T-Mobile To Begin First Advertisements Touting Network Strength?


For far to long I’ve wished and hoped that T-Mobile would come out with a marketing campaign that showed them as the scrappy carrier that could. Perhaps the above image indicates I might finally get my wish, maybe not in every sense but at least in the belief that T-Mobile is ready to finally market the strength of their network. From what our sources are telling us it will be a massive campaign with plenty of focus on “4G,” playing up the speeds the network is capable of. We don’t know how long this campaign will run or what form it will take but we know its coming and I for one welcome it. I just hope it’s here to stay. 

  • Deaconclgi

    It’s about time. Every person I know really believes that Sprint has the fastest Network due to marketing yet they don’t even understand MBs. The term 4G is all they need to know to understand “faster”. I show them that my N900 gets up to 8MB downloads and they say “but is it 4G”………..

    • It has 3Gs. And the Wifis.

      • Mark

        Hahaha! But does it print money and grant 3 wishes?

      • pimpstrong


      • Mikey

        TOO FUNNY. Love that video!

      • Charlotte

        How many geebees does it have. Want more geebees.

    • 3Gsurfer

      but is it 7G?

      • I think its great that t-mobile is gunna start advertising there fast network but my only concern is whats gunna happen over here in puerto rico cuz over here we have t-mobile,at&t ,sprint and claro we dont have verizon we had verizon but all verizon stores got bought out by claro and all verizon stores became claro stores and they made their cdma network gsm and claro took out hspa+ running at 21 mbps last year so i think t-mobile is going to have competition over here in puerto rico once it takes out hspa+ over here which i heard is coming this december we still dont have t-mobiles 3G t-mobile is all edge over here but its still faster than at&ts 3G lol ..over here at&t is crap! And its funny cuz u always see them at&t commericals on tv sayin att la red 3G mas rapida del pais att the fastest 3G network nd everyone knows claro is faster cuz its running at 21 mbps but anyways yea i cant wait for t-mobile hspa+ cuz it does have the cheapest plans over here claro over here is as expensive as verizon is in the states so please t-mobile hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Alexis

        LOl, where you live Alexa, T-mobile has HSPA+ in some areas here in Puerto Rico. Claro dont has HSPA+, so I dont know where you read that.

  • Androidless

    Great. But, their coverage still blows in my area (Twin Cities).

    • Wilma Flintstone

      agreed and it’s terrible here in Atlanta, Ga.

      • Animate

        I frequent Atlanta and can’t think of a time I’ve had poor coverage there.

    • Deaconclgi

      I didn’t have great coverage until I moved…….sad but true. I used to file complaints about bad coverage all the time. In my new location, I get 3.5G almost all the time.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        glad to hear somebody is getting stable service. Hopefully Tmobile will spread the love sometime in the near future.

      • pimpstrong

        I didn’t have good service until I terminated my Sprint contract and picked up T-Mobile. Now I have all of the 3G’s in my basement.

        No carrier has perfect reception everywhere.

      • sorandkairi

        Tmobile has been starting referring to their network as having “4G” speeds… just check out the G2 tv spots. But nonetheless on my mytouch, i’ve been getting 1.75mbps down for the last week or so (upload, i could care less, but, a stead .5 to .65 mbps)!

    • Fred

      I actually think coverage here in the twin cities is very good (at least in the northern metro). Hspa + is spotty though

    • RandomT-moEmployee

      Twin Cities area is a huge network. Have you tried changing your sim card? we just received a new “generation”(for lack of better word) of sim cards. We have had a lot of success with them. On my G2 I noticed a beneficial change when I changed mine and I know for a fact that the market you are in is twice the size of the market I am in.

      • darkjuan

        I didn’t know changing the sim card makes a difference. I think I will try changing mine out with the new one I got with my G2. I think the sim that I have is about 4 years old.

