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T-Mobile To Offer Smartphone BOGO Again, Now With The Vibrant

T-Mobile has been on a roll this year with offering BOGO promotions again and again, and guess what?  Magenta has decided to offer yet another Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) promotion for what seems the millionth time now.  Beginning September 8th through November 2nd, Magenta will be offering postpaid customers and fully eligible upgrade customers who activate or extend a 2-year contract agreement with a qualifying web/messaging feature a second smartphone/messaging phone for free.  What sets this BOGO apart from the others is that this particular one includes the big bad Samsung Vibrant (hooray!).  Also, for those new to these BOGO promotions, you will pay the 2-year contract pricing for the higher-priced handset and will receive the lower-priced handset for free. Full list of eligible handsets that can participate in the BOGO offer after the break!

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