T-Mobile Preparing AT&T Marketing Smackdown

Word coming down from our ninjas says that our readers should pay extra attention to NCIS LA, Dancing with the Stars, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report tonight to watch T-Mobile lay the smack down on AT&T. Unfortunately we can’t get any details as to what exactly will be said or shown during this commercial (s) but we’re pretty sure this is just the beginning salvo in T-Mobile’s new “we are going on the offensive” marketing campaign.

Hopefully someone out there can capture this on film (using your PHONE cameras, not VCR’s smart-aleck commenters! :-)) and upload it to us for all to see! That’s a hint to dvr and videotape!

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  • dailyreader

    Sounds like fun, I’ll be sure to check it out and maybe I can grab it on my G2! Who “videotapes” anymore ;-)

  • 2FR35H

    In other news I can’t wait.

  • Devin

    AWESOME!!! Bring it T-Mo!

  • JP

    Don’t know what’s happening. It’s like someone gave them a swift kick in the nuts. Can’t help but think it’s been this new CEO Philipp Humm who’s been moving things along.

    Keep it up. Whoever it is.

    • exceo robert dotson

      what JP said, and mostly the absence of former ceo robert dotson is the reason behind the marketing swift. former c hief t ech o fficer cole brodman, is now chief marketing officer as well. very likely we will see more ‘tech-minded’ ad campaigns as well. it will coincide with their existing ‘family network’ campaigns, but tmobile can say it is the larget 4g family network.. good stuff! dont expect mindless drooiiiid like commercials where after watching the entire 30 second laser show you still have no idea what the hell just happened. they are going to take shots. dropping actual names like facetime taking shots. finally tmobile will have a ceo that allows his company and their employees show off how brilliant they actually are…


  • abel2fresh4u

    Go get them tiger!!!!!! I bet my $ tmo win

  • Androidless

    Great! A marketing campaign! Will that fix my signal in Minneapolis? No? Whatever.

    Picking a fight with AT&T (or more likely Sprint) is nice and all, but AT&T’s signal is better around these parts than T-Mobile’s. I’d be much more eager to hear that T-Mobile is going to expand coverage than try to market itself out of 4th place.

    • Mr MN

      If you think the T-Mobile reception you get in Minneapolis sucks, try St. Cloud. At least you get HSPA+ somewhere downtown Minneapolis.

    • Reader

      Twin Cities has pretty good reception. I am in St Paul.

      • eYe

        Its absolute hit and miss in Twin Cities. I get awesome hspa+ signal in my work’s parking lot in bloomington but only edge on the other side of the building…. Can’t even drive for more then 5 min without pandora cutting out.
        T-mobile… your speeds are fine…lets get some uniform coverage now!

    • topleft21

      T-Mo should’ve concentrated on building out their 3G network first. Sending MMS messages over GPRS in 2010 is sad. I’m a magenta fan, but the Death Star is going to hit back very hard in a rebuttal.

  • David who still uses videotape :p, maybe on mini dvd recorder will be more “today” lol.

  • Chris

    Watching the daily show right now and there’s an AT&T commercial on…wonder if there will be a T-Mobile one soon…

  • Midori

    OH SNAP!!! Fight,Fight,Fight,Fight…..!

  • David

    Nothing like a tech blog encouraging people to break out and dust off their VCR’s! :D

    In other news, it’s about time T-Mobile does some marketing. People always seem surprised when they find out I have T-Mobile.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Tape on film, meaning a phone!!

      • haha

        well you coulda told us earlier. i just spent 2 and a half hours looking for film strip slots on my phone…

  • Yyevo

    If anyone is wondering, Dollar General stores carry blank VHS tapes.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Hey, I meant record on your phones and upload guys!!

  • David

    Substitute “out” for “our”…

    • David

      Hmmm, not sure what happened here. Orphan reply FTW!

  • trish

    ahhhh this is going to be awesome! :)

  • Let get ready to rumble! LoL:)

    Stay thirsty my friends!

