T-Mobile Releases Additional G2 Info

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.  T-Mobile has officially set up the G2′s page (hey, some of those photo’s look familiar).  Sadly, no pre-order or release date is listed, we are just teased with a “coming soon” sign.  They do say, though, that “Current T-Mobile customers will get exclusive access to pre-order the G2 starting later this month.”  There are some pretty nifty things that this phone will be capable of, but I won’t bore you with the details.  Instead, you can read up on them yourself below or at the T-Mobile G2 website.  For those of you waiting, this will surely make your mouth water some more, and maybe help time fly between now and the release date (again, we are hearing October 6th now??).  As for all the readers, leave your thoughts in the comments!

Specs of Interest: 800MHz Qualcomm MSM 7230 Scorpion, 5 MP camera with 720p video recording and LED flash, 4GB ROM, 512 MB RAM, 8GB microSD included, HSPA+ capable, 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a QWERTY keyboard!

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Introducing the T-Mobile G2 with Google — the First Smartphone Delivering 4G Speeds on T-Mobile’s Super-Fast HSPA+ Network

T-Mobile, Google and HTC re-team to deliver the groundbreaking successor to the T-Mobile G1; Exclusive preorder for current T-Mobile customers begins later this month

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Sept. 9, 2010 T-Mobile USA, Inc. today unveiled the T-Mobile® G2™ with Google™, delivering downloads at 4G speeds1, a blazing fast web browsing experience and tight integration with Google services. The G2 breaks new ground as the first smartphone specifically designed for T-Mobile’s new HSPA+ network2, which covers 100 million Americans in more than 55 major metropolitan areas across the country. The G2 is an ultra-powerful smartphone designed by HTC and is the highly anticipated successor to the T-Mobile G1, the world’s first Android™-powered mobile phone, pairing a large 3.7-inch screen with a unique hinge design that opens to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. Current T-Mobile customers will get exclusive access to preorder the G2 starting later this month.

“T-Mobile ignited the spark that set the Android world ablaze two years ago with the launch of the world’s first Android-powered mobile phone, the T-Mobile G1, which remains an important milestone for both T-Mobile and the Android operating system,” said Cole Brodman, chief technology and innovation officer, T-Mobile USA. “Now, with the launch of the T-Mobile G2, we are re-teaming with our partners at Google and HTC to provide T-Mobile customers with another first — the first Android smartphone designed to deliver 4G speeds on our new network.”

“One of the advantages of an open platform is the opportunity for developers to create rich mobile experiences and seamlessly get those experiences into the hands of consumers,” said Andy Rubin, vice president, engineering, Google. “From new services, such as Voice Actions, to mobile applications, developer-led Android innovation is flourishing. On Android Market alone, the number of applications available to consumers has grown from just 50 applications two years ago to more than 80,000 applications today.”

“Two years ago, HTC and T-Mobile worked together to deliver the world’s first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1. From that start, Android has grown to be the leading smartphone platform in the U.S., and one of the most popular globally,” said Peter Chou, chief executive officer, HTC Corporation. “With today’s announcement of the G2, HTC and T-Mobile are once again bringing a breakthrough Android product to market.”

The first smartphone specifically designed to deliver 4G speeds on T-Mobile’s new HSPA+ network, the G2 is optimized for performance to provide customers with blazing fast access to a world of information through websites, applications, videos, file downloads and more. Built on Android 2.2, the G2 offers seven customizable home screen panels, including a dedicated panel with one-click access to your favorite Google applications such as Android Market™, which currently offers more than 80,000 applications.

The T-Mobile G2 delivers a powerful mobile data experience that is tightly integrated with Google Voice™, as well as packed with Google applications such as Voice Actions™ from Google, Google Goggles™ and more. It is one of the first smartphones in the industry to offer the new Voice Actions feature of Google Search™, which allows you to control your phone with your voice for calling contacts and businesses, sending messages, browsing the Web, listening to music and completing common tasks. It is also the first smartphone to offer integrated access to Google Voice™, allowing customers to create a new account using their current mobile number right from the home screen. Google Voice then automatically transcribes voicemails to text so customers can read them like an e-mail or text message from their phone or online. Additional pre-loaded Google services include Google Search, Gmail™, Google Maps™ with Places and Navigation, YouTube™, Google Talk™ and Google Earth™, among others.

Adding fuel to the G2’s speed is its Snapdragon™ MSM7230 mobile processor which combines Qualcomm’s new HSPA+ capabilities and second generation applications processor.  The Snapdragon MSM7230 offers an 800 MHz CPU and is optimized to deliver exceptional performance, long battery life and leading edge multimedia and web browsing — with download speeds faster than other solutions currently in the market.

The G2 delivers advanced smartphone features including an HD video camera for recording crystal-clear, high-definition (720p) videos that can be automatically uploaded to your Photobucket account and a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and autofocus. The G2 also offers smartphone essentials such as easy access to personal and work e-mail, including support for Microsoft® Exchange e-mail, contacts and calendar; social networking; and instant messaging. In addition, the G2 features a pre-installed 8GB microSD memory card with support for up to 32 GB, as well as a music player.

Additional features of the G2 include the following:

  • Dedicated Quick Keys for one-touch access to your favorite Google shortcuts and applications
  • 4GB internal memory with pre-installed 8GB micro SD card, with support for up to 32 GB of external memory
  • Built-in 3.5mm headphone jack, stereo headset and Bluetooth support
  • Swype® text input for fast, accurate communication
  • Adobe FlashPlayer enabled Web browsing experience
  • Pinch and zoom functionality for Web browsing and photo gallery


The T-Mobile G2 with Google will be available in the U.S. exclusively from T-Mobile, and current T-Mobile customers will have the opportunity to preorder the G2 in limited quantities later this month. Additional availability details will be shared in the coming weeks. Visit http://g2.t-mobile.com to register for updates.

About T-Mobile’s HSPA+ Network

T-Mobile continues to expand its super-fast HSPA+ mobile broadband network, which now covers 100 million Americans in more than 55 major metropolitan areas. T-Mobile’s new HSPA+ network — which offers theoretical peak throughput speeds of 21 Mbps — offers today’s available 4G speeds to more people than any other wireless network in the country, with plans to reach more than 200 million people this year. For more information on where T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network service is available, please visit http://t-mobile.com/coverage.

#  #  #

1HSPA+ operates at today’s 4G speeds; not available everywhere.

2 The T-Mobile G2 is designed for theoretical peak speeds of 14.4 Mbps

Google, Android, Android Market, Google Voice, Voice Actions, Google Goggles, Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Talk and Google Earth are trademarks of Google, Inc.

Qualcomm is a registered trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated. Snapdragon is a trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated.

About T-Mobile USA, Inc.

Based in Bellevue, Wash., T-Mobile USA, Inc. is the U.S. wireless operation of Deutsche Telekom AG. By the end of the second quarter of 2010, more than 130 million mobile customers were served by the mobile communication segments of the Deutsche Telekom group — 33.6 million by T-Mobile USA — all via a common technology platform based on GSM and UMTS, the world’s most widely used digital wireless standards. T-Mobile USA’s innovative wireless products and services help empower people to connect to those who matter most. Multiple independent research studies continue to rank T-Mobile among the highest in numerous regions throughout the U.S. in wireless customer care and call quality. For more information, please visit http://www.T-Mobile.com. T-Mobile is a federally registered trademark of Deutsche Telekom AG.

Forward-looking statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements that reflect the current views of Deutsche Telekom management with respect to future events. The words “anticipate,” “believe,” “estimate,” “expect,” “intend,” “may,” “plan,” “project” and “should” and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are based on current plans, estimates and projections, and therefore you should not place too much reliance on them. Such statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, most of which are difficult to predict and are generally beyond Deutsche Telekom’s control, including, without limitation, those factors set forth in “Forward-Looking Statements” and “Risk Factors” contained in Deutsche Telekom’s annual report. If these or other risks and uncertainties materialize, or if the assumptions underlying any of these statements prove incorrect, Deutsche Telekom’s actual results may be materially different from those expressed or implied by such statements. Deutsche Telekom does not intend or assume any obligation to update these forward-looking statements.

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    Complaints below:

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      You’re an idiot. Complaint filed.

      • watbetch

        Who’s the idiot? Look below, 75% of the comments are complaints. moron

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      Lol. Well said.

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      First complaint…your hidious face!

