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Motorola Announces Updated Android Dates For Cliq/Cliq XT

It was just the end of June when Motorola announced its delay in Android updates for both the Cliq and Cliq XT. To say that some of you were upset would be putting it mildly. The lack of communication between Motorola, T-Mobile and those that owned these devices incensed some of you particularly with the debacle of the Behold 2 update from Samsung fresh in your mind. Well Motorola has decided to be a little more upfront this time rather than waiting till the last minute to update the status of the desired Android 2.1 update. The late Quarter 3, early Quarter 4 timeframe means pretty much anytime from September through October is the likely target. At this point, we wouldn’t ask anyone to hold his or her breath on this release schedule though. I suppose at the very least, this time Motorola was a little more proactive in updating their customers. Maybe they liked my editorial?

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