Motorola Announces Updated Android Dates For Cliq/Cliq XT

It was just the end of June when Motorola announced its delay in Android updates for both the Cliq and Cliq XT. To say that some of you were upset would be putting it mildly. The lack of communication between Motorola, T-Mobile and those that owned these devices incensed some of you particularly with the debacle of the Behold 2 update from Samsung fresh in your mind. Well Motorola has decided to be a little more upfront this time rather than waiting till the last minute to update the status of the desired Android 2.1 update. The late Quarter 3, early Quarter 4 timeframe means pretty much anytime from September through October is the likely target. At this point, we wouldn’t ask anyone to hold his or her breath on this release schedule though. I suppose at the very least, this time Motorola was a little more proactive in updating their customers. Maybe they liked my editorial?

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  • Jay

    LOL…. I can’t believe it, My Nexus One has been running 2.2 for months now and these devices still don’t even have 2.1


    • Amanda

      Bad thing is we are still running 1.5 which makes a good portion of the market undownloadable.

      • JackRussell

        Worse than undownloadable. There are many broken apps in the market because developers don’t bother to test 1.5 any more..

    • telos104

      Ultimately this becomes a Google/Android problem…the very thing people like about Android is the one thing that hinders it.

      • Nick

        How? It’s the manufacturers taking so damn long to make drivers and their stupid customized software compatible with later versions.

        Do you know how long it takes most developers to make their software compatible? Just days after the source is released…

    • Ohsnaps

      i sold mine last month..too late im gettin the G2!

    • Trill

      You mean the now offical developer phone for Android lol. Its not a fail and you seem to just be talking out the other end with nothing other than a lame point and this is what custom UI will get you so with the next release of Android (Gingerbread) the UI will be redone completly so hopefully this will halt the need of anything other than stock although its not at all gonna kill it probably but again not the point.

  • Hurry..

  • rev2redlineguy

    Thank God I sold my Cliq and bought the Vibrant when it came out on the 15th. From a support standpoint, Motorola is pretty much slapping themselves in the face because of the lack of communication and stick-it-to-the-consumer attitude that they have been giving their customers. I don’t see myself purchasing any future product from them especially if it has any of their UI’s on them because this gives them an excuse to say “oh, well because of this and that we are taking more time to ensure you get the best experience from your device” when in reality they are really saying “hahahahaha sorry suckers, we got you and your money so you are pretty much SOL!” Yeah, the last laugh isn’t going to be to the customers but to you Motorola….you will see!

  • 30014

    I haven’t used a moto phone in at least 5 years and this entire update debacle guarantees it will be another 5 years before I use another one. Motorola is Verizon’s personal little bitch and they don’t try to hide it.

    • pororo

      “Motorola is Verizon’s personal little bitch and they don’t try to hide it.”

      Agreed! Couldn’t put it any better!

  • mikeeeee

    at this point i could care less.

    all i have to do is pull the sim card, pull the sd card and factory reset it, take the 2 cards put them in my next ANDROID device log on to google and upgrade the old fashioned way.

    i really like my cliqXT but, i have been buying and upgrading since 2002 and i got a bucket full of phones i just revived a nokia6301 because it has great UMA.

  • shiingon2010

    motorola suxs they only care about there stupid, droid x.. with verizon but o well thanx good i dont have the cliq.. or the xt..

    • davidohio

      Thanx good you don’t have a cliq?????????

  • F.T.

    Got the CLIQ with the understanding that it was going to be updated, In the mean time switched to none motorola tired of the big lie.

  • DannOfThurs

    i got a cliq as a warranty repair on G1 with the understanding an update is coming soon. i use this phone heavily for work, hence the KB. as of this announcement i am callin CS and try to get another phone w/o affecting my current state.

    looking forward to G2.

  • mtnman

    Well I for one will be glad that they finally will update my Cliq. But that being said I’m not going to buy any Motorola’s anytime soon. After the debacal with my Cliq. I’ve been burned by Motorola phones at least 3 times. I’ve told the story here on how my Cliq had to be replaced at least 2 times. 3 phones in all, and the fact that when I got it I was told by a CC rep at the time it would be updated.

    And the last straw was at the last min Moto said “Oh by the way” and they would still like me to buy more of thier phones. Trust is earned, not just “Oh forget about what happed last time, we’ve got some really cool phones out now come’on and buy them”! I don’t think so.