        As far as the converage in the Twin Cities, the only problem I have is near my house unfortunately. But if I go about 3 blocks in any direction my service service is great! My house is a Cellular Vortex. :(

      • darkjuan

        I also work Downtown and my service is great. Always 3 or 4 bars and always have an “H” connection. :)

    • Shawn

      Im also in the Twin Cities. My friend’s Droid X on Verizon gets faster download speeds on Verizon’s 3G than I do on my G2

    • Mr MN

      It’s not so great here in St. Cloud neither. It’s great to see more of their ads on tv but having poor reception sucks. No dropped calls but I’ve been forced to use WiFi because I can’t stand the slow data speeds.

      • Androidless

        I work on the U campus, and the coverage is terrible. The U’s campus is right in Minneapolis, the West Bank is near downtown, and I have either no signal or a weak signal. If I am in a building, forget about it. No signal.

        I’d be okay with all of this if I could do wifi calling because the campus is bathed in wifi, but even that is not available yet. I guess I wait.

        I’d really like to get a G2, but I refuse to re-up with T-Mobile until either wifi calling is here or their signal improves. I will be contract free in Feb. I got time to wait it out and see.

    • 50 Tyson

      I ain’t gonna lie man…

      • deceptivesmiles

        I’m 50 Tyson

    • Foxeh

      Same deal here, Androidless, also Twin Cities. I’ve had my G2 for a week and a half now and it seems I’m on EDGE in half the places I go.

      If T-Mo can’t back up their claims when the time comes, it can backfire…

      • rossi

        Agreed. Tmobile can tout their fast network all they want. However, the bottom line is that they still have the smallest 3g network footprint when compared to Sprint/Verizon/AT&T. Frankly, I would be more impressed if they would expand their 3G network footprint rather than upgrading the speed. I realize they are still expanding, but they are behind the game. Who will be surprised when Verizon’s LTE network surpasses TMobile’s HSPA+ coverage area? Certainly not me.

  • KS

    All I want is tethering and VOIP. I can’t even get the Skype App to work on my Vibrant. They are going to force me to root my phone to get features that are standard every where else.

    Maybe since T-Mobile anticipates no one buying a Galaxy Tab 3g if you could Wifi tether using your Android. What a crappy business model to hold the rest of us hostage.

    • joe

      really? No other carrier in the states allows wifi tethering, and afaik, none allow VOIP either. In fact, most other carriers are even more locked down on Android (AT&T, Verizon) that T-Mobile is, so really, wtf are you talking about ?

      • KS

        On the Sprint EVO you can do the following:

        1. Skype to Skype Calls

        2. WiFi tethering.

        Maybe one example isn’t good enough for you. I am just stating the facts

      • KS

        Apple iPhone again

        1. Again Skype…

        2. Blue tooth Dun.. internet connection

      • KS

        If I am completely wrong let me know: I am open to any resolution to my complaint / concern. I want my Vibrant to do these tasks. I am sure I am not the only one.

  • DavidinJax

    Umm did everyone see the G2 commercial this weekend by HTC. It was cool, and stated on “Tmobile’s lightening fast 4g network”

    • LSxChevelle

      I did see that commercial last night. It was an HTC commercial showing T-Mobile’s G2 that has 4G speeds. There was 2 variations of that commercial.

  • rfgenerator

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH,funniest thing I’ve read in a while. This will put Monty Python’s “Killer Joke” sketch to shame. Most of T-Mobiles network is EDGE and GPRS and they apparently have NO plans to upgrade from that in areas outside of major cities. In my area you go from 3G in Worcester, MA, but before you hit the city limits it falls back to GPRS. They really can’t hang their hat on upgrading just cities and such and pretty much ignoring other areas. I’m not talking rural hinterlands, I’m talking solidly suburban areas with quite a number of people.

  • snowdaze

    I agree with Androidless, Service is Horrible in Minnesota, even in the Minneapolis/St.Paul Market.

