T-Mobile Set To Get iPhone 3GS Later This Year?

So here we go again. Yet another T-Mobile iPhone rumor has emerged, and the latest one comes from an editor over at Wired.com. Chris Anderson tweeted this evening that a T-Mobile manager casually mentioned to him that Magenta will in fact carry the iPhone this year, but not Apple’s newest and hugely popular iPhone 4. Instead Magenta will offer last year’s iPhone 3GS model. Take it for what its worth, but it seems as though these T-Mobile iPhone rumors seem to be getting louder and louder but until we see some hard evidence, we’re placing this one with all the other T-Mobile iPhone rumors. I’m curious though, would you guys purchase a T-Mobile iPhone even if its last year’s 3GS model and not the new iPhone 4? Let us know in the comments!

9To5Mac Via Twitter

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  • Nope

    Interesting this should come up today…

    • John


  • AgDon

    Wow, a possible hand-me-down. Bring on the iPhone 4

  • Fish

    For cheap cheap? i mean really cheap.

    that’s the only way i see it happening and working


  • Oh gawd, here we go again. If we do happen to get the iphone why the 3GS. If i was T Mobile i wouldn’t settle for second class.

    • thaghost

      u didnt know dat tmobile means second class in latin? jus look at their phones, lol.

      • Yyevo

        You’re obviously not using Swype.

  • Tom

    hmm. I’m getting the new iPod touch so technically getting a 3GS would be a downgrade from that. I’ll stick with the G2 if that’s the case. iPhone 4 or bust.

  • JoshL

    If this is true, I’m interested in seeing how Crapple tries to control T-Mobile and if T-Mobile allows it.

  • Mike T

    I would definitely get one. An iPhone with T-mobile’s affordable plans? Give me that all day.

  • Vibrant addict

    I really hope tmobile doesn’t settle for second best. That’s a slap in the face. BUT, if it guarantees iphone 5 next year, then bring it on.

  • DannOfThurs

    Man this is embarassing. TMo is quickly becoming bargain basement…that plus if they’re unwilling to take on the IPhone4G, it’s not a good sign for us wanting a front-facing camera for video chat. I’d wager that’s why they’re not going to pick it up.

    In short, there must be something off on the HSPA+ network that’s preventing FFC from really taking place or a major bandwidth cost-cutting move.

  • John

    And you mean that we would get the 3gs that would only run in edge mode? I can do that already. Hmmmm. No HSPA+? No 3G? No buy. I will stick with my 1st gen iphone that would work the same way that is jailbroken. If it had UMA that might be a whole different story though. :)

    • Kickstar13

      Highly doubt if T-Mobile were to offer the iPhone that 3G would not be present. That would make no sense whatsoever.

      • John

        I really like T-mo but I would not put it past them either. I hope not though.

    • Really? John Really? Why would apple not just T-mobile sell any phone with “3G” in the name and have it not work on there 3G i mean really………

    • justin

      that’s the dumbest comment i’ve seen tonight… they wouldn’t sell a version of the phone that operated on AT&T frequency; they would modify it to work on t-mobile’s 3G spectrum.

      it’s soooo plausibly stupid though that this is how they’d get the iphone… of course t-mobile couldn’t get the latest and greatest; they’ve always got to be at least one step behind.

  • Will

    I’d be the first to buy an iPhone from Tmobile, not gonna lie

  • Tmo Guy


    You cannot take the “casual” word or a front-line employee- trust me, we are the LAST to know what’s coming regardless of how ‘inside’ the employee is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO STORE MANAGER WOULD HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF AN IMPENDING IPHONE RELEASE!!!!! Coming directly from a store manager!!!

    • stop YELLING!

      where in the tweet does he mention it’s a ‘front-line’ employee or ‘store-manager’?
      Learn to read, idiot! There are plenty of ‘managers’ at TMO. Get out of your little retail mentality and look at the big picture you moron!

  • Vibrant Guy

    Pass…why would they even want that outdated phone. The Vibrant blows most phones away right now…come on TMo

    • Robnoxious


    • thaghost


    • Eddie Android

      But it has the WiFis lol.

