October Will See The End Of The Touchpro2, Cliq, Cliq XT and myTouch 1.2

I’m sitting here trying to my best to write this up without wanting to just take Motorola to the ringer (again).  We just got word that on October 4th the TouchPro2, Cliq, Cliq XT and myTouch 1.2 will all be going end of life.  For those of you unfamiliar with the retail verbiage, end of life simply stated means they won’t be sold by T-Mobile after that point.  What’s incredibly disappointing?  It’s entirely possible that these two Motorola phones may stop being sold prior to them receiving Android updates to 2.1.  That just makes me laugh and shake my head at the same time.  Perhaps this will lead us down a path to the Cliq 2 which just might be one of the leaked Motorola handsets on the roadmap.

So if you were looking to grab one of those phones now would be a great time to do so!

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  • MJ

    Somehow I doubt any of those android phones will ever see >2.1, I am more upset that HTC won’t upgrade Mytouch line either

    • 2FR35H

      Isn’t it crazy the behold 2 was said to be diminishing like these phones but hasn’t yet. I will be surprised if it lasts till the end of the year.

      • MJ

        I am sure the Behold II will have the same fate as the Cliq and Mytouch line

      • dwillistyle

        The Behold II is already gone…

      • 2FR35H


        No its not I still see it on tmobile’s website and in the stores

      • bryan

        Behold 2 has been gone from stores for around 2 weeks. That’s how End of Life handsets are handled by T-Mobile. They get shipped back to corporate and usually sold online, that’s why you can still find the Behold 2 online.

    • shawn1224

      As quoted from the 100% you Mytouch magazine

      “We will work just as hard to migrate updates to models already in use as we do to innovate new products. And so, for those of you who may not yet be in the market for a new phone, we have some good news.

      Coming soon, we plan to update existing myTouch 3G phones – not just our new slide – to the latest software version, Android 2.2. It will mean that users of older devices can get the most up-to-date software.

      – Cole Brodman”

      This ish was mailed to my door so they better step up make good their promises on my Mytouch 1.2

      • bryan

        Last word I heard from HTC was that the 2.2 update would be out by the end of the summer for both the Mytouch and the Mytouch Slide.

  • monicooo

    Wow. My brother got the cliq not even a year ago. what a dissapointment.

    • 2FR35H

      Lame is what you are go run into a wall please :)

      • jscarano

        sorry monicooo you’re not first.

    • TL

      monicooo; you should see the good side. You got the chance to get a great phone, before is gone.

  • MJ

    Verizon is junking Android lines after less than a year (see Droid Eris), I think T-Mobile would rather phase out outmoded androids than attempt to upgrade them.

    My guess is that the Samsung t939 Behold II will be on that list as well.

  • Masrico

    When is MyTouch 3g supposed to be upgraded?? I mean Should we lose hope by now?

    • phonegeek

      i have one too an friend… my hope for it is gone smh

      • Mr MN

        Same here. I’ve lost all hope that this thing will ever get that update. I guess the whole “no phone left behind” promise was just a strategy they used to get people to buy the myTouch Slide. The frustrating this is even if you root the phone, it won’t run anything more than Donut (1.6). Everything else is extremely, painfully slow. I’m a little skeptical about buying these phones.

      • Bob

        I talked to a T-mobile rep on the phone in their customer service department and she said it will be in September that the mt3g will get the Froyo update. That includes the original mt3g also. I have been told this by a few reps when I call customer support. And they all said the same thing. All mt3g phones will get the Froyo update just as it said in that article in the mytouch magazine.

      • RockTripod

        Mr MN, you are doing something wrong. The myTouch runs 2.1 and 2.2 just fine. Live wallpaper seems to overtax the CPU, but everything else runs like a champ

  • KM is sad

    I got the Cliq XT the beginning of April. Man…this sucks. I really think there will not be a 2.1 update. Wow. Motorola has really disappointed me.

    • Bobert

      TBLOW Bares some responsibility as well.
      they simply can’t compete with the other carriers and sometimes cheap is cheap for a reason

      • dwillistyle

        Bobert, you are a moron.

      • Drew

        No Bobert, I think you may be right. I have a Behold II and I remember how angry I was at everyone, TMo, Samsung you name it. Now, it looks like the other phone users will be feeling our frustration as well. I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around the Tmos lack of any decent phones!
        I mean we were first to have Android for peaks sake and now we have next to nothing! And the phones that are being released(the charm, G2)to us aren’t even high end phones. I feel like there are no real choices and I’m totally sick of it. But as you said cheap is cheap for a reason.

