T-Mobile Looking To Sell Huawei’s IDEOS Phone?

According to sources cited by the Wall Street Journal, Magenta is currently trying to strike a deal with the Chinese based company Huawei for their new IDEOS phone. The source claims that a deal could be inked within 4-6 weeks and could hit shelves as soon as the holiday season. The IDEOS phone is an affordable Android powered handset, running Google’s latest OS 2.2 featuring a 2.8-inch capacitive touch screen, camera, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth connectivity. As far as pricing goes, expect the handset to run around $50 with a 2-year agreement. Check out the promo video below and for a closer look at the handset, check out Engadget’s hands-on review here.

PhoneScoop Via WSJ

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  • Vibrant Guy

    WOW…this nice.

  • Damien

    sure hope not, their first handset was horrible for T-Mobile…the Tap

    • Ktwist

      I have never sold one fu#*ing Tap since launch lol, you would think T-mobile would learn from their mistakes? Everything Huawei make’s is crap, even if it only cost $50 bucks. I tell customers the truth when they ask me about the Tap, I tell them it’s sh@# straight up. I would do the same for this phone. I’m just sayin, kanye shrug o-O

      • Magenta Magic

        100% agree! I’ve sold maybe 2 and only because the customer insisted on it. And guess what the return rate for me was? Yep… 100%. I believe in being honest and upfront with my customer about handsets because they are not just a paycheck to me but business partners if you think about it.

        And like you, I call it for what it is. If the phone is crap, I’m gonna put it out there. If you want crap, it is on you.

        FYI: I put the Tap, the HD2, the Behold II, and the LG GS170 in the same “crap” box. Terrible phones that have seriously hurt our image of quality.

      • the fudge??


      • sean

        @fudge?? hd2 is not for businessmen. if so, they have got to be the most unproductive businessmen on the face of the earth. it’s nice that you did research on the phones capabilities…try using the phone. Then you can do more research on how to make it not freeze or lag. biggest thinnest turd ever. you’d be better off getting a netbook if you need to have windows on the go.

      • kai

        hd2 is just as fast if not faster than the vibrant…and ‘on paper’ is actually tmobile’s best phone….its capabilities far surpass anything else we have….and still has tmobiles largest screen….i agree that winmo6.5 isn’t the best OS in the world, but nothing a custom rom won’t fix…..and getting that phone on android is simpler than rooting a stock android phone…it also has one of the largest followings worldwide of any phone ever….i have 2 out of the 5 best OS’ on my hd2. what do you have?

        an every day user of the HD2.

      • RockTripod

        2 out of the best OS’s? Really? I just need one, and one that works. Hacking an HD2 to run a custom ROM so it doesn’t suck isn’t a viable option for the general consumer. The phone is a giant turd sandwich, and I wish it would just go away. I am pretty damned geeky, and I do EVERYTHING I can to assist my customers after they make a purchase with me, but I do not reccomend the HD2 to anyone. There are better, more reliable alternatives available. Hell, if my best recommendation to a customer that is on their 2nd buggy HD2 is that I can put Anrdoid on it, what does that tell you about the device?
        As far as the Tap, it is very much entry-level, but I’ve definitely seen worse. Now, for the Ideos, it could sell like crazy if they make it truly budget-priced. T-Mo just has to require the full data plan (which they will) and they will have a huge revenue source. As long as the phone isn’t completely horrible, it could have a very nice niche with the company. I sure as hell wouldn’t buy it though.

  • J-Hop2o6

    WAYYYY to small.. and i would NEVER buy a Huawei phone

    • Drew

      You know I totally agree. What is the deal with TMo?! They can’t attract any real phones with 4+ inch screens, so they go the other way and try to offer the crappiest phone with the smallest screen possible?! I’m so sick of this. WHERE ARE THE HIGH END PHONES TMO?!! GET WITH IT!

      • j

        Well, they get them and you call them crap cause they dont have this or that or another carrier one ups them with a new device. Plus you are never happy with any device they that have ever launched. Kai showed that devices can be altered, while not supported or covered under warranty, it can be done. This is nothing you will ever see a carrier do themselves to any of their devices unless it was planned as a cross platform device

      • RockTripod

        I hate comments like this after T-Mo has launched high-end phones, and has more on the way. Vibrant is readily available, and is phenomenal. The G2 is right around the corner, and looks damned impressive. MyTouch HD also has my interest piqued. Hell, even the Slide is OK. Not high-end, but a very solid mid-range.

