Win Lots Of Phones, Free Phones Are Good Thanks To Phonedog

It’s not often we do shameless promotions here. Well, that’s not true as we have done it before but this time I’m doing it for my favorite pups, the Phonedog crew. They’ve asked for a little help in promoting their giveaway blitz of 5 phones from Pantech. I already know what you’re thinking – Pantech doesn’t make phones for T-Mobile. You’re right, they don’t, but why can’t you win this Pantech phone and use it to buy a T-Mobile phone?? That T-Mobile G2 might come with a price tag that makes selling off a free phone pretty damn enticing. So hey, don’t get all mad it’s not a T-Mobile you can win. We’re covering that aspect with our very own T-Mobile giveaway game currently featuring the Blackberry 8520! Play their game, play our game and win, and make me look good while you’re at it!

Read the rules.

Play the game.

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  • Jed Clamped

    What does first mean?

    • wp7

      it was so funny i forgot to laugh…… Jed Clamped=fail

  • tmogeek


  • ob18

    seems like a waste of time; but good luck to those who win.

  • Marc

    So would you be able to sell a pantech for enough money to buy a a g2?

    • ob18

      you’ll have to win and then find somebody to buy it to find that out.

  • Mohammad

    Don’t like the fact that you have to sign up yet for another account in order to play.

  • derrickps3

    meh, don’t care, unless it was an hourly givaway like samsung did with the behold 2. that way your chances are increased that way

  • Green Robot

    Wake me up when you start getting some interesting phones to win. I don’t feel like spending time on trying to win something that then I will have to spend more time on selling so then I can spend more time to turn into something useful for me.

  • Midori

    What’s wrong with winning free phones? I’m always checking out news on tmonews and phonedog,so I play the game for fun and a chance for a free phone. It’s a win-win!

  • sorandkairi

    was playing the game on facebook from work but…. for some reason it stop working….

    • john

      Blame the boss and big brother, they did it…lol

  • Yea Right

    Come on what kind of dumb azz idea is this?

  • wp7

    look yall. windows phone for the win. My friend TMOprophet and i will be getting windows phone 7. ay david do a article on wp7 bro. show microsoft some love.

  • Yawn


    • wp7

      you are a looser yo. get yo self sum windows phone 7 love. and get of them cricket network mayn.

  • George Cantstandya

    Perhaps if they fixed their website, more people could have a chance to win. I had been trying to register for over a week and the confirmation results in a .NET error on the server. I even tried sending an email to the webmaster which resulted in an bounced email due to invalid email address. Sounds like a great outfit to me!

  • Let me know when You guys havew more T-mobile phones to win. I dont really have the time or the nohow to sell a phone