BlackBerry 9300 In All Its Dummy Phone Glory

It was just yesterday that we were able to bring the first confirmed release date for the Blackberry 9300 to grace the T-Mobile lineup.  In just a few days you’ll be able to own this Smokey Violet or Graphite Gray follow up to the Blackberry Curve, my absolute favorite phone of all time.  I have to say that when this phone was first announced by T-Mobile, it was stated that it was Blackberry OS 6 supported but it’s releasing with 5.0.  I’m having a hard time recommending the purchase of any Blackberry right now without an assured date on a 6.0 launch.  I suppose knowing it’s around the corner is comfort for some, even if around the corner means early next year.  Still, Blackberry makes one hell of a device even if they aren’t your cup of tea any longer. A few more pics and a confirmed picture of the release date follow.

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  • TMOprophet

    Yeah another Blackberry..meh

  • This looks like every other blackberry that has ever come out…

    high five rim

  • BillB

    And yet when they do something like the Flip or the upcoming Oxford, people are like “That’s so ugly. It doesnt even look like a Blackberry”. Ugh. Sick of all the complaining. I like Blackberry for what it is and what each new version of it tends to be. Each version looks sleeker but also unified with the line as a whole from the beginning.

    • Eric

      That is exactly what I say as well. When the Storm was released that’s what everyone said, then the Flip, then the Torch, and now that other Flip (Clamshell).

      What exactly do you people want? You want a different phone but you don’t want it to be too different from the current phone. Then just be fine with small changes, such as from EDGE to 3G, etc.

    • Vibrant Addict


      I may be on Android now, but Blackberry OS runs circles around Android any day. Just wish they would kick it up in processor speed and full touchscreen on T-mobile , then I’d be back to them in a heartbeat.

      • lmao

        blackberry os does what around android? you’re high man, blackberry os blows unless you got a corporate email account, dumb ass

      • J. Edgar Hoover

        Yeah the Storm did so well OS wise. That must be why all the popular smart phones have the Blackberry OS installed on them. Oh wait, my mistake, they don’t because it isn’t that wonderful at all. Well, shucks. :D

        In all seriousness, if you dodge the very few java error messages you may receive, it is definitely a very stable system to use.

        And it has supported copy/paste longer than other systems :)

      • Vibrant Addict


        Have you even used a Blackberry?

        If you like having to reset your Android constantly due to faulty manufacturer software, due to everyone’s own customizations over basic Android OS, be my guest. I never had an issue with my BB crashing nor having to force close an application. Did I get lucky? Maybe, but I can’t keep track of how many times I’ve reset my Android device already with only about a month of use.

        Something that I miss from my BB, that menu button that gives you a plethora of options, I think there’s at least 15 on there so you can do anything you’d like without having to exit your current application and rummaging through the menus to find something you need.

        It’s a more stable OS overall on BB. They release an update for a standard OS that can be released for multiple handsets quickly. Meanwhile, Android has a ton of different forms due to manufacturers putting in their bloatware at all times and we have to wait months for an upgrade if it ever comes.

        The only issue I had with BB was speed, slow as hell but still got the job done nonetheless. Now I have fast, but unstable.

      • sean

        @vibrant addict. amen. i have a nexus and vibrant, but use my bold. it is the most functional and fastest of the 3 when it comes to opening/switching apps/messaging….. plus battery life is easily 3 times longer.

  • Laz

    The pics show OS 6.0

    • Dan

      No they don’t, that’s OS 5

    • steven

      No it’s not

  • NiiDiddy

    Nothing impresses me about BBs anymore. Nothing! but I do like the Torch…with Tmobile would carry it ;). Oh well…

  • liljamaica

    hum i need to check out the specs but its looks beautiful

  • DjECast

    does that say RIM 9408 Krapper? lol j/k BB fans

  • monicooo

    I for one am excited. Been waiting for years to get a bb

  • BlackHawk

    BB Curve 8320 was the absolute best phone I have ever used, with my Pearl 8120 a close second. 3G BB at a reasonable price…this might be my next one.

  • phoneking13

    I’m getting one for my fiancee… the purple one. :)

  • somebody

    yet another blackberry i will look at in t-mobil stores and think ‘why would anyone want this’. Sure enough some business guy wont feel cool because all his friends can BBM each other and he cant. All i can say to blackberry is sell as many phones as you can while people are still buying because it wont last.

  • Getreal

    There is a reason there stock has been getting hammered. BB is very outdated and they have done too little too late.

  • deceptivesmiles

    Only thing RIM has goin for their BB’s is BBM, once someone successfully ports that to other devices, it’ll be a sad day for RIM

    • tmoforsho

      Blackberry is the most reliable phone. Its true that the web browser sucks. But making a phone call messaging and navigation thru the phone is the best. Blackberry will always be used. Battery life is awesome and it is simply reliable. Android is great but its not as reliable as blackberry. Emails and bbm and text is all better. Its a better messaging phone. If they had a Android-like browser it would be game over. I think it would be cool if RIM made a phone similar to the charm body style (large keys and larger touchscreen no slide) with OS 6!

      • tmoforsho

        And BBM will never leave blackberry. No one else will ever get it.

  • monicooo

    I wonder, is the dissasembly the same for this phone as is for the 8520

  • I really wish BlackBerry would stop making low end phones and bring back the glory they used to have. They need to get back in the game and statre meking the best smartphones on the market. I think they really dont know what to do right now. Google android is picking up pace and it seems that RIM is out of ideas. BB phones are high tech business solution. They need to continue to focus on that market and people everyware will want a BB.