Here We Go Again, T-Mobile and iPhone Rumors Persist

Another day, another rumor.  Yesterday we heard about merging with Sprint, but what about surpassing them?  Well, it is very possible that that could happen if this particular rumor came true.  It’s not the first time we have been on this roller coaster, but yet another analyst says the iPhone is coming to T-Mobile.  Tee Examiner’s source says “There were talks about it, then strong rumors. Then, there were problems with the carrier. But now, the iPhone will definitely be available for T-Mobile.”  Is there any reason to believe this iPhone rumor over any other iPhone rumor? Absolutely not, but it is fun to toy with the idea.  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Andrew

    Trying using different titles for your articles other then like two different words. :) Waka waka!

    • David

      I think it was intentional!! Mmmmkay!

    • Gus

      Try using the word “than” instead of “then” — then go ahead and criticize other people.

  • Noel

    The more high end devices Magenta has the better…iPhone equals more customer base. Sure the iphone will attract those who love it to Tmo. But Tmo will also do just fine w/ the upcoming Android devices

    • Eric

      T-mobile hasn’t been doing fine with Android, I think the iPhone is their best bet to actually gain on the competitors instead of falling out of contention.

      • TMoFoSho

        screw iphone and all the ignorant iphone customers! Android all day!

      • badbob001

        Yeah, but t-mobile doesn’t seem to have the pull to give Android the best hardware or publicity (I think verizon has that honor).

      • 2FR35H


        Contrary to what you believe T-Mobile is doing absolutely fine with android. They have the best variety of andriods 2nd to Verizon’s but when you factor in pricing for plans and etc the best place to get one is t-mobile. Who wants to pay extra for 4g(sprint)? who wants to pay a fortune for verizon’s service when its slower than t-mobiles? and cost an arm and two legs for the plan alone and then for the phone. AT&T has crappy varieties.

  • I’m still not gonna get it

    • cp

      i’m gonna get it, just so i can say i got an iphone…hahaha! Android still has my heart though

  • alex32

    who cares about the iphone when that beautiful G2 is coming in a couple of weeks
    for you windows mobile fans..engadget posted an article with proof that the HD3 is coming mid october. It will be called HD7 instead of HD3 though

    • Cameron

      beautiful? really? The g2 is a step up from the g1 and that’s about it. Aesthetically speaking the Vibrant and Iphone are gorgeous devices…hell, even the mytouch slide is better looking than the g2.

      That squished keyboard, huge waisted silver space on the bottom and that obnoxious looking trackpad are UGLY…ugly ugly ugly

      • TMoFoSho

        The phone isnt out yet and u are already calling it ugly. thanks for your opinion but theres a reason why u dont design phone and just hit up blogs.

      • tortionist

        And yet it will be a better device than all of them. Function over form my friend, function over form.

  • Barry

    There never ceases to be an idiotic comment @1st comment…Once again I’ll keep saying it the iphone isn’t for me but it’s good for business. So I say hurry up and bring it and lets stop with the Farve-isms on the matter lol

  • I Hope it Does. I’ve Been Usin’ It On EDGE, And it sucks. =/

  • NJ

    Guys….the iPhone WILL NOT come to Tmobile because of the rubies have been going on for about years now..GIVE UP!

  • Cesar

    I don’t want the iphone to come to tmobile. That will be the biggest sell out to android.

  • Aaron

    I could care less about the iphone I want t-mobile to get the motorola droid.

    • blablabla

      Um no other carrier is getting the motorola droid let alone tmobile. The “Droid” line of phones is specific to verizon only and it seems like motorola basically has partnered with verizon and is only producing high end androids for them. At least as of right now anyways. Every other android motorola puts out is a bunch of garbage.

      • K-Mo

        FYI – Droid is not specific to VZW…spoke with a motorola rep, they pitched the Droid X to T-Mo and T-Mo actually had the Droid X slated for release but then backed out a month before launch due to the heavy marketing of the Samsung Vibrant. Didn’t want to cross up, one strong Andro at a time.


    The Iphone is coming to T-Mobile as per a rep in the Customer Loyalty Dept. She said it will drop in the beginning of Nov. Do I believe her…I don’t know. What I do know is there is no reason for her to lie!

    • Gonzo

      She did lie. T-Mobile has not made any internal announcement to reps regarding the iphone…neither yay or nay. I am a rep at tmobile and I find out about phones from this site before I ever find out “officially.” Heck, I usually find out about phones from T-Mobile’s official twitter before I see any internal communication on phone.

