Are The HTC Shubert, HTC HD3 And HTC HD7 The Same Device?

A trusted source dropped off a piece of info a few days ago which we’ve been wanting to get up but when we saw an article this morning over at Engadget, it peaked our curiosity even more. This one goes out to all you Windows Phone 7 fans who are looking to see what phone Magenta might be picking up to deliver the brand new Windows Phone goodness. Turns out the HTC Shubert, already rumored for T-Mobile since the days of the leaked roadmap also has another name, perhaps just internally but nonetheless can also be called the HD3 or HD7. The HD3 will be the successor to the HD2 but the HD3 and HD7 are indeed the same handset, the HTC Shubert. We’re assuming, like Engadget is surmising that the change in number is purely symbolic to match with the Windows Phone 7 launch.  Our sources are telling us that these phones are definitely the same and likely the phone we’ve already seen on video and in Mr. Blurrycam images. As always, this info is subject to change, denial, deletion and fabrication but we trust our source. Look for this device to drop sometime in November.

The HD7 name becomes more believable with the above image showing off the name supposedly in an internal system for international carrier O2.

Image courtesy of Engadget

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