(Update: Nationwide Data Outage In Progress) T-Mobile Outage In Seattle?

Update: Judging by your comments there is a nationwide data outage in progress, we’re looking for further information!!

Unconfirmed reports are coming in via Twitter that T-Mobile is currently out in the Seattle areas. No information is known at this time, stay tuned for details!


  • J-Hop2o6

    Calls/TXT&MMS/Data works fine here in SW Seattle, WA

    • J-Hop2o6

      loving the HSPA+ (my TP2 is limited to 7.2mbps HSPA) out here right now tho.. the highest i hit was in the 6mbps area.. can’t wait to get the G2 to reach higher mbps over HSPA+!

      http://bit.ly/b1XXvZ <– my speedtest via USB tether thru my TP2

    • Kari

      Live in Burien, SW of Seattle. Lost power for approx 2-3 hours. Was told by a rep that a tower was down.

      • J-Hop2o6

        I live in Burien (SW Seattle) also! but I’ve been fine all day.. what part of Burien did u have the problem? I’m on the NW part of Burien.

  • JooJoo

    Im in cali

  • dax

    both of our lines are totally down in seattle.

  • Belknapwyo

    Edge is down in Cheyenne, WY

  • Dacaveman

    Yea there is an outage in Seattle. I can’t make any calls or text. It is looping in and out of having bars. Although data is working some of the time.

    Using a Samsung Vibrant

  • Manny


  • Vanessa

    My service is down – I can use the edge network (on iphone 3g) but no incoming or outgoing calls or texts.

  • Payne

    It was down for a few hours in Atlanta, GA

    • sorandkairi

      data is down in Montgomery, AL… happened last week as well, i think on the same day as well….

  • iggle

    Service was down for a little while, but seems to be up and running again.

  • Debi

    no service in Sammamish, can’t make or rec calls, rec text but can’t send. Just told by t-mobile rep that server was overloaded and service is down – they are working on it. No idea when it would be up again.

  • Sidekicker89

    I don’t have any coverage in Dayton Ohio!!

  • TheDog

    Two lines down here, no voice at all, data intermittent. Displaying weird signals, full bars no 3g/Edge icon, with icon and no bars etc.

    Nexus One and MyTouch 3g.

    Downtown Seattle all the way to Bellevue.

    • Kaylee

      sounds like mine. i have a vibrant, the data is off and on and the signals were strange. in the eastside here

  • Mint

    Had this issue in the Bellevue area. @home service was down as well. It seems like it’s back up now.

  • J5

    Yup, I live 30min east of Seattle and have no service.

  • sidekicker

    Is anyone outside of Seattle having problems??? because I am!! :(

  • Moose

    Was down briefly, was able to make calls about 5 min after I noticed it. But I couldn’t get to my voicemail for like another hour.

  • ZZTop

    People! End of the world is here

  • narunetto

    Here in Auburn were fine.

    • sorandkairi

      it was down in auburn, al earier too

  • b2k

    down here in seattle proper – havent been working since 5ish.

  • b2k

    down here in seattle proper – havent been working since 5ish.

    • Kaylee

      same here, i’m in eastside though

  • scottieo

    Down for about two hours in west seattle. Finally have service. Not good when its a work phone

  • goodassociate

    Working fine in West Seattle.

  • Jason

    Down for 2 hours in Redmond, WA. I have 5 lines. 3 of them are affected.

  • scottieo

    im always at 5mbps in seattle. Is that 3g or hspa?

    • J-Hop2o6

      14.4+ is considered HSPA+ speeds.. but the network is of course HSPA+.. but 21mbps is theoretical.. you’ll never get 21mbps because of towers because of factors like shared tower with other users, distance, weather conditions, etc.. plus, the only HW currently out that supports HSPA+ is the USB Rocket data stick.. the first phone will be the HTC/T-Mobile G2.. most AWS phones out now are 7.2, 3.6, or 10.2mbps.

  • J-Hop2o6

    Seems like West/Downtown/East/North Seattle (and further out North and East) had problems.. but South (and further) are fine.. im in SW Seattle, and haven’t had a problem all day today.. still enjoying my HSPA+ (limited to 7.2 HSPA by TP2 HW) in my area :)

    • Duck Dodgers

      Hop, I didn’t experience any issues up here in the Lynnwood/Everett area (north of Seattle).