      • You just say that to keep your job, don’t worry we understand :)

        Thing is, how come that screenshots that get sent to BGR, TmoNews and other sources are from T-Mobile rep screens? It’s not like CEO is going to take picture with his iPhone and send it to these sources…

        (I got T-Mo..reps behind my back too, maybe you are not looking at the right screen or don’t have permission. Ask any T-Mo Tier2 :) )

  • Hmm

    Folks, if the iphone comes to T-mobile then more of those unhappy ATT users in NYC will come onboard. Thus increasing your customer base. iPhone is one phone and one operating system. Android has multiple phones. This isn’t about which OS is better, it’s about marketing and Apple has won that war already.

    • tortionist

      And now T-Mobile is about to win it…thank you Apple. I still won’t buy an I-Phone though.

  • Miss Fitz

    These rumors are killing me! I’ve been on unlocked iPhones for years, but am finally tired of living the hackers life and recently committed to making the switch to AT&T/iPhone when my line’s contract ends in Nov. I’ve been with T-Mo since VoiceStream days (almost 10 years!) and don’t want to leave– every time this rumor pops up, it messes with my head.

    I heard that Apple’s supply chain shows evidence of them buying Qualcomm chips, which would indicate a Verizon handset. My mind would explode if they pulled a Galaxy S and made iPhone handsets available to ALL carriers. A girl can dream, right?

  • Barry

    There’s a 100% chance that the iphone will come before a droid device…moto is in bed with vzw so that will never happen.

    • Fred

      Droid isn’t moto, Droid is the name of VZW’s android devices. You will never see a droid on tmobile. Although most VZW “droids” have GSM versions you can buy unlocked (ex: moto milestone)

  • Nads

    An iPhone 4 with AWS would be welcomed and consumed by many T-Mobile’ites. They say they wont get one because they are afraid of getting their hopes up and then being let down but, if it were to come, they would be camping out to be FIRST.

    I know I would.

    iPhone + T-Mobile = #3 Carrier in the U.S. <– its simple math, really.

  • teesquared

    Cool although I’m so over it! Apple blew it! I’m loving android and my nexus one!

    • I bet money you would be the first in line :) lol!

      (PS: I got Android’s since 2007)

  • Eros

    The question is when, not if.

    • Vibrant Addict


      Finally someone understood it. haha.

      I personally welcome iPhone, more money for T-mobile = better service for me in the long run.

  • NiiDiddy

    Bring it on!!! Let’s add to the our array of smartphones!!! Let’s catapult to 2nd place :)

  • Jokester

    Did everybody miss it? Steve jobs announced the iPhone 4 on T-Mobile today, it will available in November, not!!!

  • TMoFan

    It would be a disgrace if the iPhone did not come to T-Mobile before Verizon, since the technology is the same. It would be a great addition to T-Mobile’s lineup and draw in customers, which are all good things.

  • vHatch

    20% of articles here start with “Here we go again” or “What have we here”

    • David

      I like titles like that!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well that’s not very nice to say, is it vHatch. That would be like me saying that 30% of the people in here have “borrowed” my technique of talking in unfounded/unsubstantiated percentages. ;)

      Disregard, of course, if you counted up every article on TMoNews and came up with that precise percentage. That’s impressive, but that means you have too much time on your hands, as the saying goes. :)

      All that aside, you are correct. As a writer I can attest that one of the most difficult aspects of writing on a regular basis is to NOT fall into the trap of using the same old phrases one becomes familiar and comfortable with. While we don’t notice it, readers sure do. (And the nightmare is when they complain to the publisher about all this.)

      Read any national columnist who has to publish something daily, weekly or monthly. Those who make the big money are excellent at not repeating themselves. Of course they have one or two editors helping them out, so I would not give them too much credit for their excellence in writing. My editor only corrects my grammar and at times fights with me over my wanting to keep the swear words I insterted into my articles. :)

  • In August we got visited by the Senior leadership team and they held a townhall meeting with about 500 employees filled with different markets and call centers and the Iphone subject was brought up and they completely shutdown the idea that it is not on the top of their list and they ” have no intentions on bringing the iphone to the US they want to focus on offering better value plans and bringing in more android devices” they also visited our store and we brought up the topic to them and didn’t get a good reaction so let’s call those iphone rumors a quit I would like to have it but not a possibility according to them. And for those who don’t know senior leadership it was phillip humm CEO, the VP of retail sales, VP of human resources, VP of engineering, and VP of product development along with market managers and divisional directors. You can take my word for it or not but a co-worker of mine has the townhall meeting recorded :). I can try to post.

