MyTouch HD Also Known As “Emerald” To Release November 3rd?

In case you aren’t interested in the T-Mobile G2 or the HD7, perhaps the MyTouch HD aka “Emerald” suits your fancy? A trusted tipster has dropped off word that the release date for the next phone in the myTouch lineup will drop November 3rd at your local T-Mobile store. That lovely little roadmap we’ve been following so closely I believe if I am reading it correctly states that the Emerald is dropping November 5th, then again it could be a 3, its blurry as can be in this picture. Either way, a Wednesday November 3rd launch sounds about right in the Magenta world though of course things are always subject to change. All things considered, November is right around the corner and if the G2 doesn’t suit your Android fancy, you won’t have THAT long to wait.

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  • G1 user waitin for G2


  • JiRiz

    Man, I really hope this ISN’T that for which many of us have been waiting. I’m crossing my fingers still for Desire HD looks. This looks weak. Please, be a fake. PLEASE!!!

    • atlantian

      same phone

    • B

      Yea same phone. US variant

  • jonathan

    I really hope all the rumored specs are true but Espresso. I also hope it looks more like the Desire HD/VSW leaked handset. I am not a big fan of this look…

    • JiRiz

      That’s what I’m sayin’.

      • jonathan

        I’d snatch it up if it was running Sense. Not T-Mobile’s customized Sense. Bleh. High-end specs with a low-end UI? No thanks. The back of that model looked okay at best. The front? Again, no thanks.

      • Steve Jobless

        Dear Johnathan,

        You must be kidding, right? What on Earth does “low-end U.I.” consist of? I should give you a break. You actually try to spell out the pronunciation of an emotion; bleh. My spell check doesn’t even “snatch” that up. Pfft!

        -Sent from my WP7

      • mjN1

        I have to agree with most of you guys Desire HD is what i wasnt too! It has to have a Nexus One like body with a 4.3″ screen etc.. maybe a dual core and fcc. Please not that picture on the top.

  • G1 user waitin for G2

    TmoNews, you guys are awesome with all this information, which is why this is the first site I visit every morning.

  • jose

    i would soo wait for this over the G2 if and ONLY if it was running vanilla android….too bad its not

    • yozpalang

      root and run vanilla android

      • Bruce Banner

        If he planned on rooting I don’t think he would have made the comment that he made. Maybe he doesn’t know how or maybe he just doesn’t want to root.

      • jose

        yea i attempted to root my mytouch at one point and maybe im dumb but it seemed too complicated and i wasnt willing to brick my phone. plus i have a habbit of sending my phones in for replacements incase i scratch them or something.

        i honestly feel as if they should have the option in the sense UI to turn it off.

      • Usman

        Hopefully it’s easier to root than the Slide.

    • 30014


  • Heath

    I think I’m holding off for this rumored Sidekick Twist … if it IS indeed an actual device and not some kind of …vapor-handheld.

    • J-Hop2o6

      rumor it was pushed back til early 2011.. but who knows if this phone is actually real.. but i would say just get the G2.

      • Heath

        I’m kind of leaning towards that … but this will be the first time in years I’ve been out of contract with an actual working device already. I’m kind of thinking I should relish this fact and take my time with deciding on a new device. And afterall, as time goes on, the phones just get better.

  • Chris

    This phone would be tight and I would wait for it, but it won’t have vanilla android. That’s honestly the main reason I’m getting the G2. Also the keyboard. I love keyboards, but I think I’d rather not have one and let the device be easier to put a case on. My G1 was never cased because all the covers for it were terrible.

  • fatboy97

    Any info on OS version??? Maybe Froyo??? Any changes from the existing MyTouch 3G Slider???

    • Ivan

      Android 3.0 Gingerbread is rumored to be relased mid October. So perhaps the MyTouch HD will come with Android 3.0 Gingerbread

      • Andrew

        That has also been pushed back a little bit. UI changes will do that.

  • going_home

    Yay ! :o

    G2…MTHD ? :)

    Get one of each ! ;)

    Use em both and sell the one you dont like on Ebay or Craigslist ;)


  • TWill713

    I”ll get on my knees for this if it has Vanilla 2.2 !

    • cp

      it’s just a phone dude…

      • Big Bad C-Los

        OMFG cp, you are so cool.

  • Oblio007

    If its got stock android and a 4.3 inch screen, ill be getting it.

    • tokinotabumblb

      What if it has Espresso Sense and a 4.3″ screen? Those are the rumored specs.