    • ctk

      i dunno, maybe its the magic touch that will kill your signal issue.

      if i were with at&t and i had the 3gs i wouldn’t upgrade for that very reason. they need to fix this glaring issue first before i would ever consider an upgrade. i don’t really have an issue with this. i wonder if they would let me exchange my j/b 3gs for a t-mo version. i’m not giving up my vibrant, but it would be nice not to play peekaboo with apple with these upgrades anymore.

  • vinny

    Not me, you can keep that crap, I’ll stick with my Nexus One (I-phone killer). They try to stick you with last year’s models they can not even give away. Forget about it.

  • TonyJohns

    I had a inkling that something like this was going to happen. If the iphone came to T-Mobile, I would scoop one up, but that is if it was the iphone 4. With this news I will go ahead and stick with the G2. T-Mobile will eventually get the iphone 4…in June…when the iphone 4G is released.

  • Robnoxious

    I call BS!! The iPhone 3GS is outdated now. Why in the world would T-Mob go through the trouble of getting the iPhone only to get the outdated one? I believe I read that iOS4 will not support anything older than the newest iPhone, correct? Who would actually buy this POS then?

    • John

      the 3gs supports ios4

    • Robnoxious

      And this “news” coming from some jackenape with a Twitter account? Really? There seems to be a new celebrity death hoax almost every other day on that worthless site.

      • Robnoxious

        John- I really don’t see too many people rushing in the stores for a 3GS when the iPhone 4 is out there. You know the memory is gonna be rather small and it’s not gonna be worth the asking price no matter how cheap.

      • John

        It really depends on the price. I do not have a contract because of the even more plus. I would be willing to spend $100-$200 on a true 3g iphone for tmo even if it was the 3gs only if it had UMA support. I am going to get the next smartphone that supports uma whether it is android or iphone. I am just tired of my blackberry.

  • Jason

    My friend (who works in a T-mobile store) took a crap that looked like an apple. So, it must be true!!

    • John

      Smell like an apple too? I really must be then. :o

      • John

        What is the deal with missing characters. “It really must be then.”

  • somebody

    why would they want an outdated phone ? vibrant already does more than iphone plus the edition of hd7 and g2 there is no need. If this is to happen and tmobil gets the 3gs and not iphone 4 than i am leaving tmobil, im tired of hand me down from htc i dont needs apple to jump in.

  • FunkmasterC

    I needed a good laugh! Where do these folks come up with this crap – really??!! Quit putting that pos on a pedestal. I am going to open a new twitter account and post a bunch of bs to see if it gets picked up. I will make sure to have mr. blurycam ready.

  • Scotty

    Was really hoping to get the iPhone 4. I guess the 3GS is a step forward though for T-Mobile. I would rather wait for the iPhone 5.

  • nain77

    not an iphone/apple fan at all. but may possible help out tmo in da long run with future releases of iphones? =]

  • alex

    Well this is good for iphone lovers(android all day :D), plus guys if its true you should be happen even if it is the older version, I mean technically at&t is suppose to have it exclusivley until 2012 I think it is, and if we get it earlier then should’nt you be happy, although tmobile should get the iphone 4. Me personally I’m waiting for the mytouch hd :)

  • Sintia179

    Coming from someone who is currently using and unlocked 3g on edge I’ll take it! The notion is bogus though. Doubt tmobile would take a step back when it’s been in forward motion.

  • dell can still suck it

    my wife wants one and i would get it for her. i am only going to att if i am sold to them. i want a streak. Dell can suck it.

  • mingkee

    So the “iphone drama” is never ending.
    iphone 4 requires microSIM.

  • timbrat

    I am not at all suprised… I actually thought I read this rumor somewhere else some time ago, likely from an alleged “agent” who knew it was being tested or something… whatever.

    I can actually see a scenario where AT&T and Apple renegotiated exclusivity to allow other carriers to get the older versions, while they retain exclusive on the “latest and greatest.”

    I am sure we’ll see this exclusivity wane and die over the next year, but we’ll see…

  • Anony Mouse

    I love how “managers” are supposed to have all the answers. Truth is that retail “managers” are actually given limited info compared to other departments. T-Mobile hands down info on a need to know basis. Retail managers at this time do not need to know this info. Retail managers act like they know it all because they hear rumors and then want to seem like they know everything to the customer in order to make the sale or seem more important. Most retail managers I have met do not know even know much about current tmobile phones let alone upcoming ones. I have actually met retail “managers” who have asked me what the difference in tmobile plans are because they did not understand. Retail managers get limited training, limited info, and limited everything. They do not even get access to the full knowledge base website for tmobile or the full customer management software. Thats why many “managers” have to call in to do certain account changes.