    • David

      Yeah because the corporate CEO and his senior leadership are going to openly and readily admit to negotiations going on with any company, nevermind Apple. Not saying it doesn’t mean its not possible. Ever seen a million dollars? No? Must not exist.

    • Manny

      video or didnt happen

      • Homer

        Manny, is that the only comment you can ever make? Your an idiot and a role model for birth control!

      • Manny

        the ONLY comment i can “EVER MAKE”…? this is the 1st time i have ever said this fool. You obviously have me mixed up with somebody else.

  • philosophics

    If I walk into a T-Mobile store to pay my bill and I see an iPhone on display, I will break it.

    Enough said…

  • Gary

    I highly doubt the Iphone is coming to TMO. I only says this because there also has been many rumors about Apple buying up all the CDMA chips they can find, which points to Big Red, or Yellow.Magenta, not so much.

  • Well it is obvious that they would admit anything and I may not have seen a million dollars but I have seen a million dollar house ;)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well, as mentioned months ago, IMHO the best evidence that the iPhone will come to T-Mobile is that Herr Humm is coming to town. (He’s already running things.)

    He brought the iPhone to T-Mobile Europe, so THAT relationship is there, between Steve and Philipp, so to speak. In other words, key players are in place at T-Mobile, the decision makers who are pro-iPhone.

    In fact, I suspect that the attitude of the worker bees and management at T-Mobile is now “let’s get that damn iPhone on store shelves.” This is because that’s how the boss thinks and feels.

    As any employee with a brain knows, if the boss thinks a T-Mobile iPhone is a great idea, if you want to keep your job, you think the boss’ idea is the greatest thing since invention of the transistor. And you tell the boss that his iPhone ideas are inspired when he walks by… your cubicle. :)

    Although I have used an iPhone and don’t like it (no microSD slot, non-removable battery for starters) I want the iPhone to come to T-Mobile because it would put T-Mobile on the nightly news for at least a month beforehand. And it would catapult T-Mobile’s stature into the big time.

    Here is the pic I posted when before there was all the talk about Herr Humm:

  • redman12

    Just think about how T-Mobile pushing great plans, 42 Mbps HSPA+ upgrade lately. I’d say there is a “possibility” coming to T-Mobile.

  • Rilesman

    I forgot the chip details of the iPhone 4. Can it be modified for HSPA+? Is there any evidence of a chip purchases that support Magenta?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    TMoNews should have a contest, a pool of sorts. Entrants post the EXACT date T-Mobile and/or Apple officially ANNOUNCE the iPhone is coming to T-Mobile. (“Officially announce” is defined as a press release from Apple or T-Mobile. Nothing else counts, not an interview, whispers, rumors, postings on websites, nothing.)

    And you have to support your guess with at least three reasons why YOU think the iPhone will be coming to T-Mobile, on the date you guess. (Don’t gripe, the contest has to be somewhat challenging.)

    In the event of a tie, the winner will be the first person who submits, via the comments in here, the correct date of the official announcement (press release).

    The winner gets… drum roll please… a T-Mobile iPhone.

  • I’d buy an iPhone4 with T-mobile in the time it takes for a credit card transaction to complete – if it had the AWS band.

    • Manny

      you would buy it, huh?

  • Squeakz

    For all those iPhone haters/Android lovers…. You don’t love an iDevice until you have one… Maybe try getting one of the new ipod touch that were announced today and before you know you will be wanting to throw away your useless Android phone whatever that is HD2,vibrant etc…

  • Vision77

    I own an iphone 3g and a Nexus one on T-mo….As far as innovation and bleeding edge “open” development Android wins hands down….Ease of use, the overall UI, and OS synergy, the iphone wins….me I have been a supporter of Android from the get go because I don’t want innovation dictated to me. If an iphone did come to t-mo…I would get one and hack the shiznit out of it….but that’s just me until then bring that project emerald on…

  • =D

    With unlimited access (10gigs but slower later on) to their 3G and soon to be HSPA+ network, I’m pretty sure that Iphone in Tmo would swerve the people from ATT. Although the coverage might not entice them. If you go to their site you could see that (correct me if I’m wrong) half of U.S. is not even covered by Tmo.