    • Davidohio

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    • El Guapo


      Why can’t they call it 4G? Is it inferior somehow?

      Why is the screen so small? Sorry but I cannot downgrade screen size. FAIL

  • chris

    Still no front facing camera.

    • Frank

      Your going to look like a retard, nobody would even use it.

  • Technogen

    Looks nice, just wish the date hadn’t been pushed back, my G1 cant really keep me happy for another month :/

  • kevin

    no uma…I give up on tmobile

    • Acacia Strain

      Who honestly cares about UMA THAT much that they are willing to leave a provider because they aren’t continually pushing out phones that have UMA. There are hardly any UMA phones out there. No other providers are releasing them and I doubt any will. I think Tmo actually has more UMA phones than any other carrier.

      • MattB

        ” I think Tmo actually has more UMA phones than any other carrier.”

        An easy feat, considering any number is greater than zero… Kevin, if UMA is the ‘do all, end all’ for you, the last thing you should do is leave TMO since nobody else supports this at all…

    • myronic

      I agree in principle. Won’t give up on T-Mobile though. Just wish they were more serious about UMA as it’s a brilliant capability unique to TMo and would give them the lucrative chance to jump ahead of the VOIP revolution that is coming. Poor TMo, always inexplicably missing the best and most obvious marketing opportunities..

      • myronic

        Still, it won’t keep me from getting this to replace my G1, since I live in NYC and get better than 4G speeds already! I guess when I go to Perú & Japan next year, I’ll just have to pop my SIM into my old BB Curve 8320 to call America free. Sigh..

  • Jesus

    My next phone, my poor mytouch has been through too much , ;(

    ** Just hoping it gets released before oct. 2 ;(


  • Joe

    3.5mm Jack!

    *Sorry if this was already uncovered but it’s news to me.

  • TonyJohns

    I’m excited for this phone! I can’t wait to Preorder! My area will be getting HSPA+ by year’s end, so this works out perfect!

  • JoshL

    pretty excited!!! but I see no evidence of an LED notification light?!?? please someone confirm it’s there!

  • ceas
  • Phenomenon

    They spelled “sync”, “synch” lol wow

    • Andrew

      well, saying that the full word is synchronized, I’m not going to count them all the way off.

  • redman12
  • SaggyBalls

    Nice phone, if you’re into fat chicks. I’m gonna
    hold out for the HD7 or the Desire HD. I wouldn’t
    mind playing around with its chubby little buttons
    for a little bit though. But I could never bring
    this thing home to mom.

  • Joe

    Yo david, here is the official press release :) with picture(s)


    • Andrew

      It’s already there

  • herromoto

    My mytouch slide serves me well rooted with cyan6

  • twoscoops2002

    nothing special…i think the vibrant might be better!

  • KS

    I’m tired of cheering for the underdog.

  • La_resistance28

    This is gonna be awesome. I hope T-mobile puts some strong (and eye-catching) marketing muscle behind this. I really want to see the G2 proudly stand up to all the other Android superphones and make people jealous of a T-mo phone for the first time in a long time. Let’s GO, T-mo, make it happen, make us proud! G2 ftw!

    • Scott

      When this phone finally ships, it will still be behind better phones available today on other carriers.

      Sorry, I don’t think marketing can do much with that situation. T-Mo should save its marketing budget for truly great phone. Let’s hope the HDs coming in a month will be worth cheering about.

      • Rilesman

        Who is it going to be behind? Just because it is 800MHz? Have you noticed Intel and AMD don’t make a big deal about GHz anymore…focusing on the architecture and capability instead of raw speeds.

        Personally I am only interested in a 4″ screen so it looks like I will be waiting a long time for an HSPA+ phone.

      • Mike

        Yes, Rilesman, simply because it is 800MHz, it will be very difficult to market. The phone may be using new architecture, but that doesn’t matter to the general consumer. They simply want to hear one of two things: higher clock speeds or more cores. That’s actually the same story with Intel and AMD. They market to the general consumer their increased clock speeds and more cores.

        The phone itself will probably be solid. But it doesn’t have the right pieces needed to “make people jealous of a T-mo phone for the first time in a long time.” The only way that would have happened was if a) this phone had dual core processor, or b) if Sprint 4G didn’t exist and we were the only ones getting faster than 3G connnections.

  • Sergie

    I was hoping the G2 was going to be something special. While I love the design of the phone, with only 4G internal memory, and a 800MHZ CPU…only 5MP camera…And still no front facing camera…ugh. Nothing really stands out, compared to the Vibrant. I mean, yeah, if you really don’t want to use swype/on-screen keyboard, this’ll be the best phone that T-Mobile offers, but it’s nothing “revolutionairy”.

    • Jared

      There is much more to a camera than the pixel range. Like the zoom, sharpness etc. 5mp is enough to capture everything necessary in an image, the rest comes down to skill, other features and so on. Similarly there is more to a CPU then the clocking. This one will be similar if not better than the current hummingbird processors floating around, it depends on efficiency, architecture and more. Lastly, seriously, nobody is going to use face to face calling. Its just something Apple is feeding sheeple, telling them its something they need. Yes this phone isn’t anything revolutionary or magical, but its a very good phone and T-Mobile can use it along with their great pricing and other competitive strats to pull in customers. So long as they properly market the damn thing.

      • Patrick

        compare EVO/Droid Incredible pictures taken to Vibrant/Epic/Captivate/Fascinate or iPhone pics….the Evo and Incredible will PALE in comparison. Color depth, warmness/coolness, shutter speed, ISO, etc will all make a HUGE difference pics taken. megapixels only allow for the image to be larger…..not always better my mom has a 10mp Samsung Digital SLR camera…..I have a Sony 12mp regular pocket digital camera…..her SLR trumps my camera ALL day because her camera/lens is simply BETTER than mine.

        I’m curious to see what this HTC cam will be like in this phone because even though the Vibrant is only 5mp, it takes AMAZING pics to be a cell phone. I’m assuming thats because Samsung manufacturers cameras so it makes sense that they’d put their cam tech into their phones…where as HTC….well….they’re strictly a cell phone company and I’ve never seen any HTC device that took pics that I was awed about lol. This Samsung literally awed me to be a cell phone

  • 17.5 hours standby? if this isn’t a typo i feel sorry for anyone who gets this phone. Vibrant has 18 days standby. this phone sucks more and more. Matel could make a better battery.
    800 processor=fail
    stock android=yeah
    7.5 hours standby= hilarious Fail

    • Sergie

      I would assume this is a typo. 6 1/2 battery life (Talk time) is the same as the vibrant, so I would assume it meant 17.5 days, not 17.5 hours.

    • Andrew

      It’s a typo, don’t knock the processor speed because you haven’t experience it, some people like keyboards, once again typo

    • Davidohio

      Bishop, you are a hilarious FAIL.

      • Yyevo

        No, he’s a sad fail.

    • Patrick

      how many times can people say processor speed isn’t everything. people use a p4 vs a i7 comparison but I don’t think it’s fair because the i7 has more cores….BUT……compare say a 2 ghz Pentium Dual Core processer, VS a Core 2 Duo, VS a Core 2 Extreme….all dual core processors….but the extreme will beat the Duo or Dual Core any day. why? simply put, it’s a better processor.

  • KS

    How will T-Mo handle Wifi mobile hot spot tethering?

    • Danny

      Verizon charges $20 a month for this feature

      Curious why T-Mobile is being mum about this feature. Perhaps they’ll allow it but not advertise it to keep users from abandoning their monthly subscriptions to USB modems like the Rocket?

      At least our phones will be able to do simultaneous voice/data so we can chat away while using our mobile hotspot. Tried it on the N1 and this feature is awesome!

      • BRI

        Some other guy posted that his HD2 has mobile hotspot and tmobile does not charge him. Another friend of mine has a N1 and he doesnt pay for it either

    • KS

      This is very helpful information guys. This is the feature that I care about most. At this point of the game all Androids are just about equal. At least in my opinion.

  • JP

    Other than the speed advantage (where available of course), there’s nothing new about the device. All of the higher end devices from the other carriers have the same, if not more in terms of specs. What a waste.

    What kind of a “revolution” is this ????

    • MaryAnne

      Then perhaps you should try using a Verizon Droid on T-Mobile and see what happens when you call customer service asking them where to put your SIM card?

      This phone is a device for us T-Mobile customers who wish to remain and take advantage of T-Mobile’s prices and network.

