Android and T-Mobile, A Love Story

The day has come, the day of Android.  Google has risen victorious, proving the majority of analysts wrong.  Android has evolved; changing with every savory dessert and adding features that are not only ground breaking, but have allowed them to compete with the old industry leaders.  Android, as we know and love it now, is not the same beast that we encountered in the days of the G1.  It is smoother, some may say polished, and can do anything you ask it.  Since those early days, though, our favorite carrier has gone stale, offering up many conservative Android phones, none of which push the envelope or offer any new and amazing features and specs.  Before we continue, though, we must go through the story.  Buckle up, this is a long one.

At first, there was the G1.  T-Mobile, it would seem, grabbed up the first Android phone and was destined for greatness.  No one could have imagined its future, but T-Mobile thought it would see some fame.  The hardware was, to be honest, undesirable and ugly, but the software offered promise.  Those of us here (yes, you me and the like) knew it to be something different though.  Did we know that it would take off, certainly not, but we embraced the rough hardware and software.  We were all Beta testers, and we loved it.

Then, a change.  Keyboards went out of style.  Android phone after Android phone launched, no keyboard in sight.  This was the change though, all because Android now offered an on screen keyboard.  And then, a second carrier.  Further support for the startup OS from the massive corporation.  All Android phones in this segment were lack luster, though.  It may have looked different, but they all behaved and offered the same thing.

The Second Coming

DROID.  If you didn’t automatically substitute a robotic voice for your own (even in your head), then you aren’t in the right place.  Verizon took hold (see older editorial) of the now favorite OS in America, or at least the most sold.  Verizon is an entirely different beast than T-mobile and Sprint.  Verizon’s customer base, and advertising fund, makes T-Mobile look like a pebble.  I’m not necessarily saying bigger is better, but Verizon changed the game, for the better in the long run.  In a little less than a year, Verizon has blitzed all competition with a massive advertising campaign.  Droid became a household name that everyone, and their grandmother, knew and talked about.

The original DROID was different from the rest.  It was, after all, a bare knuckle bucket of does.  If you ask this editor, the DROID is second only to the Nexus One when it comes to Android Phones.  The new Android phones are great, with their speedy snapdragon and hummingbird processors, but the Droid and the Nexus One are the most solid.  The mix of great hardware and vanilla Android is a match made in heaven, but that trend doesn’t seem to be sticking around for long.  Since then, Droid has expanded to many devices, all with their custom UIs and Snapdragon processors.  They make up the majority of Android sales (purely speculation) and they have made Android as popular as it is now.

Note: The Nexus One was released shortly after the DROID, but maybe you can recall my opinion on that subject.  Summary – it could have been great, but someone dropped the ball.

AT&T also landed some Android phones, but they are second rate, making even the Cliq series and the Behold 2 look desirable.

To Infinity, and Beyond (I think some credit needs to be given to Pixar, Toy Story, or someone whenever you say this)

Now, we live in the superphone era, and Samsung decided it was time to step up.  They introduced the Galaxy S series, and they have certainly changed the game.  Giving customers the ability to get the same phone (with a slight exception for the Keyboard carrying Epic 4G) on any of the major 4 carriers.  Their success will come from advertising, and they have done a pretty good job spreading the word.  It isn’t DROID good, but attacking the world’s largest Social site is a good start.

The Vibrant is different from other phones.  Its availability makes it impossible to call a flagship phone.  Unfortunately, it’s the closest thing that T-Mobile has to a flagship phone at this time.  I think T-Mobile realized this, and that is why the Vibrant stands out from the rest with all of its add ons and additional advertising.  T-Mobile, though, can not keep the Vibrant as it’s sole superphone, it will never last.  That is why T-Mobile needs to, and is, making a major play in the Android game.

The Return

This G2 is significant.  It could be the game changer that T-Mobile needs to keep up.  We shouldn’t expect a major leap, we certainly aren’t tackling Verizon any time soon, but a decent sized push is indeed needed.  I can ask for advertising as much as I want, but it won’t happen, and maybe that’s a good thing.  Our money is better spent elsewhere, dishing out HSPA+ to the masses and reinforcing coverage in spotty reception areas.  The first true HSPA+ phone needs a welcoming party though.  For a device with so much potential, with speeds surpassing Sprint’s 4G network, this is a big deal.

Let’s return to that point, T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ phone.  This is a big deal.  T-Mobile is sticking with HSPA+ for a while, like it or not.  They can afford to do so since LTE isn’t that much better at this time.  This was they can stay ahead of the curve, when it comes to speeds at least, and then consider LTE, or 4G, down the road.  HSPA+ is, as we have seen, the fastest network on the market in the United States right now.  Sprint’s 4G lags behind, but Verizon’s LTE network will surely put up a fight when it comes.  This is where T-Mobile needs to step it up.  Keep HSPA+ running, and running fast since there is still some speed ready to be squeezed out.

On top of that, T-Mobile can not mess up the launch of the G2.  People were excited when the G1 launched, there were lines, parties and everything.  The same, or something similar needs to happen.  This phone is important to the T-Mobile crowd, and hopefully, other customers looking to switch.  There needs to be advertisement.  There needs to be anticipation.  Advertisement and anticipation proved to be effective with the Motorola DROID and the HTC EVO 4G.  The same thing needs to happen with the G2.

The Contenders

Speaking of the EVO 4G, the G2 does not have an easy fight.  When the original G1 burst onto the scene it was alone, the only Android phone that money could buy.  Now the scene has changed.  Like I said, it is the age of Android.  Android phones are everywhere and it seems like a new one is leaked every week.  It has also been a crazy year, or really summer, for Smartphones.  Just think about the flagship phones that can be purchased right now.  You have anything in the DROID lineup (Droid 2, Droid X, Droid Inredible), the EVO 4G, all the Galaxy S phones, anything made by Blackberry, and of course the iPhone.  If anyone is looking for a smartphone, they can take their pick based off their needs, or what is considered cool at that time.

How will the G2 stand out?  That’s a good question.  It will be considered, for the time being, the best phone that you can buy on T-Mobile.  Even still, that only makes it special for T-Mobile.  You can go out and buy the best (Android) phone on any carrier and there wouldn’t be much difference right now.  The job here is to make it different.  A great keyboard, design, screen and slightly better specs make it different, but the majority of consumers won’t even notice.  It is up to T-Mobile to make it different.  T-Mobile needs to make this the best thing since sliced bread, and only focus on this phone for a while.  Advertise it, give it away (send some our way), I don’t care, T-Mobile’s world is this phone, right now.  So maybe I went a little off topic, but the point is that anyone can pick a great phone on any carrier, T-Mobile’s job is to make the G2 seem different.

The G2 looks to be an amazing phone.  While it may not tout a front facing camera, the phone as a whole will be amazing.  Resembling the HTC Desire with a slide out QWERTY keyboard, this phone will definitely appeal to Android die hards and consumers alike.  This phone, followed by the release of the MyTouch 3G HD (the second HSPA+ handset), will certainly pick up T-Mobile’s slack when it comes to Android.  With two amazing, envelope pushing, top of the line handsets heading our way, T-Mobile’s relationship with Android will be restored (and the theater will cry at the predictable story book ending).  Now, who do I talk to about keeping Android stock, without any custom UIs?

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Bobbb

    Good read, love it!

  • mrsdconley

    I totally agree, very well put. MTHD/G2 here I come.

    Vibrant: Stock

  • Galen20K

    NIce, love to think about these things often. actually daily lol

    • Johnson

      Well one thing they can show is that the G2 has 2.2, which most competitors don’t have yet, so its more of a complete phone than most, with full flash on it, better processor to help cope with smartphone’s sh***y battery life. etc etc. it could go on. but this phone needs to be HUGE for tmobile to get back in the game. I’ll be with you tmobile no matter what!@

  • Randy

    Good article!

  • Robert B

    G2 is a lame joke. The G1 quickly became a old phone with the new Android phones that came out very soon after the G1 was released. Everyone wished they had held out longer and not brought the G1. Kind of how some of the N1 owners are feeling now. The G2 crowd will feel the same way. I am waiting out for the Verizon Merge tht will kick every phones butt out there. When my contract is up with T-Mobile in March 2011, bye bye. No 3G here but Verizon has 3G and its fast.

    • NiiDiddy

      hope the door doesnt hit your ass on your way out. sorry it hasnt worked for you…good news is, its worked for a lot of us.

    • 2FR35H

      Verizon’s 3G fast? are you insane? you must be because if you look at their 3g plans its not faster than T-Mobiles.

      • 2FR35H

        Not even their 4G LTE plans will be faster than HSPA+ for receiving 12-15mbps down HPSA+ will be doing 14-21mbps.

    • APlayerFromTheHymalia

      ‘The G1 quickly became a old phone with the new Android phones that came out very soon after the G1 was released’ hmm…G1 released september 2008, Droid October 30 2009. Yes, it was an old phone. Go to Verizon….

      • adam

        Wrong the g1 came out october 22 I guess you forget thing. Mototola Droid in November 6th with Droid eris

    • Eddie Android

      Thats why developers like cyanogen are still supporting the G1 for almost 2 years huh? Verizon keeps releasing Android after Android giving customers buyers remorse. About the N1 i do have to admit that i feel cheated and robbed but its not stopping me from selling it for the G2. And one more thing the G2 will be backed by Cyanogen (he said it himself on twitter) so i dont have to worry about having my phone outdated or overshadowed by Verizons offerings. As long as the 800mgz is faster than the current Snapdragons and its GPU kills the iphones 4’s GPU its all good.
      afterall there isnt much in the Android Market pushing hard current processors right now and when something does ill be overclocking. Like Kid Cudi said “Simple as 123”.

      • Eddie Android

        One more thing, Verizon no longer offers Vanilla Android.

    • Bigs12

      If its that bad just leave why wait call in tomorrow to cancel and ill bill you the 200.00 ETF, you dont have to pay upfront EIP baby 4 or 20 mo, you can have what ever you like…lol one less dumb ass i have to deal with…PEACE

      • John

        While I do agree in a good verbal (or in this case aural, since they have to read it) trouncing once in a while, I think you shouldn’t ever encourage someone to cancel their service on here just leave it be, seriously, to hide behind the web is kind of a bitch move.

    • mikeeeee

      @robert, UMA/ANDROID.

    • SEFan

      Kind of true for every device – there’s always a new one coming, and a subset of owners of the older tech will wish they’d waited a little longer. But I doubt you’ll find many Nexus owners who wish they’d waited. And you will find a lot of us who wish that T-Mobile had managed to grab the N1 for its own. I know at least one G1 owner who’s waiting for the T-Mo device worthy of replacing the G1… Anyway, by the time the Merge comes it will have capable competitors on other carriers. That’s how it goes.

      Sorry about the lack of 3G in your area. Verizon’s 3G actually isn’t that fast, but if T-Mo isn’t even bringing 3G to you then Verizon is a step up. That’s been their strength – they have 3G almost everywhere.

