Motorola Charm Reviewed On Video Thanks To Wirefly

Our friends at Wirefly just alerted me to their video review of the Motorola Charm which just went live a few moments ago. I haven’t watched it yet so I can’t say what the actual verdict is but if you’ve been looking for some more of the Charm in action, Wirefly has got you covered! This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Charm on video but this time its T-Mobile branded, so that’s got to count for something. The Charm should launch tomorrow but we know some stores already have stock so if you’ve been eagerly awaiting this phone you might want to check your local T-Mobile store and try to convince them to sell you one early.



  • Cassie

    Ok I’m starting to get depressed. What is going on with the lack of flash on phones? I don’t know about other wireless carriers but seriously, what is going on at least on T-Mobiles end? Don’t get me wrong the night mode or whatever it’s called on the Vibrant is amazing…and from the pics Ive seen it’s better than flash in some cases…But seriously. What am I missing here. Cute phone, really cute phone, and the back-track thing is nice and jazzy; however I just needed to vent about cameras on these new devices.

    • T LUV

      This phone is gsrbage.

    • Shant

      Dude, real flash player isn’t available on Android 2.1 it’s on 2.2!

      • Milenko

        He’s talking about a camera flash, not adobe flash.

  • MyNamesNotRick

    Unfortunately the more I look at this phone the more I see it’s going to be too small for my club fingers.

    I guess they really made it for teens.

    Oh well.

  • ob18

    I’ve said it before the “charm” is a good “door stop” and nothing else. After watching that I feel even more confident in it just being a “door stop”.

  • derrickps3

    nice phone for the high schoolers my brother might get it, if he likes it

  • mingkee

    Wish it had 2.2, adobe flash (I watched the video directly on nexus one), and UMA.

    • lolol

      you kidding, this phone is utter trash.

  • CC

    I like it, but it’s a bit weak. It’s good and compact, but that compromises screen size, and I’ve been spoiled by the auto-focus camera in the Cliq. I would get it if I didn’t already have my Cliq and if the price was right, like around $250 retail.

  • Matt Hatter

    Just FYI, y’all, this phone was not intended for the hardcore smartphone user or the individual who wants the strongest, fastest, amazingest phone on the market. It is designed for the teen, young adult crowd. That is what it is being marketed towards, hence the addition of it to the back to school promo. Honestly, it is a perfect device for those parents who wish their kids to walk around with a smartphone and not pay a heckofa lot of money. I like it. It has much in the way of benefits with a low price tag. Free on a 2 year contract is pretty darn good if you ask me.

    • mj

      except it isn’t free on two year contract.

      • john

        With the current back to school promo, yes, it is free.

      • TmoAsian

        But wat about that $30 data plan? That aint cheap at all.
        Plus unlimited texting for $50 and u have ur answer.

      • mj

        the data plan on this is going to make it unattractive. if I could use phone first I would buy it this week.

  • jonathan

    Yuck. I actually considered this phone til I saw it in-store. That phone feels like a step down from the Cliq and that’s not saying a whole lot.

    • adam

      Wow this is worth then the google g1 the first phone ever! For your information ppl the cliq and mytouch slide are both complitable expect the mytouch has a bigger ram and faster processor. I stay with my droid and cliq until t-mobile come out with a better phone or i get htc merge in christmas from verizon.

      • adam

        Wow this is worst then the google g1 the first phone ever! For your information ppl the cliq and mytouch slide are both complitable expect the mytouch has a bigger ram and faster processor. I stay with my droid and cliq until t-mobile come out with a better phone or i get htc merge in christmas from verizon.

  • mj

    it would sell well with phone first data. it will sell poorly with android data.

    • pdxgarcon

      Agree. If I have to pay the $30 data plan, I’d opt for a better specs phone, even if I have to pay a bit more upfront.

  • umaluver


    • Michael

      So No UMA? Anyone….? Hello?

  • bing bang

    I would want a ‘simple’ android like this (that comes with 2.1) if you know what I mean. Just not in this form factor.

  • Barry

    Data plan is said to be $15 for this phone. One thing I’m curious about is, David does T-Mobile ever send you guys tester phones so you can do reviews and what not? If not that’s crazy. I know you guys don’t officially work for T-Mobile but you do great work for them and us keep us in the loop with everything T-Mobile.

  • mindo

    This phone is awesome, i’ve had it for a week now on telus and it is excellent. My last phone was a nexus one and blackberry 9700, this phone combines the best of both in one. Ya its a little slower than my n1 and ya the screen is even lower res than my bb, but is infinetely more usable than the n1 because of the physical keybd, and to get the full android experience u need a physical kybd. This is a good phone don’t be afraid to buy it.

    • going_home

      What about the track pad on the back ?
      Thats got to be incredibly hard to get used to if its even possible to get used to it.
      I like the super phone stuff, this isnt one, but I think it will do well for TMO.


  • Yea Right

    Cassie stop being so cheap and buy a camera if you want a flash!

  • Rob

    After watching this review im going to try and complain to t-mobile and get this to replace my cliq until my phone upgrade in december. I honestly think Motorolla has no plans on updating the cliq. At that time I’ll look for a more powerful phone.

    After which it will be a good back up phone. I’m a big fan of the back trackpad, depending on how usable it actually is.

  • Stanly

    I dunno what the huge issue with the Cliq is. Yes I’m upset it’s not updated but I love it. It’s a solid phone (part of the reason I got it) and I love motoblur…makes Android much easier to use and the social integration is excellent. I got it to replace my myTouch 3g cuz I hated that slow piece of crap.

    So I don’t understand the issue with the Cliq. The Charm will be a fine phone for its demographic.

  • mingkee

    I had opportunity to try a REAL unit at corp store.
    The screen is horrible. Not just lower resolution, but it’s pretty washed out like old-style LCD (not TFT).
    The touchpad on the back is hard to control. I wish the hover speed can be adjusted.
    The keyboard is bad for those who have big thumbs and no fingernails.

    In short, this phone is really bad.

    • Patrick

      I actually did a mini review of this phone in the forums and my biggest complaint was the LCD. It’s RIDICULOUSLY low quality. And the keyboard will definitely be hard to use for someone who has “fatter” fingers. Other than that, it’s not TERRIBLE in my opinion though. It’s NOT going to attract the BB crowd like I’d originally thought. It will attract only teenagers who want a touch screen phone, but who’s parents don’t want to pay $200 for one. People talk about the data plan, but parents used to pay $25/month for their kids sidekick data plans. So what’s an extra $5?

  • Stephanie

    Sighs…that phone is ugly. The screen resolution is awful and why not include a flash for the camera??? I can’t wait to see a video review for the G2 that will be available soon.