T-Mobile To Offer Smartphone BOGO Again, Now With The Vibrant

T-Mobile has been on a roll this year with offering BOGO promotions again and again, and guess what?  Magenta has decided to offer yet another Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) promotion for what seems the millionth time now.  Beginning September 8th through November 2nd, Magenta will be offering postpaid customers and fully eligible upgrade customers who activate or extend a 2-year contract agreement with a qualifying web/messaging feature a second smartphone/messaging phone for free.  What sets this BOGO apart from the others is that this particular one includes the big bad Samsung Vibrant (hooray!).  Also, for those new to these BOGO promotions, you will pay the 2-year contract pricing for the higher-priced handset and will receive the lower-priced handset for free. Full list of eligible handsets that can participate in the BOGO offer after the break!

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  • boOgii

    Darn…no G2 under the offer!

    • ItsAllNoise

      Yeah! “BoOgii says BOGO the G2 Tmo!”
      Dam I said that 5 times fast and now i cant feel my tongue.

  • NiiDiddy

    good for those who will get it. some of us got ours with other BOGO deals…I’m not complaining.

  • dude

    so i can buy a vibrant and get a hd2 free thats pretty awesome…

    still waiting on new phones but very cool

  • A little P O ed

    I’m just wondering why its ok for you to take pictures off of streamline and release it to the public?

    • David

      Well first we don’t take the pictures, second of all welcome to the wonderful world of leaks and tech blogs!

  • Sarah

    Do you need to be on a family plan to take advantage of the BOGO and do you need to activate both phones? (Ex. Could one buy a phone and get the second just to have an extra phone?)

    • john

      Intelligence check…why the hell would T-Mobile give you a free phone just because. No free phone without a line to house it.


      No, were you serious???

      • davidohio

        You have to have a line to house it. It is not just a free phone so you can have a spare.

      • Sarah

        John you seem like a very angry person….. Let me guess, you get angry over spilled milk!

      • Taylor

        Aren’t you just the king of all knowledge! It must make you feel good to put someone down for asking a question. You should go get a life!

      • Better 3g for me

        @ Sarah, no not angry, I’m just personally dumbfounded by our country’s surplus of stupid, lack of sense, and overabundance of those willing to stand up and say it’s ok. How many times do we have to read the same, “Can I get a phone without a line” question?

      • john

        Wow, I couldn’t have said it better…lol

  • Hey guys just a heads up on the bogo. I went to seattle for the front line 1st meeting and they said that bogo was gonna go until the end of the year. My guess is that bogo is in testing for a specific quarter for the next year. Or it could be the data revenue push that tmobile needs.

  • Galen20K

    Making room for New handsets no doubt. nice! – D

  • David Thomas

    A sign from God!

    I’ll be getting one of these for myself and my brother shortly before the sale ends. Extended contract, here we come!

  • mtnman

    Tmo is starting to kick it into high gear. Their BOGO plan, The Family Network, $0 AAL, All the new Superphones coming out. The new CEO came in and cleaned house and did a fresh re-start on the dusty Tmo. I speak for a lot of us Tmo fans out there that were consided the red-headed stepchild of the cell phone world and say “Take that AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon! Game on.”

  • js183y

    OP …Tmo has been on a role??? You mean roll.

  • grazapin

    Gotta say I love all the Sprint/Samsung Epic 4G ads on the website right now.

    Oh, and role != roll

  • dethduck

    And yet again single line accounts get shafted, because yeah, in T-mobile’s eyes we matter too.

    • daniel

      OMG.. yes you are getting shafted for being a single line. Geez… Most companies are running some kind of BOGO offer. Why? Because they are trying to more families signed up. I am sorry you are single and only have one line. But you won’t be able to take advantage of the BOGO messaging phones at AT&T either…

  • Enjoy it while it lasts, our beloved T-Mobile will be last (if ever) with a 4G network. The advantages to 4G aren’t *just* huge speeds, but lower latency, and significantly higher capacity (less drops or failures). I almost think T-Mo shoulda skipped 3G all together, but looks like they might skip 4G instead, IF they can survive this next round…

    • 2fr35h

      @Brett schulte

      Who cares about 4g so long as t-mobile is currently the fastest with speeds? Sprint and verizon both are gonna charge extra for 4g anyways nobody will even produce true 4g speeds for possibly another 5-10 years from now.

  • WazzuKirk

    Question, if I activate another line on my Family Plan, and none of my other lines have a full upgrade available, so I still get the 2nd phone for free?

    • eYe

      Really? Read the first line in the first screenshot’s box. Yes, right under “Promotion Eligibility” link.

