The T-Mobile G2 Keyboard In All Its Glory

Well you guys have been asking for T-Mobile G2 news and since there really isn’t anything new on the release date, price, specs or color front, we give the next best thing. Pictures of the keyboard! Seriously, Ryan over at HisandHersAndroid and a big fan of our esteemed site managed to receive some pics of this device for his site, and thanks to him, we present them to you. Nothing awe-inspiring here except for a close up look at what will be for some of you, the keyboard you will call “home” for quite some time. You can clearly see in these pics the “shortcut” keys that will enable you to add in three shortcuts of your choosing. Androidguys surmised these buttons will give you one-touch access to a favorite or most used app and we tend to agree with their thoughts. A nice little addition if you ask us. We now leave you to stare at keyboard porn.

Thanks Ryan!


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  • John

    Very nice, however will it have UMA? :)

    • John

      Got to love the new news after the site being down for too long. Thanks David for the updates.

      • David, Managing Editor

        You got it, thanks for coming right back!

    • mikeeeee

      that’s it john UMA.

  • Wunako

    Not bad im realy liking the G2 more and more.

    • Foxeh

      I still want to hear about the battery life on this thing. ;)

      About the keyboard, those shortcut keys do look like the keys from Engadget’s spy shots from a while ago, BUT those same quick keys look much different in the official press shots.

      Anyone else notice this?

  • legendary1022

    Does HTC know how to make keyboards or what? Man that looks good. Can’t wait to get it in my hands

  • somebody

    keyboards are useless honestly but this looks pretty good.

    still not buying this….

    • B

      “keyboards are useless..”

      Seriously, best comment on any internet forum/blog/messageboard I have read all year. For all the wrong reasons of course.

      • somebody

        thanks :p

  • Butzacooky

    That keyboard is just yelling to get raped. :D

    • whaaaat


  • alex

    Wow looks really nice, david do you have any clue on the g2 having a built in mobile hotspot, and can tether like the N1? I know tmo dosen’t support it, but it’s a thought

    • Omeer

      Are you serious? It’s like you’ve been living under a rock or something. Anyway the mobile hotspot feature isn’t exclusive to the N1. It’s a function of Android 2.2 Froyo so YES this has mobile hotspots since the G2 is running froyo.

      • whaaaat

        yeah but hes trying to say that tmo can easily remove it since tmo doesnt officialy support it


        I have an HD2 with a wifi hotspot option available. I’m pretty sure the g2 will have it as well.

    • volcanic515

      and to add to that. ALL carriers against tethering but those that put it on the phone stock, charge for it. T-mo currently has no pricing plan Ive heard of for tethering which means its not gonna come stock on the phone cause their’s no way they’re gonna give it to us for free…..sadly. :(

      • Sapphire

        It may come with it, but no one really knows except those who developed it and those who have gone through the menu structure of it. I must say though, I’m agreeing with volcanic515.

      • alex

        if the g2 has it it gives me hope on the mytouch hd for when I get it, and the mytouch slide when I get the update, anyways thnxz whaaaat

      • Omeer

        Please stop whining abt wireless/wired tethering and mobile hotspots even if T-mo decides to take that feature out I’m sure the good folks over at XDA will put it back in.

      • hineschr

        The hd2 was not stripped of its tethering capabilities.

  • Looks great to me.. Just cant see myself using it with out dedicated number buttons.. Its not really the successor of the g1 to me without it.. I may get ride of the Samsung Vibrant for it tho.

    In other news…

    Anyone know when the vibrant is gettin its 2.2 update?

    • alex

      I think samsung said around september, not sure if that’s for the galaxys outside the U.S

    • Bradly

      I’ve been hearing the end of this month for all Galaxy S phones, but no specific date. I really do hope the updates rolls out before the 26th.

    • B

      With everything that it DOES do, it’s not a real successor because it has 1 less row on the keyboard?

      • SoTacMatt

        I agree with both your posts ‘B’.

      • pimpstrong

        yeah subtracting the number row is a huge let down. they very well could have put 5 rows just like the TP2 has 5 rows.

      • Technogen

        Pimpstrong, that’s like complaining that your car doesn’t have an extra row of seats because a bus has many rows of seats. There is obviously no room left on that keyboard layout for another row, and to expand the keyboard would have meant expanding the phone which would have changed the whole design of the phone.

      • legendary1022

        You must not have heard, hitting function twice to get number lock is too hard. plus people will complain about anything and everything on the internet.

