T-Mobile Getting Scrappy, myTouch Calling Out iPhone 4

This is the T-Mobile I want to see, the scrappy little guy picking a fight with the big guy simply because he can! Is that the best way of putting it? Of course not but the above image shows T-Mobile is definitely going on an offensive to showcase the strength of their devices versus that of the competition. Just days after a GigaOM article caught my eye discussing how T-Mobile wants to be the “target” of carriers (which also happens to be the title of the article). Kevin Tofel, the author calls T-Mobile the “Target” of the industry, walking a thin line between everyday inexpensive goods mixed in with some premium products. Which brings us back to the myTouch (myTouch HD, myTouch4G whatever), which hopes to be a highly competitive device in a highly competitive space. T-Mobile clearly wants to showcase the myTouch through the use of the above image, if only just internally. And yet the reverse could be true where the iPhone and myTouch reverse roles whereas the iPhone has strengths over the myTouch but the categories listed as comparative tools offer up strengths power users would want and everyday users would enjoy and that’s the strength of the myTouch.

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  • Omeer

    Well the MyTouch does sound better on paper and given the fact that it’s running android it would run better as well IMO. However, the only downfall here is the MyTouch’s childish appearance. It just doesn’t look like an high end phone to me like most HTC, Apple products. People are shallow and are more prone to pick up something that looks high end than something that is high end. Make it look something like the desire HD, attach a stamp on it with those specs and it’ll sell like hot cakes.

    • Evan

      I couldn’t get past the look of the phone either. Way too many colors going on at once, and the odd arrangement they have been placed.

      • Kaylee

        The myTouch is made by HTC…

    • tehandroid

      It actually looks a lot better in person. The G2 was the same way, pictures don’t do it justice.

      • Original G1er

        That’s what I’m thinking but still man… A mytouch is a mytouch… It’s not going to win any beauty pageants but they are still passable or even desirable to many.

    • Elithegreat

      You said all the right things.
      indeed the mytouch has high-end smartphone like specs…but it seems every handset •••T•••Mobile•’s design team gets the approval to change from the manufacturer has a CHILD-LIKE and immature appearance.

      No business person wants a phone that looks like his/her teenager would drool over…nor do many smartphone lovers (including myself).
      Sure they’re reaching out to families but VZW hit the family plans quite well with lots of high end phones.

      I’m just glad they’re no longer offering that grotesque & transformed Touch Pro 2.

      • Shannon

        The “Fisher Price” look. Haha.

        I see Verizon releasing phones left and right. The Incredible, for instance. They released the Droid X right after the Incredible went on sale. I’d be pretty bummed about buying a new phone only to have something a bit “better” and more attractive come out a couple weeks or month later. With T-Mobile, I don’t necessarily have to worry about that. The myTouch HD might be a bit better spec wise but it’s not nearly as nice looking as my Vibrant. Call me shallow but like my women, I like my phones to look gooood. Haha.

        The Windows 7 phones look AMAZING… but I’m not a Windows Mobile fan.

      • Broke

        Shannon, I sure you, Droid X and Droid Incredible are two totally different phones that were released a few months apart. What it comes down to is taking the time to see what those differences are, if they matter, then going from there. Its also about the endless waiting it out for the next best thing…which there will always be. A lot of folks actually went back to the Incredible after trying the X. Variety is nice.

    • Omeer

      Yeah the leaked videos/pictures of the MyTouch I’ve seen so far has a horrendous color scheme. It’s black in the front, all white on the back with silver linings? Those colors do nothing but accentuate the horrible form factor of the phone. Hopefully the other color schemes will look better. It’s sad that T-Mobile’s most capable device to date is hindered by its own appearance. I’m waiting for the pictures/videos of an all black version maybe it’ll look a bit sleeker and less childish. I don’t know how T-mobile approves these horrible designs for their phones but it has to stop even my 6 year old nephew thought Verizon had cooler phones. I told him lies about how T-Mobile’s phones can do magical things that Verizon Can’t. He still chose the phones at Verizon after I sat there and tried to convince him for hours about how T-mobile is better. His reasoning was “it just looks cooler” so what category do I put the MyTouch in, if it doesn’t even appeal to kids? Ugly? SMH!