    So if managers do not even have full access to the basic systems because of liability reasons…..what if going to convince me that they know about a secretive launch of a hush hush phone.

    • Acacia Strain

      I can’t begin to describe how wrong you are…but I’ll try.

      “Most retail managers I have met do not know even know much about current tmobile phones let alone upcoming ones.”

      When new phones come out and new displays/banners/demo phones are sent to the store the RSM is the one who checks them in, and at my store even puts them out. I doubt that any RSM is as misinformed as you think.

      “I have actually met retail “managers” who have asked me what the difference in tmobile plans are because they did not understand.”

      Again ridiculous because RSM’s are at the store more than any other employee. I doubt that they can go day to day without knowing things about our current plans…

      “Retail managers get limited training, limited info, and limited everything. They do not even get access to the full knowledge base website for tmobile or the full customer management software. Thats why many “managers” have to call in to do certain account changes. ”

      This is probably where you are most wrong. Retail Managers get exceptionally MORE training than RSA’s because they have to deal with day to day procedures such as deposits/returns/shipping/credits.

      Retail Store Managers have P numbers and dealer codes like every other Tmo rep. They have just as much access to accounts as Sales Reps do. Actually they have more since they can do Price Overrides, Delay Pays, Account Credits, Print Private Sales Information and more. They have just as much access to accounts as every rep there. The reason even managers have to call in to care to do some things to accounts is because Customer Care has way more privileges when it comes to accounts, such as removing required features and adding/deleting specific features and doing total plan overhauls, than normal sales reps do. That is why you see Tmo reps at stores constantly on the phone because their systems are limited and we have to call into Care to change things. It is a safety procedure so reps can’t mess with accounts/do anything against policy.

      Sorry man but you’re really really misinformed…

  • FunkmasterC

    Would you be willing to purchase old/unsupported technology just because it has a piece of fruit on it? Seems kind of silly to me.

  • threetee14

    Maybe tmo wants a phone without antenna issues so they settled for a 3GS.

  • Usman

    Could an iPhone 4 launch be delayed until the antenna issue is resolved? That would be my guess.

  • I highly doubt this. Apple has criticized Android many times for fragmentation so I highly doubt that they’d purposely fragment their own products. Or maybe Apple will do it and somehow claim is as being revolutionary and then say that Android stole their idea of offering different level handsets on different carriers.

  • Holiday

    in order for tmobile to continue its cheap plans it has to continue being a cheap company providing low end phones. getting the iphone 3gs would cost them less since its an older phone. cheap plans = win for TMOUSA.

  • you know to a point to the iPhone 3GS make sense due to at&t just getting the iPhone 4 so since at&t has it that will not care it T-mobile gets the 3GS since they can say it is outdated but why? t-mobile has better phones like the Vibrant and the G2

  • tmoled

    Why run this story? Tmonews publishing this garbage is the equivalent of Tmobile getting the 3Gs. Tmobile getting the 3Gs would be like Sprint picking up the G1 later this year. Where is your journalistic integrity? THis is such garbage!!!

  • There is more of a chance that Apple will buy T-mobile USA than the iPhone 3GS being offered through T-mobile USA.

  • Alan

    I currently have an iPhone 3GS running in tmobile edge service running iOS 4 and it’s way better than any pho e than T-mo offering and iOS is bad ass just gimme some 3G and I’m hooked although I would love the iPhone 4

  • whaaaat

    this manager has no credibility they dont tell anybody anything, we dont even know the OFFICIAL relese date of the G2. My manager can say that but it wont mean its true, managers dont know crap.

  • Justin

    NO NO NO. I would NOT buy a iPhone on Tmo. I am more then stoked about my Vibrant. Tmo would be sellouts if they took on the iPhone…Makes me feel like carriers are just limping along with Android until the “almighty” iPhone comes along…thats BS. T-mobile (although its obvious it would be good for business) cause lets face it, People are stubborn and think iPhone is the end-all-be-all and will flock to get a proper carrier supported model. BUT, Our wonderful magenta don’t need no stinking iPhone to succeed.