      • jonathan

        4.3″ screen and Espresso ruin any chances for me personally. Besides, that picture doesn’t look like the screen is that large. Oh God, I hope that’s a fake.

      • Even if it does come with senseUI you can allways turn it off and go back to standard Android Launcher. Under application management you click on senseUI and clear defaults. When you hit home just select Launcher insdead of sense, Bingo! Stock android achieved …. and you didn’t have to root :-D I did it just fine on EVO 4G.

      • davidohio

        What if my aunt had a dick? She would be my uncle.

  • I can’t see why this would be better than the G2….

    • tokinotabumblb

      I bet most would pick this over the G2 for the bigger screen and front camera.

      • Rosario

        Me personally, yes the front camera is a plus (really big plus) but the bigger screen isnt that big of a deal. The G2 seems to be a perfect size for me. But as much as people can do a touch screen only phone, I cant and I know some other would agree with me. I need a physical keyboard and now since we know this is “Emerald” makes getting the G2 that much easier.

      • Drew

        I know it’s just a rumor but could this:

        be the MyTouch HD? Engadget says it’s going to Verizon but I didn’t see those words anywhere on the phone. I really hope it could be because I hate the picture rendered on Tmo news its just ugly! But the one on Engadget looks freaking sweet, not to mention that front facing cam…

      • dwillistyle


        That would be nice, the phone looks sick; but no, there is absolutely nothing pointing to that conclusion. Also it just does not look like anything myTouch. No genius button and no “my” logo anywhere on it.

  • McParty

    Any idea of any of the Specs for this? What was the screen size of the last My Touch?

    • tokinotabumblb

      Supposedly the screen is 4.3″ with a 1Ghz processor. The myTouch Slide has a 3.4″ screen.

      • tokinotabumblb

        As far as other features, rumors are it has an 8MP camera and stereo microphone and loudspeaker running on Froyo Espresso Sense.

    • Manny

      a FFC too

  • john lopez

    I Have seen this phone in person. It is extremely slender, runs android 2.2, 720p video, phone has full uma which you can send sms and make calls not the lite version the charm has. Also has the ability to use your phone as a router without rooting it this feature is not for sure coming on the production model. Comes in three colors the usual mytouch motto. The only thing i wish it was front facing camera just to say i have it.

    • john lopez

      I worded front facing camera incorrect it has one but extremely grainy. Kind of not even worth having it .

    • jonathan

      I’m gonna call bs since the Charm doesn’t have UMA Lite. Guess you must’ve missed that when you saw that in person too, huh?

      • dwillistyle



      • bige2k9


  • Kevin

    I would prefer a more Desire HD design as well, but if this has a FFC, LED flash, notification light, and a fast CPU (hopefully faster than snapdragon), I will have no hesitation in giving up my G1 for this device. I would like vanilla Android too, but I’m sure it will be rooted soon after release and running CyanogenMod 7 anyways. Well, in my dreams at least.

    • tokinotabumblb

      I hope it has a multi-colored LED light. I was disappointed when my slide only flashes orange and green….

  • blablabla

    john lopez you sound like a liar and honestly if you want stock android just use ADW launcher. Why go through all the trouble of rooting just to have cyanogen mod which uses the exact same launcher. Or do you really like the extra features of cyanogen that badly?

    • yozpalang

      obviously you know nothing about Android

      • B

        How’s that?

  • JoshL

    My opinion: this phone is really ugly; but it definitely stays true to the mytouch line. I’m going with the G2!

  • Barry

    Im not diggin the design of this phone there’s a lot of bezel to be 4.3″ idk leaning more towards the G2 out of the two.


    yep things are going to get expensive………

  • It looks huge!!!

  • looks old, to me, all of t-mobiles phones look silly and kiddish. wish these phones would have more of an Evo or a HTC Desire look. These new phones from t-mobile are starting to pack a good punch on interior but just wish they would bring out some eye candy. With that said the G2 would look pretty good in black, but I have read several sites saying silver will be the only color available.

    • max

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • Eddie Android

      I have also heard silver only but then again I read on some other website that its going to be offered in three colors. Hopefully full Black!