    • Mr MN

      Just another guy smacking his lips without really knowing what he’s talking about. I suggest you compare plans vs prices. If that’s not good enough for you, read about the restrictions the other guys have on their phones. Are you okay with overpaying for service, or are you just another bandwagon customer? If you want to jump ship everytime there are rumors of a “better” phone going to another carrier, then you will keep jumping for the rest of your life because believe it or not, there will always be better phones than the ones you’re going for. That’s how these companies stay in business. Everyone strives to be above the competition. Good luck and make sure you pack up and move to a Verizon forum, this isn’t for you.

    • fernando

      G1 is not old. thanks to some developers this phone now coul have port a recent android OS. If you want to see it go here then said something or keep quiet.Is better tha you go to verizon now.

    • beastly

      You’re wrong about the phones being jokes. Most people who have G1s and N1s don’t regret them at all, and still love them. (This is where Andrew’s wrong too: the G1’s hardware was not “undesirable and ugly”- in fact, it probably has the best slide-out keyboard on any phone I’ve ever used. The fifth row of numbers and smaller-sized keys spaced further apart are part of the appeal, but what I really love is how easily the keyboard can be flicked out with a thumb. No other phone makes it that easy, except possibly the sidekicks.)

      But you’re right about 3G in your home area. If I didn’t get 3G at home, I’d be gone (assuming I could get a comparable speed from someone else.) Actually, if I don’t get HSPA+ within the next year, I’ll be thinking about it. Verizon’s EVDO is slower than T-Mobile’s UMTS, but if you don’t get T-Mobile 3G at home, that doesn’t really help you much.

    • Andrew

      So is the curse of Android phones. Since the majority of big name manufacturers are producing Android phones you will continue to see Android after Android phone released. These phones will mostly progress with technology, which is advancing at an extremely fast rate. A new mobile chip will be debuted at least every year, and with two major companies producing major breakthroughs in CPU/GPU technology, you will always be investing in (what ends up being) yesterday’s technology. It’s a shame really.

    • nyuhsuk

      I would seriously reconsider your ‘Verizon … its fast’ comment. I have over multiple times compared speeds between my friend’s Droid and my HD2 with Android in the DC/NOVA area. I have seen his speeds breach 1Mbps once while sticking around 700kbps usually whereas T-Mobile’s consistently hits at least 1.5Mbps, reaching as high as 4.2Mbps once near Dulles Airport.

      And considering DC/NOVA is a major market, I would think that both services are laying out their best here. Apparently Verizon’s best is not even 768k antiquated DSL fast.

      But I will say, Verizon’s voice service is always consistent. Not that T-Mobile’s isn’t either.

  • NiiDiddy

    Nice story on Android. Thanks Andrew! Android has indeed come a long way. T-Mobile dropped the ball to Verizon; but Verizon is a giant compared to T-Mobile, and had the money power/backing to push for great and most sold Android devices, plus awesome marketing. T-Mobile’s comeback with MT3G fail right off the bat; I supported it because heck, I love Magenta! However, T-Mobile seems to be slowly picking up their slack and slowly offering some rather quality Android devices. I even think for any future Mytouch devices to catch on eventually, they way of marketing has to change. Mytouch is slowly getting better in competing with devices on other careers and I think that the HD version will further catapult the MT Series in the positive.

    Anyway…T-Mobile is slowly picking up. I guess better late than never! And I’m loving every single bit of their promotions…etc!!! :)

  • David Thomas

    I agree that advertisements are lacking when it comes to boasting a new flagship phone for T-Mobile, but that may be due in part to the lack of flagship phones to advertise. Magenta really needs to push this thing out like it’s their last stand, get people talking about it both on the geeky- and consumer-levels.

    You’re right about the whole “Droid” campaign, though. The ads made the Droid really shine with VZW, and most people know about “Droid” without knowing WTF “Android” is. Sad reality, but the sheeple outnumber the more knowledgeable.

  • It definitely seems like a great phone, especially with stock 2.2. I’ll hope to somehow get my hands on one as a secondary phone to my Vibrant. I doubt it’ll be as fast/smooth, but if it is.. I’d consider trading the Vibrant for one.

  • Man that article was long, but i hardly noticed. Great job andrew. “The return” makes it sound monumental..

  • MisterMegatron

    u know if they jus made the vibrant fully HSPA+ compatible we wouldn’t be having this conversation…i have the vibrant n love it…at this point i’m perfectly fine waiting until the Vibrant 2 comes out…lol if they decide to make it…the G2 seems like a good quality phone…not special…just good…n by the time the MTHD comes out we’ll be talking about the new generation of android phones…maybe T-mobile has something bigger planned for 2011 n this was just a scramble to keep expiring G1 customers from leaving?

  • mjN1

    Very Nice, TMO, BRING ME SOMETHING LIKE A DESIRE HD TO REPLACE MY NEXUS PLEASE! I want something with a 4.3″ screen, Nexus One like body, I dont like plastic stuff, dual-core and maybe a ffc. FFC is not a deal breaker but sure it would be nice. oh yeah AMOLED screen please. Dont let it be that my touch HD like the one on the picture roaming around here somewhere that looks like a mytouch slide please dont.

  • somebody

    tmobil to me is like that girl at the party with the great body and ugly face ( butherface)

    the price draws you in but you soon realize what an ugly deal it is.

    worst part…. you have to commit to her for 2 years

  • andrew

    reading this makes me want to buy the g2

    • Chris

      Same. I bought a Vibrant the day after it came out (and I love it to death, I think it’s an amazing phone), and this article makes me want a G2.. Smaller screen, slower CPU… But I want it anyway. Thank God Cyanogen’s team is going to do a Galaxy S version…

      • Jared

        Not exactly a slower cpu, just a smaller value on the clock. There are plenty of processors that have come out with values smaller than previous ones but are still faster. Its because they’re more efficient at what they do, smarter, and simply more up to date. The G2 will likely be an example of that, new more efficient tech.

    • Andrew

      Then I have done my job.

  • Mohammad

    this article was the longest post I ever read on tmonews.

    • jmts80

      very long but it was really good!

  • Blah

    Wow, somebody doesn’t really know much about t-mobile. They are the only carrier that gives you a price break on a no-contract account.

  • jmts80

    Great article Andrew yes it was long but very enjoyable. I agree with everything you have to say. I have been with t-mobile for 5 years. I for one did not buy the G1 purely because of how ugly I though it was. I really wanted to buy the Vibrant but my biggest gripe with T-mobile is the coverage. I have a Cliq XT and my 3g coverage in Phoenix is very poor and totally unreliable. My phone is always switching back and forth to EDGE and 3G and I cant use my internet half the time. I am off contract now and seriously considering a move to Verizon. I am going to miss the speed (when I am lucky enuff to get 3G) and the great customer service. Perhaps in 2 years if T-mobile is still around and they have improved I will return!

  • Dan

    Great read! Though the picture looks like the Android has a giant penis..

    • somebody

      ha i just saw that rofl good eye

  • patrick

    the advertiesement needs to be done. the way the droid, like you said and the Evo 4g, people are all over it. whenever i bring up android to anyone that i know, thats what they say. “evo this” and “droid that”. most people think that droid is its own software! whether i like to admit it or not, the evo is one of the best, and most powerful android phones on the market especially when it is rooted, and breaks the capping speed. this G2 has potential witht he vanilla android, and the 800 mhz procesorr(and maybe dual core) to be another ground breaking phone, and maybe developer phone. advertiesment needs to be done with great stide with this phone. tmo never seems to do any of the sort, and if they did with this phone then most people will be talking about this phone like when the G1 first came out. it CAN and WILL be the most desired phone. and the best part is, its coming to tmobile! now…i just have to figure out some way to get out of my mytouch…

  • Well done. Let me know if you find out who to talk to out vanilla ui on more phones… I’ve got your back!

  • There is no love story here, this is coming from a employee who observes what customers want everyday front line.

    T-Mobile has a different consumer base then the other carriers. Working for Verizon, AT&T and being a Sprint customer in the past I have observed every carriers consumer base as they walk through the doors. Verizon & AT&T pretty much have the corporate consumers, Sprint and T-Mobile share your average joe consumers with mostly having family plans. Working at Verizon I saw a lot more individual and corporate accounts, at T-Mobile I see a lot more family plans.

    So this brings me to Android who I believe used T-Mobile’s average joe consumer base to test Android. Once Cupcake came out with the release of the MyTouch and the Hero it was pretty evident that this could be the true IPhone killer. The MyTouch was suppose to be the sister device of the G1, not a successor it was more of a full touch screen version of the G1 perfect for the average joe looking for something similar to the IPhone. They marketed the phone using stock Android features saying how much more customizable it was, throwing Sherpa on there as the main attraction, giving it a nice case, and using B rate celebrities to market it.

    You then have Sprint who releases the Hero which 1up the G1/MyTouch in everyway, So T-Mobile tries a different approach and decides to be the Android carrier by having the most Android phones which spawned the Cliq, and the Behold 2. Both of which were again 1up’d by The Motorola Droid, and the Samsung Moment. Sure we had the most Android phones, but quality over quantity always wins. Take the Motorola Droid for example, Android 2.0, 3.7inch screen, full keyboard and Verizon’s marketing team made this phone outsell all 4 of T-Mobile’s Android phones. Yes, Verizon has a bigger consumer base, and once again T-Mobile had the oppurtunity to comeback the Droid with the Nexus One. The Nexus One could have put T-Mobile back on the map as the Android carrier, But Google didn’t want that for our beloved T-Mobile, now tell me where the love in that is?

    They shot themselves in the foot, shot T-Mobile in the foot, and after that we painfully watch T-Mobile falling further behind with the likes of The Incredible, EVO and IPhone 4 being released. Sure they released the first Android phone, but obviously Google has there eyes set on Verizon being the Android carrier. It only makes sense, AT&T is the Apple carrier, and if any company can take AT&T and Apple on it’s Verizon.

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE T-Mobile and hope that with the new CEO in place, he will make T-Mobile more aggressive, like Sprint has become. Until then i’m hoping project emerald will bring good things.

    • runningfugitive3

      I’ve gotta say… this guy pretty much has it right. I think Google basically used Tmo to get the ball rolling on Android and after VZ saw that Android was actually a viable iOS contender… Google and Verizon hopped into bed and made lil Droid babies.

      • tortionist


    • Jared

      I agree T-Mobile tends to lean on the average joe/family market, but not as much as Verizon or AT&T. The average user is the majority, remember? But it does help when people are under the impression a company caters to the professional crowd and then want to feel professional. Not too long ago my uncle worked (actually still works) at a company that sets its employees up with a Sprint plan. Not sure how it is nowadays but Sprint used to seem more like professional “company phone”. Verizon right now seems like the huge casual consumer company that is really mostly due to their genius ad campaigns. Companies like Google have plenty of money to play god. Right now they’re doing just as you say and testing out several markets. T-Mobile was the first because they were one of the original “members” in that handset alliance. The Nexus One was dropped unlocked, they likely wanted to see how a phone could do if sold unlocked through their online store, even threw T-Mo a bone by offering it cheaper if bought with a contract through them. That seems a bit like love to me.