      Comparing the specs of the Droid X or Samsung Epic to this phone is irrelevant unless you plan on switching to Verizon or Sprint.

      • KS

        Mary Anne,

        How does the G2 stack up to the Vibrant.

      • Scott

        It sounds like you two are saying the same thing… the G2 is fairly underwhelming compared to the competition so the only reason to stay with T-Mo is the awesome plans.

        Makes sense!

  • Steve

    Can’t wait for this phone.

  • SurgioArmani

    I really want to be excited for this phone, really do. I’m still a little underwhelmed though, and I’m not one of those people who have ridiculous expectations for this phone.

    I’m really hoping Andrew is right and the battery life is a typo. Also hope that there’s still more to learn like HDMI out.

    Glad to see confirmation on 3.5mm jack.

  • MisterMegatron

    so its a phone that does a great majority of standard cool phone stuff…probably a good quality phone minus the battery…after this year t-mobile should just let LG and Samsung do its Android phones n HTC do the windows 7 phones

    • MisterMegatron

      but seeming how the G1 was the first Android phone…doesn’t this phone seem like a lot of months too late??…

      • Sapphire

        Why would we want to prevent a great manufacture (IMHO the greatest manufacture) not produce Android devices? It was the first and it has proven it can make quality Android phones. Look at the Nexus One. And don’t comment unless you have actually held and played with a Nexus One. Most of the people who speak negatively about the Nexus One have never held it or even seen it.

      • MisterMegatron

        i like HTC devices…yes i played wit the nexus…my boy has it…i also had a G1…but now i have a vibrant…so i could jus be biased…it just seems like the vibrant is an overall better quality phone…especially when it comes to the camera…not sayin HTC sucks…samsung at this point just seems better suited n more innovative when it comes to android phones…these last few HTC phones (minus the EVO) seem very unimaginative

  • deceptivesmiles

    After all the hype has died downed (for me at least) this phone seems underwhelming. Only thing it seems to have goin for itself is flash on the camera, Adobe flash for web browsing, 12gb storage (4+8), and stock 2.2. Other than that, it’s just, meh. Now I have to wait to see what the HD7 or MyTHD offer

    • Original G1er

      I get mixed emotions. Sometimes I really like the design and it’s overall, well rounded specs. And today i get the feeling the design/specs looks like it will be outdated fast.

      Still is an better overall phone than samsung vibrant! Which I returned during 14 day return policy in anticipation for the G2.

      Vibrants screen/CPU didn’t overcome the cheap feeling plastic 2008ish iphonesque chrome bezel body and the killer was the touchwiz/bloatware…. And no optical track/mouse pad/ball… Which on android is needed or it’s a pain to try and tap the place you want the cursor to be to space/correct text.

      This G2 will have a way more better quality case. Aluminum and Teflon coated rubber parts > plastic.

      G2’s Hspa+ is very convincing too… Especially if I can tether my iPad at those speeds!!!!!

      Led Flash on the cam is very welcomed along with confirmed 720p recording which is the icing on all of that.

      Still not my ideal keyboard phone, could be sexier and higher speced but it’s the BEST one out currently overall. Good looking, well constructed body,/keyboard… Hspa+… Well rounded specs/it’s up there even beats most of the top android phones out… And it comes with efficient, bloatware free Stock android nuff said.

      I’m still getting it unless something else pops up this year aka iPhone 4 for tmobile.

      • deceptivesmiles

        That’s exactly how I feel. I feel like as soon as I buy this, it’s going to be outdated by Nov. Same thing happened w/ my TP2 (Which I still have) As far as the OS is concerned, I’m not really phased b/c open-ended phones are technically legal yet voidable. However, the battery being only 1300mAh and the single core processor make it outdated before it even gets released. I want a new phone but looks like I’m gonna be waitin a little longer

      • Foxeh

        I’m feeling the same way. I’ve played with a couple iPhone 4’s and while it’s quite nice, it’s not super comfortable to hold. Still, it does reek of quality.

        I still think I’m going to pick up a G2 simply because it’s the only fraking Android device that’s runs the Stock UI, but if it’s really $200 after MIR that would really be pushing it since it’s hardly cutting edge (even if the specks are well balanced like the iPhone).

        I think I’ll preorder anyway and scrutinize it harshly. I’m not worried about how long it stays high end, but more about how long it’ll serve it’s purpose. Considering Google still offers the Nexus One as a developer’s device that’s the gold standard the applications will be developed against. We know the G2’s GPU can kick its tail, but it isn’t too far removed either.

        If the build quality is nice and the battery life beats the G1 (where I’m not afraid to use the awesome features) I’ll keep it.

  • Mikhail

    So will the G2 not get Gingerbread because it doesnt meet the 1Ghz requirement?

    • SurgioArmani

      Google said that the “1Ghz required” rumor was not true. This phone will be able to upgrade.

    • john

      I thought they covered that every time someone has mentioned it for the last month…lol

    • Dia

      It should get Gingerbread, because it’s NOT a Samsung.

  • Ralph559

    Where is the mobile hotspot? (tethering)

    • Original G1er

      Yeah! We need this confirmed! Icing on the cake. Will it Video out?

      My iPad tethering to the G2 at hspa+ speeds would be awesome.

  • Woffle

    SLCD screen?

    • Original G1er

      This needs to be confirmed as well…

      Better be SLCD or at least amoled. My bet is SLCD! For various reasons, like oled shortages and confirmed from people who handle the G2 saying the screen is notably beautiful looking.

  • SurgioArmani

    Does anyone remember the sweet interactive page T-Mo made for the G1? Where’s that for the G2? That would really make it feel like a true successor to the Grand-daddy of Android phones.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    pie is good. agree?

    • Sapphire

      What kind of pie are we discussing here?

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Sweet Potato Pie, Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie and Bean Pie of course. Mainly Sweet Potato Pie though. Lip smackin delicious.

  • Eddie Android

    Hey Andrew, you should post a section for all these crybabies to cry about the G2 not being capable , FFC, and specially those dual core complainers. I’m eagerly waiting to replace my Nexus One with the G2.

  • Rohan Singh

    I was excited for this phone but that processor would barely be considered passable a year ago. While Qualcomm is releasing dual core mobile processors this thing is still below the gighertz mark.

    I really don’t get T-Mobile’s obsession with underpowered phones. Verizon is just wiping the floor when it comes to hardware.

    • la_resistance28

      A year ago at this time the fastest Android phone was the MyTouch 3G, so this does look pretty delicious compared to that, haha. But I hope you realize this is running off the new Qualcomm MSM 7230 Scorpion chipset, which includes the upgraded Adreno 205 GPU. This means even at 800 Mhz, this phone should be blazing fast, as fast if not faster than any Snapdragon 1Ghz out there, thanks to the support of a more powerful GPU for any graphics-intensive tasks. Plus it should be more energy-efficient too. Clock speed isn’t everything, my friend!

      I’m really looking forward to dual core processors as well. But those babies aren’t coming out until spring of next year at the earliest, and some of us can’t wait that long! Haha, that’s the dilemma of tech nowadays, there’s always something bigger/faster/shinier JUST around the corner. You can keep waiting forever, or you can just grab on and learn to enjoy what you can get! =)

    • Foxeh

      Heh, it seems we are going to have to fend off this Gigahertz myth forever.

      Go on to Youtube and search for “Epic Citadel” and see it running on an iPhone 4 (~800 MHz) or better yet, iPhone 3GS (600 Mhz) and find that it has the power to do things FAR beyond what most 1GHz phones currently on the market can dream of doing, save for the Galaxy S.

      • Marc

        iOS and Android, are different beast. Maybe, what works well on iOS, will not work as well on Android. At any rate, the only way we will have answers to all of our questions, is to wait for the phone to come out and be tested.

    • Brandon

      Check out these benchmarks. G2 is comparable to the galaxy S and the droid x/2. http://androidandme.com/2010/09/news/t-mobile-g2-should-have-similar-performance-to-samsung-galaxy-s/ And not sure if you heard, but Verizon is using Bing instead of Google Search. Its starting with the Fascinate (Galaxy S). Even if you have the Google Search Widget, it still searches through Bing by default. Im sorry but if I buy a google phone, I want the google services. http://www.androidcentral.com/verizon-samsung-fascinate-hands-and-initial-impressions At the end of the day, its all about performance. Even the Vibrant stutters (because of TouchWiz), and its the best processor on the market. There is an app call Ryanza Lagfix that actually fixes it. Ill be happy knowing ill have good performance and batt life with this “underpowered” phone.

