Motorola Charm Video Reviews

Courtesy of Mobileburn

This isn’t the first video review we’ve seen for the Motorola Charm and the general consensus is that T-Mobile and Motorola put together a sharp little phone with an average screen.  I think this safe to say that the introduction of this phone won’t detract from the attention the G2 will receive, but it might be a nice little introduction to the Android platform for T-Mobile customers.

We’ll update this post as more video reviews come online!



  • Claude

    This is not for me, but maybe someone else will like it.

    • RolloC84

      I think it’s a great teeny-bopper phone. I too am looking for something a little more high end for my media enjoyment. I seriously question the support this phone will get from Motorola after the Cliq/Backflip debacle though. :S Who knows. Maybe they will right the wrong on their future devices.

  • Paul

    I agree that it’s not a phone for me. But the phone is an awesome entry level device for people wanting to get into the smartphone and android realm. The extended battery makes for a long usage life, a huge plus in my book.

    Looking forward to seeing more entry level android devices priced similar to this CHARMing phone.

  • Claude

    If I want a Blackberry, I will get a Blackberry, not a Blackberry look-alike with questionable support.

  • Shawn

    David, two articles nearly back to back that start with “This isn’t the first…”? I started to think I was reading the same post ;)

    I owned a Cliq, and prior to the Cliq my last Motorola phone was a Razor. The Razor was a very popular phone, so this time around when it came time to purchase a new phone, I had no problem going back to Motorola and purchasing a Cliq. I believe Moto’s call quality beats any other handset I’ve tried, but their support is terrible. So terrible that I sold my Cliq out of frustration over not hearing from them about receiving an OS upgrade. The Cliq was almost instantly outdated running 1.5 as developers began supporting and manufacturers began shipping 1.6 and higher, leaving the Cliq without access to so many market apps, including Google Navigation.

    Promised updates, only to be pushed back and now apparently abandoned will prevent me from buying any other Motorola phone. As Claude said, it’s not for me, but perhaps someone else. I would just warn that someone else not to expect any update to Froyo.

  • Going_home

    I think this phone will do well for TMO. Its not for me but but I still say it will do well. :)

  • ceas

    My sister and her husband just got two of these… I laughed when I saw them… This phone sucks, but I guess for android noobs it will do…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I hope you did not laugh to their faces. That would be really rude and asshatish.

  • NiiDiddy

    Extra/Extended battery?!? That’s the bomb!! About the only thing that’s the bomb on this phone. I think this phone will do well regardless…I love the concept, form factor and making it work with Android. Not for me…but it will work for someone.

  • Fish

    i hope sales fail

    because i hate motorola

    because i have a cliq

  • Come on folks, this is a world of diversity and we have all types of users that require diversity. Lets show tolerance.

  • bretttttt

    this is a nice little phone. if i was an android noob, and a tween. then i would get the charm for sure.

    nice little messaging phone not going for a high price. thats just awesome.

    but me, i gotta have the high end phone :P

    like everyone else is saying. this phone will do well. just not for me though

  • Richard

    I was wondering if anyone knew if the Charm could support NBA League Pass Mobile?

  • Motorola is Evil by nature

    “Hello Motorola Charm owners, we are sorry to announce the update to Android 2.2, otherwise known as FroYo, will be postponed until further notice, and due to our lack of support we can give you an inaccurate time frame of when the update will be due.. our first planned time frame to miss is Quarter 2 of 2011, then later Quarter 3 and early Quarter 4, and before you know it folks it will have been one wild ride and the update will plainly come when the phone itself, in this case the Motorola Charm, will no longer be shipped to your carrier. In other new, the Motorola Cliq/Cliq XT update has been pushed back to Quarter 2 of 2011 and Motorola Droid X owners will be enjoying Honeycomb within the next few weeks.” – Motorola’s next forum post in a few months.

  • Anthony

    I like the form factor and if I wanted a Crackberry I’d get one. This phone is however not a Crackberry, its a candybar formfactor Android. For mobile navigation it could be great and its cheap. Its likely not powerful enough for the newest release of Android but as long as it does the basic features most of the phones share then its not a big deal.

    I have a G1 and I like keyboards I don’t like touch screen keyboards all that much.

    • Christopher

      Dude, this is totally a crackberry. I got one about a week before the official release. I’m a former BB user and we dropped it onto the conference table and everyone passed it around and compared it to the normal curve/bold that everyone else has right now. The Charm looks like the chubby cousin.

      I’ve lost my beloved BBM and tethering, but a better apps and easier to develop for are clear benefits.

  • somebody

    As much as i hate blackberrys if i was forced to choose between the two why the hell would i get this brick ?

  • doesn’t look that bad on those videos,
    but it’s not my style either.

  • madman2

    Pretty crazy, the android community is pretty much throwing this phone in the garbage when this is exactly what the entire bb community has been waiting and wanting for the past few years…….dakota/magnum! If bb takes this phone and throws there os and name on it then it will be the end all of phones, just watch.

  • My friend likes this phone but I don’t really care for the design. I do like the fact that it comes with an extra extended capacity battery. I am constantly on the look out of r a manufacturer to do something new with their phone but the back tracker idea seems to be uninteresting. I think the totle amount of ram on the device is impresive.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well here’s how the Charm is being marketed, as a QWERTY phone for texting and keeping the family (read kids) socially connected.

  • Eric

    Yea, this phone looks like it might be hot for a month. Then it will flop!

  • Chinuflower

    motorola charm is great and i am crazy for this phone and motorola is best