  • Al

    WHAT A JOKE !!!!! Are they serious. They have the worse signal strength.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I’m glad Tmo is finally starting to show some gonads but they really need to get their 3G constant before they can start talking about their HSPA+ network. Honestly from the speedtests I’ve seen from people even on this very site, HSPA+ isn’t looking too hot.

    • um i live in tampa an on my vibrant a non hspa plus device im getting between 3mbps an 6mbps down an a average of 1mbps up….im satisfied with the speeds produced i would just love broader coverage in rural areas even if its just edge i just want competitive coverage an i would even pay a little bit more for it because its not just tmobile pricing that i like its also there customer service… i have had verizon and at&t as well and both sucked at that…( o yeah who cares about theoretical speeds all i care about is real world speeds u can tell me 100mb but if all your doing is like 3mbps then who cares) just like the g2 witht its 800mhz processor people doubted but its is just as fast as the rest…just saying

      • Bob

        I’m over here in Bartow and we have EDGE coverage. In fact just outside city limits of bartow on 98 heading towards Lakeland you can now pickup 3g. It is slowly but surely expanding. I am on the east side of bartow in about as rural an area as you can almost get. I live next to the cows grazing. I can hear them at night mooing. The point I am making is this. It is not everywhere that T-mobile sticks to the major cities and interstates. They are in rural areas. I can go from Bartow east on state rd. 60 all the way to the turnpike through yeehaw junction and to the east coast and there ain’t nothing in that hour and a half or so stretch of road but cows and horses and I never loose a signal.

      • vincent

        Between Orlando and Tampa, right after lakeland, you have next to no coverage, I had zero bars going to Howl o Scream. Pretty annoying. But then again its just farms, after farms, after farms.

      • doug

        I live in tampa and also recently made the drive for halloween horror nights. I never noticed a dead spot between tampa and orlando, E of lakeland. I did drop down to edge, but that is a pretty rual area and wasn’t unexpected to me. I am on an HD2.

        Atleast we have edge there, Earlier in the summer i made a road trip to northern mississippi. north of tampa outside of the major metros its all GPRS. In mississippi i was totally without coverage for nearly an hour at one point

  • They need to market their network, and their phones. When people hear the name T-Mobile, they state that T-Mobile, has the worst coverage. Either because of word of mouth, or because they had them before T-Mobile improved their network

    T-Mobile needs to market their phones, and rate plans. HTC is advertising the G2 now.

    T-Mobile needs a new marketing team from the ground up. Something comparable to AT&T/Apple, and/or Verizon.

  • Deaconclgi

    Average Tmo speeds in the North Atlanta area:


  • ThreeFourseven

    I’m glad T-Mobile is going to do this. Finally shut up AT&T and Sprint talking about fastest network. They still have to work on coverage though. My other question is, if market 4G now based on your HSPA+ network. How do you market your actually 4G network?!

    • Akulamenuri

      LTE nor WiMax are considered to be a 4g standard so all carriers are going to face that decision. T-Mobile should definitely call HSPA+ 4g since everyone else is calling there non-4g networks the same thing.

      As for what HSPA+ can do http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc516/Akulamenuri/CAP201010082220.jpg?t=1287412107

      I normally get around 5Mbps in my area but this is what its capable of. Birmingham, AL

      • Adam

        Apparently Birmingham has great Tmobile coverage. I live in Bham and consistently get speeds of 5 – 9.5Mbps.

      • sorandkairi

        i live in Montgomery, just tell me this…. how the hell does Huntsville go online be us?

    • Tristan

      Easy. “Our 4G just got even faster…”

  • Anony Mouse

    Its so funny how people feel like they are calling out tmobile on poor coverage when in fact JD Power and many other companies have rated T-Mobile as having the best coverage in the nation, losing out only to Verizon in some areas (and beating Verizon in others). It is true that coverage is going to be spotty in many places. I dont know a company that has 100% perfect coverage. I have worked for the top companies and been subscribers to the top companies and even some little guys around my place. Sprint used to be one of those “hold your phone and cheek against the window and see what you get” and AT&T was the “got a signal….dont have a signal…..got a signal…..dont have a signal” companies and Verizon…well it definitely did better but by far not as good as tmobile does.