  • dave d

    wow these comments sucked the life out of me. I am geting one for sure ffc, Hspa+, big screen thats what ive been asking for. a dual scorpion would be nice even a low end dual scorpion would be sick. also buying a G2 for my girlfriend whens the pre-order already

  • alex

    Yes moree mytouch hd info :) thanks david, also david do you think that this phone will be available in white since it’s a mytouch phone? Cuz if it is that’s for me :D I had the original mytouch in white, I currently have the slide in white so the hd must be white too :)

  • alex

    Mytouch hd rumored specs;
    *Screen noticabely bigger than nexus one, but not 4.3
    *Runs Expresso since it has the genius button
    *1ghz snapdragon/1.2ghz snapdragon
    *Frong facing camera
    Etc…. anyways I will pick up this phone. Since I know it will be better than the mytouch 3g slide, and in white since it is a mytouch phone :D
    Mytouch line is awesome in my opinion ;)

    • JoshL

      “genius button” = cringe.

    • volcanic515

      FFC? for what? Is t-mobile finally gonna support video chat? I don’t really think it will have FFC and in all truth, its just unnecessary.

  • true dat

    What happened to the Glacier? I’m waiting for news on that sexy peice of plastic.

    • Manny


    • PopArtist

      Isn’t Glacier going to be the G2?

      • Manny

        no, i dont think so…g2/vanguard/vision are all the same device.

        with all these different codenames things can get pretty confusing

      • Rosario

        I assumed the Glacier was a Windows 7 phone, has there been any details that its not?

  • Manny

    man i was thinking about getting the g2 but i dunno now. The specs are good on the mytouch HD but i know the UI is gonna be that crap espresso. plus after reading that article about the iphone coming to TMO i dont know what to do. I might just wait until next year just to see what happens

  • max

    Question: so is THE “Project Emerald”?

    • Manny

      >_> looks like it

  • ov1

    Okay is this phone android or window

    • Manny


    • jonathan

      I’m pretty sure it’s got an android hopping through a window on a monkey named Symbian’s back. And it’s got UMA XXXTreme. Never heard of it? Well… You can make x-ray calls with the side facing camera. Never heard of that either? Man… You just don’t know a super-phone when you see one.

      • Manny

        clever -_-

  • Eddie Android

    At this point all I care is about the G2 and don’t really care about the Mytouch HD no matter if its a dual core, quad core or the “Cell” processor from the PS3 and also don’t care about the FFC crap unless some crafty Devs come out with PlayStation EyeToy kind of games (wouldn’t be surprised if Apple comes out with them soon).

  • Jay

    For all of you who are saying it’s gonna run vanilla android it’s not gonna happen becayse Espresso was made especially for the mytouch line t-mobile isn’t gonna put it in one device and give up the only reason it wasn’t on the origional mytouch’s was because it was in the developing stages.

  • MrQ

    If anyone wants an idea of what the mytouch HD/desire HD is going to be like check this link out:

    • Andrew

      yay for mediocre guess work on what the specs will be!

    • alex

      That’s the the htc desire hd for europe it’s not the mytouch hd the picture is clearly shown above the article, plus that device is 4.3 inches, and david’s source said that the mytouch hd’s screen size is noticabley larger than the nexus one’s(3.7 inches) but definetley not 4.3 so probably 4 inches

      • MrQ

        Ok. Why can’t the DesireHD and myTouch HD be the same device?

      • alex

        @MrQ.They Can be, but if david’ws source said that the screen is not 4.3 inches, and the desire’s hd is 4.3 inches then how are they the same? I mean the galaxy s phones have different eye candy on the us, but the screen remains the same the mytouch hd has a smaller screen, a genius button, and who knows who else yet the the desire hd dosen’t have the same screen size or the genuis button, and most likely it won’t have t-mobile’s expresso, and the galaxy s phones in the us(here) all have the same user interface, as well as screen size as I mentioned before

      • MrQ

        @alex There isn’t any device HTC has made with a 4in display. Its been 3.4″, 3.7″, or 4.3″. Why would they deviate from their own specs for one device. I’d put money up that the DesireHD and MyTouchHD are the same device.

    • Drew

      Oh no! That’s just a ugly as the pic on THIS page… I hope that pic is wrong. I’ve been waiting for FOREVER to get rid of my Behold II and I will be so sad if I have to choose between a physical keyboard/beatiful phone combo and a big non-sexy block phone that while ugly has good hardware.. uh!

  • Steve

    Meh. I’d rather get the G2 and pass on this phone and upgrade sometime next year when the Honeycomb phones start coming out.

  • NipplesRunder8ted

    If it has android, a front facing camera, flash, and a LED screen then were in business…missing any of those and were back to the drawing board

  • daniel

    So are any of these new phones going to have a dual core processor? That’s really what I’ve been waiting for.

    • J-Hop2o6

      dual core is 2011

      • SnakeEyez

        How do you know? Wasn’t the fabled project emerald supposed to have dual core? Now that I think about it, I’m not surprised.