      • pjs

        Drew, the G2 specs have not been released yet but supposedly have the exact same specs as the Moto Droid X and other “high end” and Android phones and the Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S) has the same or better specs than those (Combo Hummingbird cpu and GPU outclass the Snapdragon)

  • Vicosphi

    They need to make the handset “rooted” and “open” once they announce the end of life. This way people can atleast hope developers will get them pure google rom or custom rom…

  • Jahntassa

    Kinda figured. I’m one of those people that bought the Cliq XT under the impression there’d be some sort of update from 1.5. (Not promised, I know, but it was a selling point that it was ‘known’ to be getting an update)

    Now i’m guessing that’ll never happen. Maybe I’ll be able to pony up for a new phone by Christmas, but I doubt it. I should’ve known better than to buy on a promise.

    • Rob

      Not promised? motorola issued a statement saying it would be done by april then late 2nd quarter 2010 now late 3rd quarter early 4th..its not happening I have a a cliq as well and motorola also announced the dext (Cliqs european counterpart) wouldnt be getting an upgrade Im sure the cliq isnt either consider tmobiles headqurters is in germany and if they dont get it why would the US branch.

  • there seems to be a lot less support for the phones that we purchase. i am all up for a new and improved handset but these cell phone companies need to focus on customer loyalty as well as good handsets. if your going to discontinue a phone then let people who have that phone have the option for an early upgrade on a newer handset, two years is a long time for an upgrade on phones that are no longer sold after 9 months.

    • pjs

      what kind of life span do you expect a phone to have? Just because they quit selling a phone doesn’t mean it quits working. What about all of the people who still have Moto RAZR phones, are they all dead?

    • Whatever

      yeah that makes sense, just like when you buy a new car and then a year later a newer version comes out, they give you a big discount on that car because it’s newer than the one you bought last year. Oh, what? They don’t? Oh well. They should still just giving everyone deals on phones just because it’s new and they one they have is old. That’s how companies stay in business. Idiot!

  • cscorbin

    RIP cliq xt you piece of S#$%^&&!!!!

  • TMOprophet

    Yet another example of TMO’s poor attitude to upgrade support for Android devices.

    Why upgrade your customers software when you can get them to buy a new phone

    And despite being expensive, at least Verizon has the right attitude

    • jabombardier

      Fool it is not T-mobiles fault. It is that of the phone manufacturer. They are the ones that release how they see fit. And don’t you people see that it has to do with specs and their custom skins that seem to hamper the ability to upgrade???!!! I.e. all of HTC phones with sense UI on all carriers do not have 2.2 froyo. All moto phones with moto blur have not moved from 1.5. And I am not talking about rooting. I am talking about official updates. People need to stop being so ignorant.

      • t-mobile sucks

        Maybe next time you should do your research before you call someone a fool. T-mobile must have a say in it or else they wouldn’t be able to release a statement about. That would simply make them stupid, seeing that successful businesses do not make promises that they might not be able to keep. And, while you are right about the cliq and XT having the custom OS, the mytouch 3G does not. It is running vanilla android.

        There is a reason why t-mobile is last among the big four US carriers and its because they only give a damn about new customers now. To hell with t-mobile.

  • Dodanafoneium

    I WANT MY MT3G 2.2 UPDATE!!!! :'(

    • ME TOO!!!

      I got my MyTouch 2 1/2 months ago…..

  • pimpstrong

    I don’t get it. Tmo themselves said “No phones left behind” and they will upgrade these phones. Been about 3 months now since then wtf!

  • jonathan

    So what happened with the whole promise to not leave the myTouch line behind? It’s in the damn myTouch magazine about them receiving the update. I’m happy with my Vibrant but this is a complete failure on T-Mobile’s part. Who’s with me?

    • jonathan


      That’s the photo taken from my Vibrant of the lie T-Mobile gave it’s customers. Now who’s gonna debate or make an exucuse when this is in their own printed magazine 100% you magazine?

      • J-Hop2o6

        It was signed by Cole B. lol .. so yea, don’t count on the “no phone left behind”

      • Shannon

        Yeah, I remember that. I was just wondering about that update myself…

    • jabombardier

      I am not. I didn’t get the mytouch 3G. It has tha same innards as the G1 so I alreadyknew there wasn’t going to be an upgrade. I have the myTouch slide. That one will get it’s update.

  • David

    And this is why I will not be renewing my contract. As much at it pains me I most likely will be switching to an iPhone. At least with that I can sell my phone 2 years later and still make out.

  • easytochris

    On behalf of my Cliq XT…. *ahem* FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU———-!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kip365

    I tell you ppl. Run to sprint. I had 2 cliqs that were just junk. Am now happy with sprint evo with 2.2 I hate motorola and tmobile they Are liars.

  • Jordan

    If I didnt already put cyanogenmod on my Mytouch 3G I would be totally angry about this. This is the kind of thing that made me really nervous about buying my vibrant. Let’s just hope that the september froyo update for vibrant isnt too far off.

    I’m looking at you, Behold II

    • RockTripod

      I cannot imagine Samsung leaving the Galaxy S line behind. It would be their death knell in the Android race

  • Rilesman

    @Bishop Totally right…the game has changed. If a smartphone (specifically Android) life ends within the 2 year contract, then Full Upgrade should be offered. Same argument I made for the G1…no matter when in the contract, the G2 should be offered at Full Upgrade prices.