    I wish 100% of the nation could be covered in HSPA+, but the whole picture here is that Tmobile has HSPA+ in more areas than sprint has “4G”, has better coverage than ATT or Sprint, and competes only with Verizon on network coverage, and has been rated to have the most reliable network. This all comes, not from T-Mobile info, but from independent companies…most of which reports you can read right on this site in prior postings.

    • Androidless

      JD Powers rates Verizon at the top. Where are you getting your info from?

      I have been both a Verizon and a T-Mobile customer and I have to say that Verizon’s coverage is much, much higher than T-Mobile in the Twin Cities.

      • 2FR35H

        You could say that but their data speeds are crap until LTE rolls out.

    • Vinyldestination

      I agree all carriers have spotty coverage in many places. I just keep finding it funny that the loudest voices are all whiners who say, “well my coverage sucks in this place and they only cover the major cities”. I KNOW I will get haters when I say this, but if I was a carrier, I would reach out to the major cities first. I think it will only make sense. And as for the small areas with EDGE and 3G – You got coverage! You chose Tmo! I’m happy to say I haven’t had any trouble with Tmo, but I’ve used them in L.A. and NYC. So boo-hoo Worcester, MA. You’re population of 783,806 can wait.

      • joe

        Hey man, why are you picking on Worcester for? Its not their fault that they are not Boston, despite continually trying to pretend to be :) Also, of all the random places to call out why Worcester as pretty much all of MA has good coverage…

      • Testament

        Question… how is Atlanta and the Twin city NOT major cities? I can say for sure (I’ve documented quite a few speed test from different sources) Atlanta HSPA+ Sucks. All we really want is stability not speed. T-mobile if you’re reading this; (which I doubt) work on keeping at least 1.5mbps down longer than three minutes. You’ve done It once with HSUPA 3.6. Please make t-mobile a company I can start rooting for again!

  • Ivan

    hehehe… This is funny. There coverage is terrible in Pittsburgh, PA. Terrible, terrible, terrible. I didnt realize how bad until I switched to Verizon. The coverage with T-Mobile was so crazy it doesnt make sense. You’d have 5 bars of signal going through a tunnel, but then nothing at all at random places. Coverage downtown is not good either. Most times you have to resend messages like 5 times before they get sent.

    • Rob

      Could be your phone I had the first Gravity and it had some sort of manufacturing defect, my phone before that and when I switched phones I have never had a problem.

      And to everyone else consumers report magazine had rated Verizon the best in every major city I looked at (there was like 50 cities) with T-Mobile or ATT in second place. Lucky for me they are second here in Philly. Sprint was rarely in the top 3.

      Though my Cliq is very inconsistent with data, I can’t wait to get the G2. I know people that have the mytouch slide and never have an issue.

      • Zack

        I had faster overall speeds with my cliq than I get with my g2, here in Las Vegas, which was one of the first cities to get the 4g speed capabilities. My max dl speed for the cliq was 4.20 mbps and 5 mbps with the g2. The average upl speed for the two devices was 1.34 mbps. I tested using the fcc app.

    • deceptivesmiles

      Had to be ur phone b/c I don’t have a problem w/ my service w/ my TP2. Only time I have problems is on the Turnpike

  • Great network speeds! Buuutttt only at 5Gb chunks ;)

    • ob18

      If you spend that much time on the internet on your phone just travel with a laptop and piggy back off somebody’s unlocked router.

      • 3Gsurfer

        Actually, I use about 23GB a month from tethering my phone.
        Wish the cap was raised back to 10GB.

      • ob18

        3Gsurfer that’s alot of internet time………I spend what time I need to then I’m off of it.