        For curiosity’s sake, what would exactly be an acceptable device for you? And why does it have to be a 4+ inch screen? How large of a phone are you looking for here? Have you ever tried to use something that large for extended periods of time? They kinda suck. Even my Vibrant is verging on too big to comfortably talk on.

  • Mohammad

    Never hard of huwaiei. 2.8 is too small to type on. they should include a physical keyboard.

    • justin

      HTC Aria

      • scotty

        HTC Aria has a 3.2 inch screen

  • tortionist

    This phone looks like it might have potential, depending on what’s under the hood.

  • sino8r

    Ive heard they make nothing but crap phones. Not just budget but poor in quality too.

  • JoshL

    Not for me… but the more phones the better. Do it big T-Mo!

    • Rilesman

      Ditto. There will be a market for them.

      • j

        so true, how many iphone clones are out there from CECT

  • Heath

    Made in China. Lawl.

  • jkspike3

    The “cool” phone for tweens. Ill pass.

  • T-Mobile would probably change $375 for it off contract.

    • Will

      Are you kidding me? For a top of the line phone such as this $449 is more on point!

      • Dalton


  • Frank

    Do they include a toothpick to type on this LOL. Not funny -_-

  • I was convinced this was going to Metro PCS. It does keep in line with their history of modest price phones for the masses. Parents will be getting this for their kids on the family plan….. Stay Thirsty my Friends…..

  • badaphooko01

    Who would buy this? I mean if you are gonna pay $30 for data and be locked in for two years spend a little extra and get a great phone like the Vibrant. Perhaps if there was lower price full featured data plan it might work. I am pretty sure they would not let you use with this web2go.

  • Jake

    Wow T-Mobile’s Android Revolution continues, this little phone will rival the DROID 2 and The DROID X, thank you Tmobile for stepping it up with beautifull phones like this. Maybe Tmobile should slow down with the specs!!

    • Will

      lol you guys are killing me :(

  • Max


  • vpuik

    This needs to have a 1.5 GHz sparrow processor and 1gb of ram and it will sell like hot cakes.

  • jlatnyc

    You can add an H to it, as far as I’m concerned.

    • steven


      clever you :)

      • Magenta Magic

        HA! Took me a second… but of course in my mind, I’m already calling the phone the Craptastic.

  • Omeer

    Lolz @ the phone exhibiting everything Froyo feature as it’s own. There’s absolutely NOTHING special about this one other than the fact that it’s cheap. It’s perfect for people who just want android in a phone though :)

  • Allen K


    • Omeer


  • you can find the specs for this already, yeah for another low end android phone, booooo

  • What a piece of crap low end phone.
    Android 2.2 Froyo
    2.8 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Display
    320 x 240 Screen Resolution
    528 MHz Processor
    HSDPA 3G Compatible
    3G Hotspot Capable
    dedicated Search, Home and Back Keys
    3.2 Mega Pixel Primary Camera

    • Tony

      Damn…those specs don’t even match the G1, which is now two years old.

      This is the Android device I would expect on MetroPCS. It’s so sad…and to add insult to injury, watch Verizon and/or Sprint come out with something high end from Huawei

    • Tony

      Damn…those specs don’t even match the G1, which is now over years old.

      This is the Android device I would expect on MetroPCS. It’s so sad…and to add insult to injury, watch Verizon and/or Sprint come out with something high end from Huawei

    • RockTripod

      Ok, if they can get FroYo on this, why hasn’t it been pushed out for the G1/myTouch? I’m just stunned.

  • bluepenny65

    Why does T-mobile always go for sub-standard phones..gosh! AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint keep spinning good phones day-in-day-out but not Tmo……do we have to wait till Nov/December to see a 4.3″ Android super-phone……and yet they still want to claim the Android leader. I love TMO but they keep killin’ me with these cheap phones…..

  • Wilma Flintstone

    OMG I been waiting for a phone of this magnitude for years!!! THANKS TMO for forfilling my wish.

  • lettinyaknow

    Any of you thinking this is a top of the line phone, you’re off your rocker. Just a FYI, the manufacturer of this phone is the same as the webconnect Jet, Rocket and Rocket 2.0 internet sticks. The webconnect devices have not been working for well over 2 months with T-Mobile. If you call them for help, they’ll tell you it’s a known issue and no etr in sight.