    • Jaymax

      I lost SMS, but everything else seemed to work fine. Seattle/Capitol Hill here…

  • Jordan (cincinnati)

    It seems like its not just out west…im in cincy and have been having problems

  • Ian

    Here in Cincinnati my coverage keeps going out too!

    • sidekicker

      Dayton Area SUCKS too!!

      • Tom

        Make 2 in Dayton, OH.. it died when I was in the ATT long haul CO doing SONET upgrades downtown.. whoops. ha

        Tmobile confirmed massive outage in Cincinnati Market..

  • Kaylee

    i’m in the eastside, haven’t had service since 5pm. my data seems to be work (tweets are up-to-date) but i can’t make or receive calls. reset my phone & it didn’t help–glad to know it’s not a phone issue! still i want my service back! sad cause i work at tmobile LOL

  • Joeseph

    Yup all my tmo lines down in Seattle south of Shoreline and North of Renton back up as of 6:30 PST. CAlled a local store and they confirmed the outage but nothing official from T-Mo.! Argh missed many important calls during this!

  • robotate

    san jose/santa clara are operating normally, as far as i can tell. Wait, why are we telling each other what’s happening?

  • scottieo

    I had recently gotten a text that my mytouch 3g slide can enjoy hspa+. Confermed on the link sent with it that the slide is compatible…..

  • cincy

    Ridiculous!!! Whole families phones are down and unable to call out on. I beared with these idiots during the 10 day sidekick outage, now I am done

    • Whatever

      Bye. Sorry to say though that AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Cricket, Boost, and so on are also wireless phone companies. It happens. But then again you can just bounce around from company to company thinking that an electronic device that has no wires connected to it that is pulling a connection from a tower that is out in the elements 365 days a year should work non-stop forever. Reasonable.

    • DontJumpTheGun

      Before you go running off you may want to know this is a clec issue that is also effecting ATT and Verizon

  • Ders

    Just fine in North Seattle…. but only getting 3.3 Mb/s, a little slower but it may be due to the time of day.

  • my cliq works, moms gravaty2 works, dads hd2 works, brothers iphone (unlocked) not working, hotspot@home not working…

  • JAY

    I think its like that in NY. My vibrant has been in and out.

  • TmoMIke

    Service was all kinds of jacked the hell up here in dallas for over an hour. Bold 9700 and HTC HD2 both. Could call them from my sprint phone and both were going straight to voicemail. Data was still up but slow as crap. Seems to be fine now. I figured there was a network outage, and came home to look it up. Of course first visit was tmonews. :-P

  • Will

    have 2 bars in houston (thats normal), but data speeds are about 10 times slower than normal… thank you wifi

    • elarella

      I’m in Houston too, but i am having issues connecting to 3G. I am on edge alot on my N1 with froyo.

  • Khanh

    Why don’t tmobile send out text/notification to us via text when the service will be down?

    • Whatever

      Because if there is an issue more than likely your sms is not working.

  • Khanh

    oh! im in cincinnati ohio btw

    • Jordan (cincinnati)

      yea that would be the smart thing you think..seems to be getting better tho. I can actually send a text message. Calls are still on struggle mode. And no data.

  • Acaciastrain

    Maybe they are slowly turning on the iphone switches coast to coast…

    • Sapphire

      Your comment makes no sense.

      • Acaciastrain

        Total joke

  • Rico

    Text and MMS down in Redmond. Voice is working. No 3G or edge, so no internet unless your phone has wi-fi, which mine does.

  • mtnman

    Here in Colorado Springs, its been slow all day and I live exactly 2.1 miles from a cell tower on a hill. Explain that. lol

  • cnote

    make it 3 in Dayton,OH…data has been fishy since about 3:30pm…

  • going_home

    Somehow Starbucks must be behind it all.


  • HD2/Vibrant USER
    • sorandkairi


  • Inuyasha

    No problems for me on my HD2 in the San Antonio area.

  • Remj

    Seattle, University District. I had no text and no voice (both in and out), first noticed at 5:43pm PST. Got through the live chat from their website, where they eventually acknowledged that there was a ‘brief’ outage in Seattle – no information beyond that (6:20pm?)

    Regained voice and text at 6:15, while I was waiting for the live chat.