    G1 started this revolution, and the G2 is going to blow the doors off the entrance to the next big, monumental Android release. And dont come crying about how the specs aren’t mind blowing, they are still above industry leading products and the G2 my friends, is going to be EFFING AMAZING! I conclude with this, the iPhone is a great product…but Android steadily becoming a household name and will soon dominate.

  • Even if tmo got the iPhone 4 I wouldn’t buy it! Android FTW!

  • NiiDiddy

    Now I don’t see how iPhone3Gs will help T-Mobile, when there’s the iPhone4. But I might be wrong. Personally, given all the iPhone4 issues, iPhone3Gs might be the way to go. Not for me however…one may ask why? Simple: great piece of technology, but I am one of those who cannot stand looking at the same phone after awhile [6 months top and i’m looking for another phone]–that is why I like Android, it comes in many different shapes, forms, ui, and technology so I can choose as they evolve. With the iPhone, i’d have to wait until whenever the next hardware is released. I just like variety. I still welcome the iphone…any iphone to T-Mobile.

    • Barry

      That’s exactly how I feel about the iPhone I don’t want it but it should be good for the network. I just fail to see the logic in launching a device that’s been upgraded. The only conclusion I can draw from it is T-Mobile is really against supporting ffc devices. Again I could care less about that one way or the other, but some ppl want it. And if they’re gonna just not support it, that’s not cool.

  • Mj

    I’m starting to believe that you people are retarded. First you guys are saying the 3GS is outdated likes it’s not only a year old. There are phones being released now that have worse specs. Two this would be a good way for Apple to resell a product without AT&T bitching about it. The 3GS still runs ios 4 so anyone on tmobile who wanted a real unlimited plan, 3G access and the iPhone will flock I get it. I have the iPhone 4 now and I must say I haven’t used FaceTime yet. It only makes sense. Now if they released a new 3GS model that used hspa+ that would be awesome. I’d ditch my iPhone 4 in a heartbeat

  • Slick Vic

    Even if the iPhone were to become available later this year, trust me when I say I would not be running to my nearest Magenta to get one. Android FTW!!!

  • Dia

    So whats going to happen? I would assume Apple stopped making 3GS for some time, and now they’re going to restart production so T Mobile can have last years mobile? They can’t use already-made mobiles, since they have to add 1700 3G Band for it to work on T Mobile. Don’t you believe it.

  • Ash

    Sure.. if it’s a 3GS + UMA

  • TheAnalyst

    If this is true, which I doubt, but if it is I have suspicion that Apple has a large stock of iphone 3GS leftover. Apple may think, why not sell the rest of the old phones over at TMo before supplying them with 4Gs. Truly pathetic if this happens and I hope customers do not fall for this second-rate scheme. I will stick with my Vibrant.

  • SEFan

    I think this is unlikely because the momentum is all the other way – iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4 are out and all movement is toward the new builds. Rebuilding existing 3GS stock to run AWS seems impractical. The only way I can see this making sense is if Apple is suddenly concerned about the Android onslaught and found a loophole in their agreement with AT&T that allows them to sell an older version of the iPhone on another US carrier. I’m just a tech amateur, but it seems unlikely.

    Would I buy it? I’d at least look. I’m used to iOS from using my iPod Touch, so it would be an easy move over. And I suspect the 3GS is competitive with all but a couple Android phones on T-Mobile. Which is a sad comment on T-Mo’s Android choices until recently, but there it is.

  • MrMocoCoco

    Yawwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn! I wouldn’t care if it was the iPhone 5!

    Give me nice a fast phone with a large screen and Windows Phone 7!

    I’d prefer my HD2 with a cooked WP7 ROM over an iPhone! Nothing against the iPhone but it’s just not for me.

    I would like a new phone like the rumored HD3… thanks!

  • MrMocoCoco

    BTW you can unlock an iPhone now and use it with your TMobile SIM but you won’t get 3G… It would be the same with overstock ATT iPhones without major mods… It would make no sense! File it under RUMOR by by someone with an anti-Tmobile agenda.

  • Edward

    Oh come on! Don’t you have better things to write about than what some employee is reported to have “casually said”. Some T-Mobile employee casually said to me that the best steak house in town is TGI Friday’s. Wow! Better post that fast and spread the word!!