      • 3g

        wtf are you doing?
        Downloading HD movies?

      • joe

        @3Gsurfer – and you sir are the reason why all of our caps were dropped from 10gigs to 5gigs. Thanks!

  • Ryan T.

    @rfgenerator I live in Erie, Pa… ever heard of it? Probably not… and we have hspa+ & it is frickin SWEET! So I would hardly say that it’s only major cities when cities w/just over 100,000 people are getting hspa+

    • ob18

      Good to know they get HSPA in western, PA……….but since I am in a major city (Philadelphia) i have it here as well.

  • blah

    Finally, I live on the east coast so coverage is fine here. As long as the dont go telling consumers that their network IS 4G then I have zero problem with this. Actually its about time. Im am proud of the HSPA+ and tmobile should be too instead of trying tell people its 4G, in its current state is actually better so why associate yourself with an inferior product at all. Make sure customers know its HSPA+ and NOT 4G, you will win better in the long run that way.

    • 3Gsurfer

      Actually I think they should tell people that its 4G. T-Mobile will win in the long run, everyone knows 3G, tell them 4G is faster just because of the bigger number.

      Most people won’t know the difference.


      SPRINT: We have the largest 4G network. “I want 4G because its faster and a bigger number!”

      T-MOBILE: We have the largest HSPA+ network, its faster then HSPA 3G. “WTF is HSPA+?”

      It just doesn’t sound right telling people HSPA+, 4G sounds better.

      Do you tihnk “high speed pocket access plus” sounds good?
      T-Mobile never market “high speed pocket access” in the first place.

    • doug

      How bout they call out the others since their networks arent 4G either according to the ITU standard set yesterday. Only WiMax 2 and LTE-Advnaced are 4G.

      Technically Sprint’s WiMax didnt even meet the previous draft spec for 4g either, so they never had a right to claim 4g, nor do their 4g phones even route voice traffic over the 4g network. voice still uses 3g, 4g is data only. a true 4g network is TCP/IP based only with the voice calls being routed over the TCP/IP network, sorta like VOIP

      I mean ATT did it to TMO awhile back when TMO made the claim of 4g speeds

  • Carlos
    • Androidless

      This document states that Verizon pretty much dominates and T-Mobile lags behind. How does this backup what Anony Mouse said?

    • MattB

      Sweet two year old article… I’m sure the landscape of the industry hasn’t changed much since then.

      • Carlos

        Sorry….I assumed you would click on each region for details…those are 2010 numbers, and I’m sure it has changed….but read the entire story….

        And while VRW does dominate in the Southeast, the are heralded as good a VZW. Many here are complaining that signal in Atlanta is bad…just providing info.

      • MattB

        I see that now. To be honest, once I saw 2008 as the publish date, I didn’t bother to click any further. You would think phonearena would show “updated Month,Date, 2010” somewhere.

  • @twiddajones

    @ryaninc Iphone 4; I want the Iphone 4. I want the white one with more gb’s

  • ob18

    yes but can they tell HTC that hinge on the G2 is a joke………had to send my G2 back, the hinge would not stay closed. bit disappointed that anytime i picked it up it would open no matter how i picked it up.

    won’t be buying another G2 even though I liked the phone, but when it won’t stay shut.

    • sorandkairi

      i told you a month ago to get the mytouch hd….. should’ve listened…

      • ob18

        I returned the G2 in the mail today so I’ll just watch what else comes out.

  • LSxChevelle
  • Jonathan

    And as a side note, it has been proven that the myTouch HD, 4G, or whatever it’s to be called is the HTC Glacier. I’m really surprised that it’s not posted on here yet. The ROM has already been leaked. So what does this mean for the so-called Sidekick Twist?