  • TS37820

    By the time Motorola updates there software to Android 2.1. Android 3.0 will be running on the more recent devices. Motorola Sucks!

    • tmogeek

      hahahahahahaha………the laughter hides the tears…………so true

  • Dewman4life

    When the charm is released, it will be 3 to 4 weeks and then the upgrade for these devices will be out.

  • *d.*

    QUESTION: The MyTouch is basically an Android developer phone running stock Android, right? So why still on 1.6?

    • LSxChevelle

      Because htc has to make it work for the myTouch specifically…it’s not just a here is 2.2 people. Plus they have to work with t-mobile to add the genius button feature the slide has.

  • Peter K

    Buying the cliq was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made as a cell phone owner. I purchased it last year when it first came out and I e had nothing but complaints from the awful battery life to the random restarts to the second to last firmware update that crippled my phone so that the only way I could even use it without stupid ammounts of lag was to delete all my text messages. My girlfriend who works for tmo warned me about buying motorola products and she ended up being right. Even when this phone gets upgraded the processor is only 500 MHz so odds are it will still run like crap. I am past my upgrade date so I think I’m gonna go take a look at the vibrant and see if I can get used to not having a keyboard. This experience has taught me that you should never wait for future features on a current phone. If you want 3.0 then wait for a 3.0 phone instead of hoping for an update

  • Shawn

    I feel bad for you guys, none of you should have to go through this. You paid good money for a product, and you deserve support for that product.

  • firebird

    I’m defending them. But…both updates Motorola has done for the Cliq (Blur updates I know) have caused bricking when first released. As in, they caused phones to be wiped and refuse to load up AT ALL. Apparently, Motorola has some issue with updates. I am a little afraid to download any update from them, to be honest. I’m not saying that makes the delay ok, but they may really be having stupidity caused technical issues.

  • Jeff

    I was able to find a leaked copy a few months ago just searching on google. It actually ran really good with the 2.1 update but I still deleted the motoblur widgets even with them being resizable now. As happy as I was, mine had keyboard issues (unrelated to update) so I sold it, but I think having 2.1 helped it sell faster.

  • As much as this sucks for Cliq users, I really feel bad for the Desire owners out there. That phone is only 5 months old (launched in March), and was advertised by Megan Fox in a bathtub, so I’m sure Verizon sold lots of them. And yet it’s on the “no 2.1 update” list. So all these poor people, who aren’t even 6 months into their contracts, are stuck with a phone that will never be upgraded. That royally sucks.

    • Not Desire, my bad. I of course meant Devour. No confusion intended. :-)

  • The only updates moto wants to put out is for high end devices. As a cliq owner I have seen the horror of buying a low end device and feel bad for anybody else looking into buying another from moto. Never buying another motorola product again. I’m gonna go work at a T-Mobile store and point people away from their devices so they don’t have to go through what I did.

    • JackRussell

      But how do you know something is high-end or low-end? Not on the basis of pricing – you pay the same either way.

      You have to dig deep into the specs and then try and figure out what’s relevant. But even then – the manufacturer might suddenly demote you to low-end and then you are done.

  • timmyjoe42

    I loev my Cliq and can’t wait for the update. Ever since I found the app which was cutting my battery life in half, it is so much more usable.

    • vegaspimp

      Ignorance is bliss……..

    • atlantian

      what app was that?

  • mingkee

    It’s way too late now. Noboby would buy motosh*t anymore.

  • Gary A.

    This is why I started rooting my phone… -.-

  • Jonathan:Brazil!

    T-Mobile said that the MyTouch 3G’s would be getting an update around august. It is now august 22 and still no update. I am getting very annoyed with their lack of concern to their earlier Android devices! I think i will end up rooting.

    • LSxChevelle

      Lack of concern? They were going to do 2.1 but decided to wait for 2.2. That is worth the wait in my opinion. If they would have done 2.1 they probably wouldn’t do 2.2 as well sure to the cost of the work involved. So with 2.2 the little old mt3g will benefit from flash player and mobile hot spot. And there was an initial slow down I hear between google and htc with code.