  • ceas

    I’m tired of all these cry babies.. don’t knock it till you try it!! i bet more then half of these people crying about this phone will end up loving it when they try it out.. I personally cant wait to pre order this phone… dual core’s wont be seen till next year so stop asking for them… the window 7 phone rumored to come out this year isn’t even going to be a dual core so i suggest everyone chill the fuk out and don’t get your hopes up, your just going to be disappointed in the end!!

    • Yyevo

      I’m going bet most of them can’t afford a phone other than a tracphone.

  • rob

    i think they should release it on the 2yr anniversary of android and the g1 oct 22 i still remember waiting in line for mine on launch day(short line that is) i will not be geting this thou my g1 didnt make its 2nd birthday…but almost did got the vibrant and couldnt be happier and i realized i dont need a keyboard
    but go android and tmobile!

  • mtnman

    If (IMHO)Tmo came out tomorrow and said they have a phone that has a 4.5″ screen, FFC, 10Megapix cam w/dual LED Zeon flash, 1.5Ghz processor, 1024 Ram, 32Gigs internal storage and 32 gig memory card, HSPA+ w/42 megs download and only cost .99 Cents with no contrat. I’ll bet you Dollars to Donuts Andrew that that same day you’d have half the people complaing on here that it don’t do this or that.

    Sheesh, I tell ya, are we all just a bunch of spoiled little kids or what? Maybe along with the phone they could hand out free pasifiers and tissues for all the whinning and crying going on.

    My Lord people it’s a PHONE! Just goes to show you Andrew you can’t make everybody happy. Well no, I take that back, yes you can. All you have to do is tell everyone what kinda phone Tmo is coming out with and they’ll only be happy complaing about it. And that my friends is not a Deal Breaker.

    • Original G1er

      Me wants that fone!!!


      I personally would NEVER go for 4.5″ much less physical keyboarded… It would be beast. Unless it was next generation thin with near paper thin screens to compenstate thickness and long lasting battery life.

      • Foxeh

        And folds in half to fit in more pockets. :D

        Seriously, it seems some want cell phones to become huge again. :P

    • Marc

      I think you would be wrong, but nice try though.

  • LP

    NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting it for sure!!!!!

  • rpinazo

    will it be able to have live wallpaper with out a 1ghz?

    • mtnman

      Sure will rpinazo. As long as it’s running Froyo 2.2 it’ll have live wallpapers along with Flash 10.1.

  • mtnman

    It’s time my friends of Tmo to take a stand. We want a phone, not just any ordinary phone. A phone not with a FFC, that’s so 21st century. We want a phone that has a Holographic Projector that will show the person we’re talking to right in front of us. A phone that will beam our image to places so during akward holidays and get together’s we can just end the call and leave. We want a phone. A phone that will not only be able to feed us the Cheetos, but move our jaws up and down so we can chew, and then whip all that cheetos dust off our shirt as well. We want a phone that don’t have a silly keyboard or Swype. We’ll get carpal-thumb syndroum and that Sywpe will still makes us have to move my finger. We want a phone that will telepahically read our minds and project out thoughts into the brains of those we want to talk to. We want a phone not with a lousy 5 megapixel camera. No, we want a phone has 2160p resolution in 3D. BUT in the mean time we’ll just have to settle for the G2. I hope at least I made some of you laugh. Its getting way to serious, and why so serious?

    • Eddie Android

      Lol a phone that even mailman would find something to complain about.

    • Original G1er

      Yeah what’s the deal with this G2 not being able to do 3d?

      I mean that technology came out last year if I’m not mistaken. It’s becoming a standard. The freaking new nintendo 3DS has 3D built into it. A portable game player.

      This thing will be outdated before it even releases. Fail beyond epic proportions.

  • Eddie Android

    Trust me, the G2 will rule for along time. Unlike Motorolas (Droids) the G2 will be backed by Cyanogen and there will be tons of custom roms and hacks available. This IS the Revolution! Welcome to the Hackers Dream!

    • mtnman

      No Eddie Android I have to disagree with you on that one. In my opinion I think the Hackers Dream will be the WM7. I’d love to see what XDA can do with that puppy. Imagin Froyo 2.2 on that?

      • Eddie Android

        Yep but they have to go through WP7’s tighter-than-Apples grips first. But when they do I’ll look into that.

    • Jared

      “Cyanogen” should be enough to sell this phone to a lot of the people on here imo. The G2 is equal in specs to what is available on other carriers sure, but its coming with T-Mo pricing, data coverage, vanilla Android and more custom rams and hacks than you can shake a stick at. It’ll be the “anything you can do I can do too if not better” phone. That is what I loved about my G1. That is what I’m going to love about my G2.

  • Cellrus

    The Qualcomm MSM7230 uses the same Scorpion processor found in Qualcomm’s QSD8250 SoC (what most call “Snapdragon”), but it improves audio support to 5.1 channels and significantly improves the GPU. In many ways, an 800MHz MSM7230 is superior to a 1GHz QSD8250.

    • Original G1er

      Blah blah improves 5.1 channel audio support and GPU.

      1GHz> 800MHz, son.


      Sorry couldn’t resist.

  • Acacia Strain

    I hope people see this as Tmo’s revival in a sense. No other phone company right now is pushing out such a variation of quality phones as we are.

    Mytouch Slide
    Windows 7 Phone
    Mytouch HD (possibly)

    That’s 5 top tier phones (you could make the argument that the Mytouch Slide is mid level) in a span of what? 4-5 months? 4 of them Android and 1 of them quite possibly the only WM7 phone out when it arrives.

    No other carrier is coming near to this. I’ll take 5 different phones to give customers a better variation than having just the Evo/Iphone 4. Not everyone wants an Evo/Iphone. Most people would rather have a keyboard than an all touch screen. Something that Tmo offers in the G2/Mytouchslide and of course the all touchscreen, Vibe/MytouchHD/WM7, honestly makes Tmo the best Smartphone provider for the next few months until some one else either comes out with:

    A ) A super ridiculous phone
    B ) As much or better variations on Android devices than Tmo has

    Not to mention the fastest internet connection in the US and cheapest price plans.

    Until then keep complaining about having choices. You don’t seriously need a Front Facing Camera. If having it is that big a deal to you then please go pick up and Evo/Iphone 4 and enjoying paying more monthly/bandwith limits.

    • la_resistance28

      I would actually argue Verizon has the strongest smartphone lineup: Droid 2, Droid X, Droid Incredible, the somewhat crippled Fascinate, the (comparable-to-MyTouch Slide) LG Ally, and I’m pretty sure they will be getting a WP7 phone as well. But your point is well-taken, T-Mo still has a very good lineup of smartphones, and I hope T-Mo really throws massive marketing behind the G2 to make it a proud, enviable flagship. The G2 tops or closely matches any other smartphone today.

      And as much as I like the idea of an FFC, there’s no real market right now supporting it, and usability is too limited, i.e. iPhone 4 users can only v-chat with other iPhone/iPod touch users, Evo with Evo or Streak users. In a year or two when video chat platforms become more standardized and there’s more people to actually v-chat with, then a Front Facing Camera will be worth having. But if you’re in the market today for a smartphone, an FFC is really just a shiny gimmick that is yet to be put to good use, not a useful must-have feature yet.

  • SnakeEyez

    Hmm, I thought it was releasing Sept. 29th. Oh well, a few days of waiting won’t kill anybody.

  • la_resistance28

    Has anybody who signed up for T-Mo’s G2 “updates” received anything yet? What a useless sign-up list, haha.

    • Scott

      It was useful to see everyone’s sign up info! That bug at least was very entertaining.

  • phonegeek

    i feel like the g2 is the Verizon rival to the droid 2 anybody else agree SN# this phone is sexy people stop hating on everything you see

    • Rilesman

      I agree.

      While most on this site would never be interested in the lower level Android phones, it is good to see the diversity grow in phone options. T-Mobile should have a line of phones from low end, middle, and high end. While I am a 4″ guy, not everyone else will be and yes the G2 is in my opinion a better than Droid 2 contender. Also support the Vanilla builds.

      • Scott

        Sounds good. Wake me up when T-Mo ships a high end phone?

      • joel

        Uh, you should have woke up over a month ago, then. Samsung Vibrant?


