BlackBerry 9300 In All Its Dummy Phone Glory

It was just yesterday that we were able to bring the first confirmed release date for the Blackberry 9300 to grace the T-Mobile lineup.  In just a few days you’ll be able to own this Smokey Violet or Graphite Gray follow up to the Blackberry Curve, my absolute favorite phone of all time.  I have to say that when this phone was first announced by T-Mobile, it was stated that it was Blackberry OS 6 supported but it’s releasing with 5.0.  I’m having a hard time recommending the purchase of any Blackberry right now without an assured date on a 6.0 launch.  I suppose knowing it’s around the corner is comfort for some, even if around the corner means early next year.  Still, Blackberry makes one hell of a device even if they aren’t your cup of tea any longer. A few more pics and a confirmed picture of the release date follow.

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