      Now, I think Google is back playing god with companies experimenting with what works well where. T-Mobile needs to find itself and Google seems to be helping them do that. While AT&T and T-Mobile are the big GSM companies in the US, only one of them can really devote itself to the Android OS. CDMA be damned.

    • Andrew

      That’s a very good point. T-mobile was the only carrier willing to jump on the Android train. Once they got it rolling, Sprint hopped aboard. With some steam building, Verizon Jumped on and Android took off. The release of the Nexus One on T-Mobile makes it seem like the love story is continuing, and maybe Google really does love T-Mobile, but in some cases it’s the carriers relationship with the manufacturers. The becomes a problem since Big carriers provide Big contracts.

  • deceptivesmiles

    *Slow claps*

    Great read. I was a huge WinMo supporter back when the G1 dropped and couldn’t afford to purchase it ooc. Wanted the N1 but couldn’t upgrade w/ my family line. The G2 will be my first Android phone and I have a feeling that we are gon hit it off from

    VZW def pushed Android hard but the CDMA network sucks. If TMO had the funds to purchase the Droid phone line, they would w/o a doubt be king when it comes to Android devices. TMO’s aim is towards families so they’re gon have the “kid” friendly devices, whether smart phone or ur basic phone. *shrugs* U can’t be the price of their service and their customer service is top notch. Anywho

    G2 here I come!!!

  • Omeer

    LMAO bro your introduction led me to think you got news of some groundbreaking Android device that’s coming exclusively to T-mobile, something that no questions asked blows every other android device out of the water. Sucks that you only meant to say T-mobile needs to advertise the G2 and is playing catch up with better phones that are due to come out.

    • B

      First round is on me.

  • Barry

    Great article Andrew now forward it to T-Mobile’s marketing department lol I really hope they push this phone. I also feel they need to release a 4.3″ or slightly bigger phone with all the bells and whistle to pacify some of the cry babies and the casual consumer who wants to be swept of their feet and lured here. As the article states the G2 is for hardcore android fans and yes it is their job to push it in the face of the casual consumer I’m not sure it will work. All you have to do is look at the threads discussing the G2’s 800mhz processor no matter what size font you guys use bold italic underlined etc and say the processor is a 1ghz processor that’s UNDERCLOCKED to 800 but its just as good if not better than the old snapdragon (which I learned today is actually a flower thanks to a post earlier today lol) and saves battery power all a noob sees is 800mhz<1ghz and this is a "fail" with all the 1ghz processors going in other phones whether it's new with a better gpu or not.And as much as I hate to say it a ffc would've helped. So a phone a all decked out and/or that good old iPhone or a bangin ass launch and advertising similar to the early sidekicks will go a long way in getting magenta more respect.

  • hi


    am I the only one not falling for this verbal bj?

    What is special about the G2? If I’m your average guy looking for the best phone there’s no way in heck I’m even looking at the G2. If it was 50-100 cheaper MAYBE, if it had a FFC MAYBE (this feature will absolutely explode now that it’s available on iPods….let’s face it, every single one of us has an iPod). What about the screen? is it 4.3? Is it SAMOLED? It’s AT LEAST 4″ right?!?!

    Again, I don’t see anything special about this phone. Go ahead, throw all our eggs in this basket…it won’t matter at all

    • Eddie Android

      Not me, last time i threw away my money on an ipod was on the first gen Nano. Lets face it NOT everyone of us has an iPod. I have A Zune HD (wich i havent touched since i got my Nexus one) for music. I use it for working out, streaming music through bluetooth in my car. and downloading music directly on my N1. FFC are just gimmicks, get over it! BTW i got a two free ipods and sold them right away.

    • tortionist

      i have an old ipod shuffle that was given to me, but I don’t use it. I use my phone which is much better than the crappy I-tunes.

  • Just need to say that my n1 has been my favorite phone of all time. I mean I had froyo before rumors even started for other phones getting it. Its vanilla and HTC hardware …..what else can u ask for?

    • Andrew

      Better hardware. There have been problems with the Nexus One’s hardware. I love HTC, they make solid devices, but the Nexus One just seemed off.

  • B

    This site really confuses me sometimes. I’ve been reading here for a couple years, but I think it’s pretty clear that the love for T-Mobile blinds a lot of people’s realistic views on things. Sadly, as I’ve said several times before, anyone who voices their concerns and criticisms, they are immaturely told to just leave while nobody will miss them. That’s the exact blind love I’m referring to. The G2 looks like a good device, definitely competitive, but it’s one device. Love story? Seriously? Yea yea T-Mobile has the first Android device, but while they were busy with the second rate mytouch line and Beholds, Verizon was pissing on the whole gameplan with their offerings. The Droid marketing alone makes T-Mobile’s phones seem irrelevant. T-Mobile is always ALWAYS a step or two behind. It’s like they’re satisfied putting out ONE powerful device every once in a while, as if they’re throwing us tech geeks a bone, while Verizon has a new Droid back to back to back. I can’t even say tech geeks with the same seriousness as once before, because of the adoption of smartphones by the masses. I don’t even remember the last time I saw a new flip phone on a carrier other than T-Mobile. I don’t know why it seems like we, the people, are the ones who realize that the cool phones bring the subscribers, instead of T-Mobile. The last powerful phone on T-Mobile before the G2 was the HD2. What was that, March? Even Sprint, who finally stopped with the hemorrhage of customers, brings out the Epic 4G right after dropping the EVO. All the while, T-Mobile just chugs along. The leaked roadmap is definitely promising, but it’s articles like these that baffle me. Different perspectives aside, I think you should expect more from your “beloved Magenta” rather than patting them on the back so frequently. I didn’t read a love story by far. All I witnessed was Android using T-Mobile to get in the VIP, then sleeping around with the homies once she got popular. Yes, you all are right, this is my opinion. Now you can either attack me as if I slapped your mother, or we can leave the discussion open as intellectuals.

    • Omeer

      You are absolutely right. I’m usually the type to bash idiots for whining about how this phone doesn’t have a 2Ghz processor or how that phone doesn’t walk your dog and specs aren’t everything but android and T-mobile a love story? Hardly. I like the fact that T-mobile is making a push but it’s only shoving hard enough to play catch up at best. The G2 is promising, but at best it’ll compete against the phones that are already out. There’s nothing groundbreaking about it that’ll put T-mobile ahead. Magenta is the last to deliver high end phones out of the four major carriers but still either falls behind the competition or just catches up to it. It doesn’t make sense to waste all this time just to catch up to the competition. You’d think for once T-mobile would just release a device that the others are trying to catch up to. The android platform is the same across all boards, it’s the hardware and minor software tweaks from manufacturer’s like HTC that make it different. Given the fact that most people just want a stock version of android these days I’d say how revolutionary a phone is comes down to hardware capabilities. T-mobile just needs phones with hardware that they can gloat about. Look at Verizon’s Droid X ads: Musclebound 1Ghz processor, doesn’t back down from any video, high def video capture, are you jealous much? I collaborated 2-3 ads there but you get the point. They’re literally gloating about the hardware, that’s what T-mobile needs only with much beefier specs that Verizon gets jealous of and eventually tries to topple.

  • jayy336

    Good article, i just have one thing in mind.

    you mentioned the G2 and the MyTouchHD, since they’re upcoming phones for T-Mobile.

    But does anyone think that T-Mobile will keep going with the high-end phones after those two are released? Or will they continue to push those mediocre mid-range Android phones?

    They DO have their faster HSPA+ network, which is only getting faster next year; which makes me think they’re gonna go full speed ahead with the high-end phones. But then again, T-Mobile has had many chances in the past to market and get good phones and they never seemed too interested.

    Hopefully T-Mo realizes they’re being left in the dust.

  • Dan

    I think that this is kind of funny how the masses look at 1GHz and assume that it is faster than 800MHz. Sure, it *sounds* faster, but the reality of it is that clock speed does not determine how ‘fast’ a processor is. Yes, it has *something* to do with it, but it does not tell the whole story. It depends on the architecture of the chip. For example, remember when NES/SNES emulators were pretty cutting edge? The original devices had 1.79MHz and 21.47727MHz processors, respectively. Remember them running poorly on your desktop computer? At the time, you may have had a 166MHz (or greater) machine, so, based upon pure clock speed, it MUST have been able to run smooth as silk. Not really. Though in this instance, hardware emulation is to blame, it still illustrates the FACT that clock speed is not the be all end all indicator of a processors power. Ask AMD how much it hurt to have lower clock speeds than Intel. On the shelf in the store, of course people who don’t know what they are reading will choose the bigger number. :-P

    I bought a G1 when it was relatively new and *finally* upgraded to a N1 a couple of months ago. I, for one, am eager to see the G2 (which I thought was scrapped because of naming rights issues with Gatorade’s G2 line) in action. It’s about damn time they released a solid phone with a good (hopefully Sidekick quality) keyboard. That was my biggest drawback to the N1; though I have seen past it for the time being. I will never part with my N1 even if I get a new phone, because it is a true tech-geeks toy. It’s a damn shame that Tmo didn’t support it more; it is an iPhone killer, even with the iLoveJobs4 out now. I can get reliable download speeds of 350KB+ on my N1.

    As for T-Mobile, I cannot say enough good things about their customer service (unless you can’t understand the party on the other end, in which case I call back. I’m an ass, I know). Their pricing is pretty decent too. I was a Sidekick user for a while, and when I heard about Android I started salivating. Unless T-Mobile participates in some kind of ethnic cleansing in a far off land or a kiddie-porno ring I am sticking with them to the end, and recommending them to everyone along the way.

    I will take this opportunity to use my last line to say:

    Cyanogen is THE MAN. Without whom Android would probably still kind of suck. (1.5 style)

  • Tamarai

    As much as you’d like it to be, the G2 is just another android device. It’s not a big deal, there won’t be lines, press coverage, or parties. Not that it won’t be decent for what it is, but it’s not going to set any sort of records…

  • Dan

    Gosh, I left a lengthy comment and it does not appear, and won’t let me repost. Ah well, maybe next time. :((

    • Andrew

      it’s there

  • thaghost

    Smh. that was a long @ss article jus to say what we have been saying on here for weeks now. my eyes hurt and i got a headache. tmo is gonna lose a lot of constomers if they dnt step it up. i keep going back n forth on this phone(g2). this phone is set to come out in days n we dnt even know if it has 3.5 jack, hdmi out, the amount of on board memory or the status of da camera. but we do know is has less than 1ghz proc & no ffc. oh, it does have stock android. that’s da only standout feature. average, average, average. i wanna get this but i can get ova the mediocrity. Smh.