  • somebody

    well now that this turd is out of the way can we talk about the hd7

    skip the mytouch hd who the hell cares.

    A phone thats a little faster than phones that came out 6months ago is just not good enough

    mhz is not everything but if 800 scorpion = 1000 snapdragon and snapdragon is already pretty slow in my experience i dont see a point in this.

    notice how they took out ” 4g like speeds” now its “4g speeds”

    • Jared

      G2 = Android which to a lot of people = better than Windows anything. Especially if you plan on hacking it. Yes its late in the game, but it is going to be a fun toy for a lot of people to play with. It’ll also help T-Mo move up in the game while we wait for the dual core processors. And I don’t think they’d want the first wave either, unless they’d be on par with Samsung’s Orion which is going public in 2011, I’m predicting that or something similar will be what goes into HTC’s next Android T-Mobile phone, and the G2 will be a good phone to hold me over while I wait.

  • jazzmanmonty

    Reading all your opinions and seeing the specs/press release, time for an honest opinion. This phone is about 75% of what we all anticipated about 2 months ago. Sure it has some great features, a processor thats supposed to be more efficient, vanilla froyo. That 75% anticipation is great for most of us ready to finally abandon our G1’s who have held out and finally upgrade. Then there is that remaining 25% of readers that are unsatisfied. The people demanding at least 4″ super amoled screen, dual core processor, FFC, HDMI out 8 MP camera. Disappointment for those who expected a moderate phone, and just wish with even half or even a few of the extra mentioned features were incorporated.

    Well this isn’t an EVO. It isn’t the new rumored HTC phone that has been in the press lately coming out for Verizon. Its also not a revolution. It is a phone that is strategically planned to try to satisfy most of the current G1 users who have held out and want an upgrade. It has been branded G2 instead of some other name for the same reason. Simple marketing strategy.

    Are we getting the newest and best technology? No. Are we getting a device that is up to par with most devices out there today? In a way, yes (with of course exception to the Evo and some Galaxy S models out). Is this phone truly revolutionary? hands down, no. Again its marketing. Tmobile gave us HSPA+ which we should all be grateful for (in select markets for now) and a device that will deliver the speeds. They took a balance of that as a selling point/cutting costs on the extra features in order to give us the phone we are all anticipating as the next best tmobile phone. But not nearly close to a revolution.

    As they say, timing is everything in business. We all wanted to see dual core processor, and there has been much recent news of devices coming out with that technology end of Q4/now Q1 2011. Plain and simple if this phone was revolutionary, and the release of the processor was timed right, then yes the G2 would incorporate the dual core. But that didn’t happen. And trust me if the two words HSPA+ and dual-core were used to describe the selling points of this phone, there wouldn’t be as many complaints about no 4″ screen or ffc or hdmi out or 8mp camera. We would be like wow this thing is bad ass.

    So due to lacking features that don’t make this phone stand out as revolutionary the next question arises. Who’s jumping on board and who’s willing to wait? Its great to say that this phone is very tempting to jump into and hold onto for 11 months in hopes of getting an early full upgrade around fall next year. But it seems as though Q1 2011 (only 4 months away), we will be seeing phones that will make this obsolete. So do we settle for a phone and pay $200 that will be obsolete that quick? its not a question of will it be but when will it be? and knowing that dual core is guaranteed in Q1 in phones, why not be patient and just wait it out if our current phones can make it? Ya like they say, you can wait for the next best thing and wait forever, or just jump on board now. But in the end 75% of us will take the plunge, and 25% will wait it out.

    Where tmobile made its blemish in this whole marketing game? The word revolutionary. If they wanted to make it truly revolutionary, they’d release this phone and slap a different name on it. Then release the g2 Q1 with the 1.2 dual core, throw a better screen on it cuz hopefully by then there won’t be a shortage of good screens like we see now, and maybe a feature our two out of the bunch that people want. Then the phone would be revolutionary. But this phone in the end will satisfy my needs for a cell and be an upgrade finally from my g1, and lets hope that A: i don’t find out in november that in december a badass phone i really wanted is gonna be released, and B: it lives up to its “new processor” claims as having awesome performance without sacrificing battery life. This processor, clocked at 800mhz better be all its hyped up to be in this device or else there will be NOTHING special about this phone aside from hspa+. So lets see what happens. I personally am going to pre-order, give it 14 days, and decide the 15th day if its worthy of holding on to for 11 months -2 years. Thanks for reading.

    BTW never mix Mango flavored absolute with Brisk iced tea. WORST TASTING DRINK I’VE EVER MADE!

    • somebody

      the only thing ial remember from that reading is the part about the drink lol.

      i agree with the rest of your points.

      i myself will wait

    • Original G1er

      After a few glasses, it will taste like what I like to call “who cares”

      on crushed ice.

      G2 looks like it’s made with quality, case material wise. And comes with stock android.

      However, did you know the G2 will be a little larger and heavier than the G1? But a few millimeters thinner…

      Regardless, considering it is better equipped and has a larger 3.7″ screen compared to G1’s 3.2″… It’s still comparable in size and weight.

      Still it’s a little larger/heavier than the G1 but it’s a little thinner…. If that matters to anyone.

      Look up the specs on the offical tmobile G2 page. And compare it to G1 specs. G2 is a little bigger and heavier.

    • Acacia Strain

      A couple quick notes: No other phone will have the super-amoled screen. Samsung owns that patent for a couple years I think. So unless it is a Samsung then it’s no go.

      Is there really that big of a difference between a 3.7″ and a 4″ in all honesty? No not really. Only to the people who want to be able to say they have a 4″ screen.

      You’re right…this isn’t the EVO. If HTC came out with another 4″ phone with a FFC, 8MP camera, HDMI and kickstand…how is that not just a copy of the EVO? ha.

      If you were going to tell me:

      Hey Tmo is coming out with a phone that:

      Comes stock with Android 2.2 Vanilla
      Full Qwerty Keyboard
      800MHz MSM7230
      An Awesome Screen
      Flash Camera
      HD Video Recording
      …Oh yeah and it takes advantage of the fastest data network in the US. So in a way it is the fastest smartphone, internet wise, in the US right now.

      How is that not an awesome thing?

      “I personally am going to pre-order, give it 14 days, and decide the 15th day if its worthy of holding on to for 11 months -2 years”

      You might want to decide on day 13, because on day 15 it is yours to keep. (You have 14 days to return it. On the 15th it is out of buyers remorse period)

      • jazzmanmonty

        thanks for the correction on the 14 day thing…as you can tell the potency of the putrid taste of my mix drink has killed off some cells..ok so keep for 13 days return 14th lol. but i like how u have summed up the qualities of the g2 and thats why i’m not willing to shrug it away and will test it out to see if i like it. cheers. blah!

      • remister

        Residents of California, you have 30 days… WHOOOO!!!

    • Marc

      Well stated

  • Amanda

    I have a question. If there is no HSPA+ in my area right now, what does the phone run on? Is it 3G capable or no? I surely cannot go back to edge lol

    • somebody

      yes you get 3g…

  • someone

    i can not wait for this phone to come out there is already HSPA+ in my area

  • Robert

    Isn’t anyone going to comment on the battery size or standby time?

    • chotpy

      check phone arena for correct info about that. 18 days on standby. O_O

  • currator

    this phone is not only a joke but a slap to the face from tmobile to the cust us. i mean really this phone is a mild step up from the droid 1 and i mean the droid one is been out for almost a year. i mean this is sooo sad we have no power house phones. thats ok i will be taking my own advice begining early next year once big red rolls out a duel band cdma and lte phone that will of course blow andthing tmobile will put out for a year. ohh and our luck tmobile will get iphone 3gs and verizon will get iphone 4 at same time. but thats just tmobile sorry luckm i am tired of getting played by tmobile we pay them all sorts of money and they just keep it. sorry phones bad signal. i mean were i live the big 3 have 3g signal hell my parent live 8 miles out of town and my phone stops working once i leave the black top and hit a mile of dirt road but guess what big read you get full 3g in my parents house hell with att you have to get near a window to get a bar or two of edge. so tmobile unless they put out some real phones then i will go spend my money else were i would advise the rest of ypu to stop waiting and waiting for nothing everytime nothing im so tired of being played and they will catch the hint when they start losing cust

    • Em2drvr03

      just go…noones stoping you..they dont need u

    • Mike

      “i am tired of getting played by tmobile we pay them all sorts of money and they just keep it.”

