Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 To Bring A Revolution

With less than 2 months until we see our first Windows Phone 7 powered handset, Microsoft’s first Windows Phone 7 advertisement has hit the interwebs. The teaser ad which features a Lawrence of Arabia theme, promises the OS to bring forth a new revolution to the mobile OS world. Microsoft is really hyping up WP7 and they’ve got every right to be, but let’s just hope, for Microsoft’s sake that WP7 is all its caught up to be. Check out the ad above and do let us know in the comments your thoughts on Microsoft’s first WP7 ad!

Engadget Via YouTube

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  • Manny

    Hope we get to see some WP7 devices for T-Mobile soon..

    • Mohammad

      Firefox won’t let me visit tmonews starting today saying it’s an attack site!

      • Midori

        I know, Google says “this site my harm your computer”,but Im still going to be on it though.

      • somebody7

        Im getting the same thing. I had to disable the “Block reported attack sites” under firefox security settings.

      • angelo

        ive also had my antivirus pop up and warn me about this site.

      • Foxeh

        Same problem. Both Firefox and Chrome tell me tmonews is suddenly evil. D:

      • joe

        they’re working on it.

      • sorandkairi


  • Josh

    I’m a little disappointed. I love how Windows Phone 7 looks and I don’t think this showed it off at all. I get that it’s a teaser but still…

  • lee

    that’s the worst teaser ad I’ve ever seen the screen they shows looks like a phone from 2007 blah

    • myfatboy01

      totally agree..I was going to say 2005…

      • Getreal

        2005 is when this should have been released. Unfortunatley for MS it took RIM, Apple, and Android to kick its butt nearly wiping it out of existence before it responded with this. Typical large company resting on its laurels. Too bad for MS the cruise ship has already sailed. MS is like the passenger showing up to the docks a day late with its suitcase in tow. They will enjoy a bit of initial success but developers will already struggle to support four mobile OS (rim, symbian, android, ios). Eventually that will be two maybe three. I don’t believe MS will be able to compete. Especially since Google and Apple are so dynamic and actually produce products people want instead of keeping with the same old same old. How about another copy of Office 20xx?

  • Midori

    If windows gets an app market like android and apple I would “consider” buying but Im looking more forward to getting my first android phone!

    • Tito!

      You still haven’t gotten an android phone. MAJOR behind. No worries (:

      I myself am excited for WP7, I want a phone the day it releases. I don’t want to pass up on the new goodness .
      Though android forever, likely I’ll buy one WP7 . & it’ll be a backup or some . Keep use of my CLIQ, then buy the sidekick next year(:
      I’m interested in tablets this ending year .

      • Midori

        Yeah I know Im in complete agony. I have my behold since dec 18 2008 and its like owning a dying computer,so as soon as the next keyboard-less android comes out its mine or the vibrant(plan B)I wanted to get close to contract date as

      • bige2k9

        hey i dont have an android phone either but im getting the G2 when it comes out, good bye HD2 and adios windows FOREVER, sorry windows left me VERY unhappy, android here i come

      • Kenji

        Completely unfazed by this phone ad… Wmphones suck dry cracked ostrich eggs. However, if tmob partnered up with dell or samsung and released a tablet (pref google based), I’d buy six… Well maybe just one, but with a case and spinners on it.

        but in my mind, until tmob comes out with a touch screen bberry or a non-handicapped wmphone, ANDROID ALL DAY!!

    • dr.alliw

      agreed!!! i think winmo o.s is a good operating system cos it’s like a mini pc on the go, but their windows market kills it!! lame apps, limited free apps and some apps crashes!!!! i so love my hd2 running on android 2.2.. but this WP7 i would say is an epic!!!

      • nyuhsuk

        I’m running the same set up with the HD2 and I have to say, I find myself only going to Android if I’m planning to do Flash browsing or some specific game apps (damn Robo Defense). Otherwise, I find WinMo ultimately better at organizing my calendar, contacts, email, and overall phone capabilities. It’s just so much better organized IMO.

        Have to totally agree though about the apps. Most people look past a phone’s capability/design/functionality and just look at the number of interesting and fun little games to play on their phones. Hell, that’s why I own an iPod Touch…

    • mmafighter077

      Im getting the same warning on google chrome.

  • vHatch

    Thats more of a teaser than an ad. I don’t know if this qualifies as their first ad, it was shown at some cinema event in the UK. I’ve seen other stuff that was more like an ad. This for example:

    It’s obviously a lame ad, but you know that, that’s why you want comments about it, your an iFan. I for one look forward to WP7.