      • Trill

        Wrong! Mytouch won’t get certain features like live wallpapers, hotspot, future updates and flash 10.1

        This is why you do not buy low end android phones cause the specs are lower and not to mention the chip inside the older phones don’t support it so broadcasting a wireless signal is out of the question and you can almost bet your life that carriers will remove wifi hotspot or charge for it but usb modem looks to work except verizon but there are apps in the market for that.

        if you want flash then its gonna be either 550mhz OMAP processor which has its own GPU or 1ghz Snapdragon or Hummingbird processors memory is coming along and T-Mobile may finally get some nice Android phones but got tired of waiting so got a Nexus One also picked up a Vibrant

      • john

        @trill, no hotspot??? Can’t suport it??? That’s funny, my rooted mt3g seems to handle broadcasting wifi pretty good.

    • jabombardier

      I got a firmware update today. My phone runs faster and the sync problems have stopped.

    • Yyevo

      Actually, TMo said “soon” not August for the MyTouch update.

  • poopman

    dont worry moto will again come out with a new message saying the update will come out Q1 of next year.

  • Devan

    I have the cliq and I used the leaked 2.1 update that came out a few weeks back. You dont even have to root your phone. Just google Rsd lite and connect your phone and flash the update file to it. Now I can enjoy the 2.1 Android Market and my phone is moving faster than it was before. I am going to buy the vibrant next week or I may just wait for the G2 and compare to see which is better. After the Cliq, no more Motorola phones for me.

  • Mooch

    Actually, what will happen is sometime in late September / early October we will get a message from Motorola stating that after months of testing, they have determined that the Cliq/Cliq XT is not upgradable. Followed by the same spiel about how some issue conflicts with hardware and it would infringe upon customers having the most optimized experience. We’re terribly sorry but we thank you for being a loyal Motorola customer and invite you to stay tuned for exciting upcoming devices soon to be announced, etc.

    The letter pretty much writes itself.

    Bottom line: If you aren’t on Verizon, don’t ever buy a Moto.

    18 months and counting until I’m qualified to upgrade from my Cliq XT. Oh boy! [/sarcasm] F**k you very much, Moto.

    • mtnman

      You mean what they want to say is “Thanks for being a Chump, and keep buying our phones and anyting else that’s made by us”.

    • PopArtist

      There’s a leaked official 2.1 Blur out there so you can’t say it’s not upgradeable. I have finally gotten tired of waiting so just “upgraded” my Cliq using the leaked 2.1 non-root method, and it’s working OK, it’s nice to have the fuller Market available again.

  • AdrianXT

    I agree with you Mooch… LOL! Thats really how they gone say that too. LOL!

    No more Moto for me since Im not on Verizon.. Until late Q3/early Q4 of 2011, or if I get a new phone (whichever comes first), I will have to make the best out of my outdated antique device.

  • mtnman

    Anyone remember the original Matrix movie? Neo sitting in the interorgation room with Smith, and Neo says “How about I give you the finger, and you give me my phone call”. Well Moto is telling us thier going to give us the finger and we’re not going to get a phone call or update for that matter.

  • tmogeek

    another reason to run vanilla android….you can find fault with the N1, but at least it has 2.2 and gingerbread is just around the corner. Let’s hope xda devs can deliver plain old android to replace sense, motoblur, etc.

    • Yyevo

      I just wish you could remove the manufacturer skins like Blur. Imagine how horrible the PC would be if every PC manufacturer skinned Windows with whatever they wanted. Hell, we’d probably all still be using AOL dial-up because they would have an exclusive agreement with HP and Dell.

  • Ryan

    Oh well, too little too late. I rooted my cliq a while ago, and now I’m moving to an N900.

  • andrew

    Prepare to wait until Q2/Q3 of 2011! I kicked my cli

  • andrew

    Prepare to wait until Q2/Q3 of 2011! I kicked my cliq to the curb and will never buy a UI tweeked Moto again. Cant wait till the G2!

  • Charles Xavier

    I had a Cliq for about three months due to breaking an uninsured Bold 9700…I couldn’t use or download many of the better apps, but I kept reading about a supposed update. It didn’t have 1.6 so no Google Nav, but I kept reading about an update. Well it never happened and looks like it never will.

    Luckily I sold that POS and switched to Verizon for the Droid X, which was the best decision I ever made. Not only do I have a high end phone, but I have 3G data every where and have yet to drop a call, something T-mobile specialized in for me recently.

  • Magenta Magic

    I bought TWO Cliqs back in Feb ’10, that’s after waiting several months after the initial launch. In Dec ’09, there was a promise of “updated Android” (then 1.6)… here we are late Aug ’10 and the phones are still where they were. (Well, technically, MY Cliq was sold and I went to the myTouch Slide, and now 4 days into a Vibrant.)

