds, though I must say I haven’t experienced any faster speeds on my G1 which is 7.2 Mbps capable.

      not enough backhaul? dunno.

  • eron

    I was at Renton, WA today when I tested bandwidth speed on 3g on my Nexus one. I got a whopping 5mb download speed and 1.5mb upload. Tried 3 different test bandwidth website. No I was not on Wifi. After couple hours it dropped back down to its usual speed. Is T-Mobile testing out HSPA+ in the area????? Because the speed was sweeeetttt.

  • martin

    I spent a couple of hours on the phone with tech support a tmobile to get clear on this: I have a HTC Touch Pro 2, and it keeps flashing H then back to 3G. Finally I was told that while the device itself is perfecty able to run the full HSPA+, the software provided by Tmobile only supports 3G, and the “bump” the software they provide for the Touch Pro 2 should be considered 3.5G, not the full 4G bump which will arrive with the new crop of phones later this fall.

    Anyone know anyway to jailbreak the phone so I can take advantage of the full device capabilities???