      • davidohio

        You guys crack me up! You do know that white is only ONE of the colour choices right? You can get it in all black. I think the device looks fine, not like some kids phone. Anyway, the leaked video only shows the white one, there are two other colour choices.

    • norbo

      Looks better to me than the boring generic bricks that the galaxy S and iphone have become. And those physical buttons on the front have distinct advantages over capacitive buttons – both in tactile feel and responsiveness.

      • Original G1er

        1. I like physical buttons like on my G1. But now having the G2 with it’s capacitive buttons, it’s not bad at all.

        2. iPhone 4 is in a league of it’s own… Dont compare plastic Galaxy s phones to it…

        But I hear you on the simplicity look on them. But iPhone does it right and separates itself from the pack, no matter how many phones try to copy it.

        And there have been many who straight out tried or at least get compared with the iPhone. Just shows it’s well made design.

    • aantoine87

      wait so ur saying the new mytouch looks childish and the iphone (all of them since they dont really change) doesn’t sounds alil bias to me, not that u dont like android but because the media says the phone looks nice so ur blinded and dont see how childish the phone really looks

      • Omeer

        No one really has to “tell” me that the iPhone looks nice for me to think that. I’m not 2 years old. Beauty is subjective and that being so you might think the MyTouch is the best looking phone on the planet and you’d be perfectly justified in your own right. I’m not questioning anyone’s personal taste, just pointing out the fact that the majority of us here feel T-Mobile’s aesthetic choices are heavily fisher price brand influenced. It just doesn’t look “professional” to me, that is all. That’s not to say that I won’t get this phone or that I’m an Apple fan boy. I’m just giving credit where it’s due Apple makes good looking products IMO but I love Android and T-Mo so I’m sticking with it.

    • I agree with OMEER…. ALL ABOUT DESIGN… 100% true!
      when you go try and get a date; man or woman… 99% of people go for looks!


      the Mytouch HD looks nice though. i like it. The G1 was ugly as hell! and some want the sliding keyboard… but those things break!

      furthermore, Yeah, get rid of hard keys for the most part.. they break and facial juices get stuck in them. PEOPLE KNOW THAT.. we all think it but dont talk about it… then your phone gets crusty… how often does an iphone get crusty? THEY DONT; less buttons!

    • bleepoYouKno

      Well if you think about it, the mytouch is coming out during the holiday and for it to look child like to you. wouldnt you think that they would be reaching out to the younger generation then to business ppl. And if business ppl/high end users know about this phone and what it is bringing to the table they wouldnt care about it looking the way it do. As far as it looking like the desire HD or any other I kno I want a phone thats high end and you kno what not only that it is but I get to pick out a color that may be my favorite (oh wow) therefore it would give me more reason to like it instead of it looking blah. All in all this phone is coming out with better spec and faster speeds than the Iphone to date

  • Midori

    Its sounds really nice on paper but since it has Espresso unless it has an way of turning it off I will have to either see it in action and be persuaded,see what comes next after this maybe the elusive Glacier,or get a Vibrant.

    • thereugo

      Im also debating on this phone, the G2 or the Glacier which has already been sighted well at least by TWEETDECK. There’s a article on Phandroid that says that, that 3 device have been confirmed as being real, testing by employees most likely. Four times faster than the EVO and the Droid X. Just hoping it looks like a grown ups phone and not something a teenager would want!

  • Shawn

    Why does it say “Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot”?? T-Mobile has disabled Wi-Fi hotspot, unless we just haven’t heard yet?

    • David, Managing Editor

      I noticed that and I have ZERO idea!

      • cubanito151

        hopefully ther are planning on adding that when the phone hits the stores and will be added to their capable phones like the G2.