      You’re a retard. What we’re paying T-mobile is way cheaper than Verizon, and yet you’re expecting them to release a superphone that’s going to beat them? Most of us who stay with T-mobile do so because of the CHEAP plans. Not for the phones. That doesn’t mean that T-mobile shouldn’t release high end phones. But realistically, you can’t expect them to outbid the other carriers to get the best phones SINCE WE AREN’T PAYING THEM AS MUCH.

      If you want the best phones, go to the carrier that requires more money. You can’t expect to buy a Ferrari and pay insurance rates for a Honda. They go hand in hand.

  • Jared

    Just got disappointed..
    Only supports T-Mobile’s UMTS bands, which are useless in most of the rest of the world. :(
    May have to wait for the Vision (European version) to be released.

    • Jared

      Well, most of the Americas outside of Canada, which is what matters to me.

    • Chimphappyhour

      Ditto here. I’ll be sticking with my Nexus since I’ve got 3G options with it when I travel.

  • Dia

    For everyone jumping up and down about FFC. As most of you know or guessed, they’ve had it Japan for at least 5 years now. My wife’s mobile had it, even my prepaid had it. And guess what. . . almost NOBODY uses it there. You use it for a couple of times when its new, because of course it’s gimicky (Such a word?). People say they want to use FFC? When more and more people are talking less and SMSing more. . .but we’re going to use FFC, which is really a pain-the-ass to communicate with. And if it was so great, then why weren’t people climbing over each other to get any Nokia smart phones? I know my E71 and the n73 have FFC, as well as some of the other high end Nokias. As a matter of fact, I believe the Nokia E73 (For TMobile) has an FFC. I don’t know what the obsession is for it, but if it’s a deal breaker for you, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

    P.S. Can we PLEASE stop saying “Fail”. It’s more annoying than Buh-Bye.

    • Meel

      It’s not always about whether or not someone will use it, consumers just want the option. I’m an avid T-Mobile fan and think this will be a strong phone, but sales start on the spec sheet these days and ANYHTING missing will lose buyers. That includes things like a FFC…

      • pimpstrong

        True on all points.

  • Marc

    Does it have FM radio?

  • mikeeeee

    no WIFI?

    • Brian

      that has to be a mistake, right? has HTC dropped WIFI from any other recent phones?

      • legendary1022

        It has wifi, its a requirement to have the With Google. All android phones must have wifi, bluetooth, and GPS

      • Brian

        Great! I can’t believe TMO missed that on their spec sheet for their new flagship phone :)

  • NokiaN900User

    For what its worth, calling this phone by the 800 Mhz does it no justice AT ALL. This thing FLIES. Ive said it in previous posts (look me up). The only 2 things that the vibrant has over this G2 are:
    SAMOLED screen which I LOVE
    Vibrant GPU is a tard bit faster than the G@ GPU.

    • Marcelo L

      Except where folks completely miss the point that this phone’s processor, while having a better GPU than the Snapdragon, has worse overall Floating point and Integer processing scores ( yes, we’re prorating back to an 800Mhz versus 1Ghz processor, but we’re talking a HUGE margin, not something that should be accountable by a 20% differential in CPU frequency. ) The MSM7230 processing-wise is horrid.

      Look at GLBenchmark.com, and for yourself,


      In CPU Floating point it’s rated 3x+ slower than the Vibrant. Even the Acer Liquid A1 is rated faster, and it’s only clocked at 768Mhz ! In Integer benchmarks it’s a little better, though besting the Acer Liquid A1, the G2/Vision is bested by the HTC Touch Diamond 2, a phone that’s been off the market for like 2 years already.

      Like Scott said, call me when TMobile gets it’s act together, and actually releases a phone to supplant the Vibrant, and is really comparable to the higher end phones the other carriers are offering.

      Until then, raise all the hoopla you want, the G2 will still be more fizzle than sizzle.

      • thaghost

        marcelo, u still posting that bogus info. stop hating on the g2. damn.

      • Foxeh

        Yet somehow the “CPU” based skinning test completely schools the likes of the current snapdragons on the market.

        Those benchmarks make no sense and they conflict with themselves. I suggest you stop waving that user submission around like it’s the Holy Bible until we get something more concrete. x_x

      • joel

        Yeah, I’m sticking by original response to these CPU floating/integer numbers that something doesn’t seem right. Let’s see some other benchmarks

  • Emil Ghoting

    3.7″ & 800mhZ. I’ll pass.

    • NokiaN900User

      I feel like I have to school people about clock speeds and cycles. This phone has a better GPU than EVO, mytouch slide and should be comparable to droid X. Im willing to bet its even faster that vibrant because it still has 2.1 on it. Note that vibrant will become faster than G2 when it is updated with 2.2. I cant find the link where the benchmarks were done. I will post it later.

      Simply put 800Mhz + better GPU > 1Ghz with previous gen GPU

      • NokiaN900User

        Ok I found the link. Here is the link for the benchmarks for comparable phones to G2 aka vision:

      • Scott

        That’s true as long as you are playing 3D games. Outside of gaming, a strong GPU is pretty much useless. Any modern piece of silicon can push 800×480 pixels in no time.

        T-Mobile really seems to be targeting its superphones at teenagers. Wonder if they’ll bundle games with the G2 too…?

      • Barry

        800mhz<1ghz that's all people see. the iPhone has a 800mhz processor and if there's one thing I envy about the iPhone is how smooth it is. Save your breath bro. And the glaring fact ppl seem to always over look is the fact that the processor is 1ghz underclocked to 800mhz to conserve the battery. And I'm almost positive there's an app that allows you to overclock your phone without rooting. So the processor speed issue needs to be put to rest.

      • Marcelo L


        Please have a look at the benchmarks themselves……the GPU may hold it’s own, but in raw processing power the 7230 is a fizzle. Floating point and Integer scores are ridiculously low, bested by phones that’ve been on the market for a year ( Acer Liquid A1, Floating Point ), or two ( HTC Touch Diamond 2, Integer ).

        Mhz Speed Not = Performance

        CPU Core Efficiency + Mhz Speed + Bus Speed = Vroooom.

      • thaghost

        here u go marcelo “the g2 hater” here is a link since u like links, smh.


      • thaghost
      • joel

        Not buying the current CPU float/integer benchmarks until I see more benchmarks. Let’s see what happens when we run Linpack or Quantrant :) Soon as I get a chance to, I’m on it

  • alex32

    i cant wait, this gives me hope that it releases the 15th of spetmber insteadof an extra week.

  • Josh

    The 4GB of ROM intrigues me. Are they just trying to future proof it? I guess I’m assuming that the system will have access to it which maybe isn’t a safe bet. The Droid Incredible for instance only has 512MB of ROM. I’m hoping this is so that we can get gingerbread, I’m going to be so pissed if I buy this and it never sees anything past 2.2

    • badbob001

      It doesn’t mention how much of that 4GB Internal Memory is dedicated to the firmware (ROM). The Vibrant has 16GB Internal Memory with 2GB for the firmware.

  • Holiday

    why does tmobile call it 4G? they should be calling it 3.5G…smh…anyways i rather get the Nokia N8…the only asian made phone i would buy are from the japanese everything else is crap.

    • Yyevo

      More racist comments. Grow up, moron!

      • kendrix_myrealname

        Yea even the all mighty iPhone is made in China dumbass. Its just designed in Cali

      • holiday

        My comment is not at all racist idiot. Only a racist thinking moron like yourself would view it as that. grow up.

    • Justin

      T-Mobile doesn’t call it 4G. They say 4G-like speeds. It’s been proven that T-Mobile’s HSPA+ service is faster than Sprint’s WiMAX service on multiple occasions.

      • Marcelo L

        You forgot…IF….you have coverage. Supposedly they have coverage here in Miami, but

        A) It doesn’t even show up on their coverage map.

        B) I certainly haven’t found speed to write home about except in one 10 block radius in South Central Dade……and a 10 block radius doesn’t count as coverage for all of Miami. Funny, the coverage isn’t even in the City of Miami proper, but part of Miami-Dade County.

        So……Coverage + HSPA+ = 4G-like speeds


    • Frigadroid

      Nokia is based in finland and makes phones all over the world including china. Nowadays electronic devices are assembled all over the world from parts that come from all around the world. Even some phones have the same parts so get real dude. Your so called japanese made phone could be full of korean, chinese, and taiwanese parts.