    • thaghost


      • john

        Out of that whole abortion of a post the only thing you corrected was can’t…lol

      • B


  • Just some dude

    Boy that sure was a big article about how the G2 could be a game changer for T-mobile. I get the feeling its not going to be that big a deal at all.

  • Sana L



  • sino8r

    I HATE TO SAY THIS BUT I THINK THESE ARE THE NEW MEDIOCRE ANDROID PHONES. I MEAN I CAN THINK OF ANY NEW ANDROID PHONE WITHOUT A SNAPDRAGION CHIPSET. SO IN A WAY… NO THESE ARENT GROUNDBREAKING. THEY ARE NICE HIGHER END BUT NOT GROUND BREAKING. THEY WILL BE ABLE TO COMPETE WITH THE DROIDS AND EVOS BUT WONT HELP TMOBILE TAKE BACK ANDROID. I FOR ONE AM HAPPY WITH THE G2. ITS WAY BETTER THAN THE MYTOUGH SLIDE AND I WISH I HAD KNOWN ABOUT IT BEFORE I PURCHASED IT AND DIDNT REALLY EXPECT TO SEE IT THIS EARLY. BUT YES MY G1 WAS ON ITS LAST LEG AND I NEEDED A REPLACEMENT. SO… I DONT THINK THE G2 WILL cause any customer churn or anything but at least they can compete and not bleedanymore customers as they would have. the G2/MTHD/VIBRANT are definately a step in the right direction for tmobile. I hope we will continue this trend of actually having up to date devices and even some super phone that might snag some new customers but I doubt that. I’m just happy we have less embrassing phones now. Baby steps, I guess. I just hope they improve marketing and keep expanding the network. Sorry stupid caps button again…

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I dunno folks, I think everyone has it wrong. Many of you paint T-Mobile as a group of incompetent hicks incapable of doing anything right, and its employees are so stupid that all the handset manufacturers take advantage of T-Mobile every time they do a deal with it.

    Come on people, quit being so idiotic.

    When T-Mobile orders phones from Samsung, Motorola or HTC do you really think that those manufacturers consider and treat T-Mobile as a small time player, someone they can cheat or con? Do you really think they tell T-Mobile to stand at the back in the line and that it will get whatever “crumbs” they choose to throw T-Mobile’s way?

    Do you think the manufacturers tell T-Mobile “Hey, we consider Verizon the bigger customer, so they come first. Whatever they don’t want we will submit it to you for your consideration.”

    Do you really think that with close to 150 million subscribers worldwide that the manufacturers don’t do all they can to please T-Mobile?

    Moreover, T-Mobile (DT) worldwide employs about 258,800 employees. Do you really think that with a payroll that large and an employee base that significant that T-Mobile is incapable of working with manufacturers to come up with phone designs that conform to exactly what T-Mobile wants and orders?

    Do you really think T-Mobile is like the old American Motors, a car company incapable of ever designing a good looking car (please, don’t anyone dare post in here that I am wrong because you think the Pacer was pretty hot).

    In 2009 T-Mobile (DT) posted $82 billion in revenues. Do you really think that with that kind of money T-Mobile is incapable of mounting a Droid-type ad campaign if it wanted to?

    The point is what I have always been saying, for reasons you will never know, T-Mobile refuses to put big money into its U.S. division.

    Personally, I agree with T-Mobile decision makers, TMOUS does not need the best phones. It’s not that kind of carrier.

    T-Mobile is a place where dads shop to outfit three to five family members with phones.

    It’s where dads go to try and keep the total cost down when having to get phones for everyone (I assume you have noticed that T-Mobile keeps extending the BOGO offer and that the Fathers Day free phone promo was a hit. Why do you think T-Mobile keeps doing these kinds of things.)

    Yes, there’s a certain number of subscribers who are individuals wanting the hot phones, something that compares to what Sprint and Verizon keep dangling in front of them. But you know what? There’s a reason why most people are with T-Mobile, it’s because of plan pricing, so having the latest/greatest phone is secondary to paying less per month for phone/data service.

    T-Mobile knows that most people will find it hard to leave T-Mobile because the prices are just simply too low compared to the competition.

    As one member said in here, Verizon attracts people who can afford or don’t mind paying premium prices for services. I mean I hate to say it folks, but when you are in a conference room and tell your colleagues you are on T-Mobile they think “Oh the poor guy must not be doing too well.”

    I know you don’t want to hear it, but T-Mobile is just a notch above being the K-Mart of carriers. (Prepaid remains the K-Mart, but maybe not for long).

    Well, this is just some late night ramblings.

    Bottom line: The reason TMOUS does not have the latest and greatest phones, the reason you don’t see T-Mobile ad campaigns (similar to Verizon’s $150 million Droid launch last year), and why T-Mobile seems so “slow” to do anything is because that’s the way it chooses to do business.

    If you accept that this is the way things are, I suspect you will be a lot happier with being a T-Mobile customer.

    Besides, T-Mobile always has a few first cabin phones. To be sure, when I am in line somewhere, in a conference room, or at a dinner, when I use my Vibrant onlookers are very impressed and many ask “What’s that?” And many are visibly surprised when I say it’s a T-Mobile handset. (That’s because they don’t expect a Verizon-stature phone to be offered by T-Mobile.)

    Tired now, it’s 3:00 am here in San Francisco. I am not going to check grammar and spelling, so take the pain.

    • Some good points, but I think T-Mobile and Sprint fall pretty much into the same category. The Wal-Mart and the Target of the carrier world.

    • tortionist

      Excellent reply Michael. I can’t say as I disagree, but I will also add. T-mobile may be the 4 th largest carrier in the U.S., but they are the largest in the world, or rather their daddy is(Deutsche Telekom) Something for people to think about instead of making Asinine comments.

  • Luke

    Hey I have credit card in hand ready to purchase the G2. Cant wait to check out HSPA+ speeds here in Austin. It will be nice to show up to work and make my coworkers droid x look like its rolling on GPRS. lol

  • sino8r

    I THINK TMOBILE ORDERS THEIR PHONES TO THEIR SPECIFICATIONS. IF THAT WERE TRUE ABOUT THEM BEING ONE STEP ABOVE KMART/PREPAID THEN DT WOULD HAVE DROPPED THEM YEARS AGO IF THAT WAS THEIR EXPECTATIONS. THE POINT IS TMOBILE IS STARTING TO BUILD THEIR SMARTPHONES NOT FOR THE AVERAGE JOE ANYMORE BUT TO ACTUALLY compete with other carriers and not to bleed customers anymore. remember tmobile is about family who want to save money and youger people who want smartphones. It seems like they fogot about the younger crowd and focused on family for a while but they are trying to gain or keep that forgottengroup back (or keep from losing them. Plus even dad wants a smartphone these days. I can’t tell you how many actually have a iphone or droid. Sure they weren’t one of the firsts to have one but now that they are so popular everyone hsa a smartphone except maybe grandma. I’m glad tmobile finally realized that with the hd2/vibrant. The mytouch slide on the other hand failed compared to the old mts and I bet they realized it was because of the so-so yoh will see a change with tmobile and yes they will be small steps but it is in the they need to have the proper devices to take avantage of the hspa+. Cheap phones aren’t made with this kind of tech.

  • NokiaN900User

    I really think everything comes down to marketing. I mean EVERYTHING. I can bet money on it that if Motorola Droid was exclusive to T-mobile and some other phone with equal specs was exclusive to Verizon, Verizon marketing and advertisements will still make T-mobile customers WANT that phone. Notice the word WANT. I think its more like crave and this is why Verizon is successful with their Droid campaign.

    I definitely understand T-mobile’s marketing and advertisement budget can not be compared to Verizons because its an unfair uphill battle. What T-mobile should do is choose a different marketing strategy custom to them, stick to it and be good at it. I think this is what they are trying to do with the whole family plan things. The next step is to go after the “We offer more for your money” campaign. And I think this will be done with the HSPA+ intro stuff.

    I could think of so many commercials in my head on how T-mobile can put the word out there on their cheaper family plans, faster internet speeds and best customer service.

    At the end of the day, T-mobile needs to make other customers CRAVE their phones and service and this can only be done through proper marketing. To simply put it in simpler words, other customers need to envy T-mobile customers.

  • Jared

    I remember back when the G1 first hit (I was using an HTC hand me down Shadow I believe) my girlfriend brought it home and I was blown away. I thought it looked awesome, loved the operating system and the fact that it was HTC only made things better (My friend had recently brought me over to all things HTC).I immediately went and bought my own G1 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Later I got the Touch Pro. I enjoyed flashing it and messing with different ROMs for a long time then I moved up to the Touch Pro 2 thinking the new Windows Mobile would be awesome and there’d be an app store like Android and everything would be sugar and rainbows. But really I haven’t enjoyed it as much as I did the G1. I miss the apps, the ROMs the capacitive screen, everything. I want another Android phone and I want a physical keyboard, never fond of all screen phones and don’t think I will be anytime soon either.
    Sure there are other carriers, but I’ve been with T-Mobile for 5 years and the family plan I have isn’t even available anymore. Plus I don’t like CDMA companies at all. That’s why when the G2 drops I’m picking it up at launch and T-Mobile better advertise it like it was the only phone they had.

    • pimpstrong

      My Touch Pro 2 is at my parents house on their coffee table because my mother likes to play Bubble Pop on it. I planned on selling it for about $200 and putting that towards whatever phone I was gonna buy(now Vibrant) BUT its such a POS that I cant even imagine pulling more than $150 for it so now it will be a prepaid phone for my 7 year old son lol… what a waste of $379 ON contract.

      • nyuhsuk

        Yeah, the processor speed on the TP2 is just abismal. I finally retired my TP2 and picked up the HD2, which I am thoroughly enjoying. I however found that you can’t beat the TP2 for apps that are text intensive, ie. telneting, email typing, doc writing, and just general ease of text input in anything.

        I usually whip out the TP2 on Wifi and do my business on there as you can’t beat the convenience of that damn awesome keyboard. Let’s hope a TP3 comes out soon. Too bad it most likely will have WP7 or Android. I still have mad WM6.5 love.

  • La El

    “DROID. If you didn’t automatically substitute a robotic voice for your own (even in your head), then you aren’t in the right place.”

    I totally did the robot voice in my head. Thanks for calling me out on it and making me laugh.

    • remister

      Don’t worry I the sound clip as my text messaging notification on my Vibrant :P

  • Heath

    Still waiting for the Sidekick instead. :-) G2 may need support, but ultimately the longer one waits, the better the phones offered becomes.

  • amac

    I just want the Vibrant’s GPS issues fixed. Its been a freaking month and a half already.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      It’s supposed to be here at the end of this month, I suspect Sept 21, that’s my guess.

