T-Mobile Getting Scrappy, myTouch Calling Out iPhone 4

This is the T-Mobile I want to see, the scrappy little guy picking a fight with the big guy simply because he can! Is that the best way of putting it? Of course not but the above image shows T-Mobile is definitely going on an offensive to showcase the strength of their devices versus that of the competition. Just days after a GigaOM article caught my eye discussing how T-Mobile wants to be the “target” of carriers (which also happens to be the title of the article). Kevin Tofel, the author calls T-Mobile the “Target” of the industry, walking a thin line between everyday inexpensive goods mixed in with some premium products. Which brings us back to the myTouch (myTouch HD, myTouch4G whatever), which hopes to be a highly competitive device in a highly competitive space. T-Mobile clearly wants to showcase the myTouch through the use of the above image, if only just internally. And yet the reverse could be true where the iPhone and myTouch reverse roles whereas the iPhone has strengths over the myTouch but the categories listed as comparative tools offer up strengths power users would want and everyday users would enjoy and that’s the strength of the myTouch.

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