Did The Behold 2 Get Left Out In The Cold?

Update: Engadget is now on the case as well!

There is a story making the rounds that has a number of T-Mobile customers up in arms. Samsung, who, according to some buyers were sold the Behold 2 at launch under the premise it would later receive an updated version of Android is now the target of an online petition claiming that Samsung has failed to provide said update. While the facts of the issue are still being pieced together, the matter here is that there are those claiming Samsung misled them by purchasing a device on the premise it would be updated in the future. In fact, thanks to some eagle-eyed twitter followers of our @TmoNews account (shameless plug) we discovered our own article which stated But not to worry, a new video from Samsung Mobile has confirmed that the Behold 2 will indeed support Android OS 2.0, that is, “when it arrives.”

An online petition is gaining traction where Samsung Behold 2 owners are demanding the promised update

Update: Here is a link to the video where it states, “when version 2.0 arrives, it’ll update wirelessly.” Now look, I think its open for interpretation as to whether or not that constitutes a promise and if so, did Samsung intend to make it sound as such or is that just how it was delivered.

There is a flurry of activity over on various Android forums discussing this topic and without any question, Behold 2 owners are very upset.

I think the real issue here is what exactly went on that decides whether or not this phone, among numerous others would receive an update. Is it appropriate for these individuals to be fingering Samsung and quickly placing blame or are there larger forces at work. With Android fragmentation issues becoming increasingly frustrating for buyers, could Google have been responsible for dropping support for Android 2.0 and not allowing Samsung to update to another OS the Behold 2 might not be equipped to support?

We’ve reached out to Samsung for comment and we’ll update this story as we hear more.

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