    Everyone else is also on track…what happened to “No phones left behind”….I guess they go in the trash….no phones at all?

    Otherwise the argument should/could be made that industry should not be expected to continue making defunct phones especially when parts are no longer being made. A counter argument is that lower end phones still get users and I believe iPhone and Android have changed expectations on what a phone is….so that real cheap flip phone is now the MT3G, the Cliq of the world. Low end Androids shall exist.

  • zazou

    It is obvious that Motorola is in bed with Verizon and does not give a $%*# about T-mobile customers.

    • jonathan

      It’s obvious that T-Mobile is now no better than Motorola.

  • Yyevo

    Hey, Morons! This just means they won’t be SOLD, not they won’t be upgraded. TMo already published an ad saying they will upgrade all MyTouch phones to 2.2. Learn how to read.

    • jonathan

      What word have you heard on this elusive update? It seems that the thought is nothing more than a faded memory. Why should I care when I don’t own a myTouch? Simple… Because I as a consumer have had enough with T-Mobile and Motorola’s bullsh*t with upgrades. The deadlines are never met. If they are met, they’re poorly implemented. Have you seen the T-Mobile forums about how many of the myTouch 3G Slide users are having the SAME issues after their updates? Here’s a few examples:
      -Shorter battery life
      -Phone not recognizing previous ringtones or notifications
      -Phone not vibrating
      -Phone vibrating for no reason
      -Connectivity issues
      …shall I go on? T-Mobile needs to get their act together. End of story.

      • Yyevo

        Faded memory? It’s been a month! They never gave a date, they just said soon. Why don’t you go back to Twittering Justin Bieber and let those of us that understand business talk?

    • Fluffybottoms

      LOL!!! Thank you Yyevo!!!

      • jonathan

        Wow, you obviously lack the intellect to read between the lines. My post was about more than just timelines but their poor testing/delivering of updates. Do I need to go and find every update that T-Mobile has botched? Your little Justin Bieber comment was almost amusing. Although I have a hint that anyone who takes the time to mention his name is most likely the Twittering Justin Beiber fairy, isn’t that right Yyevo?

  • Wicked1

    No, the Cliq will get 2.1 and that will be it. Cliq users have made enough noise to T Mobile & Moto about updates or lack thereof. The Cliq, what its called in the USA will be the only version to get the update, the “DEXT”, what its called in Europe & S. America will not be getting updated, outside the USA, the Backflip isn’t getting updated either. If this phone doesn’t get updated, TMobile is gonna be giving me G2 for free, or act an extreme discount. Regardless, this will be my last Motorola phone ever, it was only the 2nd I’ve ever had. Its also my last Android w/ a custom UI, I’m going strictly stock from now on. It is a disgrace for an Android phone not to be update for the whole year its been out, when 4 later versions of the OS has been out *shakes head*. I’m trying to wait til it gets updated, then hopefully I can get at least like $90 for it on craigslist, selling it to somebody who doesn’t really know cell phone tech hahaha. Its in good condition, so we’ll see.

  • Ivan

    This is a great thing, if you have any of those discontinued phones then call tmobile and report a problem with your phone and if they end up saying okay were going to replace it then oh wait they cant right because they dont sell them anymore, so theyre going to give you a mt3gs vibrant charm garmin behold? but what you have to say is no I want a Vibrant, or else you know what! or w.e phone yu want unless they already offered you that phone. but if you follow my plan, then you have to say you master reseted your phone at least once and the problems didnt get fixed. your welcome (:

    • mmaxxsooner

      lol just because they are going to stop retail sales does not mean they don’t have a warehouse full of these refurbs to switch out for oh say the next 2 years.

  • Wicked1

    The Cliq updates isn’t TMobile’s fault, that’s Motorola’s fault because they have Motoblur integrated on top. But the MyTouch is TMo’s phone, so they owe that blame. I renewed my contract when I got this phone, now my contract expires next October, as opposed to March of this year when it would have ended if I didn’t get a new phone. I don’t want to leave TMO, I haven’t had any problems with them until the Sidekick fiasco & now this Cliq update run-around. Their prices are good, I have a corporate discount, but I’m thinking about leaving. It only costs like $35 to migrate to the new uncontracted plan right? Because I’m still on my old plan, 1 that isn’t offere anymore

    • jabombardier

      The phone company is not at fault for the phone manufacturer not releasing an update. But people are too dumb to realize that.

  • Mooch

    Ahh my wishful thinkers, yes it would be nice if we got 2.1 but let’s face facts. We aren’t getting it. What you have is what you got. Either suck it up or move on.

  • sino8r

    I feel bad for all you moto or former motorola users. No sarcasm intended. One thing, though… why would tmobile drop the mytouch 1.2 BEFORE the original MT3G?! That makes no sense at all. The mt3g is older than the mt3g 1.2… what idiots! Or this article is entirely wrong. Oh and to the guy who say they will quit selling these devices and continue to offer them software updates… you’re wrong. Tmobile never has done that and have said they don’t. Name one device that they discontinued and still made software updates! Moron!

