The T-Mobile G2 Keyboard In All Its Glory

Well you guys have been asking for T-Mobile G2 news and since there really isn’t anything new on the release date, price, specs or color front, we give the next best thing. Pictures of the keyboard! Seriously, Ryan over at HisandHersAndroid and a big fan of our esteemed site managed to receive some pics of this device for his site, and thanks to him, we present them to you. Nothing awe-inspiring here except for a close up look at what will be for some of you, the keyboard you will call “home” for quite some time. You can clearly see in these pics the “shortcut” keys that will enable you to add in three shortcuts of your choosing. Androidguys surmised these buttons will give you one-touch access to a favorite or most used app and we tend to agree with their thoughts. A nice little addition if you ask us. We now leave you to stare at keyboard porn.

Thanks Ryan!


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