    • J1

      Apologies dude, as I totally didn’t see your post before I posted.. no harm, no foul right?!.. lol

  • Let me see if my Grandmother still has her VHS…;) twitter me @Josuemoralesc

    • J-Hop2o6


  • 2FR35H

    I haven’t seen any commercial by t-mobile yet.

  • Galen20K

    I’m all out of VHS tapes…. = (

  • J1

    *Micheal Buffer voice* Let’s get ready to rummBBLLEEE!!!.. I say bring it on, b/c the best defense is a strong offense..

    In Mytouch 4g news: I finally scored some hands on time with the device, the build quality blew me away(pics do it little justice).. anyone who’s still on the fence needs to make there way to a tmo store tomorrow and spend some quality time with this BEAUTY..

    Finally cnet posted a quick vid review http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsNug5lPnKw and for all you Star Wars fans Darth Vader posted a vid review of the mt4g as well http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3aTR1Oxfr8 enjoy and merry mt4g eve to all..

  • Ivan

    Dancing w/ The Stars Is On Right Now On ABC ;)

  • Ivan

    Okay so the first commercial was this hot girl in a pink & white dress (TMOBILE) next to a man carrying another man on his back (AT&T) saying how ATAT is holding you back because you can only video chat while on Wi-fi mean while the girl in the dress tells you about the new mytouch4G & you dont need. Wi-fi for face-to-face chat ;)

  • Ansel

    I JUST SAW THE COMMERCIAL!!!!!!! IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD!!! T-MOBILE CAME SOOOOO HARD!!! They spinned Apple’s Mac commercials and came for AT&T and Apple lol!!!! The MyTouch 4g looked amazing on TV!!!!

  • Android69

    Damn they went after AT&T pretty hard!
    Way to go T-Mo!

  • currator

    funny commercial. nice how the old guys is on your back I’m sure the head of att just spit what ever had in his mouth. saying sob. lol go tmo

  • Holidaystyles

    T-mobile is about to put it’s gang sign on AT&T’s face!

  • kiko

    I just saw it! it featured a guy (iphone4) carrying another guy (at&t) and a girl (mytouch 4G). basically it taunts iphone4 for its limited video calling (wi-fi only) vs mt4g’s and at&t’s sloppy network speed. and what makes it funny is it looks like apple’s ‘i’m a mac and i’m a pc’ ads.

  • Randy
  • Broski
  • Acacia Strain

    I want to see this commercial every hour for the next 2 months. Replace that stupid Evo commercial.

  • Rob

    Tmo went hard in that commercial, I’m glad to see them attacking the iPhone 4. I hate apple fanboys so much.

  • ren


  • melissa

    bwahah!! i just saw the tmo mytouch 4g ad vs iphone ad……very MAC vs PC ad you see!!!!

  • odugoose

    That was a love tap, and i have a issue with calling their HSPA+ network 4G when it dont meet the standards to.

  • tipsofme

    Everyone better just step back and watch. This new CEO is the real deal, hes who made T-Mobile number one in Germany by these types of adds and he happen to bring a certain apple branded product to T-Mobile also… But lets hope thats not the only reason hes was a game changer!!!

  • Khan

    If anyone wants to see it then here it is


    • David, Managing Editor

      Come on, its up above in our post, show some love here!

  • chris

    saw the commercial lmao xD Made AT&T look like totally a-holes :D I really enjoyed it

  • nick

    I hope tmobile goes out of business in the US. I can’t stand tmobile coverage and ghetto customers.
    Most of the employees and customers are whisky tangos.

  • Tyrone

    If T-Mobile want’s to “smack down” AT&T, they might try supporting T-Mobile products better. Instead of delaying Android updates in order to load them up with worthless (and unremovable) bloat-ware, try releasing the upgrades in a timely manner. Android requires zero hardware specific customization, and the few things people want T-Mobile to put back (like calls routed over WiFi) are also generic under Android.

  • pantlesspenguin

    I’ve been saying for years that t-mo needs to step their marketing up. I cheered when I saw the commercial. I can’t wait to see more!