  • McParty

    Isn’t Gingerbread the next version of Android?

    • J-Hop2o6


  • trife

    Meh. Color me unimpressed for some reason. Guess I’ll have to wait for more info and pics to make a final decision though.

  • AM123

    Ugly desing and Mytouch is for kids. Espresso makes it even worse! But to each his own. Just my two cents.

    • AM123


  • Broski

    is there a way to turn off the sense ui on the mytouch slide ???

  • HD2/Vibrant USER
    • thaghost


  • alex

    I think this phone will last in android upgrades unlike the mytouch 3g slide who might be getting ditched by gingerbreak although I know they are rumors, this phone, and the g2 will last for a while atleast, but the g2 will have stock android so it will be easier to get future updates

  • thaghost

    we’ve all been complaining a bit too much. this g2 is not perfect but wait til this mytouch hd comes out. we r still gonna complain. “oh the screen is too big” oh it looks ugly”. we’ll never get a phone with that attitude. ima get da g2. if it doesn’t satisfy me, then i’ll see how da mytouch hd looks n choose btw dat and da vibrant. all three r better than this g1. even though i have 2.2!

  • Y314K


    G2 = Really like the keyboard; Vanilla & upgrades to the Nexus One hardware + HSPA+… (Like the soon to be release date…)

    MyTouch HD = Really like the size of the screen 4.3″ & upgrades + HSPA+… (Sucks release date is till Nov.)

    Both of this phones are late, yet GREAT releases by TMobile… Nice work by HTC too….

    But I think TMobile would of killed if both of this devices where the same phone…

    I thought project Emerald was suppose to be something very special… Seems they split the baby on this one…

    I still don’t understand why TMobile can’t have the awesomemess Android phone…

    G2+MyTouch HD would be above anything out there or rumored, just about perfect phone…

    G2’s Keyboard + MyTouch HD’s 4.3″ = Best of the Best…

    The only thing that would be missing is the dual core… But even at single core… The big screen + keyboard will own everything else… Guess I am going to have to choose between either of this phones… But wish they could be one phone…

    By the time TMobile releases anything close to a G2+My Touch HD phone…. The other carriers will probably be way head… Guess I got a slow 2 year contract to look forward too…

  • patrick

    if you dont like expresso, just either root it for vanilla or just download launcher pro.

  • sino8r

    GUYS THIS GONNA HAVE A 4″ SCREEN NOT 4.3 AND IT WILL HAVE THE SAME CPU AS THE G2. Not sure about a ffc… might just be a light sensor but no one knows for sure… time will tell! Caps button seems to be sticking, sorry.

  • Midori

    Yes! Im very happy now because and if it does have espresso Im still getting it. Now, time to wait for more leaks to begin and see how this phone is really going to be.

  • Brigini

    Yeah, Im getting my boyfriend the G2, ive rooted and flashed about 6 G1’s and im ready for something else. But that espresso is just to kiddie looking for me. the hardware of the phone might be tight tho so if its rootable i might get it. Also i think the Glacier which I, along with everyone else has been waiting for is gonna be windows 7 :( yeah, might just get a vibrant to tide me over til the next HTC release in 2011.

  • SSA

    I hope it has a FFC, dual core, and a screen bigger than 4 inches. Then i’ll be happy. Oh yeah

    NO SKIN!!!!

    The skin on the MYT3G was crap!

  • Nick

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL your precious Emerald is a bust. I’m so happy I bought the vibrant.

  • alex

    I hope for a lot of things but for the screen size to 3.7-4 inches
    -currently rocking a mytouch 3g slide in white

  • shawn1224

    That screen doesn’t look 4.3 inches. Hell, it doesn’t even look like 4 inches. At best it looks like a 3.7 inch offering so I’m pretty sure this is just an early mock up of the HD. The G1 was noticeably changed so i see no reason why the HD wouldn’t be changed as well. I can’t see them releasing a high end phone of that magnitude in the plastic-kiddy housing of the old mytouch line. I’m almost certain this is not the final build so people need to stop stressing.

  • BlackHawk

    I think its pretty lame that T-Mo and HTC just dropped the slide out keyboard and are trying to pass this off as the next big thing in the MyTouch line-up. Thumbs down.