    Data connection is now down (running on the lowercase “edge” network, which still carries voice, SMS, and MMS).

    I hope that new job wasn’t trying to schedule my face-to-face interview…

  • KG

    Dayton Ohio still down…. ;-(

  • ramonhawk

    here in houston tx at 4 38am i can place calls but no text and no data at all!

  • zazou

    Jacksonville Beach is out this morning…..

  • Tito

    No data in Las Vegas. Lots of people I follow on twitter are experiencing no data as well.

  • wicked661

    Real bad data connection here in phoenix az since of 9-01-2010 starting at 4pm MST. My connection dropped to edge, than to G. My phone Nexus One kept locking up.

  • jim

    im having same problem here in sacramento california. was using my 3g till it crashed/dissapeared using my htc hd2 with android/winmo. lost my data round 12am n its 3am right now :-( also was in san francisco earlier today n lots of the populated areas i was around were having similar problems. wow tmobile whats going on? taking too much bandwich from that hsdpa+ ?

    but saddest of all is that there isnt even any hsdpa+ in these areas!!!

    wierd… i wonder what caused this

  • Chris k

    st. paul minnesota has been down all morning. No data. spotty edge, 2 min on and 30 off. Sigh

  • john

    Pensacola area no data connection at all. Customer Service said they are having a global data service outage.

  • Euchre

    Data still appears to be down in Cincinnati, OH… It was up and down all last night and through out the night…

    • Euchre

      Data appears to be back up and going here in Cincinnati now…

  • WoooTang

    Also in Houston area the data and voice signal were intermittent going out all night long. i worked all night and it was bad. hopefully fix is on the way.

    • jdog

      Really I’m in north Sugar Land and I’ve been having problems with 3G since Saturday but 2G works fine. The problem with 3G is that my internet is not working on my Nexus. I thought maybe this had something to do with the storms we had a few weeks ago but if people around the U.S. are being affected then I guess not.

      • dwillistyle

        North Houston and cant stay on 3G for more than a few seconds then drops back down to edge. MTS.

  • Tim

    Northern NJ seems to be fine.

    • Jrsykind

      Same with Central Jersey.

  • Patrick

    data still rockin solidly in Indy

  • tamara

    my data has been out in columbus ohio…switched my vibrant to use 2g and it’s been working fine

    • tamara

      my 3g just came back up!!!

  • deceptivesmiles

    No issues here in Pittsburgh as of right now. Might be them pushin out that HSPA+ lol

  • Moe

    Data is still good in Dayton, Oh. No problems

  • mytouch3gower

    NO issues since at all, Chicago here.

  • the.sleeve

    No issues here in Colorado Springs, CO.

    • kyle

      Fine in Denver as well.

  • Abigail McGilicutty

    Just watched Kathy Griffin video speaking about her Catholic faith on youtube in 3G. No problems in Phoenix…

  • Nnol

    St. Louis is still fine. No interruption noticed recently. Maybe it’s our HSPA+ here? Hurray speed!

    -posted from my Vibrant

  • melissa

    chicago is out for me.. i live in the southern part of illinois lost all my contacts and cant log onto the internet

  • kinoy

    All good in San Antonio .. :)

  • Reece

    Doubt it was coincidence but I had lost data connectivity here in Philly for a moment from the late morning (4-5ish?) to 9-ish. Was able to do voice calls but when I needed to download stuff it was a no go getting 3G or Edge even upon reboots of my phone.

    • 16309A

      That happens to me when I’m a few days late on paying my bill…

  • pocholo

    mine wont go on edge or 3g! this suckks im off Tmo ( once my contract is up lol )

    • Andy G

      Yea you can go to att and have this happen all the time instead of once in a blue on magenta!

  • damnheavy

    Yeah.. here in Brooklyn, NY – No Data service since 4:30am and just came back around 10 mins ago..

  • amac

    no problems in central NJ, 2.35Mb up, and 1.31 down.

  • 16309A

    No problems in the Philly ‘burbs–same crappy slow edge coverage: .10Mb up and .11 down

  • Lulu

    No data in Miami, FL too. :(

    • Lulu

      Ok it’s back after I’ve published the post. LOL.

  • cnote

    Data is back up in Dayton,OH

  • Chris

    No problems here in ABQ, New Mexico

  • Yezz07

    No data connection in Chicago and Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.