  • currator

    tmobile is gonna do what they want to do if you want to see things change then a few mill cust need to leave. and all say the same thing it that simple hey vzw is testing plans that are the same price as what tmobile sells. vzw is testing them in cali. so i hate to say it but if vzw sells these plans nation wide say goodbuy to tmobile usa vzw signal at tmobile prices bye bye tmobile usa. considering tmobile sells there phones for the same price as vzw and they are not on par. im just saying

  • pimpstrong

    The G2 will be a cool up to date phone and all but even with its fast data speeds I still don’t think its better than my Vibrant.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well… remember what I said a few weeks ago (might have been you), the Vibrant will easily compete with any phone debuting this holiday season. And against many phones it will come out better.

  • Stone

    I hate to be Debbie downer… but how many times have we said the same thing about a million other T-mobile phones. Our hearts swell… we get our hopes up… and then nothing. Don’t get me wrong. When it come to cell service, I bleed magenta. I also think we are sometimes too hard on TMo. All these other phones look great on paper, but (outside of the DROID) I have friend with some of these other super phones and they are plagued with serious issues. My G1 and now TouchSlide have been supported well and have been fantastic phones. It seems like, for the most part, if a phone is worth owning and won’t be plagued with problems, TMo will offer it to its users. Verizon and the others are quick to rush out a faulty phone with faulty builds and exciting marketing. They can keep their marketing… I’ll stick with the well supported phones that work.

  • Nice post! I’ll definitely be upgrading to the G2 (from my G1). But I agree, T-Mobile needs to add money to their advertising budget.

  • kinoy

    Very nice article. I gotta say, motorola picked a good name for their phone .. DROID. Now all of those “yoyo”s out there call all android phones, DROID.

  • Jim

    I have been with T-Mobile/Voicestream for 15 years or more and I have to admit, I do get disappointed with my phone choices. Even the G2 is not really that special. A while back T-Mobile made a statement, I think it had to do with “Project Emerald” (I think). It was something to the effect of being Ground Breaking and a New Experience, something no one has ever seen before”. Seems like it was no more than two months ago. Well if the were talking about the G2 or what everyone has been saying is “Project Emerald”, it is another let down.
    I will probably still stick with T-Mobile I just wish that for once, we could have the phone everyone taslk about (again).

    And please…. don’t tell me to go to Verizon..or blah blah blah. I hate that when someone voices their disappointment with T-Mobile on any level on here they get beat up by fanboys or 15 year olds! Remember… this is “THE UNOFFICIAL” T-Mobile Blog.

  • Dot’s Son

    Why don’t you change the name of this website to “Android News” since that’s the ONLY thing you seem to think is selling at T-Mobile.

    • B

      Well what IS selling at T-Mobile? Android is selling huge numbers on everything but at&t anyway, isn’t it?

  • mike

    tmobile is known for not having great advertising, so i doubt it will change for the g2 and the same for the hspa+ network. its great to have these great things coming to tmobile, but it doesnt know mean anything if no one knows about it. tmobile needs to beef up their advertising big time. to advertising that you are the family network, does anyone really care that unlimited family texting is $20….get real. start advertising that you have the fastest network, and a phone will is compatible with it.

  • Another Jim

    We need Catherine Zeta Jones back in T-Mobile ads!

    • sirphunkee

      Oops, sorry ’bout that….I’ll be done with her in juuuuust a minute there, then you all can have her back. “Slightly” used.

      • jwicks82

        Really dude?

      • Brad

        And this is why I rarely read or post comments here anymore.

    • Loco Froyo

      Not sure how you figured that the G2 is the best phone from T-Mobile.

      With it’s slower CPU, slower GPU, smaller screen, clunky keyboard, why would I choose this over the Vibrant?

      Swype is better than a keyboard and I’ll take the slim size over the bulky keyboard any day.

      And the 3.7″ screen is a deal breaker. After going 4″ you can never go back.

      • fujitsujeff

        I agree with everything excepy “Swype is better than a keyboard” I have a Vibrant now, but using Documents to Go, Swype does not have full compatibility with this application. In addition, although Swype is very accurate, it can never replace the user experience of typing your own words the exact way you meant to type them …

      • Andrew

        the clocking of the CPU is lower, but it will be as quick as the hummingbird with competitive graphics performance. I prefer a 3.7 inch screen, especially since they are the same resolution. I also prefer keyboards. I have used swype, and like it, but I type much faster using a hardware keyboard and with the HTC IME. As far as bulk goes…yes, the Vibrant is very slim, but it doesn’t feel solid and still, I want a keyboard

        Also, you may have missed the point. The G2 needs to be the biggest and best thing that T-Mobile has because the Vibrant can’t be advertised as a DROID competitor since you can pick a Galaxy S up on any carrier.

      • Steven

        Actually, the GPU is 3-4 times faster than the 1 GHz Snapdragon version. Its also a newer architecture than the Snapdragon, so at 800 MHz, it will perform faster and save more battery life.

      • Loco Froyo

        Steven, do your homework. The Vibrant does not have the old snapdragon CPU you are referring to.

      • davidohio

        Loco froyo you are seriously stupid!

    • Air One

      i second that

      • bige2k9

        i third that, vibrant felt plastic and cheap, im geting a g2, also loco did u know the difference between 3.7 and 4 is .3, its like walking up to a girl and saying its 4 inches its 4.3, btw ur not getting laid that night

    • That would be nice. she was the face of T-mobile. But realize that thats unlikly and T-mobile should look for some one new.

  • Mike

    Great article, Andrew. I totally agree with you. I’m stuck with the Behold II for a while but I might buy out my contract just to get the G2!

    • 138

      Did you talk to TMo loyalty department about the behold 2? They help my wife out and upgrade her phone without very much drama.

  • AL

    Tmobile droped the ball with Androids. They Had G1 given to them then they sat on their hands while their competitors came with great phones. Tmobile is always behind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Drew


    • Anthony

      I agree with AL, T-Mobile seriously dropped the ball. I have the G1 and I’ve been wanting a better Android phone but T-Mobile just isn’t on the ball with it. Hopefully the G2 can help or maybe HTC can send something BETTER to T-Mobile to help out!

  • Great article. I read it slow hoping that it wouldn’t end. LOL

    I’m looking forward to the G2. T-Mobile is kind of the shy one in the group as far as I see it. They have always taken care of their own and gone above and beyond to help.

    When the day comes that I have to sign in or wait in line to talk to a customer service person in a suit and tie is the day that I’ll look elsewhere. T-Mobile is the good ole boy in my opinion. Walk into the other guy’s stores and you become a number.

    At one point an AT&T store had trouble selling me an Otterbox for my unlocked iPhone. That isn’t service.

    BRING ON THE G2! I am excited to get back into a phone that was meant for T-Mobile.

  • Lance

    The G2 is going to have an 800MHz processor right? So doesn’t that limit it to the 2.x Android OS? I thought I read somewhere that you will need a 1GHz processor to install Android 3.x. If we already know that, then why buy something we’re going to have to *root* in order to upgrade?

    • Andrew

      Android 3.x does not need a 1GHz processor, that was a rumor. That being said, the processor in the G2 is a 1GHz processor clocked down to 800MHz that is much more efficient than the snapdragon processors out there.

      • Rob

        Amen!! I clocked down my vibrant to 800mzh for battery life, that doesnt mean it cant reach 1ghz or in my situation 1.2ghz but during the day i want my battery to last longer.

  • T-Mobile could have used Android to become a MUCH bigger carrier, instead they fizzled out after the G1.

    They tied Google’s hands with the Nexus One by limiting the plan choices which excluded many existing T-Mobile customers as well as forcing Google to sell at carrier level inflated prices. (obviously Google screwed up the Nexus One as well.

    The MyTouch 3G slide is a joke, it was a mid-range phone for a premium price.

    The G2 looks promising but even it has shortcomings in the form of a 4 row keyboard and lack of physical buttons for menu, home, back, send & end, also at $500 the G2 is VERY expensive, I know you want to make your “retail” prices scary to get more people into contracts but $500?

    • Steven

      Not so much, most phones with these specs cost that much. The Evo 4G, the Epic 4G, the Nexus One, and virtually all the other Android phones with these kinds of specs cost that much off contract. So T-mobile and HTC aren’t giving you a bad deal. Its about average. You’d also be surprised how good capacitive buttons can be. My Evo has them and I was worried at first, but they are actually kind of convenient. I do sometimes hit the search button by accident, but usually I can avoid it.

  • mingkee

    I have been holding off Android for 2 years due to lacking of essential support.
    The very first Android phone is nexus one, which is the very best phone T-Mobile should sell.
    Free mobile hotspot should be included with future Android phones.

    • The Sleeve


    • huh

      What are you talking about, the first was a G1. you are an idiot. and there has been great support.

      • mingkee

        Do y’all know I need tethering support?
        This is handy for me out of my home, so don’t call me idiot or something because you don’t know what I want.

      • B

        Nobody needed to call you an idiot, but you said you’ve been holding off on Android for two years before saying the Nexus is the first Android phone, which it is not. That doesn’t even make sense. I don’t know what you mean by essential support either. Tethering, while definitely not an essential feature across the board, is available on plenty of Android phones. Why didn’t you just buy a Nexus then?

      • Foxeh

        Tethering is standard on Android 2.2, but if your carrier wont let you have it, you can just buy PDAnet from the Market.

  • RWWackoStu

    I’ll switch to Android when you pry the Blackberry out of my cold dead hands. Wife has one, tried it, hate it, not my cup of coffee. Dont flame me fanboys, I didnt say it sucks, it just isnt for me.

    • Andrew

      Understandable. I have used, and continue to use, a Blackberry on a normal basis for one of my lines. It serves it’s purpose and does it well. It’s a matter of personal preference and everyone should respect that.

    • Cesar Trevino

      Finally somebody says, “it isn’t for me” as opposed to, “it sucks.”

      Either way, when 3.0 rolls around, you should give it a try ;)

  • Rilesman

    T-Mobile needs to focus in two areas (intermingled) and that is the HSPA+ and the family savings. HSPA+ is to wordy so they need a moniker or some catchy phrase. I am not a marketing guy so it will be obvious but I would think something along these lines.


    T-Mobile, the Family Network brought you the first Android phone, G1, and the other carriers followed our lead.

    We now bring you the H-Network. Faster than (Sprint’s –> maybe replace with “todays”) 4G

    (insert speed tests images here…).
    T-Mobile Speeds Sprint 4G Speeds
    # of Cities, # of people covered # of Cities, # of people covered

    We now bring you the G2 with the Scorpion processor, faster than the rest.

    • first

      This is great.. it had me smiliing ! lol

    • Danbambam

      That was great!! It made me smile as well.

      If only TMobile advertiser saw this and used it…

  • Mike

    This was 1 of the best articles i have read on here….totally hit every keypoint.