  • Cassie

    LMAOOOOOOOO I love this ad…either that or I’m easily entertained when I wake up.Either way…

  • I’ve had windows mobile devices before so I’m not expecting anything better than what is already available especially when considering all the options in the Android market….It is kinda interesting that the teaser ad comes across as kind of like a Mirage, which may be a sign of how well windows phone 7 actually does. “A lot of hype but in the end a disappointment” But then again that could be said for a lot of other phones out there too. I guess we’ll see.

  • En2Mente

    If your a gamer or xbox live user then windows phone 7 would be worth considering. I like my android but I am curious about what it can do.

    • Tito!

      Agreed. :]

  • JoshL

    Going to stick with Android for now… Windows app market needs to be greatly increased for me to consider buying one.

  • Craig

    Lawrence of Arabia?

    Hmmm… perhaps more like Ishtar


    • sorandkairi


  • kc

    if they can get the ui to be as cool as the zune hd, they should do good. but it will need more than that to take on android and iOS

  • Morons, Winodws Phone 7 Marketplace is different from the current Winodws Mobile Marketplace. The Windows Phone 7 Market place will dominate the market very soon.

    Do you research before sticking to a Mobile OS. Android is decent, however I would never run it on a day to day basis. For most users Android is useless. In the end, why are you really purchasing the Phone, estetics, the applications. How many of you actually use the Android applications that come with the phone. If you a phone because of the apps, then go with Apple, If you want the best of all worlds, go with Windows Phone 7. Just wait till you’re playing Forza Motosports on Windows Phone 7 or Crackdown. The new IE browser, Outlook, the Hubs, the list goes on.

    • juan

      y so srs?

    • Midori


    • just some dude

      Did they include a ctrl alt del button on that phone. Besides all it is, is WM6.5 with a skin on it. No multitasking, no flash in the browser. It just sucks so bad.

      • vHatch

        If it was a reskinned WM6.5 it would have multitasking, think before you post.

      • nyuhsuk

        OO! Burned!

        Considering my WinMo 6.5 crashes maybe once a month if I’m lucky, I’m hoping WM7 will build upon that stability.

        But multitasking, that’s crucial.

      • Brian

        no multitasking is a deal breaker for me. i was actually really excited for wm7 until 6months ago when i found out there was no multitasking.

    • George

      The days when Windows mobile had an automatic OK with corporate IT departments ended years ago. RIM’s software may be long in the tooth but it is reliable for IT managers to work with and the interface is easily understood for the user. The iPhone OS can be made to work with corporate exchanges and has both a hip cachet for its users as well as ease of use.

      The main screen interface for Win7 is without a doubt the ugliest thing I have seen (“$500M and up Spent” category). It looks like it was designed for toddlers. I think MS has forgotten that it has a lot of kiss-and-make-up to do with former owners of Win6 andWin6.5 devices. That interface was seven kinds of ugly, only a different ugly from 7.

      This will be the Zune of smartphone operating systems. It’s a zombie: It’s dead, it just doesn’t know that, yet.

    • ItsAllNoise

      If you call people morons please proofread before posting, or you look like a massive idiot. WP7 is a closed system much like apple’s os. Why don’t you take a moment to google (or Bing) how many android apps are downloaded every day… but people don’t really use apps right? And unless you are waiting for a quad core WP7 phone to drop, you will be playing a dumbed down forza and crackdown. Have you read any previews on these games bc asphalt is already available. Does “estetics” = aesthetics? bc yes that matters too, and some people won’t like WP7.
      I’m not hating on the os really, just uninformed comments like yours.

      • bige2k9

        me and windows are never ever going to be friends again, got rid of hd2, here i come G2 and android

    • Yyevo

      “Aesthetics”, not “estetics”. My Android dictionary spell checked that.

  • Jared

    I’ve had a Touch Pro 2 since release now and I’m not expecting much from WP7. My next phone is going to be the G2, its Android phones with a keyboard from me from now on unless something unthinkable happens. Windows for phones just doesn’t stack up to Android for me and I don’t see that changing with whatever they have in store for WP7.

    • George

      NO, NO! You have it all wrong. You don’t want Android, because cdguider above told you that.

      “For most users Android is useless. In the end, why are you really purchasing the Phone, estetics, the applications. How many of you actually use the Android applications that come with the phone.”