  • Acaciastrain

    I don’t think there is really a debate over Android vs iOS. Android is cleary the winner.

    As a Tmo sales rep, and as a person with bills to pay, I’m for the iphone coming. It would put a ton of money in my pocket and help Tmos standing in the carrier war. Probably bump us up to second. Now if someone comes in asking for an iphone I’ll try to persuade them to an Android device, but if they aren’t having it I have no problem selling them one.

    Greedy maybe…but its good business.

  • ov1

    Ive used the i4 this weekend and o was quite impressed. Ive been with android since day one and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon but it was a nice ride with the iphone this weekend

    • Rilesman

      I actually considered iPhone with IOS4 a contender with Android…but not before.

      Since I have a deep hatred of AT&T I might not be all that objective but I think many carriers will find themselves having issues when they DO land the iPhone. Then Apple will throw the huge advertising jaugernaut in tell you that it is the wireless carrier cartel’s fault…they try so hard…blah blah blah…and you really didn’t wan that feature after all. Seriously…who ever uses two button mice anyway?

  • funkmasterC

    I hope not. Let AT&T keep that headache.

  • J

    Well.. I think the iPhone could be a interesting option. However, having just picked up the new GarminFone / Android OS, I am pretty impressed. The only reason I would potentially move to the iPhone would be because I switched to the the iPad or new MacBook Pro. Therefore the move would make obvious sense. But as many have said above the constant rumors are frustrating and quite frankly annoying. Apple’s strategy has been rather a puzzle for me anyway. Europe has the best way to deal with carriers. The U.S. is not so friendly and therefore the consumer looses out. Well only time will tell. If it comes to Tmo I will probably take a very hard look. We buy new phones roughly every 12 months… BB to Android.. and loving it. JMOs….

  • going_home

    Yay TMO IPhone ! :o

    Not for me but it would certainly be good for TMO.

    Whats good for TMO is generally good for TMO’s subscribers.


  • George

    ATT will not survive if iPhone comes to t-mobile….but who cares? go to hell ATT….everything about you basically SUX (that includes your customer service)

  • bigdank26

    I’ve never bought anything made by Apple. I originally wanted the iphone, until I found it was going to be on AT&T. There are few things on Earth worse than AT&T. But I suppose if iphone came to Tmo, I would try it out. only time will tell tho

  • truth

    Our beloved Magenta needs to stay away from the iphone and all its antenna issues. What T-mo needs to do is getting some awesome Windows Phones 7 Phones a la HD2 and TP2.

  • Joseph Singer

    Through all these comments no one has mentioned whether the iPhone that is supposedly coming to T-Mobile has the AWS band. If it doesn’t what’s the point? Sure it will work on EDGE but EDGE in’t 3G.

    • Yemi

      And you think Apple will not sell the iphone that will properly support T-mobile 3g or HSPA+?

      I personally think the iphone is going to all cell phone companies. Its a matter of time. And sorry folks, Apple releases iphones every year and even IF it will come to T-mobile or another company, its not gonna be any sooner than next year summer. Thats just the Apple iphone cycle

  • Chris

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. [snort, snorgle, snoffle] Huh? What is it? What? iPhone coming to Tmobile? Yeah, right… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • APlayerfromtheHimalya

    Maybe we are missing the point here. iPhone on TMobile is not a bad thing. make the company look more attractive. T mobile/Att/Verizon have money to spend, but ONLY T mobile has the cash to invest in iPhone technology, without affecting the bottom line.

    I think it’s coming to all of the carriers. IMHO. Suddenly apple is a very good phone company, not just a solid OS maker. Nokia/RIM are in trouble. If this occurs, bye, bye dreams of the n8, hello iPhone (I want to keep a front facing camera like on my current phone)

  • marie

    If it comes to t-mobile I wont mind, but seriously people you are buying in to apple branding and marketing. In the years the iphone has been out its been a slow progression nothing major changes. Android has been out almost 2 years and has continues to grow rapidly. Who knows what android is going to do in another 2 years….I’ll pass thanks

  • don

    i have been a loyal tmo customer since 2001. i would never switch to att. i have used the iphone 3g for almost two years and i was very happy with it. i currently own a samsung vibrant thinking it would replace my iphone. i gave it a shot and i have to say i still love the iphone os over android. the hardware that apple gives is second to none. my samsung vibrant claims it has a 1ghz processor but my iphone 3g is even faster and much more stable. the only downside is to having an iphone is the data speed i pick up. if only the 3g would work on it in our network.moreover the android market is full of useless apps.