  • crybabies

    What’s funny is people whine all day about T-Mobile and say how they are going to goto Apple for the iPhone and then they whine T-Mobile might get the iPhone. Geezzz are you people really that much of a woman?

  • crybabies

    goto ATT I meant.

  • Avarix

    I already have a 3GS, if i could upgrade to 3G speeds, all the better.

    • God

      First of all, that’s not going to happen.

      Second, the “manager” probably was confusing the Vibrant with a 3GS.

      • ahhs

        How in the hell do you confuse the iPhone with vibrant you’re an idiot


        It’s called ignorance.

      • Daniel

        @ ahhs
        Well for someone who didn’t know any better, the two do look a lot alike. He was merely suggesting that if the manager was stupid enough to make an unfounded claim such as he did, than he is probably dumb enough to confuse the two phones… In other words he is as dumb as you and his statement means nothing just like yours. Idiot.

      • Ahh

        Only morons like daniel and the other idiot confuse iPhone with a samsung galaxy i mean seriously how dumb are you to confuse the Iphone the most popular phone in the world with a vibrant and you work for tmobile Daniel you seriously are an idiot. Lol

  • MitchRyan912

    i’d consider it if it would allow for 3G. if it was less than the $99 its selling for currently (like $49)? I’d jump all over it, then upgrade to the iPhone 4G down the road.

    • kenpo

      Iphone 4 not 4G…. Please people!!!!!!!!!

      HTC = Better devices+more options! My humble opinion.

      • Daniel


  • Levi

    Absolutely! The 3gs is a better design and I’ll bet it will be cheap. I can’t see Apple wanting to do this but I like to hear more Apple/Tmo rumors.

  • I think this would greatly piss people off. Im prety sure that many people are waiting for T-mobile to get the iPhone but who wants last years modle? One thing that might be an advantage for T-mobile is that they dont have tiered data plans.

    • Mike

      Never cared for the iPhone personally, but if I were to get one, I’d go for the 3GS, the one that doesn’t have connection issues.

    • TJ

      Take What U Can Get. If U Want A T-Mobile iPhone Then Get It. Dont Complain About The Phone Just Because Its A Year Old. They Dont Have To Get An iPhone At All.
      You Complain About Them Not Having One, They Get It, Now U Complain About The Model. Shut Up Gosh

      • Daniel

        Who Ever Said They Have It?

        Learn To Use Your Keyboard.

  • Vinchenzo

    I highly doubt a store manager would be privy to knowledge about new handsets launching. Too low on the totem pole.

    • christc

      It doesn’t say he was a store manager. It just says T-Mobile manager.

  • boltons4

    My family has been waiting to upgrade and add a 5th line for two months waiting for new phones to emerge. If the iphone3GS was to be coming to T-mobile, our add a line person would be so happy. My other half would jump too. Love T-Mobile, but not so happy with the new phone choices lately. Also my other issue is the so few choices of messaging phones so our family bill isn’t like a car payment.

  • DCTransplant

    iPhone 4 would be great; the 3 will do for the time being. Tomorrow wouldn’t be soon enough. Sign me up.

    • Daniel

      I hear AT&T is still accepting new contracts… Better hurry.

  • RockTripod

    I will believe it when I see it. This stupid rumor pops up every few months, just to drive me mad.

  • Money

    This has to be one of the worst waste of time and fox news article.

  • I would not buy an iPhone, for T-Mobile, AT&T, a 3GS, or iPhone 4. Android is SO much better than iOS!


    Still, this would be good for TMO.

  • Jimbo

    It is true tmobile’s getting the iphone releases for tmobile in november day after thanksgiving price on that day free with new 2 year contract upgrade is free after 100mir source upper managment

  • rstar

    I will believe it when i physically see it. Im tired of this rumor every few months.

  • Fred Coulter


    I don’t like Apple’s big brother attitude. Yes, I know you can get around it, but I shouldn’t have to.