      I mean, who cares that 160,000 Android devices are activated *each day*? What the hell do those folks know, anyway? Our pal cdguider already set us straight: Android is useless for most users.

      So when I use my phone with Google Voice and call family in Italy for $.02/min (because Skype is locked into Verizon), or when I use Google Nav to get to my destinations, or Yelp to find places to eat and shop, or the native speech-to-text and text-to-speech engines in the OS to use Google Translate when I travel, or use the seamless integration of Google Calendar and Gmail with the phone, I need to remind myself that all of this is useless.

      Thanks to cdguider for speaking truth to power. Thanks to him, we know that the emperor has no clothes–that Win7 for phones will be what everyone will be using in a year.

      Sorry…I couldn’t keep a straight face at the end. What an ignorant putz cdguider is.

  • 2FR35H

    Thats not much of a teaser for the actual OS. After watching this I immediately think okay so what. Why should I be looking more into this?

  • just some dude

    First the OS sucks, Second the AD has Arabic/Middle eastern undertones. Not a very friendly/inviting Teaser AD. And aside from all this it will just plain suck as a phone, MS should just make this go away like they did the KIN.

    • Foxeh

      This guy is not racist or anything. Move along people. :(

  • hermanfish

    Windows Phone tagline = “The revolution is coming”
    G2 tagline = “The Revolution Continues”

    I know what phone I’m going to buy, and I know which manufacturer is just playing catch up.

  • Eddie Android

    The G2 is the last chance I give Android. I’m tired of the many phones that manufacturers are pumping out. You buy a new phone and new better one comes out in a week! I hope WP7 isn’t like that, I like the fact the Microsoft will keeping a close watch on manufacturers on what they put in their phones (unlike Android) I think WP7 will be great and ill either be switching to a WF7 or an iphone

  • Cranky Bear

    I’ve heard there’s a lot of potential for WM7, but Engadget wasn’t thrilled with the early previews, and I’m sorry, that UI just looks atrocious. I’m all for practicality over style, but there should be a LITTLE style! Big blocks that take up 1/6th of the screen just don’t do it for me. I know, my opinion only, but I have the feeling I won’t be the only one who feels this way.

    I also have a cousin who develops Windows apps and received the SDK for WM7, and he was not thrilled. All existing apps would have to be completely rewritten to support the new OS – it’s not backwards compatible.

    • vHatch

      what? engadget loves WP7 except of course for the lack of multitasking and copy/paste.

  • alex32

    i have a felling that project emerald will be the mytouchHD and HD7. It makes sense…

  • jay

    justsomedude = justsomeapplefanboy

    • Kickstar13

      I think “just some android fanboy” would be a more appropriate name. :P

      • Yyevo

        I was thinking “justsomeracista__hat”, but that’s just me.

    • some internet dude

      Apple not in a million years, Android all the way. Anyway from now on its “some internet dude”, im dumping the old name “just some dude” cant find a good email to go with it. And if anyone wants to email me its , I look forward to your emails.

  • Aaron

    They screwed people on the kin, and on the sidekick they will probably screw people on this phone as well

    • Brian


  • mtnman

    As for me I’m must not that excited about the new WP7. The main screen looks ugly,and I know it’s like that to show off all the things it can do. But can we at least be able to customize it so that I can have my baby pic on there?

    I just got my Vibrant last month and I love it. I also love Samsung Kies. This little unknown beauty can make it so I can tether, convert movies to play on my phone and a lot more.

    As far as WP7 goes, I just don’t like the window’s app’s, it’s limited like the BB apps. iphone has a ton as well as Android.

  • David Thomas

    Worst ad ever. I’m sorry, but if you took nearly 50-seconds just to show us the screen? If that’s the best they’ve got, might as well throw it in the trashcan next to the Kin.

  • ThreeFourSeven

    I’m already disappointed in WP7. I hate that 3 button requirement, pure BS. On top of that, no multitasking. Are you serious?!

  • mtnman

    Seems to me (and I could, and possibly am wrong) is that this is nothing more than Window’s trying to copy Apple with their iPhone success. 1st come the iTouch then migraged to the iPhone and it was all the rage. Now this just seems to me as a Zune that can make calls. Sure it’s also promoting the popular Xbox, but is that going to be enought to make it a hit? Also no copy and paste, are you kidding me a Window’s phone where you can’t even do basic stuff like copy and paste?