    • Ivan

      Just to be sure, the MyTouch 1.2 is the Slide ? or …

      • jonathan

        The 1.2 is the one with 3.5mm jack.

      • As far as I can tell, the “Mytouch 1.2” is another one without a physical keyboard, so not the same as the “MyTouch 3G Slide”.

        Fortunately, the 3G Slide is at least on 2.1.

        After the huge fail that is the Motorola CLIQ, with it’s “being stuck on 1.5 indefinitely” and removal of certain stock features I actually bought the phone for (geolocation of photos, for example – Motorola, it turns out, intentionally removed that functionality and replaced it with “put the name of a nearby city in the saved filename, but only if you have an internet connection when you take the picture”. Useless.) I suspect the same problems exist on the other “MOTOBLUR™” phones.

        I was forced to buy ANOTHER phone from T-Mobile to actually do what I expected the CLIQ to do (at least I got a discount). I’m looking forward to the promised 2.2 update to the 3G slide, but I’m not quite as aggravated about the update delay since at least 2.1 is still recent enough to count as a “modern” version, and I can actually get and use pretty much all of the applications on the “Market”, and my geolocated photos are actually geolocated.

        (Since I’m stuck also paying off the CLIQ, I’m waiting for the “Real Soon Now” 2.1 upgrade, then I’m rooting it at first chance…)

  • Midori

    I think T-Mobile can see that these phones recieve alot of negative feedback so they are probably discarding them for better down the road phones,which is why im so hesistant about upgrading and no one wants to upgrade more than I do (I still have the first behold and its dying on me ) but I’ll still wait. Phones like the charm and smiley are probably next on the discard list in a few months LOL

    • Drew

      They SHOULD be getting rid of the freaking ugly, useless, GARMIN PHONE!!!!!

      • Scott

        Amen to that. And T-Mobile was spending money on advertising it last month! How dumb do they think their customers are??

        With the exception of the Vibrant, T-Mobile’s entire Android lineup should be end-of-lifed.

  • Wicked1

    Motorola Updated Upgrade Schedule, https://supportforums.motorola.com/community/manager/softwareupgrades

    And I’ve tried that, trying to get a free phone, did it a few times when I had my sidekick, it never works for me. I want to get a replacement Cliq, it will be even easier to sell a newer 1, but with my luck, the replacement would be defective, haha. I haven’t needed to get a replacement Cliq since I got it, last October.

  • JoshL

    this is sickening!!! screw motorola.

  • mailman13877

    Thank god..TMO will never have a top phone cuzz they lack knowledge of what most people want when they’re not SETTLING..Engadget just posted an article an photo of Verizons newest phone to come..Its the HTC Evo as far as shape,style,and features plus Sense UI.The only difference is the the kickstand is metal it seems.So now TMO is the only carrier of the 4 to not have a top phone or FFC phone..smfh..I was told the Evo will restock on the 30th..hopefully I can leave this lame company

    • mailman13877

      Kickstand is a wider different shaped metal I meant

      • Bruce Banner

        Why hasn’t this douche bag been blocked from the site. Its always evo this, sprint that. Take your evo and stick it up your ass. For the longest time I have ignored your comments but you are getting ridiculous with your dumb ass comments. I feel sorry for your mother.

      • Tokinotabumblb

        David, block him from this site. PLEASE!!!!!

    • NiiDiddy

      The mailman troll is back :). I in particular never cared for those phones t-mobile is ousting so I’m good. I’ll be good till the end of this yr…I think. we’ll see then what other devices t-mobile might have, then I’ll think about an upgrade.

    • WinkyDinkyDogg

      As annoying as mailman is, you can’t say he doesn’t have a point. Tmobile is just full of failure these days.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Winky… “As annoying as mailman is, you can’t say he doesn’t have a point…”

        Uh… Mailman does NOT have a point.

        There, I said it.

  • rev2redlineguy

    All I can say is thank God I sold my old Cliq once I received my Vibrant. I don’t think that TMO and Motorola will ever update that phone. They are putting it off everytime they get close to the deadline of what they post on that silly timeline. Wow, there are going to be so many P’offed people once they stop selling those phones and simply sweep it under the rug. TMO really needs to sit down and look at all the negative impact this is causing. Oh well, at least I don’t have that to worry about anymore.

  • J1

    Well I for one find it very hard to believe that a company as trustworthy and reputable as motorola would shaft their customers and not update the cliq.. especially considering the massive sucess of motoblur

    If you believe any part of that, then you my friend should check out the iphone 4 and its amazing new retina display.. lol .. well the joke is on me, as I fell for the hype and purchased both devices(full retail price) smh @ myself..

    But rest assured both will be on c.l. and ebay to help re-coupe the cost of the vibrant or the g2(waiting to compare specs/features), and whatever the glacier(I’ll most likey use my full upgrade on this) turns out to be..

