T-Mobile Prepping for Motorola Charm Launch

It’s almost August 25th, meaning the Motorola Charm launch is practically upon us. As you can see from the photos, Charm handsets have been arriving at T-Mobile stores as the staff preps displays for the big day. As we previously reported, look for this handset to go on sale for $74.99 on contract and $269.99 off-contract. I for one will definitely be purchasing one.  Reminds me of my old Blackberry days.

Oh, and click here for a hands on video.

Anyway, will anyone of you be picking this handset up? Let us know below!

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  • MulderFox

    Not a chance in hell that I will buy another Moto phone, ever. They blew their Cliq and Cliq XT goal of Q2 2.1 release and told everyone the last day of the quarter. They changed their goal release date to a nebulous “soon” and yesterday said end of Q3/ beginning of Q4 for 2.1.

    • F*ck motorola… F*ck motorola… I will never buy another moto phone… ever

    • chrisrussell86

      I agree because they still have not updated the cliq and taken care of their current clients I’m done with moto. and i also have a my touch 3g “HTC” I’m on my 5th phone in less than a year for it reboots for no reason at all i take good care of my phones and their is no reason for this it pisses me off more cause I’m still on 1.6 android and my girl has 1.5 on her cliq so I’m going samsung maybe they can up date their phones and take care of current clients better then HTC AND MOTO “i fell taken advantage of by these companies”.

  • alex32

    tmobile needs to prep up for that G2 launch, none of that moto charm crap

    • J1

      Agreed.. I would sell my yet to be concieved first born child, for a glimspe of the final confirmed specs of the g2.. smh

      I can’t wait to go from playing tag team with my unlocked commitment free ip4(sooo over ios), and p.o.s. cliq(still stuck on android0.1).. to playing tag team with the g2 and mytouch hd/glacier..

      Tmo is poised to make a big splash in the 2nd half of this yr.. this is the best time ever to be a tmo customer…
      Tmonews and Magenta.. ftw

      • alex32

        yes sir, i have already decided to get the G2. All i need is specs which i could care less since im getting it no matter what, and the release date which i am hoping its the beginning of september.
        I have a feeling we”ll all find that out monday or some time next week. Its weird that engadget took a bunch of pictures and didnt turn the phone on to find out or something. I have a feeling engadget already has those news, they are just waiting the perfect time to drop it.

  • bfhmd68

    I went to a t-mobile store yesterday and the charm was already set up and on sale. i played with it. it was actually kind of cool.

  • derrickps3

    this phone won’t sell to well

    • chotpy

      it’s cute. I kinda want one.

      SO THERE!

    • Shane

      My store has it for free after rebate. It’s going to sell out, over and over again.

  • I’ve got one of these being sent to me in a few days to review for my site.

    I think this phone will be a great sale with the younger crowd.

  • Mog

    I like it. I would’ve liked the Flipout more, but you can’t have everything in life : )

    I think this is will be a great phone for young people, people on contract-free plans, and anyone who just wants a simpler smartphone. Compared to a BlackBerry Curve, you get a larger capacitive touchscreen and a much better browsing experience for about the same price.

    I like how they color-coded the packaging to match the trim. It’s a nice touch that works, since T-Mobile heavily brands itself using those exact colors anyway. If only the bronze/green model was all lime green! Ha ha ha

  • Momo

    You can already buy it if the store has it in stock

  • LSxChevelle

    Phone is already available at stores that got shipments…

  • Fish

    If you know anything about computing technology and you want to keep up with the trends DON’T GET THIS PHONE, it a motorola afterall.

    On the other hand, if you are oblivious to technology, don’t mind being kept in the dark, and you don’t get jealous of things other people will be able to do with their phones, then go ahead and get this phone. I bet motorola will never update the OS again and you can forever be stuck in the past.

    Motorola can eat a big D…

  • Justin

    For all cliq users motorola just posted:

    CLIQ™, CLIQ XT™ and Backflip™ customers:

    The quality of experience for consumers is a top priority in providing upgrades to our current product portfolio. In working through Android 2.1 upgrades for CLIQ™, CLIQ XT™, and Backflip™, certain hardware configurations have been limiting upgrade capabilities. We are currently integrating and testing HW drivers essential for OpenGL functionality for these upgrades. We believe OpenGL, the industry’s most widely used, supported and best documented 2D/3D graphics API, is an integral part of our customer experience and we’re taking the time to ensure this experience is optimized on these products. Testing continues and we anticipate providing the upgrade on each of these devices in the late Q3/early Q4 timeframe.