    • George

      They’ll have a wifi hotspot option soon enough, I imagine. That is why that test of the tethering update was released last week. They’re not going to unveil the idea until the new MyTouch is launched, to make sure the thunder is with MyTouch, not with G2 (which has its own unique features and which is already in the marketplace).

      My guess is that G2 will have wifi hotspot capability the same day as the MyTouch, but only the latter is going to get the media push from T-mo. This is, after all, Project Emerald, and it would appear they’re betting a lot on this phone in particular getting a lot of heat: HSPA+, Android Froyo, media capability, FFC over 3G, video on demand through T-mo TV. They want folks who lust after Droid 2 and Evo to give them a look.

      • thaghost

        Excellent points @George. if u go back and take a look at tmo’s response to the hotspot issue, they keep saying “these issues are important to comsumers and we are working to delivier them in the future”- the mytouch4g is the future. the g2 will be sporting that as well.

    • Hey they forgot to add “video calls over 3G” something iphone cant do

      • rizo

        actually it says video chat from “anywhere”, in reference to calls over 3G

    • Dbo

      Bc you will be able to create a hotspot, sparky. Like a modem

  • maruichan

    I would love to be able to do video chat from anywhere, as I do a lot of language exchange with people abroad. But realistically, how long is that battery going to last? I’m not knocking the feature, I’d prob use it, but you’d have to be tethered to the wall constantly I’m sure. Waiting for battery technology to catch up…

    • Jbc

      Battery tech is there, but the OHA has limitations on how many mah they can be.

      • maruichan

        That’s nice to know. :) Thanks

  • Greentea

    I have to agree with Omeer. The reason I don’t want this phone is cause its a childish looking mytouch. Looks like a phone for teens, acts like a phone for adults. This is a disconnect that Tmo needs to address. They continue to let me down. I would get it, if it looked like an adult phone.

    • JiRiz

      I agree 100%. Well, that and I rebelled against custom UIs on top of Android a long time ago. If only the manufacturer’s would all realize that removable widgets, skins, and applications are the best options for consumers.

    • 2FR35H

      Its called buy a cover or a case Jesus it isn’t that bad looking.

  • dapanic_man

    If they are taking aim at iphone you have to believe that iphone is not coming to T-mobile.

    • Rpinazo

      Verizon also takes aim @iPhone but seems there still getting one…. Or at least the CEO says he wants one. Can’t count Tmo out either.

      • GrammarNazi

        They’re still getting one, not there.

    • zazou

      Look at how Motorolla and Verizon have been knocking the Iphone with the Droid line-up….

    • holiday

      Verizon took aim at the iphone with its “droid does” campaign, spending mad money on ads and commercials and now a super super strong rumor about the cdma iphone version hitting verizon next year. I can’t wait for the hypocrite ads and commercials..

  • crybabies

    It has a program on the phone that allows you to use the phone as a wifi hotspot along with wifi calling. When you hold the phone it definitely feels high end.

    • Midori

      And the UI doesnt bother you because I’ve heard tons of people complain about it on the myTouch slide I mean I dont know I never used it?

      • remixfa

        The UI is fine. Expresso is Sence2.0 LITE. Its not as in ur face as sence, but its not stock either. The biggest problem with the mytouch slide was all the bloatware and lack of app memory after bloatware. Since this has 2.2 out of the box, apps2sd fixes that problem.
        Of course, my wife has a slide, i just rooted it and put on cyanogen and it runs like a nexus. The same will happen to the mytouchHD, no worries.

  • dbiggss

    Good points on the aesthetics of the phone. I think this will be the type of device that looks a lot better in person than in picture; regardless, it will probably affect how well it takes off.

    I am not 100% sure, but with the larger roll out of HSPA+ and reducing the cap on throttling to 5Gigs, I think that the new MyTouch may have tethering capability – doesnt the iPhone 4 have that also (at a premium cost)?

