BlackBerry OS Rolling Out For Curve Owners

For those of you still rockin’ an old BlackBerry Curve 8900 or Curve 8520, good news! Today, Magenta has officially released BlackBerry OS for both devices. The OS Upgrade is available online for download on T-Mobile’s site here. Honestly, I never thought I’d see another OS upgrade for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 but heck, better late than never right? Now all we need is OS 6.0 for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. Do let us know any changes you’ve noticed with the new OS in the comments!

CrackBerry Via T-Mobile

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  • TonyJohns

    What the hell!? The moment I upgrade to a 9700 they want to go and release an 5.0 os upgrade for the 8900, I had been waiting for that for like ever! Ne who, I doesn’t matter because I love my 9700 and soon to be G2.

    • ken

      If they release os 6 I may not switch to the g2

  • Saintory

    I recently (as in 3 days ago) downloaded Desktop v6.0. Upon connecting my Curve 8900 to sync it, the Desktop sw informed me there was a device upgrade available. I donwloaded it an installed it. I just now confirmed that the version I have is

    The interface upgrade is slick. It looks and feels much more responsive. The wireless connectivity seems to have vastly improved. A week ago my wife was complaining about the device locking up every time she went onto the browser. Using it today, her first comment was “Wow, it’s working really well.”

    Before this update, I was looking towards upgrading to an Android device. Now that there’s some new life in my current device, I’m going to slow down my search for a new one.

  • RWWackoStu

    Most savy Blackberry Curve owners have been running 5.0 from other carriers or hybrids for the last 10 months. Thats how behind TMO is with their OS releases. Cliq owners, I feel your pain!

  • alex32

    hah! no need to do a pointless update on my curve 8900 when I am switching to the amazing tmobile G2 this month (y) (:

    • Dave

      “amazing g2” Yeah right try iPhone4 for AMAZING you moron.

      • Sal

        The iPhone is not the only great phone. Why are you calling the poster a moron?

      • alex32

        no thanks, im not a big fan of dropped calls and holding the iphone in a different way to just make a simple call.

      • Big Bad C-Los

        Why would you even talk to someone like that?

      • Bob

        yer a moron for calling him a moron ya moron

    • alex32

      i have no idea why he called me a moron haha, no biggie, dave can just go to AT&T and have his “amazing” Idrop calls.. i mean Iphone4

  • derrickps3

    well i’ll be glad when they release blackberry 6 already or bold 9700……lol

  • Angelicious

    Umm, I have a bberry curve 8900 and its not letting me update… It says no update available.

    • JFisch

      You have to do the update through the BBerry Desktop Software.

  • Gardo

    I’m still waiting for the OS 6.0 for my BB bold, it looks promising and I can’t wait!!!

  • kendrix_myrealname

    I feel like breing out my 8320 just to see what it looks like. But I dont think its possible to upgrade from a MAC

  • kpc

    Did the update, it took 3 hours to install and reboot. I tad bit ridiculous when compared to updating my N1 to FROYO 2.2, that took about 10 minutes!

  • jxp

    man i cant update to 0s5. what am i doing wrong? im on my blackberry desktop it tells me i can update. so i do the update and it cuts out towards the end and says there has been a fatal error. what do i need to do

  • tp

    Can someone do a review of the curve 8520 or 8900 running OS 5 please? I prefer both cause I want to see how well they work with my eyes. I don’t have any friends that use any kind of BB’s or those BB’s so I really don’t know how they are like. I’m looking for a Blackberry to suffice me until my upgrade till the end of next year.

    I would also like to hear your opinions about which is better? 8520 or 8900? I work well with both trackball and optical track pad (Definitely diggin’ the track pad, though). Don’t forget to give me some specs. Oh, & I have T-Mobile!

    • AgentX

      Loaded 5.0 on my 8900. Now the mute button/standby function does not work. In fact, “standby” is no longer accessable even thru the options. (I dont notice a speed difference. The hassle of resetting all 3rd party apps, reinstalling “add-ons” and the loss of standby made this a waste o9f time for me.

      Stick w/ 4.6 until something worth while comes along..

  • nerd lust

    Sweet! I can finally update my 8900! I have 4.6 and if I upgraded thru a leak, I would have voided my warranty and insurance.

  • BRI

    This update is actually worth getting…I had been running the oldest version of the phone since the other updates didnt have much of a change..I decided to try this and its great..I recommend getting it. The phone runs a lot smoother and seems as if its a new phone. No more time clock when it lags. And I find it funny that guy called you a moron. He’s the moron for thinking the iphone is amazing..Im getting the G2 as well!

  • BRI

    I have the curve 8900 by the way..Forgot to mention

  • JFisch

    Tried the update several times, thought the Blackberry Desktop program and not luck. My 8900 will not accept the update and I get fatal error every time.

  • pedro

    No thanks. Already did it to the wife’s curve and it killed the ring audio.
    We ended up doing an exchange.

    • george

      Nearly a week later now since I first encountered the ringtone FIASCO…

      My last contact with T-Mobil, Blackberry division, they still had no real fix and wanted to try the same things I’d tried before. I explained this to them and they conceded it would most likely be fruitless.

      I told T-Mobil (understanding this is NOT the fault of them or other carriers!) that I would like a new phone – something NOT BLACKBERRY.

      At this point the best they can offer is to replace my existing Blackberry with another, same model but previous release of the software. I told them I would accept that — for now — but wanted it noted that I would like/prefer a different NON-BLACKBERRY phone.

      I am willing to give it one more try before I out-and-out demand a NON-BLACKBERRY replacement…

      Over the past four or five years, I’ve owned and used several Blackberry phones and genuinely enjoyed the features and reliability. Sire, there were issues, but nothing major and all quickly and satisfactorily addressed. This latest issue was distressing enough, but more so, the way Blackberry has (NOT) handled it. There are other, comparable phones out there! — Those phones too will make changes that are unwelcome or difficult and will assuredly have their own issues. However, it is difficult to conceive of any other companies handling/responding to a widespread issue as poorly as Blackberry has with

      I am amazed and most disappointed that this issue has persisted so long without a satisfactory resolution or ACKNOWLEDGEMENT from the vendor, Blackberry!

      Rest assured, this is the LAST Blackberry I will own.

      It just seems to me that ringtone (ringing) and “phone” have become somewhat synonymous over the past 100 or so years… Of all the features that could have issues, ringtones/ringing seems pretty basic…

  • Yusi

    Hi I just have been upgrade my 8900 to new OS 822. It is no problem and upgrade just finish about 1 hour. I upgrade via BB Desktop manager v6. It is a good process and result

  • Mike

    Since I upgraded mine from 4.7 to 5.0.631 to 5.0.822 the phone has gotten progressively better….Desktop 6 updated me to .822 as soon as I hooked it up the first time…before TMO’s release came out. I can now patiently wait for my 9780 when it comes out, or get a Torch and unlock it, and hand the perfectly fine 8900 to my wife.