    • jeff

      won’t shaft their customers? Europe and South America/Mexico will not get updates… so do you mean won’t shaft american customers…

  • HectoRome

    Having lived in Arizona all of my life I have been an avid supporter of Motorola as they are a local business / hometown favorite. In all honesty it has become increasingly more difficult to support Moto and their way of doing business. I had the worst experience with the Moto Q while with Sprint. Then switched to T-Mob and stay with T-Mob as their customer service is second to none. I went to the Moto Cliq after the SideKick debacle of last year and must admit the experience has also not been good! Motorola has let me down repeatedly even after being more than patient. Even though I have friends and family employed by Motorola. It pains me to state I Will Not Be Purchasing Another Motorola Hand Set Again,,,

  • jonathan


    Sigh… Everyone is getting badass phones and T-Mobile is getting what again? The G2? Nyeh. The myTouch HD? Where? I hate to say it but the only other company that could interest me more than T-Mobile is now Verizon. They truly are “all-in” with Android. I’m not down with Motorola but I am with HTC devices that look like this. Yum.

    • Midori

      I saw that but I dont see verizon written anywhere on the phone itself and in my opinion it looks like that teaser Desire HD/MyTouch HD, if T-mobile gets their hand on this instant upgrade for me and Ill be one satisfied customer indeed! Here’s to hope!

      • jonathan

        Yeah, I did a little more digging and found that most people were comparing this to the Desire HD/myTouch HD so if this is any hint as to what it’ll look like? I’m in without thinking twice. I will dump the Vibrant and my wife’s myTouch 3G Slide without thinking twice. But… There’s one and only one thing that would steer me away from this and it’s called – ESPRESSO.

      • pjs

        I personally have not tried Android with the Espresso skin on it, what are the issues you see (other than not being stock?)

    • Drew

      You have no idea how much I hope your right! This phone is freaking sick! It would totally make my day if Tmo had an ace like this hidden up their sleeves! And I’d be waiting in line of release day.. efin sexy!

      • jonathan

        It’s strictly my personal opinion but I find the Espresso skin hideous. I love Sense but not T-Mobile’s customized version. Don’t get me wrong though, the Slide is one quick phone but the UI just isn’t visually appealing to me. Kinda like that of vanilla Android; I think it’s ugly though the increased update rate is certainly something that appeals to most any tech oriented person.

  • AndroidRRR

    1st off these phones reaching role doesn’t mean they won’t be upgraded T-mobile made a printed promise it would be suicide to back out of something like that. 2nd I’ve disliked Motorola ever since they dumped the cliq on T-mobile only to 1up it by releasing the Droid on Verizon w/ vanilla android mind you. Then we got the cliq xt. Another low-end that had less power than the 4-5 month old Droid. Not long after that the motor devour was released it came with blur but had a better processor than both the cliqs… also how about the milestone having a locked. Bootloader so no custom roms could be loaded.. plus updates have been less frequent for it. Now lets move on to the Droid x… it’s an awesome phone burrito to has a locked bootloader. Next tmonile is 1upef again we end up with the charm (a decent device strangely enough) and the Droid 2 is released … anyone elsesee a pattern? The only smart carrier not being burned is Sprint the only moto android they have is prepaid so they have no worries. I wont mention the backflip on Att.
    Moving on did you Guys forget that the mytouch HD will have a ffc? Also it seems this leaked HTC for Verizon seems to be in close relation to the desireHd and the mytouch HD. Lets hope T-mobile does the one upping this time around … sorry I had lots to say :p

    • AndroidRRR

      Sorry about the auto correct mistakes like. Role aka EOL AND. Motor aka Moto …

  • jonstonson

    I think it’s lame people expect them to get upgraded. It would be nice if they did, but who buys a phone based on if it’s going to be upgradable in the future? and if you do, then you’re the fool.

    • Jahntassa

      In my case, I didn’t purchase on the concept that it ‘could’ be upgraded. I purchased on the idea that it ‘would’. At the time Moto was listing the 2.1 update as Q1. (Or Q2, I can’t remember at this point) And also from people at T-Mo saying the update was just around the corner.

  • BeddaThanUrAvg

    I spoke w/ a t-mo rep and she told me an update would be rolled out by the 30th. I’m not sure if she knew what she was talking about but for those of you thinking about jumping ship to VzW, their customer service is terrible. I work for the insurance company that handles their claims and I’ve never seen a company give so much wrong info. The way I look at it w/ Tmo, they want us to have a good product and refuse to rush anything. Think about how many people had issues with the RAZR when it came out for other carriers. A good point was raised regarding where Motorola’s loyalties lie. However, the delusion they create surrounding the droid line is a shame because all the droids have on other phones is a faster processor and a first run of the Android OS. All I’m saying is don’t throw the baby out w/ the bath water.