    Here is a thought, throw some stainless steel in the design, and make a clean commercial with a bunch of people talking about how great it is in British accents, give it a premium name, then see how well it does.

    Nice to see some offense from Tmo though!

    • 2FR35H

      Yeah then what will people complain about? Oh tmobile is copying the iPhone by using a stainless steel bezel. Oh t-mobile this phone is so behind why can’t we ever get something good wahhh wahh tear tear cry cry etc.

      • Original G1er

        Copying the iPhone 4? well it’s not that easy.

        Last generation iPhone 3G/3GS yes, but were talking the now and future. Forget the past gen iPhones.

        LOL there have been sooo many so called “iPhone killers” over the years.. which reflects how great the iPhone was.

        Me, I have the G2. But I like iPhone 4 too. if tmobile had the iPhone 4, the hate here would drop dramatically lol…

        The new iPhone 4 is one of the best phones out no doubt. It’s high quality and it’s probably the thinnest too. The internals work beautifully with it’s iOS. The games/apps are amazing, top notch.

        Even last gen iPhone 3G apps/games are high quality. And that was with 600mhz, probably 256ram etc..

        It’s not just the hardware here (which apple does a great job at) but it’s about the software. And the iOS is refined… It’s smooth, really smooth. The apps/games are amazing. Biggest and best app store.

        But let haters hate.

        That’s not saying android and it’s market suck or anything. Far from it, but as far as games go… And apps, apple is still leading.

        Jail break iPhone, root android. They all have their +/-‘s… But out of the box apples app store is the leader. I own the G2and an iPad… And for sure apples app store has better quality games/apps overall…

  • Rpinazo

    This is gonna be one bad ass phone man. Forget the appearance…that’s why they make shells and skins! I rather have a child like phone with great features, than to have a heavy metal looking phone that limits me. You can’t deny this phone. This MyTouch is going to be MyB*itch and I can’t wait.

    • JiRiz

      Lol. “MyB*tch”

    • Original G1er

      Yup, it’s a nicely featured phone, but not everyone likes shells or skins on their phones man..

      “it’s ugly so what put a paper bag on the b****.. ” is basically your saying haha..

  • mikeeeee

    this is flying over everyone’s head, i’m going to say 3 letters, ATT.

    a nokia 6190 on t-mo is better than an iphone on ATT.

    imagine walking down a crowded street playing with an iphone and getting knocked on you ass.

  • Chris

    They should of compared:

    My Touch HD iPhone4
    Broken Back Glass: Doesn’t Does

    • alex

      lol :)
      This phone gets better, and better everyday i see more info about it, wi-fi hotspot!!!!!! Something i really want, goodbye mytouch 3g slide, hello new mytouch

    • Original G1er

      Umm I’d stop comparing this to the iPhone 4.

      It’s strategic on tmobiles part, it’s cute and all but come on. They both could rip each other.

      Also I don’t know anyone who dropped their iPhone 4 yet that cracked it… It happens but not that easy with it’s it’s helicopter glass like material.. And if the back does crack, well it’s not the end. Cracking screens is another…

  • Lone Ninja

    I agree with all of you who are turned off because of the look of the phone. I have the myTouch slide right now and I like Espresso, but I can’t stand the look of the phone. I don’t understand why T-Mobile decided to go with the same look, but that’s enough to drive me to buy the European version of the G2 (Vision) this holiday season. I don’t get good 3G reception, the G2 can’t be rooted, the myTouch HD doesn’t have the looks, so this is my only choice.

    Please change the final look, T-Mobile.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Well this isn’t hard to believe. It doesn’t take much to out-do an iPhone. All you need is the ability to talk on the phone while holding it any way you like and you got the iPhone beat.

    • remixfa

      totally agree.
      i would have added
      “able to make calls.. with either hand and no bumber!!”
      “will not shatter like eggshell china”

    • alex


  • Androidless

    Interesting that they didn’t include wifi calling as another bonus with the MyTouch.

    That Kineto Wireless app is still part of the deal, right?