    The manu. needs to fix their current devices on the market before trying to create new ones for people to be miserable with.

  • holiday

    FKN a chinese company?? Come one tmobile, seriously, those people make the worst phones, I have to deal with crappy HTC phones and now this? Strike a deal with japanese companies like Fujitsu, Sharp, Panasonic, NEC etc.. Learn from the best and work with the best.

    • Yyevo

      Thank you for your racist rant. Now leave.

  • Midori

    This phone looks a little lost,would some please give it verizon’s roadmap!

  • J.C.

    Not every phone is going to be a workhorse. This has a smaller screen for smaller hands. Clearly for tweens. I won’t buy it. There no conceivable way this goes for more than the Charm. This is a good starter phone for the younger set.

  • TMOprophet

    Looks like a new colorful bunch of mytouch crap phones, I dont think we need more of that. How about some real phones, we have plently of entry level and midrange ones already.

  • mtnman

    T-Mobile is at least comming out with new phones, and I for one am happy about it. After all in this budget tight ecomomy, more and more familys are going to be looking at cutting cost.

    I mean, I really don’t get it, I’m sorry but I don’t. I know everyone wants the greatest phone ever made, and then 6 months latter they want it better. Tmo is looking at the future, and the future my friends don’t look to promising with the way the ecomomy is going.

    Let me tell from one person that was in the ER last night after hearing my Doctor tell me that I was only a couple of hours away from having a massive stroke or a heart attack, that a superphone was the last thing on my mind. I wasn’t thinking if I was going to live until Nov/Dec so that I could get the lattest smartphone that could make sub-space calls to the planet zargon, I was thinking about my friends and family and my GF.

    It just seems that everyone is bitching and complaining about Tmo don’t have the best phone out there, well I’m sorry to tell you, you’re right they don’t and perhaps, maybe they never will, but at least their trying and coming out with new phones and new planes. $0 Add a line, The Family Network, The G2, MTHD, Glaicer.

    Their trying and all anyone can do is complain that this phone don’t have a FFC, it don’t have 1.5Ghz processor, it don’t have this or it don’t have that.

    I’m sorry, I really am for my rant, but I get it you don’t like that phone, that’s okay. It’s not ment for you or I, it’s ment for the tweens and budget conscious family’s that still want to give there kids a phone but are cutting back.

    Again, I’m sorry for the rant, I just have a lot on my mind and hearing everyone complain about a phone got to me.

    • Good Luck!

      @mtnman…I hope you’re doing better now! Good Luck and stay healthy!

      • mtnman

        Thank you Good Luck! I appericate it.

    • Bradly

      I agree with you mtnman and hope you feel better!

    • TMOprophet

      You sound like a guy who is settling for less, and then trying to justify all of TMO’s shortcomings, although I applaud TMO’s effort to introduce cost saving family plans and strategies, the fact is they have enough low to midrange phones, what they lack is a decent lineup of higher end phones.

      I never said they have to have the best of the best, I am just saying they need some more devices in the high end category.

      and good luck with whatever your going through personally, but I am simply stating that TMO could and has the ability to offer more, they are simply choosing not to. Which in my book is a mistake.

      • RockTripod

        I think his point is that all of us, even myself, value the wrong things. Material, electronic doodads over anything that actually matters. Whole industries exist just to sell us crap that we don’t need. And most of these companies spend millions trying to convince us just how much we need these things. I work in the industry, and I still get it.

  • To the people complaining about this phone remember, they have to have a phone to meet every type of consumer. We all want top of the line, but there are people out there who still use feature phones cause they think $100 is too much to pay for a phone. This phone would meet the market of someone with a feature phone who wants a dirt cheap android and since it has Froyo, it at least has that advantage over every t-mobile phone except the Nexus one

    • mtnman

      Thank you Hilton. This phone isn’t ment for everyone. I dare anyone here to go to all other Cell carriers and check out their phone selection and tell me that every phone they sell is a superphone that does everything. And if they do, then why are you here?

  • Big Bad C-Los

    Hey, did you notice the choice of colors?

    Blue for AT$T, Black for Verizon, Yellow for Sprint and Magenta for T-Mobile?

    Am I reading into things? Perhaps..

    • mtnman

      Good observation Big Bad C-Los: Perhaps this phone is not a Tmo Exclusive. Maybe all carriers will get it like the Galaxy S phone. Then what will everyone say about Tmo having a crappy phone.