    I’m with you Dave Thomas, might as well put it up there with the Kin.

  • mtnman

    I mean I do have to give Window’s credit, they are trying. Window’s OS is the most popular in the world and I think Window’s feels this will apeal more to the business professional than they average “Joe”.

    Since it’s a Window’s phone, I wonder how long it will take before their hacked?

  • Ned Flanders

    Windows 7 phone sucks, just like the previous versions of windows. I will stick with Android or Meego. I would rather own an Iphone before I ever own a Windows phone again.

    • Chris

      You’re quite the ignorant, narrow-minded, mor-diddly-oron there, neighbor.

  • weirdguyontv

    I wont go near windows mobile with a 30 foot pole. Not since WM5. Had the MDA then the Wing. the wing had problems from day one and the MDA had to be reset monthly. Many programming bugs, memory leaks, and poor security. I will stick with Android or BlackBerry for now. I like Windows 7 on my PC, and the Zune is cool and I love Xbox360 so I am in no way bashing Microsoft but WinMo has a history of being buggy and unreliable in my experience anyway.

  • efjay

    Ahhhhh, Microsoft and Windows Phone hate, so soothing on a Monday ev’en. Talk about afraid of new things, do you android and iphone fans really think that those OS’s are the end all and be all of smartphone operating systems? Try being a little open minded and see the FINISHED product before you start chanting “fail, fail”. The very fact that everyone in the world is NOT buying an android or iphone should tell you that some people want something different, and maybe WP7 meets their needs in ways your beloved android and iphone dont.

    And also its an AD, lets not start riling up the townsfolk with pitchforks and torches, if you’re getting this upset over an ad how will you feel about the actual OS?

    • Yyevo

      What he said.

    • George

      You’re right, they’re not all buying Android and iPhone OS. Some are buying RIM or Symbian. Current Win OS in the marketplace is trivial, and since none of those phones will be able to upgrade to Win7, that process will begin with the first phones sold in the next few months. It would be years before the Win7 Marketplace could be “dominant”, as some idiot prdedicted above.

      This isn’t about MS hate, it is about having been stung by Win6 and 6.5, and seeing a butt-ugly interface in the very ads MS is issuing. The Kin misadventure isn’t exactly a confidence builder, either.

      At this point, Win7 would need to come with a game-changing experience, and not the weak sauce MS has been providing us in the past few years. The initial reports aren’t terribly encouraging, but if this OS represents the fulfillment of all your dreams, mazel tov.

  • Fab

    For some reason… chrome is flagging this site as somethingt bad

    please do something … im using google chrome

    • Ryan

      Safari and ie has the same problem. There’s malware somewhere in this site. I only access it on my phone now

  • I really hope WP7 does well (replaces either Apple or RIM in the market). There are just some things you could always do natively that either are buggy or have to be done third party on other phones. I still miss not having mobile office. When I had my last Winmo phone, an MDA, syncing tasks, notes, office docs (especially spreadsheets) and Windows media player ratings was a big part of my mobile experience. Now I still don’t have a stock way to do any of that. I get that the idea is to sync with google and the cloud, but reality is, a huge chunk of the world still runs on MS and offline.

  • ren

    OMG!!!!! THAT’S A PHONE FOR my 4 yrs old kid to play with! Those menu are a joke. Its a revolution alright. It a revolution for me to switch to Android!

  • Joey

    Probably the worst teaser ad I’ve seen in ages. Does anyone really believe that Microsoft is at the cutting edge of mobile technology and software, let alone capable of leading a revolution? It’s really kind of laughable.

    Apple and Google are so far ahead of the curve that the likes of Microsoft and RIM will be playing catch up for some time to come (if they even last long enough in the current mobile environment). These leaders of yesteryear are now facing the same grim fate as Palm. If what we’re seeing and reading in early reviews are true, this appears to be a lame, me-too OS….hardly the stuff of a “revolution.”

  • Wilma Flintstone

    It would be hilarious if all they meant is that it’ll come preloaded with Kirk Franklin’s – Revolution song.

    I don’t like how wp7 looks but hopefully it does bring something because for consumers like us, competition is good.

  • weirdguyontv

    The best thing Microsoft has going for it : Windows 7 and Xbox360/Xbox Live. The worst thing Microsoft has going for it: Windows Mobile/ Windows Phone 7 aka Kin 3.

  • Yyevo

    What most of you don’t realize is Windows Mobile began life in 1996. Long before smartphones. Hell, before cell phones were prevalent.