  • pantlesspenguin

    Thank you, T-Mobile! I’ve been saying for years they need to beef up their marketing. People around here (Kansas City) associate T-Mobile w/ the likes of Boost, Metro, Cricket, etc because they simply don’t know any better. The only advertising they’ve seen is for cheap rate plans. In today’s smartphone era people NEED to see what a network is capable of & the array of smartphones available. It’s so stupid that I’ve seen commercials for every other carrier’s Galaxy S device, but the only thing I’ve seen of the Vibrant is a buy one/get one promotion. It’s ridiculous.

    I’m also afraid that once T-Mo releases the advertisements regarding their “4G” people are going to claim that they’re simply copying other carriers, & not doing any innovating of their own.

  • jmts80

    Sounds great and all but T-mobile has awful coverage. My phone goes from 3G to edge just sitting on my nightstand. Sure HSPA+ is great here in Phoenix and sometimes I get speeds up to 5mbps on my crappy Cliq XT but most of the time I cant even make a phone call from school or in my office at work!

    • 3Gsurfer

      That’s interesting, I’m in Phoenix to and also have a Cliq XT.

      [The reason the Cliq XT is crappy is Moto’s fault, not T-Mobile]

      I don’t get 3G at school. EDGE works great anywhere.
      When I’m in my 2nd story home, I get very good 3G.
      Where in the Valley are you located?

      • jmts80

        Yeah Moto does suck! I live in Glendale, go to ASU West and I work near old town Scottsdale.

      • jesus

        we have hspa+ in phoenix? WTF!

    • 3Gsurfer

      Wow you should get good coverage.
      Maybe its the crappy Cliq XT, they are coming out with the Cliq 2 next month.
      I get 3G monstly everywhere, my friend has the Cliq and gets 3G.

    • 3Gsurfer

      Yes HSPA+ is coming in Phoenix next month when the myTouch 4G comes out.

  • pimpstrong

    If you have weak reception then do what I did and buy a house one block from a tower. Oh how I love them 3G’s.

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    I live live in Kansas city mo and the hspa coverage is great here. my g2 rarely drops a signal and data is always fast. I even took a trip to Jefferson city a small town here in mo(state capitol) and they even had hspa, I couldn’t believe it. And this is a town that just recently got a buffalo wild wings. keep up the good work tmo!

    • pimpstrong

      Yeah i’m hittin 4-5Mbps all over town now(KC). Lovin it.

    • pantlesspenguin

      Really??? Over the weekend I went from KC to Hermann, MO for Oktoberfest. I had GPRS for several miles! I got back into EDGE when we got close to Hermann. Btw, we almost stopped @ the Buffalo Wild Wings in Columbia on our way back, but we decided to skip it & get home.

  • Finally! They’re “HSPA+” network blows all these other companies “4G” out the water. T-Mobile’s network has improved drastically in my opinion, I always considering them like Thomas the freit train “the little carrier that could”, kind of like a David & Goliath Anology. I remember coverage used to suck kinda bad in my house & my mothers. Now, I get full signals like everywhere I go from Detroit, to Southfield, to Ferndale, to Clinton Township. I went from 635k 3G speeds (When I had my MyTouch 3G & Moto Cliq) to about 6 months later of 1st 2Mbps down 630k up, to averaging 5mbps down, 630k up at my house. That’s crazy. My cousin doesn’t have a “4G” phone, but his Boost Sanyo Incognito that runs on Sprint’s Network speeds are way lower than mine, I got 1.2 Mbps at his hous download & 700k upload & he has a bad coverage area for me. His is about 500k download, & those aren’t even my highest overall speeds. They need to market “4G” because they have to understand a lot of consumers are “Average Joe’s” they don’t know wtf “HSPA” or “HSPA+” is, all they know is 3G or 4G. I had to explain to my cousin what 2G was (EDGE), 3G, 3.5G, 3.75G, HSPA, & HSPA+ is, the differences & similarities. T-Mobile may have spotty coverage in some places, but where they do have coverage in my experience it’s top notch.