    1. Tmobile has always takes 1 giant step ahead and changes the game, but ends up being about 10 steps behind, like whether its rate plans or smartphones. There is no question in my mind that the HD2 should have been an android phone, but reguardless, there was 0 adverstisment for this phone on t-mobiles part it was all HTC, which it deff shouldnt be (and HTC went crazy with showing it off and looked what happened it sold like hell, ended up being abust cause windows sucks but a step in the right direction), and the same goes for the samsung vibrant…finally tmobile has an incridable android phone to compete with every1 and they do nothing for it….Samsung steps up and shows it off(barely does a good job showing it off).

    2. T-mobile NEVER builds hype around a phone before it comes out….how do u expect to get ppl to come into the door on a launch if u dont try and hype it up… tmobile believes “word of mouth is the greatest advertisement tool”… i say absoultly, but to a point word of mouth can only do so much……T-mobloie needs to wake up and start to hype thigs up and make phones look appealing.

    3. Verizon advertisments- i dont even think i have to say anything more…..those tv ads make me wanna cry, they are the coolest most badass ads ive ever seen, t-mobile needs to step out of this cookie cutter box that its in and stop wit all about the family, wit this bogo lasting way to long now, im all about free phones but rly these bogos r just help ppl do fraud!!! it to start to just put money towards getting awesome phones and make ads and more towars…they need ppl to no they are not the old company they were 3 years ago!ppl feel they have sh+t service all the time in most cases they dont….they need to rly fight to put up more towars and expand 3g and hspa+, they needs to drop some tv ads to make ppl questin what phone is that coming out in a month….doing that makes ppl rethink what they have and start to hopfuly bring other ppl over.

    I love t-mobile but its seriously time for a change, a time for them to look at themseleves, listen to the ppl and do something different. sometimes you have to spend money to make money tmobile, so stop investing in dumb sh*t like billshrink or cathera zata-skank-jones and get new life in here! THINGS NEED TO CHANGE>>>>LETS GO TMO!!!

  • badbob001

    I’m not quite sure if there is that much love between Google and T-Mobile. Since the G1, has T-Mobile held any press conferences that Google attended? The G1 was partially developed by Google and was the first dev phone. There seems to be a low chance for the G2 to have any Google involvement and thus doesn’t really do the ‘G’ part of the name justice. I’ve seen a rumor that Google is working on the follow-up phone to the Nexus One and it won’t be out for many months, so Google’s baby is still the N1.

    The G1 was the FIRST in many areas. Other than the HSPA+ modem, which has smaller coverage than the already small 3G coverage, what other FIRST does the G2 have? The hardware at best matches the current top dog: the galaxy s. The software is Android 2.2, which is nothing new. What else can TMO pull out to wow us? No FFC that they can use to brag about the HSPA+ network. No debut of a new Android OS or feature. No new TMO developed feature like the Genius button or NEO interface (I know we prefer stock but some effort would be nice). Well, that last item could change, but that may be a good or bad thing.

    My theory is that this is all about releasing a phone to go along with TMO’s HSPA+ phone. If they really wanted a keyboard phone, they should have added the Sprint Epic variant, like how they paired the G1 with the MyTouch. TMO may have a truly competitive phone cooking in the oven for release in a few months, but they are releasing the underwhelming G2 just to get the HSPA+ modem out there.

  • Excellent Article. The things stated in the article is why I have held off on android. Those that read the comments will say stop winning. My response to that is ask someone who is not tech savvy about android, 9 times out of ten they will say Droid to you. Why is that? Effective marketing pure and simple. When a carrier fails to execute why are we who are dissipated labeled as wieners? Magenta has always had cheap phones. That is not the point. What we are waiting for is two phones at the same time that are groundbreaking. Verizon can do it Why Can’t Magenta. Stay Thirsty my friends….

  • Oh lawdy

    Well, as of this week, I am a Sprint customer. For those contemplating the switch, the EVO is as advertised (awesome). I woulda stuck with TMo if they had decent coverage outside of metro areas (and better phones.) Enjoy!

    • Prime

      Oh lawdy, im thinkin bout hopping over to sprint myself. The EVO is the “HD2” ive always wanted smh lol. Ive been with tmobile since 02, but lately ive been playing with friends iphone 4’s and evo’s and droid x’s…. and this blackberry i have aint cuttin it lol! the G2 & Vibrant mightve made me stay, but come on yall no flash (for the camera) and front facing cameras on a $500 phone?!?! yep might make that switch this weekend. lol

      • smooth3d

        One small correction the g2 doea have flash. It has every feature as the evo savfor a ffc and a hdmi port.

      • nyuhsuk

        What I’ve always wondered is, do people actually need a HDMI out from their phones? How often are you plugging this into your TV to watch a movie or something? Don’t you have dedicated hardware in your house that this pretty much redundant?

        I wonder how much of the EVO they could’ve trimmed off if they took that HDMI slot and capability out. My HD2 seems substantially slimmer than that bloated piece of plastic. And I get the luxury of WM and Android on there. w00t.

      • Deaconclgi

        I NEED HDMI output. I have been using the RCA/RGB TV-out on my Nokia Nseries for years. All my TVs are HDTVs now and it is about time for HD TVout. If anyone questions the need, the they must have not had a phone with any sort of TV out or content worthy of TV out. If our devices are capable of high quality content (games, movies) why limit them to the small screen. Plenty of times have I hooked up my laptop via HDMI for some Far Cry 2, Crysis Warhead, Street Fighter 4 and more on the HDTV and plenty of times have I connected my Nokias for Asphalt, One, Quake 3, Mario World (there is something special about playing Mario 64 from a phone on an HDTV even at 480i), School Presentations, Work presentations, movies from phone to 50inc HDTV, music, video recordings, video calling demonstrations and other reasons over the years. You should want to get the most out of your device unless it isn’t worth showing on more than a screen less than 10 inches… Don’t your lack of usage in the past negatively impact your perception of the future.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Again, the easy way to deal with this phone’s debut is to do what I am doing. I am waiting until I see ALL the holiday phones BEFORE I make my choice.

    Whatever it is, I will be buying it and putting my GF’s Slide on eBay If she will part with it. She is not into any of this at all and she loves that phone.

    Thought Bubble Above Head: But if I take it in the dead of night she won’t have a choice (insert sinister laugh).

  • daniel

    There are some serious grammar issues in this article, but then again, there are serious grammar issues everywhere.

    • Andrew

      Way to be nitpicky, but I will look for the alleged grammar issues. I understand that there are some fragmented sentences, but that was my choice (I’m pretty sure we call this poetic license). That being said, I do see a few misplaced and a couple of missing commas, but they shouldn’t change the reading that much.

      • David


    • BarkPark

      You have got to be kidding. get a life.

    • Cesar Trevino

      There are some serious grammar issues in this article but, then again, there are serious grammar issues everywhere.


  • hani

    “AT&T also landed some Android phones, but they are second rate, making even the Cliq series and the Behold 2 look desirable.”

    When was this article written? this is so wrong..
    AT&T has amazing Android phones now. I just love Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. AT&T also launched Captivate( T-Mo Vibrants sibling on aT&T).

    these tow handsets are a very very good addition. but, Other than Vibrant, what does T-Mo have?

    I waited to switchto T-Mo if Xperia X10 comes onto T-Mo like it did for T-Mo UK & DE. In Vain!

    • Andrew

      All AT&T phones are hindered to the point that they ruin Android. Hands down, the Vibrant is a better phone than the Captivate. Though the Xperia X10 has improved, it is still a second rate top end device. Most of all, you can’t take AT&T’s Android offerings seriously since they continue to only focus on the iPhone.

    • b w

      The x-peria line? Really? You do realize that whole line is running 1.6 don’t you!?!?

      • Foxeh

        I hear it’s going to get updated to 2.1 by the time everyone else is on Gingerbread. ;)

  • Reece

    I’ll be scooping up the G2 with some hesitation. I know Mhz isn’t everything and compared to the current Snapdragons this’ll compare very favorably, but I was just disappointed that T-Mobile/HTC didn’t come out with all guns blazing by using the Dual Core snapdragon for this one, the reason why I’ll be checking all the blogs for any news about the Mytouch HD and what CPU that’ll use. I need an upgrade though and vanilla Froyo on an improved GPU-over what’s in current Snapdragons should help ease my mind until then.

  • alex

    Man I was hoping it was more info on the mytouch hd, or android 2.2 for the mytouch 3g slide :(, but good article andrew

  • chrisrj28

    I really enjoyed reading this article, well put together my friend. It’s been getting a little frustrating reading the comments related to the G2 & upcoming MTHD as most people seem to be hung up on the whole 800mhz although it has been discussed time and again that this processor is only scaled to 800 but doesn’t mean it will stay that way. Maybe the kernel in Gingerbread will upscale it, who knows. But this really is what Tmo has needed to bring since the first G1 and I for one am happy to see it.

    The keyboard looks to be pretty awesome, 4 rows is not a big deal. It’s still going to be styled after the Touch Pro 2 which had one of the best keyboards I have ever used. The 3.7 inch screen may be a downer for some but I think that is pretty darn good and should be more than sufficient for most. When I saw the N1 screen compared to the Iphone & TP2 it was amazing, coming from my HD2 it may be a bit small but nonetheless it will be much bigger than the 3.2 of the original Android phones.

    So get with it people, if Tmo can get it together with their advertising (ex. staying away from retired actors) and really push this phone then they will have people lining up like the first G1 did.

  • Howie_in_AZ

    The G2 should have been a 1.2-1.5GHz powerhouse of a phone with a front-facing camera and gobs of on-board storage to compliment TMobile’s high-speed network.

    It is not. I’d go so far as to say it’s not worthy of the ‘G2’ name at all, maybe more of a G1.5. I don’t understand why TMobile is allergic to good phones.

  • tortionist

    Great article Andrew. I thoroughly enjoyed it and agree with everything. To you whiners who are switching over to Sprint for the Evo…..remember these words. ENjoy the higher plan rates and crappy customer service. Also, the G2 has the better processor. It may only run at 800 Megahertz, but it’s because that’s scaled down for better battery life. If you rooted it you could probably easily get it up to 1200 Megahertz. It’s less power hungry than the Snap Dragon processors. It acts moe like a dual core processor because of the way they redesigned the architecture. it is the Scorpion. And right now, probably until November when the MyTouchHD comes out, it will be the best and the fastest. Don’t say I didn’t warn you Sprint Evo geeks.

  • watbetch

    I can’t stand posts like these.

    “where is mah font facering camreas for ma nonexistant skypin support”

    “dus it have flash for midnight muff shots”

    “ugh sprint jus got the evo n epic in 2 months they r killin tmobile”

    “oh well the galaxy s dont count as a droid competitur becus liek every carier has one of thems”

    “i shud have 3g n coverage at home but i dun, still I buy new phones for tmobile and complain about how bad my service is.. getin the g2 on launch but i might switch 2 verison sumtime around never” “i prob. owe them money theyre overpricd”

    “g2 sucks a milli of other phones were supposed to be good only to not be g2 aint no different it dont even got no front facing camrea for qik or 4 led flashes”

    “tmobile sukz”

    • B

      I can’t stand posts like yours.