  • Vader317

    I actually heard the iPad will be coming to T-mobile. nothing on the 3Gs

  • Skeptical

    Lol a store manager would be the last person to know about this.how lame that this is even a story

  • Miss Fitz

    Assuming this might be true, I can only assume that giving T-Mo the 3GS only would be Apple’s terms, not T-Mobile’s… If T-Mo could score the iP4, I’m sure they would– but Apple & AT&T are still saying they are having trouble keeping up with demand for the 4 (which is likely just spin), whereas I’m sure the 3GS is stockpiled in distribution centers. This might be smartest way for Apple to get on another carrier, AT&T to retain exclusivity of the 4, and for Apple to move their old stock of 3GS handsets.

    Yes its a slap in the face, but still a step in the right direction. I’ve been paralyzed with indecision as of late– so tired of hacking and re-hacking my iPhone to stick with T-mo, had myself talked into bailing out for AT&T, but the glimmer of hope that T-Mo will score this handset is brutal and preventing me from pulling the trigger on anything.

    I’m praying that some awesome sacrificial lamb goes on record about this and puts the rumor to rest via CONFIRMATION!!!

    • wtf?

      one problem with the stockpile theory. TMO uses the AWS (1700/2100Mhz) 3G bands, where as ATT uses 850/1900 Mhz bands. It would have to be a new phone with AWS.

  • j. distance
  • Manny

    i dunno…if they do get the iphone why only the 3gs? maybe because of the micro SIM or contractual problems?

  • khenry

    I would get a new android phone, rather than an outdated i phone.

  • windycity

    for sure i will get one. i love iphone. can’t wait to hear the confirmation from Tmo. whoaaaa..


  • just some dude

    The rep at a NYC store had told me last week that there is word from managers that he read a memo that Apple training is in the works for store reps.

  • A.Minor

    Would’ve Been More Excited Last Year… I’m Actually Looking Forward To The G2. I’d Probably Opt For The New iPod Touch And Use The G2 For WiFi If Tethering Isn’t Extra

    • former Sitel / TMO pda

      you can and they don’t charge for it. the app for android tethering is Pda.net free edition on the market.

  • pororo

    Tmo phones are so outdated compared to the competition, this just proves the point. This rumor is really believable. hahaha!

  • EnviroG


  • 100..GRAND

    tmobile new iphone-H 1st qt,2011 iphone-HSPA.

  • nospokenword

    I am holding off on upgrading to a vibrant because I want an iphone. Any iphone will do, even last year’s model.

  • Felicia

    I already have a 3GS running on T-Mobile, so yes if it allows me to get 3G speeds.

  • Why the 3GS? Doesn’t TMo already sell the iphone4 in the UK and Germany? Why would the USA, the home of the iPhone, get the shaft?

  • windycity

    i will get one for sure even if it’s not the new version period..

  • Chris

    Yes I would. Hell yes.

    eff Ay-Fee & Fee. (or is it All Take & Take?)

    But this is BS anyway. Why would Tmo only offer a phone that’s been discontinued?

    Chris Anderson must be a douche, or that manager, or both. Yeah, both.

  • T-mar2u

    The 3G was discontinued, and the 3GS 16GB took it’s place as the “value” I-Phone. I’m sure they won’t release the newer models because they probably can’t support video chat just yet. This would explain why you see the “Sprint/T-mo Merge” rumors. I think T-Mo is on the move for more spectrum, they would like to start moving to LTE, which the new chips (made by Qualcomm which is known for CDMA, and hybrid chips) that will go in the future I-Phones will slowly start to support.

  • iPhone Obsessed

    i would! iphone for tmobile! FTMFW!

  • Android is simply better than iOS, sorry…OVERALL, ANDROID offers MORE!!! OPEN SOURCE!!! CUSTOMIZABLE!!! MULTITASKING (yes the iphone is JUST NOW starting to offer it) !!!

    Simply because the iphone has been around longer, ppl say iphone is the BEST…sorry, not the case. If android was out before iphone, everybody would be dangeling from androids nutz, no iphone.

    The iphone simply has more apps….hmm, nearly 5 years of existance before other super phones….kinda makes since…yet android is catching up. and quick.

    • David, Managing Editor

      The iPhone doesn’t just have more apps, sigh…Android fanboys at their best, the other argument can be made that of course its going to catch up to the iPhone, there are 15 Android phones on 7 carriers, I sure hope its catching up to everyone, if they can’t catch Apple, they should just pack it in!!

  • John

    I already have an iphone 3GS running on magenta juice.

  • ChicagoCubsFan86

    I would like to get the 3gs, might even be cheaper :)