      • nyuhsuk

        After being spoiled by my TP2, I don’t think any keyboard short of that is quite as nice. What I wonder is, is there a lack of space on the device to fit that extra 5th row in? It seems like the slide mechanism doesn’t slide out as much as the TP2 but the keys on the G2 seem to fill the keypad area closer to the edge than the TP2…

        sort of reverting back IMO…

    • TheLight

      Thank you, I’m not the only person that loves the phone and still doesn’t think it deserves the G1 successor name 6ecause of that.

      • Foxeh

        They keyboard is kind of a bummer. I tried the MyTouch Slide keyboard in a Tmo store yesterday and my brain was fizzling left and right. My G1 had no learning curve; if I wanted to write “it costs $199” I know $ is “shift-4,” same as a normal keyboard.

        The good thing is that the alignment of the keys seems closer to the G1 and not the MyTouch Slide. Good thing it’s nothing like the Droid’s dreadful keys.

        I am going to miss having the trackball/pad next to the keyboard though, but way to many people want form over function. :( OMG, zee chin akbzzzt *raspberry*!

        Not deserving to be considered the G1 successor might be a tad harsh as it still has a levered sliding mechanism. I generally don’t like sliders, but the unique approach on the G1 surprisingly made it quite durable. Hopefully that’s the case with the G2 as well.

  • eYe

    G1’s keyboard still looks like it would kick G2’s ass…but we’ll see once it comes out.

  • TigerWood’sSausage

    i really like the .com www. button, swype needs that as well…

    someone hook us UP

  • FunkmasterC

    My G1 is growing tired. I am so used to the 5th row, it will take some getting used to. Sorry to see they regressed, but I am sure the other features of the phone will certainly outweigh this. Unlike many others, I will not cry ‘fail’. I guess I think that if you want a laptop – go buy one. This is not a laptop – it doesn’t matter if it has a 4.3 inch screen or a ffc. My only concern is that I want this phone to last as long as my G1 (thanks to Cyanogen) did.

    • noname

      I wouldn’t worry about that. Cyanogen has said he will be getting one on launch day, so that says something about it!

  • dwillistyle

    T-Mobile, please, please, please don’t let the spec’s on the G2 be too nerfed. Because man, I really want this phone. I am a little worried about Gingerbread and beyond not being released to phones <1Ghz….I could see everyone getting screwed pretty hardcore on that. I really like T-Mobile and they are a great company to work for but jesus are we behind the curve on the latest smartphones. Still, I can't wait to give my girlfriend this MyTouch Slide I'm using now. Haha.

    For better or worse, G2 here I come. (On Sept 27th)

    • Frank

      Thought it was the 29th?

      • la_resistance28

        Maybe he plans to line up outside the store to beat the launch-day crowds

      • Foxeh

        This particular fellow left a comment saying it will be the 27th “for sure” in an earlier G2 post, but I’m not sure where they got that from. Does T-Mobile release phones on Monday now?

        Considering they believe that Gingerbread rumor, I won’t hold my breath.

        As an Android early adopter, I can tell you with authority that nearly every rumor for every last iteration of Android was false. Cupcake was android 2.0 coming in january (false), then donut was 2.0 (false) and so on and so forth. Hell, Froyo was being called “Flan” by everyone before Google said anything. >_<

      • dwillistyle


        @la_resistance28: no I wont be lining up, I am not THAT excited to have my new phone.

        @Foxeh: I guess “for sure” may have been a little strong seeing as release dates are always subject to change; however, I do have two good reasons to believe the 27th to be the correct date.

        A) I work at a T-Mobile store and the portals we use for making schedules has important dates noted on it (Mgr Meetings, Confrence Calls, Phone release dates, ect.) This portal says the G2 will be released on the 27th. I am surprised that no one has sent a picture into Tmonews since this info is available to all Store Managers and Associate Store Managers, I think even RSA’s can get into it.

        and B) Recently talked to someone who works for HTC and asked if the G2 was coming out on the 29th, they told me they couldn’t give me an exact release date but that it would be a few days earlier than that. Which lines up with the 27th I had seen earlier.

        So there you have it. Thats why I believe the 27th is the release date. Either way, 27th or 29th, I personally can not wait until this phone comes out. Should be prettttty nice.

      • Foxeh

        Ahh! Thank you, dwillistyle. That seems to be as good a reason as any to believe it’ll be on the 27th, lol.