    I feel sorry for my wife using the Cliq. She’s happy because she doesn’t really care one way or the other — what she uses on it works. But she’s happy with a device that has not lived up the promises. And, as much as it pains me, but I agree — I will never purchase another Motorola device. Ever. Should have learned my lesson back in the day with the RIZRs.

    The myTouch Slide (by HTC) didn’t live up to all the hype IMHO. With five coworkers all using the same phone and all having lag, connectivity issues, dropped calls, misplaced texts, et al., it’s hard to say “Oh, a reset and new SIM card will fix you right up!” No, sadly, it doesn’t. Even a warranty replacement didn’t fix it for me.

    Admittedly, I jumped on the “ooo shiny” bandwagon when I got the Vibrant. But I haven’t regretted it! This phone has certainly met and exceeded expectations.

    Moral of the story: Go Vibrant. Forget Motorola. Be patient with HTC (they’re normally top notch!).

    • vegaspimp

      bahahaha….you purchased 2 cliqs….that is funny……

    • Marc

      So you basically knew what you were getting yourself into it seems.

  • Do you honestly believe Motorola would have pulled this with Big Red (VZ)? Ofcourse not… But T-Mo should make it right with their disgruntled Cliq customers by MAKING Motorola give them a justified incentive with upgrading those angry to their new device releasing ‘The Charm’ that should set things straight.

    • jeff

      acording to TMO there are no disgruntled cliq owners. just call customer service and complain, they will tell you you are the only one with an issue. total denial.

  • Rifleman

    Android 2.1 is nice ……. but Verizon already has the Droid 2 which comes with Android 2.2.

    For those willing to settle for 2nd best I guess Android 2.1 is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

  • MJ

    Well looks like T-Mobile isnt at fault, as VZW’s Devour will not see >2.0….ever.

    With this news, I will never buy a motorola product, and I pity those stuck with these toy POS android phones.

    I hope HTC will continue to support the MyTouch line and upgrade them to 2.2.

  • pjs

    Does every phone need to be upgraded to be considered a good phone? My 2007 Maxima doesn’t have keyless start bu the 2008 does, WTF Nissan why won’t you keep your existing customers happy??? Does that sound reasonable? While I understand that there are some fundamental issues with bugs, etc. I can’t imagine a reason why Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Apple, LG, or any other manufacturer should be graded on how quickly (if at all) they update the OS on their phones. My RAZR works the same today as it did when I purchased it. I’m not a blind follower and I love to have the newest features, phones, etc. but I also don’t sit here and complain about how newer phones are getting updated and mine isn’t.

    • vegaspimp

      you are comparing software to hardware…..genius! not exactly a good comparison…..

  • Mooch

    You’re comparing cars & cell phones. Why not compare apples to oranges while you’re at it? But lets play on your field for a minute here.

    So you’re 2007 Maxima does not have keyless entry. Bummer. However, when you bought the car, Nissan sent out a statement stating that they were planning on upgrading their 2007 Maxima’s with a keyless entry system. After all, the 2007 Altima’s & 2007 Sentra’s were all upgraded with a fancy keyless entry system. Hell, some of them even got sunroofs! So now you’re wondering when your 2007 Maxima will get it. Nissan sends out another press release stating that due to the way the 2007 Maxima’s were designed, the keyless entry system does not work with their design but they are still testing and hopefully will have a fix soon.

    Meanwhile, everytime you walk through a parking lot you see all those happy folks clicking away at their keychains and their 2007 Altima’s & Sentra’s headlights blinking in response. Kinda eats you up a little doesn’t it?

    So yeah, anyway, back to why I came back here to post. I see that the Dext’s in other countries are NOT getting upgraded to 2.1 Maybe I’m wrong but isn’t a Dext just a Cliq in another country?

    • JackRussell

      Correct. They are fundamentally the same phone. There may be slight differences due to frequency differences used for data and all that. And for that matter the thought comes to mind that the keyboards might be different in order to support characters used in other countries.

      It really makes me wonder if they are just leading us along with vague promises that they now have no intention of ever delivering upon.

  • mtnman

    It’s not the fact that Motorola will or will not update the Cliq, it’s the fact that when the phone was bought, it was stated that it would be. That was another incentive to buy the phone. That’s misleading. If you bought anything new on the promise by the manufacture that if you bought it, it would be upgraded in next year, you’d think that sounds pretty good. No referance to any further updates, but at least you’d get one. Well when the time comes and your promsised updated never happens, or they say right before the day it’s supposed to happen that it’s not or going to be delayed, how would you feel?