  • Jeesh

    I’ll see if it gets froyo and gps fix by then. Maybe then i’ll do it…

  • mario

    Can we get some more G2 leaks please. Oh and did you guys know that iwireless is selling the N1 but its 700 w/o a contract

  • mario

    I know it has nothing to do with the post I just wanted to throw that out just in case somebody is looking fpr it

  • Lamar

    its ROLL not ROLE.

  • Robert

    WOW, two non functioning Samsung Vibrant’s for the price of one non functioning Samsung Vibrant.

  • Jed Clamped

    So no go for Even More Plus family plan?

  • Motor Boatn

    If I get a G2 will I be able to get a Vibrant for free?

  • shovelheadhd

    I believe they can already give you a BOGO on a new account. I just signed up for t-mo family plan on 8/28/10 and I was given the BOGO on the Vibrant. I paid $149.99 for the main line and $49.99 on my second line with a $50 mail in rebate.

    • Acaciastrain

      The store just chose to offer BOGO to help with you activating. If giving away a phone for $50/free means you sign on for two years then done deal every time. My store is reluctant to do Vibrant BOGO but not any more I guess.

  • SeaBee

    Okay can someone straighten this out for me? This article says that the BOGO offer will apply to new activations AND qualified upgrade customers. Since when has the BOGO applied to upgrades?

  • Cranky Bear

    Yeah, it’s still just a tad unclear. I’m one of those “fully eligible” upgrade customers with an existing family plan. My wife is not fully eligible yet (her contract is up in April). Can I take advantage of this and get the free phone for my wife? I would love to get us in sync so that we can both upgrade at the same time going forward.

    • Kickstar13

      Nope, both lines need to have a full eligible upgrade to take advantage of this promotion.

      • Cranky Bear

        Well, there goes my incentive to purchase a Vibrant now, vs. buying a G2 later. I’m on the edge for both, but can’t make up my mind. I WANT now, but might get a better phone later. Or not. Depends on the G2 specs.

    • Rilesman

      That is a great question. My wife needs an upgrade to her G1 but is not fully upgrade qualified until March…but would love to upgrade her to the G2 and grab a Vibrant for myself.

  • Acaciastrain

    For those of you sitting on 1 upgrade ang someone who isn’t quite far among yet try going into the store and having a rep see if they can push an early full upgrade for you IF YOU HAVE THE TENURE. I’m not taking 2/3 years. Its more like 4+. Worst case its they have to call customer loyalty and maybe they can make a deal.

    • Acaciastrain

      By the way…if they do give you the BOGO discount and you aren’t up for the full upgrade and send in the mail in rebate…chances are you aren’t getting the rebate because you didn’t fully qualify. So chances are its just Buy One Get One for $50 which still isn’t too bad.

  • jazzmanmonty

    if i use the bogo to get the free vibrant how soon can i cancel the data plan after i “broke it” on it so i don’t get charged any termination fees?

  • Acaciastrain

    Two years. When you sign the pad on an upgrade you are agreeing to put the data plan on for two years. The only way out of it is to upgrade to another phone that has no data requirement. This clears you from your previous agreement. Sure it continues you for another two years but its worth the monthly savings. Otherwise wait 20 months for the termination fee to drop to $50 or the full two years.

    • jazzmanmonty

      i like this, so i get the vibrant, say i broke it after a month or so, reupgrade to their cheapest phone which might cost me 50 bucks or so, and i have a vibrant for around $150 total cost of everything as a backup phone. hmmm

  • abel2fresh4u


  • xhungry

    I have a question, does it require TWO years of internet? Or is there any way to cancel out of the internet like 2 months into getting a vibrant? I was planning on just getting them as backup phones.

  • Acaciastrain

    If you take the subsidized price, regardless if it $5 off or $300, you have to have the internet. Its a required feature. It can’t be removed, unless its a mistake or a special issue, until two years have been served or you upgrade to a non internet required phone.

    • SeaBee

      Also Acaciastrain you can get that required feature removed by doing another upgrade on the line for a basic phone. See my other post for restrictions.

  • SeaBee

    If you remove that required feature within the first 6 (I believe) months of having it they will bill you for the remainder (retail -your price) of the full retail price.

    I’ll have to double check the time frame for sure, but I bet another rep can chime in on that.

  • CoCo

    I have a hard time understanding why anyone would want a android phone without internet.. It’s basically reliant on the internet.. It’s like buying a BMW and putting a metro engine in it. Just Lame…

    • somebody

      bmw with metro engine lol i really wana see one now

  • Rifleman

    AT&T doesn’t need the BOGO to sell the iPhone, and they can’t keep up with demand. T-Mobile on the other hand is losing customers by the 1,000s.

  • Happy_Me

    Is this starting today?

  • Kyle

    It is not on the website today, only HD2 BOGO…I guess I will have to head into a retail store to see