        I actually talked to a Tmo employee yesterday and they were very cagey about the G2, saying he can’t talk about such an “important release” yet tried to talk me into a Vibrant anyway. o_O

    • Eddie Android

      For the last time, those minimum specs where not true!

      • Rob

        for the last last time, its a 1ghz processor clocked down.

    • dwillistyle

      Oh and Foxeh, I don’t necessarily believe the Gingerbread rumor to be 100% truth. Still though, I can’t help but being “a little worried.” We will see what happens and hope for the best, as usual I suppose.

      • Foxeh

        I see where you’re coming from. If worse comes to worst they could always pull a PSP and add another couple hundred MHz, but we also have Cyanogen (though I don’t actually like having to root). Still, I have my doubts that Google is going to pull an “Android Vista” with their system requirements. That’s probably why they shot down that rumor so quickly.

  • Brandon

    I personally cant wait. I was disappointed about the 800Mhz at first but its all about performance. Even my roommate’s Vibrant stutters (supposedly because of touch wiz and bloatware). Supposedly the GPU will take alot of load off the processor. I just want a smooth experience. Great article on the G2 at thedroidguy

    • Jabombardier

      People always forget that the processor in phones are for visual capability than for performance. Snapdragon processor can support live wallpaper and 8mp camreras. For smoothness in performance of running apps and such, that comes from ram and the operating system. Processor plays little in all of that. I.e. a 1ghz droid2 stutters and runs slower that a 600 mhz myTouch slide when tested side by side

  • Frank

    Cannot wait to txt and email on that keyboard!

  • Crayz

    G2 keyboard = Fail.
    The keyboard on the G1 is awesome, so it sucks to see a row missing and a bunch of keys moved around in comparison. I do like the addition of the .com and www. key though.

  • Carlos

    Yyall are serious smoking something if you think the g1 keyboard is good…that thing is horrible and my worst experience with a qwerty keyboard….having owned a touch pro 2 i can honestly say that was the best typing expwerience EVER on a mobile qwerty board and if this is anything like the tp2 then you guys will be in love despite it being short a row

  • QuikZilver

    Wish it had a Dpad like the moto cliq. Good for games.

  • mike

    Vibrant is supposed to start getting 2.2 on the 20th

  • really??

    The best keyboard is the sidekicks deadass

    I’m typing on my moto cliq-_-

  • Patrick

    How often do you use that extra 5th to for numbers? Not enough to need a full row dedicated yo it! Good lord people get over it. Times have changed and its been almost 2 years since the g1 has come out. Ira all Aug having the keyboard ezpierence without the bulikiness!

  • justin

    The combination of O/9 and P/0 on adjacent keys makes my brain short circuit. I hope by the time they release this they put a hash through the zero (like on the silently revised version of the Slide) or print the numbering in a different color than the lettering.

  • mikeybot

    is the www. really necessary? Who types that anymore?

    • J-Hop2o6

      thats why its lvl 2.. .com is the 1st lvl

  • Javi

    Why did firefox keep warning me all day today, everytime i tried to access this site, about this site hosting malware.

    • Technogen

      Same reason you can’t read the main page.

  • olypdd

    The backing that serves as a background for the keyboard looks like a cheap sticker or applique of some sort sloppily applied. The keys look great, but if the black backing which is cut out for all the keys looks like this, I don’t think I’ll be interested. I don’t want to lock into a contract for something that looks cheaply done.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    i still want it. cuz this hd2 is not cutting it anymore

    • nyuhsuk

      Have you installed a custom WinMo ROM and gotten a Froyo Android build on it as well?

      Unless you’re pining for a physical keyboard, you won’t get much better on T-Mo save for perhaps the Vibrant. I’m loving it.

      Now if I could only fabricate a 0.1 inch TP2-esque keyboard to attach to the bottom of the HD2…

  • Jared

    At first I thought “Oh lame no dedicated number keys. Then I realized, seriously, what is the point? Its not like we spend a lot of time typing out number sequences on our phones. And if you do, you can surely just lock in the alt key and type away. Only thing a number row can add to a phone really is looks and I stopped caring when I decided I really want a new Android phone on T-Mo with a physical keyboard. To hell with touch keyboards…until they start to give magical force and depth feed back so it feels like you’re touching more than a flat screen.

  • NiiDiddy

    looking definitely good!!

  • tcky

    Same TP2 keyboard design, just with a missing row.