    This is with any product that you buy, if the manufacture says thier going to do it and they don’t, it ruins thier reputation. They don’t technically have to update it, it don’t state it in any contract. But it was used as a selling point to get you to buy the phone and again that’s misleading. So then when you not given what you was told you would, and they company still wants you to buy thier product.

    Ask Steve Jobs on just the anntena issue for the iPhone. Just the perceived notion of the anntena having issues put AT&T and Apple in the spotlight and even made it to congress. But this isn’t an anntena issue, it’s a promise made and promise that needs kept.

  • Bill Shy

    i use tmobile because att and verizon are more expensive and at least as bad i feel screwed by motorola but now kind of disinterested in cell phones

  • J. Edgar Hoover

    This is another great reason why “vanilla” Android is so appealing. You have all these different systems with customer software layered upon other software, that when a specific company has to release the updates, they have to test it so thoroughly.

    I expect 3 more delays. Then Motorola to ultimately advise us the updates were canceled. And then offer a $5 rebate to future Motorola products, but only after adequate proof of purchase is faxed in.

    Another great reason to root your phone. Or just buy something else. :(

  • CO_Yeti

    By the time these things get a 2.1 update 2.2 will be old news and 3.0 will be just around the corner. Why even bother at this point?

  • watbetch

    I guess some of you are forgetting about the Devour. A VZW exclusive that I actually like, but has been thrown in the same boat as the CLIQ.

    As much as I liked my CLIQ, there is no FUXKING reason for them to be taking THIS long.. august was my cutoff date. I’ve moved up to a Vibrant and I will pick up another CLIQ because I love the hardware, but this is extremely disappointing. Could they take any longer to bring us 2.1?!!!!!!!!!!

  • danny

    Will never own a motorola product ever again. They could release the greatest phone available and I wouldn’t waste my time because 6 months from release it will be the worst phone available.

  • deathsector

    im running android 2.1 and the latest version of motoblur and its really fast no lagging at all , just root your phone and stop complaining and waiting for motorola they suck … just root your devices and install a custom rom with 2.1

  • mingkee

    Not only the phones, their accessories are nothing but problems…
    Audio phase problem with S705
    Audio sudden bump upon connection with S9
    A2DP dropoff with ALL bluetooth adapters I have (Toshiba, MS, Broadcom stack…same problem!)
    I would never buy motosh*t anymore!

  • Trill

    Never buy anything based off of a promise or statement and I can honestly say shame on you. Android has taken off and as while they may have attentions on upgrading given the hardware and feature/changes in Android may not work properly with the UI or other problems may exist. Its not that easy as most if any of you have any programming experience and while devs can update there apps with the new codes once it hits source its widely difference from making all the tools available and performing test after test to make sure the code is optimized to coexist with everything in previous versions then having to make a package file which means even more testing.

  • somebody

    Would anyone even consider buying this if it had a sub 1Ghz processor i mean lets face it vibrant just seems like a more logical choice if the processor is a weak one, and knowing Tmobil it just might be…..

    my 2 cents

  • There’s an easy solution for phone manufacturers who are having problems updating their older devices:

    1. Release source code and complete specs
    2. Wait for ROM community to create new ROM with latest version and more features
    3. Kang the ROM and release it OTA
    4 …
    5. Profit!

  • mikeeeee

    6 more weeks.

  • Steve

    Exactly right…too late. The CLIQ is good, but praise Motorola for not leading customers on anymore? Weak.

  • mingkee

    motorola Android phones are the worst!
    1. slow to update
    2. hard to root
    3. dead-locked bootloader (no custom ROM)

  • hani

    Better Late than never…

  • moto sucks

    I researched this phone and the chart said 2Q. Now its almost 2011 and no update. Companies are being childish about whose not releasing the update. One thing for sure I have lost all respect for both companies. I’ve always trusted in motorola since they have been in communication forever but the poor quality of this device and customer no service. Tmobile with its constant dropped signal and 3g outs. If I wanted a crappy non 3g device I would have chosen a free phone. After my contract is up I am strictly a HTC person atleast they don’t load propriety third party os over an os. Their phones work without flaw. Also they are first to be updated.

    • Bobert

      WTF? What is Sense?