    • mad dog

      Nobody cares about Nokia. They have never been a major player in the U.S..

  • J-Hop2o6

    I can’t wait to get the G2!!

    but, why haven’t Tmo showed the back yet? only 1300mAh? guess they had to thin the battery more.. and WHAT IS THE SCREEN TECH!? AMOLED? SLCD?

  • alex32

    does this have wifi? I dont see it on the sheet
    (getting the phone no matter what)

    • J-Hop2o6

      of course it’ll have WiFi.. Tmo just needs to finish updating the page.. they’ve done this before.

  • Evan

    4gigs of ROM? Please overlook my stupidity, but does that have anything to do with memory?

    • Andrew

      Not for performance, but internal memory is almost always better than a microSD card.

  • Alex

    Amazing the silly complaints…anyway:

    Stock Android-this sold me right here
    Love the keyboard..

    This is a great phone and XDA will turn this phone into a haven for the roms..Awesome phone TMOBILE!!!

  • Edward351

    Does anyone know if this has HDMI output? Anyone know what format this captures the 720p video in?

  • mike_V

    i think u have a typo, you posted it has 4GB ROM…..

  • mike_V

    shouldnt it be 4GB of internal memory?

  • currator

    brandon. i never said what kind of phone i was getting so why do you jump str8 to android. fanboyism maybe it10tism maybe. there are many other choices for smart phones out there. im just saying not sure when i am going to jump ship. if tmobile jumps and gets better signal were i am ill stay but its sad that all they have is edge in some parts of town and att sprint and verizon all have 3g were i live its soo sad that tmobile is again behind the times. whats new. no updates for phones signal sucks or is spotty i would go with att but they have data caps so thats a no. i just wish tmobile would use some common sense and spend some money on signal. i mean even metro laughs at tmobile and they are rolling lte to several of there markets. im just lost about tmobile i came back to them this my second time having them and guess what i had them in 04 and 05 and the signal is still the same thats sad

    • Brandon

      I jumped straight to android because this is a G2 article. I am an android fan. It has its problems (like any OS) but im a fan. Im just tired of people complaining about the G2 (before they get their hands on it) and Tmobile as a whole. Dont like it? Move on. Thats all im saying. But if you do live in a more rural area i can understand the whole signal thing. Im from Miami but Ive been in NYC for the past few years. I can tell you tmobile in NYC is awesome. Miami, its ok, and Orlando is horrendous. So I do get your frustration. AT&T is the worst in NYC. Its been documented lol

    • Verizon will have LTE by end of the year as well. If people can’t get service this will also be a problem with sales.

  • g1ana

    Yes! I hope they have other colors available! I am happy with the phone, I just want to get rid of my G1 it is time to move on and I think the G2 is a good move for now~~!

  • Vibrant Guy

    Did anyone else notice the price at the bottom of the screen? It doesn’t affect me at all, but I wonder what the discounted price will be….hmmm

    †On approved credit. $125 down payment, plus 3 monthly payments of $125, required. 0% APR. Taxes & fees additional. Available only at T-Mobile-owned retail stores; see store for details.

    • g1ana

      Yeah I just saw that. That is $500 which is probably going to be the retail price. I hope as new or upgrade will be $199 then. (I hope)

      • Vibrant Guy

        I don’t plan on getting this phone, but it looks cool. I’m not a fan of keyboard that slide out, and IMO…the Vibrant rules all Android phones right now.

  • jymmyb

    on word……. PAASSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jymmyb

    Another word….. NEXT!!!!!

    • Steve Jobless

      One syllable, NO.

  • Celtic Mobile

    Looks like Google Voice may have figured out number porting at last!

  • Jabs

    I’m more likely than not getting this phone but did anyone notice the battery standby is 17.5 hours??? Seems a little low, hopefully its a typo or the phones not going to last even a day.

    • J-Hop2o6

      of course its a type.. but its 17.5 DAYS of standby time tho.

      • J-Hop2o6


  • jose

    i really wanted this phone soo bad but damn its heavy! 6.5 ounces (184 grams!)

    • Foxeh

      Yeah, that’s quite hefty, even with a 1300mAh battery. I’m thinking it might be worth it if this thing is made of metal…

      • J-Hop2o6

        yea its not made of plastic, which is a good thing.

  • Brandon

    Viedo? Spellcheck anyone? (fixed, now useless comment – Andrew)

    • Andrew

      There is always one.

  • pimpstrong

    one down, two to go. So whats gonna be after the myTouch HD and the HD7? Being a myTouch means the HD is not an option for me and the HD7 is WP7 so its not for me either… I think at this point all i really want is a bigger(4.3″ – 5″) Galaxy S. The Tab wont fit in my pocket.

  • FlyingRequin

    see comparison Vibrant vs. G2


    Better Vibrant
    – Missing Wifi N ( b/g/n vs. b/g)
    – Lower bluetooth version (3.0 vs 2.1)
    – Less total internal memory (2GB ROM +16 vs. 4GB ROM)
    – Worse Screen (4″ S-Amoled versus 3.7″ TFT)
    – Lower battery Capacity (1500mAh vs. 1300mAh)
    – Lighter 118g vs. 184g

    Better G2
    – HTC!
    – Keyboard (can be seen both as an advantage or not)
    – More ROM memory 4GB vs 2GB
    – Stock Android
    – Froyo (temporary advantage)
    – HSPA+ Compatible (enables 14.4Mb speeds vs. 7.2Mb – but in reality, who really gets 7.2 vibrant on HSPA+ today — which makes me doubt that I would get any more on G2)

    – CPU – Hummingbird vs. Scorpion — based on GL benchmark results Vibrant is actually just a hair faster

    So what?

    After waiting a few months from Vibrant, this does not seem to be a better phone, if anything about the same.

    Will I buy it? — I will check it out in the stores, but will probably wait for the Touch HD

    • pimpstrong

      Vibrant has 16GB of Rom with a 2GB SD card
      G2 has 4GB of ROM with an 8GB SD card

      • FlyingRequin

        The 8gb is on an SD card — therefore external to the phone. You can have the same on a Vibrant (it also already comes with a 2GB SD card)

      • pimpstrong

        – Less total internal memory (2GB ROM +16 vs. 4GB ROM)
        – More ROM memory 4GB vs 2GB

        That info is wrong. The Vibrant has 16GB ON BOARD storage. The EPIC and Fascinate have 2GB ROM while the Vibrant has 16…

    • remister

      I just did a bandwidth test today on my Vibrant
      I was averaging 5Mbps in LA, CA where HSPDA is available. It’s not bad.

      I will buy the G2 to test out for 30 days when it releases, to see how everything fares

      • pimpstrong

        3.2 MAX for me anywhere in KC

      • Marcelo L

        You two should live with <1Mbps speeds like us here in Miami for a while, and then we'll talk about speed, huh ?

        They announced we had HSPA+ here in Miami last week, and we still don't have speed that approach KC, much less LA.

        And you think why some folks might be skeptical about all this HSPA+ market-speak ?

        How about building up your infrastructure, TMo. Hmm ?

      • pimpstrong

        Hey hey I’m plenty satisfied with 3.2 But yeah the time is almost near for HSPA+ to prove itself on a cellphone and I’m lookin forward to it. I just hope for TMO’s sake that it more than doubles the speeds we see on today’s HSPA phones. Otherwise, eh.

    • J-Hop2o6

      the G2’s specs are not yet finalized.. we don’t even know what the screen tech is yet.

