T-Mobile Releasing HTC “Vanguard,” Better Known As T-Mobile G2 On September 29th

This isn’t the first time we’ve called for a September 29th release date for the T-Mobile G2 but this is the first time we’ve done it with pics. Above and below you will find two images that show the “Vanguard” launching September 29th. Let’s step back for a moment to the leaked roadmap, which stated the HTC “Vanguard” was releasing 9/9. Also, in yesterdays leaked G2 ROM the included wallpaper images were all titled “Vanguard” as well as the title “Vision” popping up. This wouldn’t be the first time we know the Vision and the Vanguard as the same device. Look, bottom line is we have every reason in the world to think that the G2/Vision and Vanguard are the same device. Therefore, according to these images the G2 releases on September 29th.

On a side note and totally unconfirmed, we’ve heard that a pre-order might happen as soon as August 31st/September 1st but that’s total rumor and we can’t fully support it. So if it happens we’ll be the first to let you know but I wouldn’t hold your breath underwater waiting.

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