  • Robert

    How can you say this looks like a kids phone? Just because it comes prebloated with Guitar Hero and Monopoly, those are business apps. Business apps if your business is playing games. Won’t you look impressive at that next business meeting when you scroll through your programs to find that spreadsheet and you accidentally start Guitar Hero on your phone. Remove the icon? Oh sorry, you can’t without root.

    • eYe

      ADW launcher, make and switch between custom app catalogs any time.

  • Can their network handle all the video. That is the question. And why lower the soft cap from 10GB to 5GB and try to push the video feature hard? Doing video chat will sure enough get you to your soft cap limit in a hurry.

    Imagine trying to video chat when you have throttled down EDGE network.

  • David Thomas

    The phone may look childish, but I’ll risk that for this phone. I’m sorry, but this thing has features that I never even knew I wanted. Yes, I wish we had something that was more like the DesireHD, but I’ve come to accept the fact that T-Mobile hates Droid/Evo-like phones.

    • maruichan

      Yeah, I have an original launch merlo MT3g and I have an upgrade due in less than a year. I was originally turned off by the look, but the more I read about the features, I’m pushed towards this phone. It’s not the ugliest phone out there, but it certainly is not the cutest. I would have to put my hand on this phone first though to figure out how I really feel about it.

  • Androidless

    To me, it’s either the G2 or this one. I’d prefer the G2 in all honesty, but this one is supposed to have wifi calling so I’ll wait it out and see if the G2 ever gets that supposed update that installs the Kineto Wireless app on it.

  • Methodz

    If it came in carbon fiber it would be hotttt. Although I like white phones the white mytouch doesn’t look that good with a chrome lip and a different metallic color backing with a black face. The face should have been white. But I did like the look of the red one though.

  • Ryan

    Finally TMobile… take off the gloves and get dirty! I kinda like that Verizon, Sprint, and TMobile all pick on AT%T. What a terrible carrier.

  • J1

    Wow just when people were saying tmobile was down(wsj cough), it appears they’ve caught their second wind and are throwing haymakers left and right..

    Fanboyism aside, although I personaly like the design of this phone, I can somewhat understand the concerns many of you share.. in a pure beauty contest I don’t think the mytouch would best the desire hd or g2..

    But if the contest was judged by all around capabilty and functionality, I would def rank the mytouch in the top 2.. as someone mentioned above, I’m sure the mytouch will look much better in person, similiar to the g2.. here’s a hands on vid showcasing the mytouch’s hardware(for anyone who missed it).. http://www.intomobile.com/2010/10/07/hands-on-video-t-mobile

  • Jose Medina

    T-mobile needs another marketing department this is an old marketing plan. People like iphone because thats whats hot and popular is also a nice device but if t-mobile its here to win maybe they should show how android plays flash. how its good and easy its to have widgets that you can view your stuff with out opening a app. their too many things to market to be stuck in what android does and iphone doesn’t

  • Shay

    Does anyone know if tmo tv will run on a g2?

  • eYe

    Do we know what size battery MTHD will have? I can’t find that info anywhere…

  • Garet

    Well I am gonna get one if everyone bought their phone on looks the G1 would of never sold it was one of the ugliest phones I had ever seen but still bought it and loved what it could do. I am gonna get this and ditch my Iphone clone (in Looks) the Vibrant even if it is a fine phone I am going for the faster download speeds and FFC I might use it LOL.Plus the T-mobile tv sounds cool.

    • Midori

      Agreed the G1 was the ugliest phone I’ve seen but all my friends who wanted a keyboard touchscreen back then bought them like crazy!

  • Aston

    i swear you guys complain about EVERYTHING!! you’ll NEVER be satisfied with what you get. the phone looks fine, and has awesome specs!