      • watbetch

        Like you offer anything worthwhile.

        “It just doesn’t separate itself from the Droids and the Evos otherwise”

        Does the DROID X, DROID2 or Evo offer stock Android? Go kill yourself

      • B

        Actually, I prefer stock Android, but that’s just what it is, a preference. Go kill yourself? haha so you’re just another one of those people who regurgitate what’s “cool” to say huh. Why would you even make such a stupid ass remark. We’re talkin about cell phones. Have a good day.

      • tortionist

        She sure is one ugly hoe that has not posted anything worth while. go drink some bleach and play in the freeway watbech. You’re to stupid for your own good.

    • kershon

      Muhahahahahahahahaha. Love the sarcasm, brother.

  • Joey

    Without a front facing camera, this phone is not interesting enough to dissuade me from waiting for either a T-Mobile iPhone or switching to Verizon when the iPhone is available early next year. There isn’t enough about this phone to differentiate it from top-end Android devices on the other carriers. I’ve loved being on T-Mobile, but they are lagging way too far behind the competition. I’m about ready to move on…..

  • Lulu

    I’m using Samsung vibrant and my boyfriend has iPhone 4 and my dad is using Evo. Frankly speaking, I think Samsung Vibrant is the best among the 3. It’s just so smooth and fast, even with 2.1, and the screen looks so awesome. With the upcoming G2 for the physical keyboard lovers, I think T-Mo is pretty good right now.

    Just keep up with the good services and support.

    • phonegeek

      yea tmo is doing great with their service right now i have a question do you think i should get the vibrant or should i just wait for something better

      • Serotheo

        I hope you are aware of how laggy the Vibrant is when switching between applications sometimes, I’m saying this by experience is Vibrant was laggier then my Cliq, yes Vibrant is a fantastic phone, just try it out I would pick the Vibrant but HSPA+ is around the corner and I want that.

      • phonegeek

        @serotheo yea im reading you well i know my mytouch is nearing its ending days now so its about time i start looking for a new phone im tryin to wait it out atleast till january but the g2 and the HD are looking superb right about now

  • phonegeek

    SOME of these Tmo reps need to brush up on their hw i asked about the G2 he was like ahh i cant talk about that so i tell him .. tmo has been sending out text messages about it an made it official he was like oh.. well its just like the slide and it has fuego….i said oh really it has fuego on it ( for anyone who doesnt know fuego means fire) so after a while of him saying fuego i asked about the mytouch HD he looks confused so he said “what about it” like he really knew but couldnt answer a single question when asked so in turn he asked me an i gave a full schpeel(SP) about it all he could say was “oh?” started stuttering a bit an then reminded himself oh its time to close… not callin him dumb .. im not calling him slow… but im trying to figure out why i cant get a job their an I know more about this stuff than some tmo workers.. smh

    • Nogoodnik

      Ummm….Have you considered the possibility that t-mo employees are bound by confidentiality agreements, and that discussing details about a device, for which no specs have been officially released to the general public, could cost them their jobs? While, I’m sure that impressing a complete stranger with confidential information re: upcoming device releases, whether their existence has been publicly confirmed or not may rank higher on your priority list than being able to pay for a place to live, food, etc., for most people, your need to know the inside scoop just doesn’t trump basic survival instincts

      In the grand scheme of things, the risk/reward of divulging such details, which can actually land one in prison (insider trading), or cost a person their livelihood, pretty much makes this one a no brainer. Guess what? No one with half a brain would tell you anything the company doesn’t want you to know, until t-mo decides to make it official.

      But, go right on thinking people are stupid and you’re superior, because you can read blogs. As if you’re the only one who has a clue.
      You, my friend, are the one without a clue. Grow up.

      • phonegeek

        … he called Froyo ( not something that will cost him his job) FUEGO.. convo is ended next topic

  • mad dog

    Everyone bitching about a ffc needs their ass whooped. The phone doesn’t have 1 so get over it. If you don’t want the phone don’t get it and finally STFU all of you whiny little bitches.

  • jflaco

    Ok right now I have the vibrant, before the vibrant I had the Garminfone. Let me tell u, I hated android phone 1 because of the cheesy apps and 2 their home screen weren’t appealing to me. So I had an iphone. My point is that android has evolved in many different ways and thats a good thing. The problem with T-mobile is they dont wanna be like the other guys. Verizon attacks anyone for any reason. Sprint they love to flaunt that they had 4g before anyone, At&t make the iphone and their (oh look at me I can talk and surf at the same time). What does T-mobile have. Ugly phones with good customer service, spotty service with cheap plans and lack of confidence with cheap CEO. Its time for T-mobile to start being like the other guys. Lets flaunt our speeds lets attack anyone for any reason let say we cant surf and talk but we take better care of our customers. Its time for T-mobile to grow some balls and say imma stop being so cheap and advertise more get better looking phone and kick some asses.

  • Jshin

    My opinion – the G2 is lackluster – decent phone but nothing to write home about. I will stick with my HD2 running Froyo and WM 6.5.xxxx. Oh and before one of you idiot G’ series fanboys attempts to flame me, I Pre-Ordered the G1 and was one of the first people to use it. It is what it is – lackluster, middle of the road smartphone.

    • B

      I think middle of the road is a bit harsh. I’m not jumping for joy over it, I have a Nexus One, but the G2 is right there in line with the rest of the upper tier phones. The hspa + alone moves it out of the middle crowd. It just doesn’t separate itself from the Droids and the Evos otherwise.

  • Great article, man. I’m practically peeing in anticipation of this phone, and I definitely plan to get it on launch day.

  • Really?

    Nice article, some insightful points. I enjoyed reliving the Android revolution.

    That being said, comments are a train wreck. What a pissing match. They’re phones! How are you going to read some bulletpoints without having seen as much as a youtube video of actual action and get passionate enough to blaze some whiny crap on the web writing off a yet-to-be-released product?

    I can totally empathize with frustrated T-Mobile customers wishing for a huge Verizon-sized ad campaign or a feature-for-feature powerhouse like EVO or DroidX, but get real. This IS T-Mobile we’re talking about, here. Remember, the number 4 American wireless carrier? Ads aren’t free, network expansion isn’t free; on the flipside, their plans are cheap. They have less customers. Do some math, here. If they didn’t attract more scumbags committing fraud than useful customers, that might help, too. It’s pretty to think bringing Google to market with the G1 would have forged a lasting favortism to big T, but Google isn’t a non-profit organization, either. Money will never not win, and Verizon has a Scrooge McDuck vault of the stuff. Sprint has how many more customers?

    Having pissed on some parades here, let me be clear: I’m a TMO loyalist myself. I’ve been a faithful customer for years. They’re not perfect, but NONE of the other three are even close to perfect, either, and I enjoy saving money. I had G1, both myTouch products, unfortunately had a horrible experience with Nexus One (3 straight overheaters) and eagerly await G2. I, like Andrew I’m sure, have enjoyed watching TMO grow and evolve over the years. My coverage – still not seamless – is FAR better than when I began and products are WAY cooler. You guys have to be realistic, though. If you want Filet Mignon, don’t go to Applebees. It doesn’t mean Applebees isn’t a great place for burgers and beers with your crew, it means you need to stop counting MHz and temper your expectations. TMO’s entire pitch is VALUE, not the “we’re better than everything” crap Verizon spews. I’d argue a vanila froyo Android (for all you Android snobs like me) with superphone specs – essentially a Nexus One with a keyboard and newer, more energy efficient processor – is all the Filet Mignon we could hope for from the scrappiest of the ‘Big Four’ in wireless. It’s only what tons of people have asked for since G1, actually.

    Seriously, either be a loyalist or spend the extra money and quit bitching. You’re not contributing anything constructive to the discussion.

  • Jshin

    My definition of lackluster may be a bit out off line but not totally, unless this device is sporting a great camera 8mp or better some good or at least better screen technology then the HD2 then I will stick with my comment.
    Here is a list of the phones I own, must of which I paid full retail
    All hacked to hell and back btw HTC Juno(retired) HTC Dream still keep it up to date as far as Roms go
    HTC Rhodium, running android and wm 6.5XXX HTC LEO, my main phone btw and consider it by far the fastest and best,Froyo and NRG max manilla, and the galaxy s which has to be rooted and droped the crappy sammy shell because its laggy as hell stock. The point I am trying to make is this phone at least from what we know so far doesn’t stand out to me as something I must have. It doesn’t have anything the hd2 or sammy does not have.

  • Wifiperson

    I dont know why people complain about the service
    i’ve been to arizona, california, and the suburbs of detroit and i had 3g ALL the time

  • weirdguyontv

    I think the reason tmo always seems to be behind is the simple fact that they care more about quality rather than quantity which is usually a more preferable way to operate. think about it this way: would u rather have one giant bag of really good weed or a bunch of bags of mediocre weed? I will stick with quality over quantity. yeah, its a p*ss poor analogy but what the helll. I PREFER a physical keyboard and i dont care if my cellphone has a 1ghz processor because its a CELL PHONE. if you want a blazing fast processor get an alienware or falcon northwest laptop. Btw, have u heard about the alienware phone coming? gonna be siiiiccckkkkk

  • chrisrj28

    Well said my friend, very good points that I agree with.

    I like your upgrade path, it’s similar to mine, HTC Juno(T-Mo Shadow), Wing, G1 (November Shipment 2008), Touch Pro 2, HD2 and I am running Energyrom with Froyo dual boot and it’s awesome. But seeing the G2 I am getting the itching for it, maybe because I was a 1st adopter to Android back in 08 and watched how it grew, I wish I still had my G1 but had to sell it to recover the cost of the TP2 which got sold for my HD2 lol

    I think for everyone that bought a G1 and wished over the last two years that Tmo would bring a successor this fits the bill perfectly, next Gen processor clocked for battery performance but still more than capable of keeping up with the high end devices and Vanilla Android means it will be one of the first in terms of update path to future Android versions along with Droid & N1.

    I can’t wait to sample this phone at the store and really run it through it’s paces.

  • Chrisg

    “Advertise it, give it away (send some our way), I don’t care, T-Mobile’s world is this phone, right now.”

    You crossed out “(send some our way)” SPILL IT MR!

  • Jshin

    @ Chrisrj28,

    LOL – Yeah I am addicted smart phones that’s for sure, not so much the phones but the hacking/development of them. I love to make these devices do stuff that well they shouldn’t be able to do or at least get the to look slick and run faaast. Who knows I may get the “itch” as well after some videos come out or I go and use one at the store. But honestly I am probably going to wait for the end of `Q4 and hope for a block buster!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hey, did anybody notice that the pink Android in the title pic has LEGS?!? Oh sure, it’s just the “T” from T-mobile but it’s really it’s legs. Yep, sure are. I feel accomplished about my discovery.