  • Hmm

    They’ll run the commercial like 10 times while the others will run theirs like 100 times and still no one will notice and if verizon gets the iphone then network smetwork….

  • imbobjones

    just about everywhere i go in maryland im connected to HSPA, except for my house where i barely get edge

  • T-Mobile Puerto Rico has been advertising 4G speeds since the release of the G2 here two weeks ago.

    Ads can be seen on TV, newspapers, stores, and their website: http://www.t-mobilepr.com

  • MT4G AD FTW. Of course they’re going to mention network speeds. It’s built into the name of the phone.

  • anthonyx26

    “No carrier has perfect reception everywhere.”

    This is such a lame excuse/copout. Let’s face it, TMo’s network is indeed spotty at best (overall). This not to say that it isn’t improving vs its competitors but it has some distance to go before it can really compete with the big 3.

    I spent a decade on Sprint’s network and slowly watched its network virtually eliminate all dropped calls and expand 3G coverage to even remote areas where I travel. When I switched to TMo, dropped calls and weak coverage became the norm, unfortunately. I’m hopeful their network will improve, but not entirely optimistic.

    With Sprint I had had 3G service in my local coverage area for 5 years yet TMo has barely a toehold in my service area for 3G (90% of the time I get a lowly EDGE signal :-( ). I’d love to be able to recommend TMo to friends but I’m afraid I’d lose friends quickly if I did. And even on the pricing front Sprint has been beating TMo.

    – anthonyx26

    • k-mack

      Gosh, I hope you’re joking about Sprint coverage, dropped calls and considering them as your “big 3”?! They are horrible. I had them for years and their coverage was weak most of the time and I dropped quite a lot! Trust me, you want to lose friends – recommend Sprint! how’s their horrible customer service working out for you?! not to mention them losing customers like crazy by the day… i’ve had t-mobile for the last 3 years and they are great!

  • Stanly

    I have not found tmobile’s network to be spotty. You want to talk about spotty, at best, that’s Spring. Tmobile is excellent in the Cleveland area and I regularly get 5 Mbps on my Cliq. I have very few dead zones. It’s just as good as my partner’s ATT.

    Once I leave the metro area and major highways it gets a bit more spotty but nothing too bad…til you get to the real boonies…then ur screwed.

  • Autoexec.bat

    Only getting about 180kbps down/250kbps up here in Arlington, VA (Crystal City) even when the phone says I have an HSPA signal. I am on a G2. The fastest I’ve seen so far is about 3.5mbps down.

    Not too impressed so far.

  • anthonyx26

    Believe me…I _really_ want to love TMo. I’m pretty sure I’m in the heart of TMo’s market/service area…there are TMo corporate stores closeby to the north, south and west of me (from 7-12 miles away).

    And Sprint coverage toward the end of my term (2005 and later), I have to say, was blanket. If I had one dropped call every two months I’d be surprised. Now, on TMo, it’s almost every other call. And yes, I took the time to carefully report the dead zones.

    As far as Sprint customer service was concerned, I never saw that as a huge pro or con…over the 10 years with them I probably had on average maybe one or two interactions with them per year. I’ve had two interactions with TMo CS (to report the coverage/dropped call issues and to exchange a bad HD2) and while the agent was pleasant and did all she could, ultimately, the coverage issue remains.

    Mobile carriers are rarely measured by end users in terms of their customer service…it all comes down to voice/data coverage, phone selection and price. Who cares about great customer service if they’re powerless to fix common real world mobile carrier issues???

    – anthonyx26

  • Dan

    Network strength and network coverage are two different things. Truth be told the coverage is pathetic. I’ve had T-mobile for 8 years and my friend has Att, I can’t recall a single instance when I had coverage and he didn’t. However, there’s been numerous times when I had no signal and he had full bars.
    As far as strength goes, I would say he had more failed calls.

  • AndroidLUV

    Let’s just say this campaign is going to be aggressive and include some key words…’Largest’ and ‘Fastest’. It’s going to be an awesome marketing campaign and I can’t wait to see/hear what the competitors have to say about TMO.