    • opus104

      +1 Only GSM in Chicago and suburbs.

    • Yezz07

      Data is back to normal!

  • Chris

    No problems whatsoever in Metro Detroit, Michigan area

  • Tito

    I rebooted my phone this morning and data came back up

  • Yyevo

    No problems in OKC all morning. Rocking the 3Gees.

  • Ricardo

    No data here in NY. Just Bars.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Data’s always out here in Atlanta GA. No significant differences seen here.

  • remister

    3G Data fine in LA, CA
    I’ve been on youtube watching all the COD:Black Ops gameplay on high quality.

  • qwerty

    Workied midnights last night, data was out between about 3am-5am in Chicago area. Also received the limited use warning (Energency Calls Only) a couple time during that.

  • swehes

    No data in California until like 8AM this morning. It was out most of the night. (could tell because I still had 100% battery after the phone being off since 2AM this morning) Have data at this point.

  • mwl1119

    noon here in ohio. no data.

  • MY iphone

    no Data here in phoenix either. i have grandfathered the tzones plan , im off to aTT if they take it away from me

  • Vision77

    Didn’t miss a beat data-wise in Minneapolis.

  • Das

    Data outage in colorado springs from 2 am till about 5am

    buddy on Att had same issue not data

  • No data network here in Salt Lake City either…it’s been in and out the past week, i figured it’s because they are working on getting the high-speed network ready to drop.

  • CubedGuru

    Solid 3G on Nexus One in Little Rock, AR all through. Been heavy streaming music via Droidlive app with no breaks.

  • dfw

    No 3G or E signal this morning. Just set it to use 2G only, set it back to 3G. 3G works after that. DFW area. Mytouch.

  • joe

    hartford CT is fine, ive had data all day.

  • Carl

    Boulder Colorado has 3G and Data. No issues here.

  • Fran

    No data in Chicago – Own a Blackberry 8520 NOT on the 3G network. My friends with the Blackberry Bold, which is on the 3G network have no data problems.

  • MitchRyan912

    EDGE is working just fine in an unofficial market (Madison, WI hasn’t been launched officially yet, but the towers are up)

  • Dave

    Went from intermittent to absolute no data here in Tustin, CA.

  • Seattle – Noticed issues around 5pm yesterday, but around 8pm all seemed fine to me. Both are still working fine now.

  • No data in Cleveland Ohio

  • Khurt

    data has been working just fine all day in Atlanta, GA

  • rickb928

    No problems in Phoenix or Mesa all day…

    • hecg55

      ACTUALLY my internet kept going out throughout the day yesterday here in phoenix!.. and around midnight i had no connection to 3g or edge whatsoever. woke up this morning back online

      • Ivan

        Same here, around 5:00 am no connection hours later back on

    • Macknifetx

      Mine has been fine all day in Phoenix…..Think they could be gearing up for HSPA? LOL. Just wishful thinking.

    • Kevin

      yeah i live in tempe and im doing just fine…

    • Murich

      I live in N.E. Mesa and had no data from 6am – 8 am.

    • topdawg

      same her no problem in phx or in local cities in az

  • Andy G

    Haven’t noticed anything is DC at all… Not since last week i guess… Service has been acting kinda funny now that i think about it… text were taking super long and sometimes wouldn’t go through at all… Calls worked fine though

  • New York City… iPhone going between “o” and “E”… mostly “o”… and there used to be some data in “o” mode, but now there’s no data at all. Horrible.

  • Big Bad C-Los

    All seems well in Corona, CA.

  • mingkee

    3G icon disappeared (no internet) on nexus one this morning, but I turn the cellular off and turned back on and the internet was back.
    Same thing happened on Behold II as well.
    Location: Brooklyn. NY.

  • Big Steele

    No data issues in Everett/Lynnwood, WA (greater seattle regional district)

  • volcanic515

    3g shut off on me around 3:30am, was still gone @ 5am and didn’t come back till after I got up 10am.

  • luis03

    :Back to normal in Houston.

  • as usual

    Creeping along as usual here in Jacksonville, NC

  • mdiggty

    I live in Seattle and everything is fine. Yesterday I had really weak signal, but no probs today

    • b2k

      still nonexistent 3g here, seattle also.