  • karlc

    first of all, keyboards a preference. personally, a waste of space and makes the phone too chunky. besides, swype is the best innovation in years!!
    i dont know about most of you guys, but typing with your thumb tips does not look cool nor comfortable for a grown-ass man!!
    one more thing, with this phone being larger than the G1, the keyboard has to be way bigger and better.
    one last thing, i dont know the ages of all of these bloggers, but as you get older, texting should go the way of…. lets say….beer bonging: you know, just looks silly for an adult to stand there typing away. kinda like the blus light flashing in your ear…retard!

    • BrianR

      Keyboards do make phones a bit chunky. Personally though I think keyboards are important on a phone. Sure swype, which I have/use, is a great innovation, but for typing long messages it is easier for me to use a keyboard. Even though I am using just two thumbs to type on a physical keypad it makes a world of difference to me over a touchscreen. The bluetooth in the ear is kind of funny, but the majority of adults I see have either an iphone or some type of qwerty phone. I don’t think it looks silly at all.

    • Brandon

      so are you saying I also shouldnt email people also??? What grown man would want to type on a phone. (sarcasm)

    • La El

      Ha ha ha!

      You make no sense.

      It’s dumb for a “grown-ass man” to type with his thumbs but not to scoot his pointer finger around his screen?


  • rickb928

    I would rather have the fifth row. Using numbers in passwords is almost mandatory, and entering passwords off the Android keyboard is pus.

    So much for the enhanced browsing experience I was looking for on the G1, no Flash.
    So much for the enhanced browsing experience I was looking for on the G2, no digits.

    Do I want too much? Oh, I can haz ruut for Gtoo? Pleeze?

  • JM77

    Should be a fun phone! KBs are still best when editing docs and emails.
    Internally its all about chip architecture, GPU, UI, and OS. The G2 should win in these departments compared to current phones.

    7230 SoC – 45nm extends battery, various forms of hardware acceleration
    GPU – adreno 205, 3-4 times the 200 in snapdragons, = vibrant
    UI – skinless vanilla! = Faster
    OS – 2.2 standard Froyo. JIT compiler = Faster

    The GPU speed is at least as impotant as CPU speed in current graphic intesive interfaces for:
    OS (android,ios,meego,WP7)
    graphic apps (google maps,youtube,adobe,etc)

    AND I hear our boy Cyanogen is getting one! = Faster + extended features in the future!

  • David

    Looks promising. Was never a fan of the G1, which is why I never got it, but I liked its dedicated number keys. I don’t know what everybody’s deal is, but I type numbers a lot. Oh well, a physical keyboard with four rows is still better than just a touch screen. Looks like a G2 may be in my future. :)

  • Manny

    i was going to get this but with all the iphone rumors floating around i’m just going to wait until early next year.

  • James

    Actually if you look at those “shortcut” keys they look more like 3 boxes, with the left, middle, and right ones a little bigger than those others, depending on which one your looking at, so it looks to me more like a way to switch between home screens while using the keyboard rather than taking a hand off of it to swipe it to the side….just saying, that’s my guess

    • Foxeh

      I was thinking the same thing for a while, actually. If you look at the official press shot:

      The keys look different than the closeup in this article, but that look supports your hypothesis even more.

      • James

        if you look at the screen in the bottom right and btt0om left hand sides it shows the same three box image with the middle one slightly enlarged, so yea….that would be convenient for switching between homescreens while using the keyboard, sometihng small but enhances the user experience in my opinion if that,s what it is

    • J-Hop2o6

      nope.. those are shortcut keys.. not homescreen switchers

  • adam

    @QuikZilver get a cliq then
    @really?? i beg to differ as htc has the best keyboard when they put rubber button like htc touch pro 2 and mytouch slide

  • racquel

    Are there the 2 arrows () in the slide keyboard?? Every time I want to insert one (which is often) I have too slide my phone shut & get from the on screen touch keyboard… is there anyway I can inser them through the keyboard buttons? I can’t even get them through the extra symbols through ALT space….

    g1 keyboar defintely beats the g2, I totally hate the fact that the numbers don’t have there own row, 9 is on O and 0 is on P and they are right next to eachother & I always get confused…

    Love my g2 but they went wrong with the keyboard.

  • Bncourgd

    Where can I find on the keyboard?

  • Bncourgd

    Where can I find on the keyboard?

  • Mary

    Why are there no cursor (arrow keys) on the keyboard?