  • Barry

    I have a rooted mt3g with 2.2 its pretty good its HTCClay tcby really nice but there’s constantly programs running in the background and the battery drains crazy fast,so I assume this is the reason for the delay on the mt3g @ least part of the issue.

  • abcd

    so when is the mytouch going to receive the update to 2.2 since it wont be sold anymore

    • Ivan

      This means it wont be recieving it …

      • abcd

        but what about the no phones left behind tmobile said

  • cj

    Anyone of these phones make good prepaid phone. T-mobile needs to update their existing prepaid phones, because both Boost mobile and Virgin mobile have this year. Prepaid is the best alternative to flexpay, maybe no one else cares. But it is a growing market everyone is adding unlimited plains to. It would be nice to have a phone worth the plain.

  • Evan

    Blah, I just bought my Cliq XT in June. I wonder if T-mobile will let me upgrade early…

  • wirelessgeek

    I work in the business and I can tell you that if this makes you mad or upset you have alot more heartache coming. Due to the demands of customers for newer/faster/better phones the average shelf life on phones today is about 6 months. The Motorola Charm came out on Aug 25 and you can expect Tmo and Motorola to have a plan to launch a new phone to replace it in feb. There is normally about 2 to 4 months over lap where both phones are sold and then the old phone gets the boot. It is no differant than the computer business, computers are life cycled on a 3 month rotation. Every day customers that bought a computer they are all good and happy and in no time there is a newer better computer on the shelf then they are like WTF I should of waited to buy this $1000 laptop.
    It is silly to me that people think they should be allowed to upgrade early just because they bought a phone that has been discontined. You would not expect best buy to exchange your outdated computer but Tmo should let you upgrade early. Its the nature of ther cell phone beast. Need to let it go and stop whinnin about it.

    • Scott

      Do you enter into a two-year contract when you buy your computer? Do you have to unlock it to try to sell it to someone else? Does it only work on AT&T DSL lines? No? Then it’s a worthless analogy.

      My question is, why aren’t these contracts two-way? Why should T-Mobile be allowed to lock customers into a long contracs on seriously obsolete handsets? (I’m looking at you Garminfone). If TMo wants to bail out before the contract is up, they should pay an early termination fee like everyone else. Maybe offer the customer a big discount on a newer, non-obsolete handset?

      There are people who are entering into 2-year contracts on the Behold II today. Poor souls, they just didn’t do their homework. Can you imagine being locked into that obsolete piece of junk until almost 2013?

      • pjs

        but if these phones are discontinued on a 6 month basis then T-Mobile would be replacing/upgrading customer’s handset indefinitely. Who gets to say which handset is up to par to last the entire 2 year contract? I mean people are still using Blackberry Curve handsets which run 2+ older version of the OS and can’t use most apps on the BB Market. No one complaining here

  • slideordies14

    ive had nothing but trouble with my cliq…why in the HELL would i be interested in a cliq 2? so that as soon as it’s released, they will ignore that phone why verizon customers get all the attention. screw moto and i hope tmo goes down with them for not fighting for their customers!

  • magna

    Just because a product goes EOL, doesn’t mean there will not be anymore software upgrades. It just means they will not be available for sale any longer. (out of production). And with the super-short product cycles in mobile phones these days, that’s no surprise at all.

  • I won my cliq xt free and I was very excited. after a short while I started to learn about cell phones and realized that there wasnt nothing special about it. I think motorola and T-mobile just decided to resell old hardware wraped up in a new shiny case. Now I want the Vibrant and wish I can get one.

    I have also noticed that cell phones have an extremely short life cycle. they come and go prety quick as apose to TVs and other electronics. I have worked in electronics and cell phone sales.

  • Jonzn4phones

    A lil conspiracy? this is far out there but how else to explain this mess? There have been rumors someone like verizon or sprint would buy t-mo. Maybe someone high up at t-mo has investments with another provider and is making sure customers jump ship to them, or killing business so this other provider can buy t-mo at a fire/hail damage sale. If I’m way off base, which I am sure I am, then the person responsible for making deals with manufacturers should be fired and set on fire for being incompetent. What t-mo is doing with the updates is like blockbuster. for a year blockbuster has changed it’s rental policies and the rules of renting there every month. literally, throwing ideas against a wall to see if any of them stop the ship from sinking. guess what, they were d-listed from the stock exchange, ala circuit city, and is now in bankruptcy. say bye to them by 12/31/2010. I don’t think t-mo will be here before my 2 yr contact is up. Their customer support isn’t even what it used to be, but it is still better than the rest. Sorry for the long msg, let the flaming commence.

  • bobby

    no longer being sold… not no longer being supported. Some people seem to think the carrier goes out and codes their own software updates… obviously not the case.
    Update could still happen, but its up to moto.

  • jmcl987

    I have a touch pro2, what if it gets lost or damaged? will I still get a replacement for it?

  • WXman

    I bought my CliqXT new 5 months ago…now it’s being killed in two more? This is the nail in the coffin. TMo…you are gone.