  • Deaconclgi

    I’ll never leave Tmo unless another company is going to give me unlimited 4G speeds at $5.99 a line like I have now…..OR we move to a place with less than 75% call signal coverage.

  • joiseyeric

    I’ve been a T-Mobile customer since the Omnipoint/Voicestream days. I’ve traveled all around this country and my T-Mobile service has always worked well. From Atlantic City, New Jersey, to Seaside, Oregon, to Big Pine Key, Florida, I’ve always had superior coverage. Of course, I’ve also taken excellent care of my phones, from the back in the day Motorola V188 to my current Motorola Cliq. Being in the business now, I see hundreds of phones that have been terribly abused, and the owners can’t understand why they don’t work properly. NO cell phone service works 100% of the time, but T-Mobile certainly has been good for me. If you want to throw your money out of the window, by all means, go with Verizon or AT&T…but if you want great value for your money, T-Mobile is where it’s at!!

  • bloggingpig

    1. Yawn – my area’s supposed to be full 3G, but step inside my house and I get only EDGE in most places (wood frame, one story, no brick). A ‘joke’ if they’re tooting signal strength.

    2. LTE is the way to go for any GSM deployment, and stopping at HSPA/etc. is just a stop-gap. Esp. since world-wide, it’s the way everyone’s heading.

    eg. If carriers aren’t doing this this year or next, they’re toast:

  • Rubinz

    Touting network “strength”? Is this a joke? Everywhere I have ever been, T-Mobile has the weakest signal “strength” out of all of them. Period.

    They can brag speed all they want with HSPA+. That , in no fairytale = “strength”.

  • anthonyx26

    ” if you want great value for your money, T-Mobile is where it’s at!!”

    Where is the value in many many dropped calls, Texas-sized dead zones & weak 3G signals? Oh wait…but they have great friendly customer service reps! ;-)

    – anthonyx26

  • Rav

    About Time !! Tmobile needs to kick Sprint’s ass. Sprint is taunting their 4G network coverage which is piece of crap. I switched from Sprint to TMO. I could hardly get speeds in the range of 2-3 Mbps while with G2 on Tmobile I can reach upto 6Mbps.

  • joiseyeric

    anthonyx26, please tell me where your “texas sized” dead zones are? Like I said, I lived in teeny tiny Big Pine Key, FLA, always had 4-5 bars and rarely dropped a call! And “weak” 3G signals? Where do you live anthonyx26? Are you in one of the 100 markets where the 3G T-Mobile signal touches? And, anthonyx26 are you EVEN a T-Mobile customer? I’d wager your not…just a blog basher…

  • bahh

    Bah, I don’t want no stinkin’ ads. More people to come and suck bandwith. Tmo is horrible stay away.

  • RGS

    What about sims cards? Do all yall phones have sims cards?

  • Patrick

    We have bad 3g coverage here in El Paso, TX. So bad that I’ve turned OFF 3g on all 3 of our phones and are relying on EDGE only. The 3g signal keeps causing the phones to malfunction, becoming useless. We live only blocks from a tower so we get pretty good internet service on EDGE but until Tmobile fixes the bugs in the 3g network, we aren’t going to be able to enjoy “lightening fast downloads”, etc.

    • aalphons

      I’m also having reception issues in El Paso, TX with my 2nd G2! I have dropped calls and periodic “no service”. The best HSPA speeds I’ve had so far are 2440kbps dn, 458kbps up. I’m now considering returning the phone. Anyone else from El Paso having similar issues?

      • LynetteS

        I do, I just read a post at the T-Mobile forums about a signal booster called a cellfi or cel fi that people are getting from customer service. I wanted to try to find more information about it and was hoping someone in the area has tried it.

  • Wayne

    4G sounds great but I would be happy to even have 3G where I live in Maine.