      If you look at Huawei’s web page, they have a global launch in Germany for this phone. So no, it’s just just a Tmo Exclusive POS, it’s a World Phone POS.

      I hope everyone is happy now. Sheesh.

    • Insider

      I have seen the phone in person it was actually the blue one running on tmobile but it was for prepaid. Also the screen was not nearly as sharp as it looks on here. The phone will be Goidelic for foreigners that need data and are only here for a few days or weeks, instead of getting the stupid flex account.

  • Rob

    You have to think the Tap wasn’t android so this phone won’t share the same layout as the Tap

  • adc123

    i just want 2.2 on my mytouch 3g

  • Yyevo

    I get so sick of seeing the same comments over and over again. Not every phone is a superphone. We get it, out sucks. Get over it and move on with your lives!

  • isGoogleAnIdiotToo?

    Wow… all this putrid comments and all the venom… wow.

    Yes, this is not a top of the line phone — so what. Not everyone is a geek that the first thing they do is read TmoNews in the morning (I fall in that category), but …that does not mean this is a stupid move by Tmobile. What about the rumors that Google is now working very closely with Huawei on the next phone instead of HTC. Would you say google is a dumb ass…. I think not. So, let wait and see in this case. As many other comments have shown, the specs are not terrible and there is a rumor that it will sell for %175 without contract. Is that really such a bad deal. So please stop the venom.

  • ThreeFourSeven

    I can’t believe this, this is the kind of phone T-Mobile is fighting themselves over to get. SMH!

    • RockTripod

      Who said they are fighting for it? And to echo some others’ sentiments, so effing what!! Not every phone launch is going to be mind-blowing.

  • Midori

    T-Mobile has more than enough affordable low – mid range devices and they got rid of 4 and that was just a drop in bucket loss. When someone hits T-mobiles website who want a high end cool something to brag about device you get Vibrant(android) HD2(Windows)this phone will just fit in with the charm or slide that dont blow you away not to say others dont like them. when phones like G2 and hopefully Desire HD equalvaent MyTouch HD come along once every couple years high end consumers finally get to have something to look forward to and get excited about.

    • Yyevo

      If you only buy a phone to show off, you need to get a life. Pathetic!

  • pocholo

    heyy its better than my G1 which only has 1.6

  • wam

    Lookie what we have here, Its a TMO Tap running Android! LOL LOL

    I like this phone. I will buy one when it comes out! I like all the choices.

    Im glad to see TMO to have a wide range of phones.

    No matter what kind of phone comes out, people will complain about it some how. GET a life complainers!

  • derrickps3

    i’ll pass, it reminds me of the behold 2 which isn’t a good thing

  • Jose Medina

    yay another worthless android phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you t-mobile for making my hd2 feel like it was the best thing that happen other than the vibrant

  • MJ

    Didn’t T-Mobile learn after pumping out so many dumpy low end phones that could never get upgraded (Cliq, Behold II, MyTouch)?

    This will never get Gingerbread, and will need to be junked after June 2011…… sad T-Mobile

  • currator

    the problem i have with tmobile is this they give you entry and mid level phones but charge droidx and evo prices. then the few good phones they have fall short and are almost smartphones and i mean we have only two vibrant and hd2 this is sooo sad its not even funny thats all we got. little screens underpowered phones. phones that never get update. ohh and i looked up the full specs on the cliq and droid they are almost the same. and droid has 2.2 and flash 10.1 and now tmobile trying to market and sell another phone ohhh g2 with 2.2 and flash 10.1 ohhh ahhhh. ohh wait doesnt the droid 1 have all that ohhh yeah that phone is almost a year old. tmobile is turing into a big joke. i just dont understand it. they make soo much money in the u.s. more then most they make around 4 bill every 3 months in profit. why do they not ramp up putting more towers up getting edge and 3g signal up. getting better phones. cuz i hate to say it i was reading that verizon is testing 99 everything plans in cali and if those go nation wide game over end of rant

  • AL

    Way to go Tmobile, more lousy phones

  • jiminy

    Guess this explains why adobe announced that not all android 2.2 phones will run with adobe flash 10.1

  • Bobert

    It’s like TBLOW is saying they don’t want customers.

  • cockpit inferno

    I have an Even More Plus plan, and there’s no way in hell I’d spend money on this POS phone.

