T-Mobile Adding Data Plan To New Data Lineup?

After some apparent confusion regarding the delay of the 200MB data plan set to launch tomorrow for T-Mobile, they have readied a second plan to launch November 14th along with it. The $15 200MB plan will NOT require a contract extension and can be added to any existing rate plan. I’m a little curious by the line that says, “New even more promotional plans will launch to support this new feature…” Are we to expect some revamping of the current T-Mobile rate plans in the coming weeks or am I reading that incorrectly.

Unfortunately there is no indication here of a backtrack of the current plan to charge $15 for tethering which has seen quite a bit of customer backlash. While there is certainly an argument to be made for both charging for tethering and not, T-Mobile hasn’t indicated a shift in position. At the very least, they are listening to their customers regarding the $10 200MB plan by coming out with a second, no contract offering.

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