  • Jake

    Ok, I’ve been bitching about the G2 being DOA, now let me show you what should have been the G2 but wasn’t. More than likely a 1.2 ghz version of that processor you guys were saying was faster than any of those 1ghz hummingbird snatchdragons etc…. This phone will come out on The Verizon Network at about the same time the very “revolutionary” G2 will. It will have GSM support as well so in theory we can go to Verizon buy it unlock it and use it for Tmobile and laugh at all those wimpy G2’s you guys keep defending!!!

    • Foxeh

      Nice cross post, there. :P Alright, I’m going to bite.

      Considering this thing doesn’t even have a name, I doubt it’ll come out the same time as the G2. However, it’s not for those of us who do not need gigantic phones anyway.

      At any rate, I see this same cycle start all over again. Leak and/or FCC reveal, people assume CPU spec, people freak out over nothing when any one of the rumors turn out false, a newer phone is revealed promising slightly more mathematical capabilities, rinse, repeat. That’s the blogosphere for you.

      There are a LOT of options for phones and they are very different. That’s why we have so many different product lines.

      The T-Mobile G series clearly appeals to people who want a phone with:
      -Vanilla Android
      -Smaller footprint
      -Physical keyboard

      For individuals that prefer the above, there are VERY few options and the G2 lands squarely for those seeking that specific user experience. The Verizon device above likely achieves only 33% of the above criteria. We also don’t know what sort of GPU it will have. We only *think* it has a few hundred more MHz.

      As for my opinion on the matter, if a phone can keep up with me, than higher specs that negatively impact battery life would overall make my user experience worse. That’s me. Obviously if you don’t mind plugging your device in everywhere you are, you’ll feel differently. Either way, this is why my decision to get the G2 hinges on battery life. If it’s no better than say, the Nexus One, I’ll wait for it to either get cheaper of something else I want comes along… which does not happen as often as most other commentators seem to find.

      At the end of the day (or contract), the differences between these phones two years down the line won’t likely be all that much compared to what will be offered by then. People feel 2x-5x performance differences. 15%-20% differences between devices requires much more scrutiny.

      Moral of the story… it’s not a big deal. x_x

    • AM123

      YEEEEEP!!! And let’s not forget the HTC Evo looking beast coming out this year also for Verizon! Tmo dropped the ball BIG TIME!!!

      • thaghost

        just when i decided to get the g2, here comes the g2 on steroids. Tmo f* sucks. its sept 5th and they r moving slow like a turtle with the marketing and now we r starting to see other phones that may steal us away. smh. Tmo is like the LA Clippers and the Pitt Pirates. always f* up

  • JC

    800MHZ = FAIL


    HTC = FAIL


    GPU = no 540 = FAIL

    GRADE = F

    • Bradly

      Samsung does not have enough SAMOLED screens for everyone, just enough for their own products and how is HTC a fail?

    • Foxeh

      It’s said the iPhone 4 is running at 800MHz to save power.
      Retina Display is not SAMOLED yet still comparable.
      GPU is not 540 but 535 (same used in Intel GMA500) with half the triangle count.

      Yet somehow they got Epic Citadel with >Oblivion graphics running on it, like… wtf. That’s sound proof that there’s more to a device than simple numbers. As for where the G2 stands, who knows?

      Looking at the available benches:

      The “Vision’s” GPU and CPU skinning scores shown here land between the iPhone’s A4 and Samsung’s Hummingbird, yet the CPU Float/Integer performance are approximately a third lower than the Nexus One despite its Scorpion is clocked only %20 higher. None of this math makes any sense unless the software was configured differently.

      Still, if I were to look at the Vision’s four results and jump to an unreasonable conclusion, I would say the G2 at least has a “possible” chance of of running something as GPU intensive as Epic Citadel. The Nexus One (or its variants like the Incredible) do not even come close, there’s just no way.

      I have my doubts as anyone, but the fact of the matter is the facts are not in yet.

    • joel

      JC = FAIL

  • Mondo

    Yeah, seriously JC, if they are coming out with a new phone at least beat the top of the line one they have in the Vibrant. I handled my friends super amoled screen. OMG, it even beats my plasma at home. I thikn the contrast ratio is infinite lol.

    ITS THE G2 for a reason, it takes after the G1. [ugly-slow – even when it came out 2 years ago] lol

  • youngmula303

    T-mobile needs to bolster that line-up of phones. It may be the cheapest and fastest network in the nation, but consumers are willing to relieve themselves of T-mobile’s service for better devices. In order for T-mobile to really be in the game, they need to come out with a flagship device that:
    a.) has the latest iteration of android (at time of shipping)
    b.) be in the 3.7-4″ range
    c.) have a screen comparable to or better than the vibrant
    d.) have sense or a extremely pleasing ui skin on top of android (think dell’s skin on the streak that limits their tweaking of android, this= happy consumers)
    e.) front-facing camera; seriously, T-mobile is the only carrier that doesn’t offer a device with a front-facing camera (okay verizon doesn’t either but they have a large enough customer base for that to not be completely egregious at the moment

    • BlackHawk

      Actually, they do have a phone with a FFC. The Nokia E73 Mode, but the network does not support video calling, so its useless to have it. You can download an app to complete video calling, but from what I have heard it is no good. So, I guess that makes Verizon the only carrier to not offer a FFC device, and look where they are in the standings…FFC is just more bels and whistles that T-Mobile knows they don’t NEED to waste money on when getting new phones into thier line-up. Thats just my two cents on it anyway.

  • youngmula303

    T-mobile needs to bolster that line-up of phones. It may be the cheapest and fastest network in the nation, but consumers are willing to relieve themselves of T-mobile’s service for better devices. In order for T-mobile to really be in the game, they need to come out with a flagship device that:
    a.) has the latest iteration of android (at time of shipping)
    b.) be in the 3.7-4″ range
    c.) have a screen comparable to or better than the vibrant
    d.) have sense or a extremely pleasing ui skin on top of android (think dell’s skin on the streak that limits their tweaking of android, this= happy consumers)
    e.) front-facing camera; seriously, T-mobile is the only carrier that doesn’t offer a device with a front-facing camera (okay verizon doesn’t either but they have a large enough customer base for that to not be completely egregious at the moment)
    f.) a rear-facing camera with 5+ megapixels (preferably 8 megapixels) and led flash
    These additions need to come to T-mobile for it to still be in good shape within the next six months. I’ve been a supporter for a long time, but T-mobile seriously needs to get its act together to be a true contender. Are they okay with being fourth-best forever? If the answer is yes, then they shouldn’t be continuing their service. The great part about American consumerism is the fact of competition and it seems that T-mobile has put that at the bottom of its priorities. Sure, having the best speeds available is ideal, but no one is going to use them if you don’t have a great line-up of devices to enjoy such services. C’mon T-mobile, get serious.

  • Foxeh

    So I just got this gigantic post card from T-Mobile touting their HSPA+ network.

    “The phones that will take full advantage of this lightning-fast network will soon be here.”

    Dammit T-Mobile, just spill it already! :P

  • Nokia N900USER

    Looks like people will cry foul once again. Verizon is rumored to be releasing their own version of this G2 (similar form factor) with dual core chip and 4″ screen sometime in October/November. I am only waiting for one phone only and it wont be carried by T-mobile but with a Pentaband 3G and HSPA+, it is a winner. N9!!!!! I cant wait

  • Want2CBetter

    Come on people! This is going to be a real nice phone. I plan on being one of the first to get it and will NOT get a Verizon phone that happens to have a little bigger screen or a little faster processor. Actually have been using the 4.3″ HD2 and am tired of having to stretch my thumb waaay over to push part of the screen when holding it one handed. I’m looking forward to a 3.7″ – best of both worlds in my opinion.

    Why is it that people alway complain on Tmo forums about their phones; Verizon forums about their phones and so on? Do they really have nothing better to do? Just go over to Verizon if you want (and spend an arm and a leg).

  • joiseyeric

    T-Mobile will NEVER be anywhere near where they want to be unless they truly get a “game changer” phone. It doesn’t look like the G2 will be that phone. It truly makes me upset that after one year, Verizon has managed to make “Droid” a household name. T-Mobile had that opportunity, only to truly f@#* it up! The G1 should have been pushed, pushed, pushed, as it was the 1st “game changer” phone to come along since the iPhone. But, T-Mobile dropped the ball on that one, as they continue to do over and over again. I believe the only phone that will pull T-Mobile out of the rut they’ve dug themselves in to will be the iPhone. Snag the iPhone, and T-Mobile may actually have a change to leap frog over Sprint. Until then, the MyTouch and “G” brands are just lame!

  • BlackHawk

    If T-Mo released a stock android phone, I would be all over it. I hated the custome UI on the slide, and am back with my old bb pearl at the moment. Maybe my old MT3G isnt a bad option right now. I might have to just wait for this and the MT3G HD to release and compare both with the vibrant before I buy a new phone.

  • I agree that T-mobile needs to advertise rigorously on this phone. I see and hear the DROID trademark every ware I ho and if i could get a Verizon phone I would get one of the DROIDs.I almost never see T-mobile advertising of any kind. If they really want to increase sales then they Must get the word out

    I disagree with how special you guys think this phone is. First I would like to say that I like T-mobile but I have also realized that T-mobile is one of those companies that strive for mediocracy while expecting customers not to notice. From the leaked information you guys obtained earlier I feel that this phone will be mediocre compared to whats already out.

    • I would like to correct my self. I hadnt read the latest update on the G2. It might be better than I thought and there isnt a real big difference between 800MHz and 1GHz but I would still prefer the 1GHz.

  • dee

    the Vibrant has the hummingbird oricessor. Developers are still playing catch up with the snapdragon processor and the hummingbird. I am fine with the Vibrant. i really wish it had a flash. But its cool. 2.2 froyo is coming out soon for the Vibrant. Alot of people have rooted vibrants with overclock. With this you can underclock it and overclock it. The Vibrant doesnt feel cheap to me. Its really thin. But not cheap. I dont like keyboards. They seem so primitive to me. I agree the G2 will be a good phone for people. But not worth it. I dont think you can compare a Vibrant to a G2 and say any of them are better than the other. They are both totally different phones. To each there own. I do like my 4″ screen and its beautiful. 16 millions colors really pop! I am not trying to put down the G2. But i dont think that the G2 is anywhere near the Vibrant in over all anything. But i agree Tmo needs to market this phone alot better. And the humingbird is better than the snapdragon. Why get a dual core anything if Developers are not creating apps nor games to fully utilize the dual processors. Just my opinion. The hummingbird can be overclocked to 1.6ghz, i wouldnt recommend it. Please Tmo start to advertise the G line better!

  • vr

    There sure are an amazing number of business and advertising experts trolling smartphone articles on the web. Maybe major corporations like TMO should come here to recruit execs.