    It was in products like the HP Jornada 720, which were mini desktops. Those evolved into PDAs like the IPAQ and the Axim. Finally, as technology allowed, phones were integrated into PDA’s.

    This is where the smartphone revolution started. But WinCE/WinMo was never designed to function as a phone OS. It was forced in later.

    iOS and Android were designed originally as phone OS’s and were better suited for that purpose.

    WP7 is a new attempt, ground up design, at a phone OS. It will be better because of that.

    • nyuhsuk

      Let’s hope so.

      Truly, the seamless integration of Microsoft’s wealth of products makes WP7 a potentially awesome OS. Heck, that’s why I enjoy WM6.5 still very much. Android does the job decently but not to the level of WM devices (friggin unified inbox? friggin…). I think personally that for pure Googlers, the Android is a great deal while Microsoft product users will immensely enjoy WM and WP7.

    • pimpstrong

      If WM is laggy and buggy garbage and WP7 should have been released a year ago to compete right now. Subtract calling features and your left with a laggy and buggy PDA.

  • derrickps3

    WTF, you guys need to fix your website, my antivirus program always warn me of a virus threat everytime i come to this website -_________-

    • jonathan

      Yup, same here. Google Chrome and my AVAST! Antivirus go crazy

  • Tashannoc

    I am really looking forward to WP7. I currently have a TP2, which I actually like (I’ve never had it crash on me). One of the things I use it for is creating/editing Excel files on the go @ work, so Office integration in a phone is fairly important to me. There are other things I’m excited about as well:
    1. The interface: I know a lot of people are hating on this, but the UI looks a lot like the one on the Zune HD, which is fantastic. Having used both Zune and Iphone/Ipod interfaces, I much prefer the Zune.
    2. Zune integration: Syncing via Zune software will be much better than activesync or whatever the Vista/7 version is called. Also, ability to stream millions of songs OTA will be awesome. I just hope they expand the number of devices a Zune pass will support.
    3. XBOX live integration: I don’t know a lot about this, but I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out. It has a lot of potiential.

    Finally, in response to someone asking about whether these will hit TMO: What I heard from TMO is that they will be getting 2 devices @ launch, one by Dell and one by HTC. No word on pricing, but I do know that only ATT and TMO will get devices @ launch. Verizon and Sprint will be 6 months behind at least.

  • Jay

    Hello Moderators,

    I know this has nothing to do with this post, but I thought I would let you know that tmonews is currently unviewable with Mozilla Firefox. Every time I try to visit tmonews I get a message saying that it is an attack site and will not let me view it. I am now using Google Chrome to write this post.

  • Sarge

    I’ve been warned about this being an attack site for several months now. Once I even had a virus infiltrate my work computer, it was working perfectly fine until I opened the internet and a few minutes later visited this website and this website only. After reading two of the headlines it started flipping out and getting random popups. It ended up causing it to crash and needing to be replaced. I also find it very suspicious that David hasn’t responded to not one of the several comments on here regarding this when he’s usually quick to jump on and get defensive on any negative comments about his posts or the website. ¿Hmmmmm? Now i only visit the site on my phone, (which I have never been warned about it by my virus protection on it), simply because I love the info and it is the best site for that, thank you very much for that no complaints in that department. PLEASE FIX IT THOUGH!! OH AND A RESPONSE TO ONE OF THESE COMMENTS WOULD BE GREAT, DOESN’T EVEN HAVE TO BE MINE!!!!!

    • Kickstar13

      We’ve already announced on Twitter that we’re working on the issue and trying to get it resolved ASAP. Obviously, the site is not malware, that much I can assure you.

      • Marc

        What is the twitter name, so that I can follow?

      • Sarge

        THANK YOU, I didn’t expect a response that quick that says a lot of you guys. I wasn’t aware of the twitter updates but I’ll start following from now on. I love your website and was starting to get a little panicked when visiting it but won’t from now on. Thanks again and I commend you guys on a great job!

  • derrickps3

    oh ok, well as long as it is being see’d about, i’m ok

  • JoshL

    glad the site is up again :)

  • Nice concept, reminds me very much of Linkin Park’s “What I’ve Done” video. (I feel like they should make a Windows Phone 7 song or something!)
    Hope the hype will come on its own, just like it should for a great product, and the ads are just to spice things up.
    Oh and I wonder what’s up with the arabic/latin script hybrids lately.