Are The HTC Shubert, HTC HD3 And HTC HD7 The Same Device?

A trusted source dropped off a piece of info a few days ago which we’ve been wanting to get up but when we saw an article this morning over at Engadget, it peaked our curiosity even more. This one goes out to all you Windows Phone 7 fans who are looking to see what phone Magenta might be picking up to deliver the brand new Windows Phone goodness. Turns out the HTC Shubert, already rumored for T-Mobile since the days of the leaked roadmap also has another name, perhaps just internally but nonetheless can also be called the HD3 or HD7. The HD3 will be the successor to the HD2 but the HD3 and HD7 are indeed the same handset, the HTC Shubert. We’re assuming, like Engadget is surmising that the change in number is purely symbolic to match with the Windows Phone 7 launch.  Our sources are telling us that these phones are definitely the same and likely the phone we’ve already seen on video and in Mr. Blurrycam images. As always, this info is subject to change, denial, deletion and fabrication but we trust our source. Look for this device to drop sometime in November.

The HD7 name becomes more believable with the above image showing off the name supposedly in an internal system for international carrier O2.

Image courtesy of Engadget

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  • Ty

    HD7 = Project Emerald

    • David

      No, I don’t think so…stay tuned for our next story!

      • ItsAllNoise

        Ooo a teaser. Stay tuned!

      • jdog

        I want MOAR ;)

      • John

        How long till the next story breaks? :)

      • J-Hop2o6

        @David – did u see the news i submitted to u about that Motorola Defy phone thats “rugged” just like the Motorola Jordan u posted a week ago?

    • J-Hop2o6

      I think the HTC HD3/7 (stupid to skip 3 to 7 just because of WP7, smh) is separate from the HTC Shubert.. Shubert was only a 3.7″er right? and the HD series is in the 4.3″ area.. so thats debunked/solved.
      and the HD3/7 will NOT be Project Emerald, which was already shown to be an Android phone.

    • phonegeek

      @jdog okay lestat lmao

    • 2FR35H


      Project Emerald is an Android Device.


    I’m all over the hd7

  • jonathan

    This is way off topic but I figured someone might have some valuable insight.

    As much as I hate Motorola right now, does anyone think this is that possible water resistant handset? I was thinking it would be more Motorola i1-like but if this is it… Well, hmm… Funny how similar it looks to my Vibrant though.

  • going_home

    Windows 7 = :(

    Android = :D

  • somebody

    Im not diggin the G2 or my touch hd from what out so far… \

    so here is my last shot at staying with tmobil im tired & 6 years of loyalty is enough

    HD7 HD3 w/e it better be good or im gone.

  • @twiddajones

    I am interested to find out what the HTC pink could be. Anyone else??

  • Cheato

    Not really……..but I am interested in blackberry prepaid. Does this mean tmobile is opening up data for prepaid other than sidekicks? There has to be new plans coming out.

  • NiiDiddy

    we dont have pics yet, do we? just the name for now…right?!?

  • justin

    fyi (not to be a grammar curmudgeon, seriously, just “fyi”) as far as i know, it’s “piqued our curiosity / interest” not “peaked”

    • MattB

      You are correct…. it’s one of my pet peeves, along with ‘mute’ point instead of the correct ‘moot’ point.

  • big Jake

    Respect yo!!!, & yeah Im feel’n the HD3/7… mos def

  • efjay

    The leaked device from a few weeks ago doesnt look like an “HD” class device, the original HD and the HD2 were both unique in their own way, the HD was HTC’s first big screen device and the HD2 continued that trend with an even bigger screen. The leaked device with what looks like a 3.7″ screen doesnt fit the mould to be called the HD3. Screen’s too small plus it looks like crap, tons of wasted space and tacky chrome bezel.

  • San Diegan

    The information “piqued” your interest. Not “picked”.

    Sorry, I just had to make the comment.

  • cambio

    I wanna know what all those other devices are on that sheet…are those all supposed to be tmo phones? Doesnt seem right

  • Danny ( T-mobile rep )

    Look I’m with everyone else where as I will yet to believe that the HTC Shubert is the HD7. The screen is a little on the small side to be the next hd-anything but I dunno it’s just a video and it could be 4 to 4.3 inches and I just cant tell which if it is it would be amazing. To be honest I’m tired of android (YEA I SAID IT)it’s over run with lame phones and hype and I have had tons of problems with ALL my android phones. To list a few, and act as if you never had these problems. The G1 slow as balls point made, the my touch just froze constantly, the cliq….. lets not talk about that but more about the newer phones, the My touch slide boots me out of the web browser constantly and is forever unlinking my Facebook contacts as well as the music player never loads up the right album art fast enough always takes a second ( which is by far the most important thing on my phone, the music player)i can’t send a message out if one is coming in i get a MESSAGE FAILED text and swype just feels terrible compared to the galaxy s. Speaking of which my galaxy s kept deleting my contacts and I PROMISE to anyone who has the vibrant do the following and u will get the same results. Turn the screen brightness to full in settings and turn off auto dim timer and power saver then go to home and keep dragging down the notification bar. Like tough the notification bar and let it go almost and I do mean ALMOST immediately and tell me your screen doesn’t go back dim for some reason and in the settings it doesn’t show the bar dragged back down. Something I can bypass and forget sure but something annoying on a 500 dollar phone YES and I work for T-Mobile lol. So leads me to my point I love my Zune Hd, and I am a recently converted Mac to windows 7 fan which my Zune plays great with. Give me a Zune phone and I will be the happiest man alive AKA win phone 7. So to all u android/iPhone loving fans I say, Please do not but a win phone 7 or let it catch on so when u come into my store saying.. There is a problem with my phone I can look u in the eyes and say oh yea i know why…. Because Its an Android phone = )

  • vHatch

    no way the shubert is the HD7, the screen is too small.

  • Deaconclgi

    I didn’t know the internal T-Mobile system used Microsoft Excel to list their phones….This “sheet” shows the X8 and others. Hmmmm….but what do I know…I don’t work for T-Mobile.

    • kai

      they do you use excel…but i don’t think thats t-mobile proprietary…

  • AndroidToy

    FXCK WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!!!! ANDROID BITCH =) I had planty of Windows phones and they didn’t deliver like Android phones do. T-Mobile jus doesn’t release the right Android phones like Verizon and Sprint does. But the G2 will blow this bull shxt out of the water

  • iPhone killer? noooo :D