  • Kevin

    Had some intermittent issues around 2am to 6am this morning. my webconnect rocket would drop uot in both UMTS and EDGE modes.

  • Stanly

    Mine went out twice here in the Cleveland area yesterday…once around oh, say 7 PM, and then another time this morning around 5 AM for a good while. I love their internet, we have HSPA+ here so…I can forgive them :). No EDGE, no 3g, no nothing. It wasn’t a big deal….it happens.

  • dawn

    Trouble here in Oakland, CA.

  • dan

    i lost connection in Cheyenne, Wyoming around 1-4 this morning mountain time. All is good now.

  • Erwin

    Yea i woke up this morning and my data connection was gone and didnt work. So i just turned it off and turned it on and it was back to normal. Didnt have anymore problems.

  • aaron

    it`s fine in hawaii

  • Curbside78

    3G seems to be out and has been pretty much all day. Now 3:38pm in Portland, Oregon and still no 3G.

  • No problems in the Bronx – Nexus One

  • dailyreader

    I believe that Minneapolis has not seen any data related outage. I’m not sure about the 3G aspect, as I am not within a 3G area

  • volcanic515

    Well, here we go again, 3g not working and I been restarting and pulling battery over and over again for the past 25min. I’m now stuck on Edge. :(

  • Ivan

    Flushing, NY

    Signal went out around 5:00 am. Turn my CLIQ off, then back on and everything was back to normal. And still is

  • JohnF

    I’m in the Seattle/Renton area. I observed an outage both phone and data from 4:40pm until about 5:45pm on Sept. 1. Tried turning off and on several times during that hour with no luck what so ever. Calls would not even dial. Sometimes would get not on network error.

  • I’m in the Hopkinsville KY area…. mines been acting odd all day….

  • PP

    I am a rep in Philly. My Data was out when I woke up, came back up when I restarted my slide. Had some customers with the same issue and a restart worked for them also. No update had been sent to reps from the company as of 6PM.

  • brandonz

    Manhattan, Ny, just 10 minutes on my blackberry, couldn’t load a website.

  • Sasha

    I just got hit with this around 5: 50 and I’m in the suburbs around Seattle. Hope it comes back soon!

  • tmogeek

    Took a hit here in SoCal. Seemed localized. At home the wife didn’t have 3G all day and I was fine at work. I get home and the 3G is down for me too. No 3G, but I could get data if I toggled to Edge. An hour later all was fine. N1 and MyTouch.

  • working fine in Ft.Lauderdale FL for me

  • Nicholas

    My mytouch wasnt showing any e g or 3g at all starting last night, and still goes in n out of it

  • Nicholas

    My mytouch wasnt showing any e g or 3g at all starting last night, and still goes in n out of it here in pasadena outside LA

  • R

    My internet on my unlocked iPhone kept would NOT work today. I thought my phone was just messed up.

  • misstree

    been out all day here in so. Cal tried thrme reboot but still no go

  • This morning my charm wasn’t getting service but then I changed to my Slide and it worked for a bit but I kept losing service through out the day. People said they’ve been trying to call me but I never did get the call, no missed call notice either. I was in Centralia when it started and I am now in Tacoma. My texts would take forever to go through and sometimes wouldn’t go through at all.

  • Matt

    I’m getting emergency calls only as my network in pittsburgh pa

  • theBIGmack

    I live in the Bay Area (Sunnyvale, CA) and there are always issues :T

  • mjN1

    I hope they are working on HSPA+ maybe thats why were going thru this .

  • pat

    im in nj no service for 3 hrs now messed up my date with this girl :(

  • Francois

    Outages on Monday and Thursday for data and voice in Orange County, CA

  • somebody

    i thought this was normal tmobil service…

    i have full bars in some areas and cant make a call or do anything..

  • kershon

    No problems all day in central Illinois.

  • Detroitking02

    I was stuck on Edge all last night now this morning 3G has returned

  • Was having the dropped data yesterday and the day prior.

    Did a speed test this morning. Not necessarily much faster but the ping time was half normal. (I test every 2-4 days at work, along the commute, and at home.)

  • nobreak1970

    Here in the deep south of Alabama data has been in and out all day.

  • holiday

    Orlando is having serious data problems

  • holiday

    Orlando florida is having serious data problems

  • Andy

    I have had issues with signal for the last few between Pensacola and Atlanta.