  • teeedubb

    The Cliq XT has been ROOTED!!! Head over to modmymobile dot com to see how its done.

  • Ian MacGregor

    Cliq 2?? After what I’ve been through with the Cliq and Cliq XT, you couldn’t pay me to buy another Motorola product. I’ll buy an inferior product before I spend my money on another Motorola phone.

  • Marilyn

    Motorola and T-Mobile can both rot in hell. they sold me an outdated OS on the phone and now half the apps i need won’t run, and they neither know nor care, since they have me by the short ones until renewal time. I am beyond pissed off. My only saving grace is they didn’t cost very much (yeah, I know, you get what you pay for…)


    • Matt

      They didn’t SELL you an outdated OS, you BOUGHT an outdated OS. Whoops. Not T-Mobile or Motorola’s fault.

    • Ruufus

      Matt was exactly right. You bought an outdated OS. Caveat emptor! “Let the buyer beware!” Take ownership of your mistake of not doing proper research.

      • wil

        well i bought mine during the time they said an update was promised…

    • Steve

      I feel the same way about Motorola. The really hosed us with that worthless Cliq.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well all this can be reduced to one thought, carriers see how a phone sells, if it does not, they don’t waste time keeping it on the shelves, it’s pulled. (Witness the “Kin” as the most dramatic example of this process. Also, consider the Touch Pro2, which I owned. That phone did not stand a chance with its USB audio port instead of a 3.5mm port; and suffered almost universal hatred of WinMo 6.5)

    IMHO this end-of-life list indicates only one thing: these phones are poor sellers so there’s every reason to take them off the shelves.

    Wish as much as you want (especially if you own an end of life phone) carriers (and indirectly manufacturers) do not have the financial incentive or motivation to continue support for phones that we have designated as “dogs.” (I assume it’s costly to assign employees to work on upgrading phones with a new OS, from working on getting it up and running, distributing it, and then fielding support calls from customers whose OTA update did not go well. All in all an expensive process).

    And in defense of those in the wireless business, its business model is no different than other retail sellers who provide products and/or services. The basic concept of any retail seller and service provider it that you provide potential and actual customers what they want. You absolutely do not “take up shelf space” with inventory that does not move because no one wants what you are selling.

    (Witness the supermarket. Walk up and down the beverage aisle. Every canned, cartoned, or bottled drink you see is there because it sells well, is being test marketed or it’s simply a new product. Absent from the shelves is “new Coke,” for example, that the public vehemently gave a thumbs down soon after its debut).

    In regards to upgrades, I also echo my comments made since last year, most consumers (IMHO about 95%) don’t buy a phone and later think “where’s my Android upgrade.”

    In fact, since most smartphone owners use only about 35% of a smartphone’s functionality, why on earth would they wake up one morning, so to speak, and wonder about upgrading their phone OS. (Don’t answer that, I’m being rhetorical).

    Since my (made up) number assumes 95% don’t know about upgrading a ROM, that leaves about 5% of you clamoring for updates (promised or implied by someone on the supply side of the handset business, aka manufacturers or carriers).

    Now IMHO about 3% of that 5% will feed their OS upgrade addiction via all the Android fan sites and forums, or via the hardcore sites like XDA. So that leaves 2% of phone purchasers beeching and whining that T-Mobile, Motorola and Samsung are thieves, liars and scumbags.

    IMHO (actually all this is IMHO, so I’ll quit saying it) anyone involved in giving you the phone you dislike so much can take the heat (aka criticism, insults and what have you), mainly because such comments don’t mean squat in the selling cell phone services WORLDWIDE to 5 BILLION subscribers. (And if you want to keep the criticism focused on T-Mobile, then make that 145 million subscribers.)

    You all have to remember, the economy is in a continued downward spiral. (Any pilots out there? You will appreciate my use of that term to describe the economy. Will we get out of that spiral? I dunno). People are not buying fancy, expensive cell phones. People are not buying phones and data plans, no matter the cost. In the old days, five years ago, yeah, consumers did not care, but nowadays people are counting pennies, literally, and living payday to payday with the fear of losing their jobs.

    Cell phones are an odd thing. They have become a necessity, but a high-end smart or super phone, with unlimited data, has yet to catch on as must-haves, at least not in this tanking economy.

    This is a roundabout way of saying that there’s a perfect storm of reasons why carriers now put a phone on the market, and if it does not do well, they have no problem yanking it, usually discreetly and definitely no fanfare (my perfect storm elements: tanking economy, semi-annual leaps in technology, the new tight-fisted consumer, carrier price war, expense to upgrade old phones, no incentive to upgrade end-of-life or older phones).

    While I have indirectly discussed all these, remember that to a carrier “cutting losses” does not include putting time and money into upgrading discontinued phones. I submit that any T-Mobile employee suggesting that at a meeting ends up collecting unemployment benefits soon thereafter).