  • currator

    im mean its not even really rual tmobile is waiting on att to lay fiber for them or comcast in my county we are supposed to go edge then upgrade to hspa+ but they are months behinde even getting edge done so thats why im mad cuz my phone has not been updated. the store manager told me the whole hspa+ deal is the only reason i cam back to tmobile i mean i got good credit and make good money. whnen they ran my credit it came back up to 10 lines no deposite and phone i want up to 500 i can get on payments it was like that with att as well up to 5 lines no deposite soo its not the money or credit is the problem they sold me a phone that was no good the day i got it which was the day it came out the cliq i got one for me and one for the wife. i just feel cheated i pay like 188 a month after work discount so i am sure if i complain they will kiss my rear and give me a good deal on a g2 maybe even 2 free ones when i say i am going to big red i might try it not sure. good news is i can get out of contract anytime i want just tell them i moved to my parts address they dont have signal there then they have to release me. im just saying i mean i like tmobile alot thats why i am back to them for the 2 time but the signal and data is killing me. i rather not go to sprint and i dont want to go to big red but i got to do what i got to do soo we will see if they get the data in this area right ill be happy

  • mailman13877

    Haha I’m loving my Evo with no issues and I’m glad I left TMO. I am also getting by far better service in my areas. This G2 is an utter disappointment for you guys like I warned. No FFC is a dealbreaker for many people including me. TMO is the only company without an FFC phone an that makes it more of a FAILURE for TMO cuzz people get what’s hot and seeing there’s now 5 Android (including Verizon upcoming Evo like phone) and 1 none Android phone with FFC the choices are pretty clear for most people. TMO phones are all just looking outdated. If I was the top man in TMO I’d make the MTHD my HSPA+ launch phone seeing it has an FFC or is rumored to have one. That would have hyped it up a million times more than this none 1GHz running crap of a phone. Oh and btw I promise you guys that the dual flash on this phone takes by far better night pix than the vibrator. That flash on my Evo is extremely bright. When I go to bars it has come in handy for me lovely. Oh and another great thing that makes the Evo the top phone still is the keyboard. They said Swype is only slower than a physical keyboard. They were right..sort of. Because the HTC keyboard has multi touch it makes the Evo typing speed equal to a physical keyboard and I can confirm its faster than Swype. I honestly beat my friend out by literally 3.3 seconds in a competition vs his Swype on his Droid Eris. Evooo FTW

    • mailman13877

      Oh and I forgot. Evo has an FM radio app pre installed. Don’t know bout the G2 but that is also a plus for me.

      • Barry

        Yo man you’re. An idiot its documented that this phone is on par with the vibrant as far as speed. So guess that makes it faster than your evo. You clearly like quantity over qualit. Also you failed to talk about how great your ffc is during your pointless rant or the “4G”. And show me where that phone is going to vzw and show me their current phone with a ffc.

    • FlyingRequin

      What about your battery life for the EVO???? huhuh.. A hummer is not a great car – it is a gas guzzler.

      hdmi = gimmick

      who wants cables when you have wifi + DLNA

      • mtnman

        With Samsung Kies, I can also Tether my Vibrant, Convert Movies to Mp4 format and play them on my Vibrant as well.

    • Midori

      If we ignore him he’ll go away our comments are like fuel for his fire,but before that your EVO was a long,long,long,long,long time ago the G2 is now!

    • Ella K.

      the T-mobile E73 has a FFC

  • I’ve seen test where HSPA plus is faster but only by a little. The problem for some may be they can buy this phone but HSPA will not work on it because T-Mobile still on edge or less in there area. If the rumors are true, I’m waiting to see if T-Mobile and Sprint merge. Stay Thirsty my friends

  • Hmmm, what to choose. G2, MyTouch HD, Vibrant, W7 Phone…. What else??

    • pimpstrong

      Let’s hope there’s a slew of HSPA+ devices early next year to step the game up.

  • KrayzieN9ne

    This article says
    “Adding fuel to the G2’s speed is its SNAPDRAGON™ MSM7230 mobile processor”

    So why are other people stating the processor is a new Scorpion when it’s actually the same old Snapdragon of the nexus with a slightly newer GPU?

    Also is that standby time correct or a typo? Any confirmations to that?
    How come the spec list doesn’t list WIFi?

    • Foxeh

      Qualcomm has been sketchy on whether or not they refer to the MSM7230 as a Snapdragon or not. Architecturally it’s of the same family, but the current Snapdragons on the market are 1st generation while the MSM7230 is a 2nd gen part. Most notably is the die shrink and better GPU (to accelerate UI, web, Flash, etc).

      So it’s not actually the “same old Snapdragon of the Nexus,” but it’s not some new revelation either. In short it’s a much more balanced system now. Older Snapdragons had to rely heavily on the brute force of the CPU while the G2 is spec’d a lot closer to the current iPhone, theoretically.

      • J-Hop2o6

        ^^ CORRECT! and yes, the standby time is a typo.. common.. common sense its suppose to say 17.5 DAYS of standby.. and OF COURSE it’ll have wifi.. why the f*ck wouldn’t a smartphone have it? lol don’t take the info on Tmo’s page 100% when its not released yet, and the page still needs updating.. smh

  • Midori

    Current T-Mobile customer will be able to pre order this phone later this month it says.

  • g1ana

    I dont get why people come to these blogs and just complain and complain and be so negative. I think if you are going to post something about a new phone, why should it be so negative, if you havent even seen it or used it yet. Just my opinion.

  • mrfochs

    Well For those whining about the 800Mhz being out of date compared to 1 Ghz – everything is now out of date compared to the newly announced A15 ARM Chip (http://www.fastcompany.com/1687816/arms-a15-chip-revealed-means-your-2013-iphone-will-be-astonishing).

    For everyone else annoyed by the constant comparison of CPU hz speeds, you are not alone – http://www.fastcompany.com/blog/chris-dannen/techwatch/are-gigahertz-wars-over?nav=inform-rl

  • Original G1er

    The only phones out this year that will be worthy of an purchase are…

    iPhone 4, G2/stock android and maybe one of the windows7 phones. That’s it!!

    Everything else = unnecessary extra processing cheesy U.I overlays HTC sense/expresso, touchwiz, motoblur etc.. And have bloatware..

    Not to mention other android phones like the droids/EVO etc look like they could be sold in the boonies at walmart/radioshack… Their trashy looking.

    Mytouch HD will most likely follow the cheap mytouch design….. It will most likely look like an Mytouch slide without the slide…

    iPhone 4, G2, windows 7 phone…..are the top choices. Book it.

    Sent from my iPad.

  • mailman13877 (Evo 4G)

    Lmao you SETTLERS. First of the dnla support is nothing cuzz correct me if I’m wrong but can’t any new phone these days get dnla support via root or a 3rd party app?Also the HDMI is just fine with the wire.You guys are right the battery isn’t a good as the vibrator but its a hell of a lot better than my former G1 battery so I’m happy plus I have 3 batteries cuzz I got 2 with the double sided charger I got for $10 on EBay. As far as the dude asking to see the Verizon FFC phone coming out by HTC then go on engadget mobile site. there’s two articles with pix of it.

  • CD

    Cant wait, ef the haters, im getting the G2…

  • cellswag5

    this phone may not release til oct.cuz there isnt much time left to pre order im hoping the my touch hd comes in nov. and is way better then the g2. but mostly likely wont. the my touch came out a few month after the g1.i guess my bold will have to hold me down til 2011. sk twist????

  • cellswag5

    the added onuces fail. the my touch slide was too heavy for me. i saw the pic thinking the g2 was thinner but its not 500 without a new plan. thats a lot for a phone thats kinda outdated this should have dropped in june instead of the my touch slide. ill wait for something better early 2011

  • alex32

    tmobile g2 preorders start tomorrow in BEST BUY stores. They also say the G2 will be available in tmobile stores october 6th ):.

    ugh I was hoping september 15th to 29..guess ill have to wait more to buy this phone.

    Whats the difference between buying it in best buy and buying the g2 in tmobile stores??


  • Bobert

    haha Google just bitch slapped TMO and the G2 by releasing the GV widgets. Now the g2 wont be the first phone to feature them.
    I dont see a reason to leave my Nexus for this phone although I could be swayed.

  • Any word on Wi-Fi hotspot?? That’s a pretty cool Froyo feature.

  • Rick

    I’m disappointed in the memory specs, I guess something had to be shorted to pay for the keyboard. I won’t buy one until I can hold one in my hands and kick its tires. IMHO HSPA+ is its strong point, however, when will get that in Louisville. I went a year on my G1 with Edge and promise that kept getting pushed back. I kind of expect the same thing with HSPA+. Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you.

  • shawn

    the my touch HD is better than the G2 sorry 2 say hurts but its true!!

  • Elaine

    disappointed. crappy keyboard and only 4gb internal memory. c’mon… this is what i get after all the waiting?

  • b3t0

    Does anyone know when tmobile its going to take pre orders?

  • OtherGuy
  • OtherGuy
  • LowRecruit

    Well it looks fine no doubts, but when you’re in Europe it’s a different story. Just have to wait for another provider i guess. I’ve check the availability of this G2 on http://simtariff.com/ – nice site by the way with multiple tariff plans from international providers. Worth a look