Our Apologies For The Last 30 Some Hours

Update: At the request of our members and with Andrew’s advice, a Cat pic is up, following our present love for all things LOLCats.

The last 30 hours or so have likely been confusing for plenty of you, and certainly aggravating for us. Obviously a great deal of you who make TmoNews.com a daily stop noticed a Malware warning upon hitting the front page. While we aren’t quite sure exactly what the cause of the warning was and whether or not it was simply a false positive or something actually malicious we offer a sincere apology for any inconvenience it might have caused. Believe me when I say I take these things very personally and push to get them resolved surely to the point of annoyance for those who must undertake the task. Without further ado the news will continue, as you expect and we hope to get right back on track with the news and T-Mobile happenings you’ve come to love and respect from this great site. Thanks for visiting and thanks for being a friend.

On a related note, if and when something like this might occur again, please stay up to do date with us by following us both on Facebook and/or Twitter so we can pass a message on as to the status of the website. Thanks!

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  • timmyjoe42

    Shouldn’t that be a cat photo?

    • Josue

      Awww ya! I will accept apology if you post a cat. LOL

      • David, Managing Editor

        Done kind sir!

      • John

        I am just happy the site is back up with our without the cat. :)

      • Josue

        Thanx. I have a cat too!

  • mikeeeee

    malware warnings are why it’s good to have a decent firewall.

    • FunkmasterC

      or a Mac.



      • Reece

        or a Linux

  • Cybersedan

    Apology accepted, crap happens!!

    Welcome back!

  • jdog

    So any new news about the LG Android coming in November?

  • jazzmanmonty

    you’re lucky no new news about the G2 came out lately or else!!!! lol speaking of which, why hasn’t there been any new news anywhere about the g2 lately?! wtf?!! well lets make some news…i’m predicting tmobile is launching their new g2 info website this thursday! if i’m right you heard it from me first! :)

    • Andrew


    • Midori

      Im guessing a week before release.

      • pimpstrong

        Your both wrong it will be a week after the release. TMO-fashionably late.

      • JoshL

        I’m hoping that it’ll be tomorrow… 3 weeks before the (suspected) release date. It makes sense if they were going to do a pre-order. the sooner, the better. (speaking of which, I don’t know if I can wait much longer!!!)

    • There was a tiny bit of G2 news today…we got some pictures of the keyboard. :-)
      Check it out: http://www.hisandhersandroid.com/2010/09/exclusive-close-up-of-g2-keyboard.html

      • David, Managing Editor

        Got it up for you Ryan, with some definite credit and love!

      • Hey thanks! And yes, I am a big fan of Tmonews. :-)

  • warzoneking505

    avg b**ches cant f*** wit my computer

    • Vibrant addict

      Lol. Same here. It warned me before google and mozilla. Gotta love free things

      Just glad to have the news back. I’m now a follower on facebook and twitter in my attempts to notify you guys

  • RR

    Awesome!! I was worried.. Did Google / Firefox offer an apology?!?!

  • Rilesman

    I would assume that an Ad being served up triggered the response.

    • Or a shady site on the same IP address.

  • first

    ill accpet more if yu use the dog and cat i like the dog more and where is our g2 news ? have yall seen the rumored dual core verizon htc handest that looks just like the g2 ?.. check out droiddog its in the first three pages .

  • Midori

    I personally love those cats!

  • shon

    This is what happens when you let interns surf porn at work.

    • pimpstrong


    • FunkmasterC

      For some reason, your servers were trying to dial out 900 numbers through Google Voice. I had this friend that used to always got those stupid dialers on his box. It was sooo funny. “Hey man – my computer is trying to dial phone numbers again. What’s going on?”

  • Joshuakprice1

    Apply accepted, “david managing editor”. One question, is “david managing editor” the same as the david that writes a majority of the stories? I’ve always been confused about the actual number of staff. Anyway, keep up the good fight!

  • wojax2

    not a problem guys, keep up the good work sh** happens.Must be some verwhyzin or sprunt hackers doing some dirt…haters!

  • I’m glad to see this. I thought I did something wrong on my computer.

  • Sarge

    Thanks David I’m glad everything’s back and running at its normality. You guys do a great job and have my @$$ hooked coming here at least twice a day, well more like 20 when expecting new news. Lol. I wish T-Mobile execs would do the same and take some (all) of your advice on your posts, maybe they’d be a bigger competitor in the fight to take over as the top wireless provider.

  • Steve

    I’m glad you guys are back. I missed you. :)

  • EAA575

    I thought it was just me getting that message. I was starting to TmoNews withdrawl, lol.

  • mtnman

    It was simply Mailman. He seen his first Sprint bill and was sorry he left Tmo. lol

    • Rob

      haha I laughed when I saw this

  • Phonegeek

    Talk about scared I thought someone axed your site I tried about 30 times to see your site so glad when I tried just now an seen cats lol I follow you guys everyday especially when I wake up glad to have you back

  • Perry

    Sorry just won’t due. I think something in the order of a free Vibrant to all the loyal followers who came and went away disappointed. That should make it right. ;-)

    • joshuakprice1

      Why, thank you perry! I’ll take mine now, please. So nice of you to offer us all free phones.

  • Reece

    it’s ok, I browse with Firefox or Chrome and have Avast machine gun the threat before it even touches down on my computer. Besides I tolerate this type of thing when dealing with some *ahem* mature entertainment sites

  • nospokenword

    I love this site… the problems come from ads. I actually got a trojan from this site a few months back and now only browse from Macs or my mobile phone.