  • gDos

    Can’t get it fast enough!
    Had unlocked Aussie iPhone on TMo and got a Vibrant for some dumb reason.
    A shiny display does not equal two trump cards.
    Android is more open, yet sloppy compared to OS4.
    iPhone, iPhone, iPhone!

    • just some dude

      Sloppy? I guess people like sloppy phones, because the numbers suggest that Android is kicking all kinds of Apple ass. 200,000 activation a day, its been real Apple.

      Android owns the iPhone, soon the world.

  • ctk

    i had been an idevice user for 2 years first with the itouch 2nd gen and then last year with an iphone 3g on tmo. this year, i bought a vibrant on launch day. know how long it took me to adjust to android and take to the platform?

    3 hours.

    i think android is much superior to the iphone firmware (i refuse to call it ios). and i played around with the iphone 4 after it came out. i don’t like it. i would never get one, in part because i don’t like apple, and also because of the magic spot that steven jobs christ (hallelujah) refuses to rectify. pushing a defective product to the masses is one thing. pushing a knowingly defective product on the masses and then refusing to fix the issue when the defect has been made public tells me all i need to know about the quality of the product and the guy at the top.

    that being said, i hope the iphone does come to t-mobile. there are a million already on the network and there’s a tech support section for iphones already. people are sick of at&t and their iphone plans. it can only make things better for t-mobile if they do pick it up.

  • cellswag

    Iphone on tmobile wouldn’t hurt it can only help may even get the att people to jump ship. Android on tmo is a fail because say you buy the G2 or mytouch hd your just going to be kick yourself in the ass when verizon and sprint come out with 3 more phones in the next 6 months that are better then w.e tmo has for the next year. Its sad.

  • Rilesman

    Wonder if many speculations about iPhone exclusivity came from or will come from the information available in this article from Wall Street Journal (saw it form Engadget).

    I don’t think the dates would coincide between T-Mobile Germany and AT&T US but you never know.

    For the record, I think NOT having iPhone before or at the same time as any other carrier would spell death for T-Mobile. They must get it for viability of keeping customers and NOT losing market share in the future. Me personally…sticking with Android.

  • Tophat

    I was dying to get the I-phone but never having a smart phone I was letting technoligy get to far ahead of me so I decided to get the vibrant. I have friends that have the I-phone and the vibrant does all that the I-phone can and android has more apps than I need….yes the GPS has some minor glitches but it still gets me where I want to go…..over all a GREAT phone/computer/GPS/organizer and more…’s does more than I need and is fun helpful and addictive…go vibrant..go T-mobil..

  • Ohgeez

    I’m a TMO rep and although I’m not a big fan of the iPhone, I would welcome the new business/customers. I’m a BB and Android fan. I’ve spent days and days with an iPhone and yes there are lot of apps…. but I just dont care for the phone very much.

  • Crackberry fan here. how about the OS 6 for the bb9700 or are you getting another phone

  • T-mar2u

    If they are going to do, lets get it over with. We have been waiting for this to happen since 09′, and personally this is getting kind of old! This is the US of A, so I’m not sure how they are getting away with this monopoly anyway!!! Just my opinion…

  • Topdawg

    If you remember the cult of Mac rumor that is enough for me but this is helping me on my thoughts on iPhone to tmobile it’s obvious it’s gonna be done no doubt I have unlocked 3GS right now so I can’t wait for the 4th on tmobile

  • Rockyglass

    I’m not surprised T-mobile USA may sell the Iphone. It is already on sell in the UK on Tmobile. In fact, they’re selling the Iphone 4 now.

  • You know I Do believe that this will happen because it just makes since. Why? For one like Rockyglasses said T-mobile is already a seller of the iPhone in the UK so why not in the US? and second Apple needs to make a move like that in order to compete with Google. If they stay proprietary to AT&T then Google will crush them.

  • JOhndeere


  • mskelbel

    The UK has the same frequency as AT&T here- 1900MHz. The Frequency in the US for 3G is 1700 MHz. Unless the iPhone has just not listed it as an available frequency, it will take time to get the iPhone4 compatible with the T-mobile network. It will work on EGDE, but it’s not like you get a cheaper rate for not using 3G service. I personally would love to have an iPhone 4 with my T-mobile plan. I have problems with reception in certain buildings too, but none of the other top US carriers have unlimited data plans at a price near T-mobiles if they even have an unlimited plan at all.