Our Apologies For The Last 30 Some Hours

Update: At the request of our members and with Andrew’s advice, a Cat pic is up, following our present love for all things LOLCats.

The last 30 hours or so have likely been confusing for plenty of you, and certainly aggravating for us. Obviously a great deal of you who make TmoNews.com a daily stop noticed a Malware warning upon hitting the front page. While we aren’t quite sure exactly what the cause of the warning was and whether or not it was simply a false positive or something actually malicious we offer a sincere apology for any inconvenience it might have caused. Believe me when I say I take these things very personally and push to get them resolved surely to the point of annoyance for those who must undertake the task. Without further ado the news will continue, as you expect and we hope to get right back on track with the news and T-Mobile happenings you’ve come to love and respect from this great site. Thanks for visiting and thanks for being a friend.

On a related note, if and when something like this might occur again, please stay up to do date with us by following us both on Facebook and/or Twitter so we can pass a message on as to the status of the website. Thanks!

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