  • TMoFan

    This looks like an okay phone … I’m not sure I would buy it because the Tap I played around with in the store kept freezing up on me. The thing that will bring Andriod into the hands of more people is not a budget smartphone, but a budget smartphone plan. Personally I have a hard time justifying spending $30 for something I would occasionally use, whereas if it were say $15 with a limit (250MB say) I would jump all over that. At least offer something like that with these budget smartphones.

  • just some dude

    Mite be good for chicks that dont want a big 4″ android.

  • Jake

    Ok, I’ve been bitching about the G2 being DOA, now let me show you what should have been the G2 but wasn’t. http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/04/htcs-dual-mode-cdma-gsm-android-slider-hits-the-fcc-decked-out/ More than likely a 1.2 ghz version of that processor you guys were saying was faster than any of those 1ghz hummingbird snatchdragons etc…. This phone will come out on The Verizon Network at about the same time the very “revolutionary” G2 will. It will have GSM support as well so in theory we can go to Verizon buy it unlock it and use it for Tmobile and laugh at all those wimpy G2’s you guys keep defending!!!

  • YoursTruly

    Dude, even with crappy phones like the tap, if tmo had a reasonable prepaid data plan (like the ones virgin has) these phones would fly off the shelves reguardless… Because tmobike has wayy better coverage than vm. Besides, i doubt antmy if virgins phones are much better than the tap… I like my sidekick plan, but am i goog to be stuck with the same phone for the next 5 years?

    • Vaidyn


      • D

        That is exactly what I was thinking.

    • Mohammad

      Why is my favorite news site taking the weekend off?

  • Galen20K


    • kershon

      I agree. But they will sell to the targeted middle of the road subscribers. For the people like us zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • somebody

    i would rather poop on my hand and use the as a phone than buy this thing.

    • tcky

      What a selfish MF.

    • sounds like the crap is coming out of your mouth!

  • Fred Coulter

    I wouldn’t want this phone — I’m happy with my Vibrant — but what about the rest of the family? They’re not power users. I could easily see getting my wife and my younger daughter it. Shared google calendars is a wonderfull thing.

    I doubt I’ll be able to pry my older daughter’s Memoir away — she love the 8M camera.

  • MakrV10

    I know, I know, its the weekend, its slow news, its a holiday, david needs some time off like everyone else. But I want some new news waah waah waah.

    On the other hand its only two days until vibrant bogo day

    • Midori

      I was going to say the news was getting pretty slow also,but you make a good point, David needs time off just like everyone else.(Unless its groundbreaking news then I want to know ASAP LOL)

      • David

        Don’t worry, just taking a day or two to relax, had some stuff to do this weekend and was gone most of the day yesterday but don’t worry, the news is sitting in my inbox and I’ll be posting some stuff today and tomorrow. Nothing major, sorry, no official anything for the G2! Gotta have some time off as well!

  • tcky

    A slide out keyboard would make me buy this phone ; )

  • Mnac

    Huawei IDEO T

  • really poop on my hand and use it

  • Yoda

    This phone is made by the chinese military….bad idea.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I think Cookies are in order. :)

  • weirdguyontv

    LOL the chinese military……

  • weirdguyontv

    “Buy our phone you and we spy on you” ASO!

  • pimpstrong

    that screen is puny but it looks/seems decent. One thing I DO miss on my Vibrant is some real buttons like HANG THE F!@# UP, and a notification light… These couple things may have me jump ship early next year.

  • omog

    what a piece of c#@p. The tap was a HORRIBLE phone, the return rate and warrety claims were through the roof! one more PofS phone for us to sell. Where are the good phones??

  • joiseyeric

    Another low end phone, just going to embarrass T-Mobile even further. Seems like their grasping at straws…regardless of the price of the phone, people balk at paying $30 a month for the internet plan. If you want a phone of this caliber, people can go to Cricket and get a low end Kyocera Android for $55 a month, totally unlimited! WTF would they choose a low end phone from T-Mobile for $25 – $45 a month more? TMO needs to get a grip!

  • Hmansour

    oh Lord, T-mobile decided to go with a Huawei phone ? I mean i know it will run on Android, cool but Huawei makes like the worst phones. I work for Metro PCS, cellphone company and i think they are the only carriers at the moment that carry Huawei handsets and oh my god, AWEFUL . I exchange and have trouble with those phones more than i take bill payments the whole month. I am a loyal tmobile subscriber, 5 yrs now, and i will def not recommend a Huawei.