  • tracers

    Dude… mytouch STARTED without a keyboard. if you want a keyboard, go with the slide or g2, or whatever keyboarded mytouch might come out AFTER this. i personally never use the keyboard on my slide but like all the other features. people like different things, which is why t-mo and htc come out with different options. there’s nothing wrong with that. it’s just not the next big thing for YOU! big whoop…

  • tmo

    one word FFC..its official :)

  • Wiineedmore

    Nov 5 on tmo pc’s

  • Wiineedmore

    Oh and its dual core 1.3

    • SnakeEyez

      any proof? I mean anybody can say anything on the internet.

      • No Sh** :)

        Replay to Wineedmore: Dual Core 1.3? hahhahah, what happened when you woke up?

    • ddiirrttyy ddaann

      you dont know that for certain, thats wishful thinkin my friend but i hope its true lol

  • remixfa

    the big question will be if its full HSPA+ or not. Imma be pissed if it isnt. Any word on if it will use one of those new sony LCD screens like the nexus or what it may be?

  • alex

    this screen looks like 3.7 at max dosent look too big,but i love it hopefully the design is a little better :) anyways this phone i will be getting :D

  • NowVoyager

    The Emerald Project was said to have a 4.3 display and a dual core processor. This is *not* a typically sexy HTC top-of-the-line phone like the rest that we’ve seen. This is another plasticky sub-par Tmo-typical Teen-centric mess. They can add this to the Bubblegum mess from Huawei.

    I am going to throw a term out to Tmo: Business Class. When you’re in a business meeting with people slapping iPhones, Droid X’s and the new HTC sexy from Verizon on the table in the boardroom – You don’t want to drop this plastic fail on the table or, God forbid…the Huawei Primary Colored party favors. People, we’re in phone hell.

    • Alex

      I’m a teen :p

    • Scott

      Best comment on this entire site. Yes, T-Mo has chucked business class out the window. Does The Sims really sell your top phone to your target market??? If so, you’re clearly targeting the wrong market.



    • mjN1

      I know exactly what you mean. Can we get a a Desire HD? I mean feature wise, sure its not bad. But that plastic stuff just dont look cool, unless your comming from a moto razor, and first time buying a smart phone right? I wish for a Nexus one like body design and maybe a screen size like the vibrant, umm…FFC with or without its ok. But please no more plastic toys. lol…geeez. I love tmo’s service thats why I’m still here, but can we advance on our handsets.

  • Reece

    Only thing that’ll get me to bite on this over the G2 & Vibrant is if it’s a dual core device. Tell me it’s dual core and I’m all over it

  • ddiirrttyy ddaann

    nooo dual core in g2 or this, the supposed 3rd phone 2 drop @ the end of may is the EMERALD we ALL want with!!!! so stop fondling urselfs off this phone cuz its STILL A MYTOUCH!!! (in other words its a midrange phone, not a topend)

  • Tim

    I never could really put into words how I regard T-Mobile’s marketing, but you articulated it very well: “plasticky sub-par Tmo-typical Teen-centric mess.” I need something that has the business presence of an iPhone, the quality craftsmanship and durability of a HTC EVO 4G, and raw power of a Droid X. T-Mobile came SO CLOSE with the HTC HD2 – but unfortunately it is a Windows phone, and that negates my attraction to the hardware. Software is just as important as hardware. Even T-Mobile’s current promotion of “buy one HTC HD2 for $99, get the second on free” still isn’t enough to attract me. Since I’m not in T-Mobile’s target demographic uber-texting MyFave teeny-bopper, I really doubt they’ll offer what I need. So I’m off to Sprint when my contract is up in 45 days from today.

    • MAS


      • Scott

        Nice! Perfect example of T-Mobile’s MyFave teeny-bopper target market.


      I agree with you 100% on this…. well, except for the sprint part…. phone choice might be better but in the end, sprint sucks a$$…. the sad thing is that I have been with all of the carriers and with T-mobile since it was voicestream. Although I have had my fair share of issues with T-mobile, they have still been better than the other companies. When it comes to phones/service provider, I say pick your poision wisely. Good Luck!

  • Ed

    Anyone remember Voice Stream? That’s how long I’ve been with T-mobile… Sure we don’t get the iphone or the droid (personally I don’t find either of them Business profesional) but we do have a large selection of blackberry’s if you’re looking for a profesional phoen… all that aside and the reason I’m still with this company… fast, reliable 3G service for under $80 a month. thanks T-mobile! :)

    • mjN1

      True, tmo’s service is the only reason why I’m still here. From price plan, customer servie and coverage atleat everywhere I go I do have signal. But phones, they need to really GET ON IT!!! I was a blackberry user but those days are over. We all know RIM needs some catch up to do too…