    Support Forums Manager

  • Broke

    Neat phone. Would have gotten it late last year when I was contemplating the myTouch vs. 9700. I eventually chose myTouch over Blackberry’s subpar web experience. That was a biggie for me.

    I think the Charm should do well for the non-techie crowd (i.e. my parents) who still need to advance with the times and have a little fun.

    But who am I kidding? I finally got my high end phone and I don’t use any of its features. The Charm would work for me now. I don’t play processor extensive games or anything. I don’t use more than 2-3 apps at once. So even the advanced specs are going to waste for me.

    That said, variety in everything from size, to form factor, and price is nice.

    Good luck Charm!

  • AL

    looks like a clunker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Another great phone by Tmobile.
    I wonder why people are leaving Tmobile

  • derrickps3

    as someone said above, it would be good for the younger crowd, like 13-15

  • You know other carriers might get these phones, but they look so much better with the tmobile logo on them.

  • noel7

    For the price,It`s an andriod and it look like an blackberry.Plus first keyboard andriod phone i will buy without contract.

  • Craig Newcombe

    For me forum factor is everything. I have been a blackberry user for every. I have used other android phones IE the G1, mytouch and the Cliq. I always end up back at the blackberry forum factor right now i am using a E73. I am bored with non android phones but forum factor is more important to me so for me this phone is perfect cant wait for it to come out!

  • da-ku

    as much as people in this forum hate this phone…i can bet money that this phone is gonna sell…we’ve had the dummy version of this phone out for weeks on my store and theres alot of people who seem interested and like the fact that they have an option other thaof a blackberry looking device with a touch screen and a track pad on the back. believe me this phone will sell like hot cakes at that price.

  • Shawn

    Its a free android phone after mail in why wouldnt it sell??

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    On Saturday I when checking my mail at the P.O. Box I stopped to look at the Charm at the T-Mobile store next to it.

    Bottom line: This is a very nice phone, especially at the price point.

    Any of you criticizing it, have YOU actually seen, touched and used this phone? If not, shut up.

    Impressions: When you first hold it, it has a quality feel to it. It’s heavy and evokes a quality made device.

    It’s also smaller than the large size pics portray. It will easily fit into a shirt pocket. It’s difficult to compare its size to some commonly known object, but maybe add an inch in width to a deck of cards and you get the idea. (It’s thin and not bulky like you might think.)

    The keyboard is good, pressing the keys have a crisp, positive response. They are similar in feel to the BlackBerry keyboards.

    Because this not a multi-media phone in the sense of that is the “experience” T-Mobile will be pushing, like the HD2 or Vibrant, you will notice the display is smaller than those phones. But the display is bigger than what the BlackBerry handsets offer so that’s a good thing. In fact the display, for this price point, will satisfy most people looking for a budget smartphone.

    Operation is smooth and fast for what this is. I suspect no one who is in the market for this kind of phone will be performing benchmark tests so it’s irrelevant to compare this with other phones in terms of processor, RAM or GPU.

    I can see this phone being popular with people who want a smartphone, don’t want to appear to be using a “beginner” smartphone and nevertheless want to pay the least amount possible.

    When that customer comes in and the salesman senses the above is what the customer is looking for, I can see the salesman steering that person to the Charm. The customer walks out smiling with Charm in hand because he or she got a smartphone, that runs Android (that “thing” they keep hearing about on the news) and they got into “high tech” for very little money.

  • pjs

    One real downer about this handset though is the crummy screen quality. It reminds me of the first color screen phones (and the T-Mobile TAP) washed out colors and really grainy. Oh well for $279 you can’t have it all

  • Kenneth

    I agree 4,000 percent. They have used froyo to get you to buy a new phone every time.
    T-mobile will give you a run around if you ask them about froyo and the magazine they send you for being a mytouch owner is a joke. My fender phone does the same thing honestly T-mobile is dragging ass on the release. But yet all new Androids are loading 2.1.

  • soviet4ever

    got mine today, its actually fun, fast but screen deff sucks. btw coming from nexus.