    • bbman911

      Yep, no matter what phone comes out, people will complain. I find it funny that everyone b*itched about the Vibrant with no FFC camera, no Froyo, no camera flash, no LED notification light, etc…now a phone comes out just three months later with all of those features plus HSPA+ and they now complain about the exterior colors…of the back of the phone. Get real. Let’s be honest and point it the true shortcomings of this phone–No Quad Core processor. No 500GB internal storage. No 8MP FFC camera. Battery has to be recharged. No built-in HD projector. No teleportation…HTC, please wake me when you develop a usable phone.

      • Midori

        Yeah This phone doesnt have teleportation like I wanted my smartphones to have either T-Mobile can never have it all! LOL! That would be awesome though!

      • mtnman

        Yeah, plus it can’t do x-ray vision nor can it alter time and space. Geez what can it do. lol

      • Bananaman

        I just want to say i love your comment bbman911…. and some time in the future (if we make it past 2012) these things will come to pass

  • Some Dude

    It has a 1400 mAh battery.
    It has wifi calling and wifi hotspot sharing.

    To those concerned about the looks or feel of the phone, this one HAS to be handled to appreciate. I too thought it looked cheap and toy-ish, and then I held it in my hand. It is nothing like the slide at all. No plastic feel.

    • SnakeEyez

      Hmmm… how did you manage to get your hands on it? Did you get to play with a hardware prototype or a fully functioning one (that turns on)? If so, what were you impressions of the software (espresso UI, laggyness etc).

      • Midori

        I’ve heard from the people who used this phones were pleased they said it didnt lag,its very zippy,the Espresso UI wasnt as bad as the mytouch slide, that you you need to see and feel it to really appreciate the phones build so im expecting this to be an superb phone. Well at least no one complained about it so I think it will be a good phone Im looking forward to it.

  • trini_pirate

    man if only this looked like the new HD7 !!!!!!!!

  • going_home

    Chill out people.

    Its a phone for goodness sakes.

    A phone.

    When did it start happening that everything has to be pretty ?

    Its a phone people !

    Phones have looked like what they are, phones, since their conception.

    If you dont like it then dont buy it, and stop your whining.

    I dont have enough cheese to go with your whine.


  • Acaciastrain

    I need to print a bunch of these out and scatter them all over the ATT parking lot that’s next door.

  • tmoled

    It’s not exactly scrappy when it’s an internal memo. It’s like whispering in your shirt how you’re gonna beat up the biggest guy in the room.

    • thaghost


  • anothauser

    Just broaden the HSPA+ area and it will be all good.

  • Bobert

    TBlow has no clue jyst

  • crazythunder

    i’m guessing the my touch logo is buried beneath a layer of glass? thus making it impossible to remove? will have to go buy some black nail polish i guess.

    • Original G1er

      Hahahaha yeah I hate that mytouch logo there. If they must, they should have just put it in the back.

      It’s going to stare at u! Every time you go to check a text, make a phone call… Web browse.. Play robo defense… Ahhhh

  • mtnman

    Does anyone know if this has the Gorilla Glass?

  • Vibrant Addict

    Love to see this. Next time someone tells me their iPhone is great, I’ll have this list handy. Can’t wait to see this phone out!

    • GrammarNazi


  • 2006mr

    The phone is OK. I work@ Tmo and some reps are already testing the phone out (just a few of them.) However, I currently have a gifted iphone 4 unlocked. I placed my iphone 4 next to the new mytouch HD and the mytouch HD blew it out the water (data speeds) but, of course keep in mind my phone is using the Edge network. Also, I can agree that the mytouch series are cosmetically the same except for maybe a larger screen, faster processor, and new features made available each released…..the iphone(s)in my opinion are VIEWED to look like a stable metal piece of equipment….but looks can be deceiving.

    • iphone4ever

      You probably can’t comment on it, but have you heard any whisper of a rumor that TMO will be getting the iPhone anytime in the near (or distant) future?

  • Holiday

    no matter how many phones came out challenging the iphone i don’t think anyone of them has yet to knock out the iphone. some came close but in the end iphone prevailed. Im not an iphone fanboy as i never owned an iphone but it’s like manny pacio, i am not a fan but he is just to much of a beast.