  • TomCruise

    issues with data in Chicago area on Sep 02 morning. its ok now.

    but overall have been seeing issues with data and voice in n/w suburbs since past 2 months. is really frustrating to constantly get a call failed or network busy message when i have to call somebody urgently.

    hope tmobile fixes this soon.

  • SusieJ

    Haven’t been able to send SMSS messages all day here in San Diego

  • Neverglow

    Yeah, same outage Midnight on till about 9AM in Vegas the morning of the 2nd.

  • This is a normal thing with t-mobile over here in puerto Rico t-mobile always has those kind of problems also t-mobile doesn’t have 3G Over here that’s why ima switch to sprint or Claro or maybe AT&T because they do have 3G

  • me

    They had blocked all phones to make calls at the time due to a person with a gun who was doing mass shootings. They were making the phones accesable to the families that were stopped in traffic around the area of the psyco.

  • louie butts

    my tracfone’s still out after 4 days of runaround by tracfone techs and t-mobile techs on the phone about an outage that started 9/13/2010 in the 97214 zipcode… 9/17/2010- still no service on tracfone… they still say on the phone that their carrier;t-mobile, is still updating/repairing…when they’re done and service comes back, no news online or offline!!!…ALSO NO 911 USAGE AT ALL!!!… what the hell’s going on?!?… i’ve no usage for my prepaid phone for going on 5 days now, including 911 being unreachable!!!

  • Bullyboyal

    Add Bmingham, Al

  • Bullyboyal

    Add Bmingham, Al


    Chicago area outage. So far an hour no use with phone

    • Johnnygoodtimes

      I’ve had trouble in the Chicagoland area the entire weekend.

  • RT

    Los Angeles outage too.

  • Luckkey1

    Chicago has a tower out. This will effect loop locations

    • Abc

      Just curious – is there a website where you can keep track of these outages? They seem to be happening fairly regularly downtown Chicago.

  • Wwjd234522000

    I am in Va and have had no service since early this morning.

  • Dressageragdoll

    Las Vegas is out too…

  • Ravenouscreation

    Reno, NV affected…. 15 users so far, and the number is growing. No Data, list only GSM

  • Fosse

    Seabrook TX 77586 service out all day 1/22/2011 – any ideas of when we’ll be back up? Can’t get a rep online to chat and report and the only other option is to “call” – and how am I supposed to do that?

  • Rabbittheartedgirl

    in Flint, Michigan and I haven’t been able to send a sms message for about 5 days now. It’s getting rather annoying. No 3G or any sort of G what so ever.

  • Diamond

    Intermittent signal loss reported in So. Orange County, Ca.
    Absolutely, no 3G, weak Edge connectivity, your personal WiFi is the best connection right now.
    What’s happening!!???

  • Diamond

    Intermittent signal loss reported in So. Orange County, Ca.
    Absolutely, no 3G, weak Edge connectivity, your personal WiFi is the best connection right now.
    What’s happening!!???

  • Diamond

    Intermittent signal loss reported in So. Orange County, Ca.
    Absolutely, no 3G, weak Edge connectivity, your personal WiFi is the best connection right now.
    What’s happening!!???

  • Writinizmypashin

    There is an outage in Millersville, PA

  • Semail294@gmail.com

    Las vegas customers reporting failed calls to other tmo subscribers sms as well.so far power cycling seems to fix issue.


    This sucks. My hotspot has been out for 12 DAYS!!!! In Columbia, SC. I am going to end up cancelling my service and just get someone who doesn’t have this problem. It isn’t worth it especially when I am in school!

  • tmoman

    There is an outage in northern Woodbridge and southern lorton, VA… Two day now , every time I go to this area nothing not even edge just phone works… Please fix…

  • Frank Ortiz

    I was told this morning by TMo CS that Today Nov 11th there is outage through Southeast and East coast

  • Hussain Alkenani

    there is an outage now thats been going on all day with tmobile no service at all all day started around 11  am today june 27 2012 been stuck at home all day with no phone soo can someone please tell me whats going on if u know

    • Hussain Alkenani

      its in dallas plano area do not know what other areas are having this problem…hello???anyone know whats going on with tmobilew outage today in dallas plano area