T-Mobile Promotional Add-A-Line Plan On Track For September 8th

While some of you didn’t share the same excitement I did upon discovering an upcoming the T-mobile promotional add a line plan for $0, I still think it’s pretty super duper.  A little birdie flew by this morning and told me that all things are on track for a September 8th launch with the promotion running through November 11th. Details are still a little skimpy.  One thing we’ve definitely heard is that it won’t apply to unlimited family plans but to all other plans and, according to our previous article, it will be  good for both Even More and Even More Plus plans.  Could be the start of something big, who knows!

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  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    “While some of you didn’t share the same excitement I did…”

    David, that’s an understatement. LOL.

    • David

      I know, I was trying to be kind to myself!

      • shawn

        What about old goldfathered plans?

      • shawn

        Meant godfathered. What about old godfathered plans?

      • Yes

        I think you mean “grandfathered.”

      • Bruce Banner

        Wow Shawn. Double fail, all the way.

      • shawn

        goldfathered, godfathered, grandfathered ahh you know what I meant. so what about it, grandfathered plans be able to add a line for free?

      • sean

        uh no. you will have to change from the grandfathered plan. most promos also require a 2yr contract on all of the lines unless of course you’re on em+

      • Shawn

        So Sean that doesn’t make sense. Why would the primary line need a contract extension. It is usually the line that you add, which gets the 2 yr contract. All other lines remain unaffected.

        Any deffinite word on the gold/god/grandfathered plans?

      • Rome

        All these deals USUALLY apply to grandfathered plans. Given that you have paid your bill on time for 6 months. That’s the only way you can add a line. If you slipped up once, no additional line for you.

  • Ken

    How long will the promotion last?

    • David

      I believe thats stated in the article?

  • Mohammad

    Wish this would apply to grandfathered plans.

    • sirphunkee

      Don’t you mean “goldfathered”?

      • dwillistyle

        HAHA! No, he means godfathered. Yea godfathered. I really could not stop laughing at Shawn.

  • Matt

    Should have ran this when they ran the free phone promo. Free phone, free line, makes sense.

  • Tokinotabumblb

    This is off topic, but do you know if they might raise the price on data plans due to HSPA+? Also about Puerto Rico finally rolling out 3G?

  • lee

    this is the dumbest thing they could do everyone and their 3rd cousin will get add alines for fre or near free phones so they can sell them and it’s a pure profit for them ,saw this sort of thing happen with hd2 @walmart bought upgrade sold phone kept using their phone these guys were making 200-300 per phone

    • JSY581

      Maybe they will up the early termination fee when you add a line for $0.

    • shawn

      what you said didn’t really make sense. there is a 35 dollar activation fee, plus 200 termination fee. 235 bucks right there, plus lets say a vibrant for 199, you are already out 435 bucks. Nobody is going to buy that phone on ebay for full retail, so you won’t be making anything.

      Plus the messaging phones retail for 150-199 without contract. so again, you get a messaging phone for free lets say, then 35 activation, then 200 etf, umm thats 235 bucks you lose.

      • Lori

        …. but why would you pay an ETF? Adding a line is free. No additional cost. You’d just have an extra line not being put to use is all.

  • Jason

    I personally can’t wait for this

  • TMOprophet

    Once again if this did apply to unlimited plans…this would be EPIC

  • shawn

    THey should waive the $35 activation fee also.

    • fantastic!

      youre one cheap CHEAP bastard….

      let me guess shawn, you want a free vibrant too?!

      • Tokinotabumblb

        LOL @ Fantastic. Awesome, lol. Some people will never be happy.

      • Shawn

        I already own the vibrant that I paid for. I was just saying, if to add the line was 0.00 a month, it would be a nice little promotion bonus if the add a line had no activation fee also. Also next time you a posting with my name in it, please try to act mature and keep yourself from calling me a bastard. You clearly must be a pimply 17 yr old loner.

  • Lori

    This is awesome. I need to add my husband to my plan now that he’s finally given up on his damn iPhone. ;)

  • OldPro

    Well the big question is whether or not the program would work on my old grandfathered plan. If it does, it might be time to move my father and mother over to my plan. I think the two of them combined use less than 100 minutes a month.

