MyTouch HD Also Known As “Emerald” To Release November 3rd?

In case you aren’t interested in the T-Mobile G2 or the HD7, perhaps the MyTouch HD aka “Emerald” suits your fancy? A trusted tipster has dropped off word that the release date for the next phone in the myTouch lineup will drop November 3rd at your local T-Mobile store. That lovely little roadmap we’ve been following so closely I believe if I am reading it correctly states that the Emerald is dropping November 5th, then again it could be a 3, its blurry as can be in this picture. Either way, a Wednesday November 3rd launch sounds about right in the Magenta world though of course things are always subject to change. All things considered, November is right around the corner and if the G2 doesn’t suit your Android fancy, you won’t have THAT long to wait.

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