    Of course, even in a great market (people want the “fanciest” phone, and best services, cost is not an issue) I fall back on my position: since when did getting a phone OS upgrade become a “right” or expectation? Fact is, most people buy a phone “as-is” in that they don’t ask the salesperson, for example, “what about Android 2.2, will I be getting that.”

    People buy a phone as it is presented to them. However it’s configured, that’s what they are buying and now own. Remember what I said before, it’s like Microsoft Windows.

    We don’t buy a computer expecting that we are entitled to Windows 8 or 9 that might be debuting a year from now. At best we HOPE that the manufacturer, retailer or Microsoft might sell us the upgraded OS at a discount price. We certainly don’t expect the upgraded OS for free.

    The only exception to this is when the retailer, on knowing MS Windows 8, for example, might be debuting shortly, they promise a free upgrade when in fact the OS debuts. They give you a rain check of sorts.

    So with handsets unless one has a clear promise from the carrier or handset manufacturer that a phone WILL get an upgrade (rather than a vague statement that the Vibrant, for example, “can be upgraded”) we are all at the mercy of how generous or obligated the manufacturer/carrier feels about providing a free OS upgrade.

    To me, this can all be reduced to one simple solution (that should eliminate your anger and frustration). The correct inquiry you should be making is NOT if a carrier will provide a ROM upgrade, it’s “is my phone upgradeable, can it handle efficiently the new OS coming out?” If the answer is “yes” then forget about going through the carrier or manufacturer (who when asking about a ROM coming out usually says “talk to the carrier”).

    Instead, simply go to one of the huge number of Android fan sites or XDA to download the new OS, then install it yourself. To be sure, that’s the process T-Mobile, Google and other carriers have sanctioned as being OK to do.

    Just saying.

    (No time to spell check or look at grammar, so pardon all errors).

    • Frank

      No life.

    • Drew

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Although, I believe there are 6 billion people in the world, not 5 billion. Get your facts straight.

      Anyway, the solution to all this is simple. You pick your phone more carefully next time and as I’ve told customers before, “Buy the phone for what it currently has, not what it might have in the future.” The DROID not getting Wi-Fi tether with 2.2 is a perfect example of this.

      Anyway, I was a former CLIQ owner and at the end of the day I sucked it up, swore off Motorola products and resumed my “HTC fanboy” status. I couldn’t be happier.

    • twest

      You have some good points. I purchased a Cliq. I do think that a manufacturer has to stand by their product and marketing (no mentioning of inability or difficulty of running above certain version of Android/OS) of said product. If they are going to put out “buggy” software/hardware, then say that “updates” are coming to fix them….then they should actually be able to and in fact do it. Not delay, delay then drop it and move on.

  • phil mccrakin

    ive had the leaked 2.1 rom on my cliq for over a month now and i love it….come october when the Mytouch HD is reported to come out i will say good bye to this crap of a motorola phone…ha ha screw you moto i worked my way around and now i will dumb you for an htc phone…now i will wait to recover my losses on your stock and sell sell sell….lmao

  • sammy1

    motorola phones have always sucked and i knew it….HTC is where its at as far as andriod phones

  • HTC (hate this company)

    HTC batteries suck. I wish these manufacturers could research and develop bigger mAh capacities. I am even using an extended life battery and its still not enough. It would make so many more people happy.

    I am using a mytouch slide.

    (p.s. i have tried talking less and using the phone less. I have accepted poor battery life and android handsets go hand in hand.)

  • Johnny

    Can somebody please tell me why Motorola keeps saying that theyre testing 2.1 on the cliq/xt/backflip and they’re not ready to release the 2.1 update… yet the Motorola Charm is shipped out already running 2.1? I mean I’ve read somewhere that they need 2.1 to work together with motoblur nicely, but again the charm has motoblur and 2.1 so why can’t they just send out that update or that version of 2.1/motoblur the charm has. I’m no techie, just a 15 year old guy who wants 2.1 dammit!!!

    sorry about the spelling/grammar, I’m using the xt to type this. :-) please someone reply I need an answer!

  • i have a cliq! one of the best android phones ive owned… fast, small, real keyboard, tough, good cam, load speaker!, etc… all in all its a epic phone!

  • Mark

    I figured that the Cliq was going to be on its way out when I saw that Best Buy had stopped carrying it (at least at my local store). To answer Johnny’s question, the latest word from Motorola is that they had to get an updated OpenGL (video) driver from one of their vendors. They mentioned that (and said they had gotten it) around the time they changed the upgrade roadmap to say “Late Q3 / Early Q4”.

    (Personally, my pet conspiracy theory regarding the delays is that they have an agreement with Telenav giving them a window in which they won’t release free turn-by-turn navigation software, but again that’s just my own theory and I have no inside info at all.)

  • Jeremy

    I have a question. If my Cliq is still under warranty, and they discontinued the Cliq, then would I get the-next-best-thing as a replacement? (In the past I have known people to get the current version or equivalent of the phone being replaced) If anyone has info on this let me know.