  • remixfa

    if the moto phones were slow to update, why is the droid on 2.2? lol.

    look, it sucks.. it blows, but its reality. motoblur isnt sence or touchwiz, its not a skin over android, its built into android. The reality is they cant get the darn thing to update because the system is so locked down because of the customizations. going from 1.5 to 2.1 with all the new changes is basically rewriting everything from scratch on the cliq/motoblur phones.

    Why do you think original motoblur phones no longer exist? its now what.. “philblur”? I dont think they really thought ahead with the whole “update” thing when they released the phone. It happens. There is no garuntee for an update. Dont buy a device with a promised update. If it was good enough to buy then, its good enough to use now. The lack of updating hasnt made the system worse, its still the same as when you bought it.
    Enjoy the phone for what it is, or get a new one, cuz i gots a bad feeling this phone may never get successfully updated…. at least not through motorola’s official channel.

    • Cassie

      OMG thank you! Someone who sees it the way I do! “IF YOU DON’T WANT AN OUT-DATED PHONE, DON’T BUYY AND OUT-DATED PHONE.”

      • The issue is we didn’t buy out-dated phones at the time. When I got the Cliq it was before the Droid was even released & I was an early adopter of Android+Motorola. Now, the Droid is on the verge of 2.2 and I’m still using 1.5 apps?

        The assumption of subscribing to Android devices is that they will have (a) more of an open experience (apps/tethering/content/etc) and (b) frequent updates for that experience. Motorola + T-Mobile promised us upgrades to that effect, but have not followed through. Now we’re left with the same device we bought, which could have been an iPhone or anything else that didn’t promise a continually upgraded experience.

  • Jack

    I unrooted my Mytouch in June because I was sure I would get the update. I’m now back on Cyanogenmod 6 with Froyo, because by the time they update us to 2.1 (why bother?) or 2.2, it will be totally irrelevant. Eclair came out in January; there’s no excuse to not have it on a device by now if they’re ever going to do it.

  • jon

    Just use the eclair2cliq ROM, works great for me! They are working on froyo2cliq as well.

  • Joe

    Yes, root it yourself and take matters into your own hands. Chances are it will never get updated past 2.1 by Motorla anyway. Google it.

  • Jon

    At least motorola lets its customers know what is up
    I have a MT3G we are supposed to get an update this month i dont think it will come honestly

  • George

    hurry the F&^% up Moto, you better keep your words this time… but who cares? i m switching phone anyway, the cpu is too slow and now is lagging even with 1.5….errrrr

  • danner

    Too little too late. I use my g1 more than my cliq anyways. I will NEVER buy another moto phone again. Its glitchy, poorly built, and the touchscreen is horrible. Ill be getting an HTC phone again and never look back. Ill try to sell my cliq on ebay but I doubt anyone will want the piece o’ crap. Screw moto

  • Rifleman

    Hearing that the Cliq will upgrade to Android 2.1 is enough to make my heart start racing. Never mind that the Droid 2 comes straight out of the box with 2.2.

    There is a reason why people are leaving T-Mobile like a herd of wild buffalo. For heavens sakes start giving us phones like the competition has to offer.

  • remixfa

    hey rifleman, when there is a better/stronger android phone out than the Vibrant, let me know. :) Nothing compares to its benchmarks yet, and it looks like the first phone that might is the G2, another Tmobile phone.. and this one with HSPA+ which will make it faster than sprint4g.

    Droid2 and DroidX are redesigns of old technology with good hype advertisements.

  • Dubya504

    At least Motorola thinks about their customers not like T-Maybe. T-maybe keeps you guessing and praying and hoping and wondering IF?

  • Trecia305

    I absolutely HATE my motorola CLIQ! i just ordered my Vibrant on Monday and im waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Im using my old Samsung BEHOLD because my CLIQ is such garbage! The only good thing about the CLIQ was that all of my facebook postings streamed on my homescreen…NEVER AGAIN! They could come out with a CLIQ IV for all I care, I wouldn’t get that phone if it was FREE!

  • hahaufunny

    Dubya504 you’re an idiot. Motorola has done nothing. The only reason we are getting this so called “news” is because Moto effed up last time, promising their cliq update by Q2 and on the LAST DAY of Q2 announced that they were in the “testing stages” and it wouldn’t be rolled out until Q3. Get your facts straight before supporting Moto and bashing on T-Mobile.

  • redwoodflyer

    Heads up: It’s now delayed to Q4!