    We’d have to get their AT&T Sync’s unlocked cause they really like those. Not for functionality (after three years I don’t think my dad has figured out how to use the phone book yet), but the Sync had fairly large keys, plus a big, bright screen.

    • Paul

      Excellent post mate. In quite the opposite way, I was thinking of getting my 6 year old a phone, but waiting to give it to her as long as I can…

      • Shawn

        really non of my business, but I think giving a 6yr old a phone is bad parenting. you are worried your child will get kidnapped, give them a phone that only makes 911 calls, any old phone with no contract still can make emergency calls.

        It boggles my mind that parents buy their little brats woops I meant their little kids a cell phone.

      • The Sleeve

        Shawn, I believe what Paul meant here was he’d get his 6 year old a phone since its free to add a line and then give it to her later on in life since she’ll already have a phone number etc……since it’ll be free.

  • Ryan

    I’m sure its going to only apply to smart phones so they can get that data lock on you.

    • trickinit

      I think you’re totally right. Otherwise it just doesn’t make sense. Sure it’s great for the customer, but how does T-Mobile benefit from giving the customer a new line at no charge. T-Mobile is still a business after all, and they need to turn a profit.

      • jonstonson

        probably trying to pad their activation numbers for 3rd/4th quarter.

      • Vibrant Addict

        jonstonson brought a good point. I was thinking it’s for that reason as well. Increase the number of subscribers, have people buy some phones so you look good for the manufacturers or lock them into contract with free phones. Win, win situation.

        Smartphones will not be a deal as there will still be required data with the phone. The deal is getting the best feature phone for nothing. Regardless, I’ll be calling up September 8th to get this deal for my family plan.

      • The Sleeve

        Giving customers a new line at no charge doesn’t hurt T-Mobile at all. Since it does not apply to unlimited plans it’s not like you’re getting more minutes out of the deal. If you’re on a 1500 min plan and you add a line you still only have 1500 minutes. Know what I mean? PLUS if people voluntarily get smart phones for these lines then T-Mobile will indeed be making some extra green.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    IDK but im adding a line for the hell of it

  • Iamright

    You guys have to realize Tmobile is making there revenue from the data plans not from the 5 or 10 dollar aal fees. Tmobile will not let you walk out the door with a vibrant with no monthly charges. It’ll just be 30 per month instead of 30+5 for the aal which is the current promotion.

    • Vibrant Addict

      I’ve always thought to myself that the most profit for the company is actually text messaging and then voice since they’re are on a set system, GSM. When you transmit a message it is bytes. Yet, we pay almost the same in unlimited texting as we do data. As for data I make sure to feed my phone GB’s on a monthly basis, putting enough pressure on an already strained network that they are still upgrading (3G, HSPA, etc.)

  • Stephanie

    I think everyone is exactly right on the data. I think it will only apply to smart phones and no grandfathered rate plans. The activation fee can always be waived depending on where your work or go to school at. I don’t see how it would work on an Even More Plus plan tho, being that data is not required

  • Damien

    It is confirmed, what Tmonews is reporting is correct, it is on the RSM schedule to be a new promo starting on the 8th.

  • SeaBee

    I work for T-Mo and me and a few of the reps at my store say down and talked about this promo when it first leaked out. We figured that the only way this would make fiscal sense for T-Mo would be for only new activations, or it would have a smart phone restriction attached. But I do personally believe this will only be available to EM/EM+ post-paid sorry to those of you on FPACs. Guess we’ll see for sure come September.

    • Shawn

      so do you think this will apply to grandfathered plans? what does FPACs stand for?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here the unlimited text plan is being mentioned, for families.

    What’s important is that this promo indicates an emphasis on families and getting three or more phones in their hands, for free.

    This is exactly as I said T-Mobile would be doing. Targeting the dad on a budget (“dad” meaning the typical American family).

    Note that all these phones are FREE. Like I said before, to a dad struggling to pay each month’s bills, this sounds a lot better than paying even $100 for a smartphone. Not everyone rushes out to pay $600 to $1200 to outfit every family member with superphones.

    Moreover, is this the start or evidence of T-Mobile’s “The Family Network” campaign?


    • shawn

      Ya that promo is old news, we are talking about add a line for free, not about free text messaging phones.