    • iphone4ever

      I agree Holiday. Another “iphone killer” eh T-Mobile? I haven’t upgraded since I signed on with T-Mobile years ago. Ever since I gave up my original V-360, I’ve had an unlocked iPhone and haven’t looked back. I’ve seen all the phones they offer and nothing comes close. For my needs, anyway. No thanks T-Mobile. Ain’t upgrading ’til you get the iPhone.

  • mikeyo

    maybe some of them didnt knock out the iphone in terms of form but in functionality they all kill it. iOS looks good but its for children and simple minded people.

  • kirsten

    the only thing on that list that appeals to me is the flash and the swype… even then i could live without them.

  • dcbphoto

    OK people, you all need to go to engadget and check out the photos of this phone. http://www.engadget.com/photos/t-mobile-mytouch-prototype-hands-on/#3445147
    I hated this design when I first saw it, but after seeing these pics, I have done a 180º and now I will be getting this phone when it comes out. The red version doesn’t look childish at all. You must go to the end of the gallery to see the red one. It has a black/gunmetal bezel and back plate. Looks (dare I say it!) sexy! I don’t think the white version will sell well, but the red and the black will be flying off the shelves. The black version is supposed to have the same black/gunmetal finish on the metal parts as the red one. With those specs, I can forget about the huge MyTouch logo on the front, and installing ADW Launcher from the market will remove the Sense/Espresso UI if desired. Plus, it will be rooted eventually. My next phone for sure.

    • mikeyo

      LauncherPro is better

    • mikeyo

      Also the bezel is chrome on all the models not gunmetal.

  • MichaelN

    This phone is going to be great.

  • MichaelN

    I’m kind of new at this, so excuse this question. How do I go about changing the avatar next to my comments? Thanks.

  • “GUY”


    • hondavic

      So is it going to have expresso on it line everyone is saying?

  • BobM

    Why mention WiFi Hotspot if it not supported?

  • Midori

    Why is it that on android guys they are calling the new myTouch the HTC Glacier and even have the iceberg picture on it? http://www.androidguys.com/2010/10/18/tmobile-mytouch-4g-htc-glacier-rom-leaked/

    • Midori

      The codename I mean,I thought the codename was Emerald.

  • cd

    they will allow hot spot once the new data plans to into effect limiting usage to 5g a month. that’s when g2 will also get the update and possibly galaxy s

  • AndroidLUV

    The new mytouch is a good looking phone in person and feels good in your hand. Comes with many good apps right out of the box ie, wifi calling and wifi tether. Best part for me it has KidsZone! Now my son can play with my phone and not call China.

  • Marco

    This phone looks great in red and for sure to be my next phone. And boo to all complainers if you don’t like it don’t buy it infact don’t even look at it lol. But I know for a fact you will be tempted to have a second look in person when it comes out

  • teknodogg

    1st of all I’m a HTC / T-mobile loyal user since they were voicestream~

    now…on that comparison…iphone can certainly entertain any adults/kids and it can be deep customized as well…..so I don’t know what Tmobile is talking about

    2nd white/black/silver….what’s with the multi-colors =/

    3rd SUPER dissapointed that it’s SLCD screen and not super AMOLED!!! the color on the Samsung Vibrant galasy S phone is amazing!!!…but G2 =/ and mytouch HD…not as vibrant

    isn’t this phone going to be release on Nov 3rd?…how come no one knows the name still??….new mytouch? mytouch 4g? mytouch HD? mytouch glacier? mytouch emerald?? ….which is it????

    • teknodogg

      also….what’s with the BATTERY life? =( booooooooo~

      I’m still using my G1 boosting CM 6 froyo 2.2 … still waiting for Tmo to release a phone like Droid X or incredible … IMO Tmobile should have made the HTC HD7 an android device!!! and not Window 7!!!

  • Marco

    I found these leaked photos of the mytouch interface so check them out. Looks pretty impressive