Motorola Cliq Update Coming “Soon”

Lets just get the answer to the obvious first question out of the way here, we DO NOT know exactly what day will mark the beginning of the Motorola Cliq update to Android 2.1 However, as the above image shows T-Mobile employees are set to begin training early next month, November 7th to be exact. The good news from what our source is telling us, is that employers are usually trained a week ahead of any scheduled release putting the update likely sometime in the middle of November. The good news is that the above shot shows that the update itself is real and that it’s coming, definitely not soon enough for Motorola Cliq fans but it’s coming and that has to be good news.

So here is what we do know, the update itself will require 30mb of internal memory available as well as 100mb of available memory on an SD card. The whole process will take about an hour and will be done on a computer rather than the standard OTA update.

Motorola Cliq XT fans should not fear, we hear you aren’t far behind but it looks as though this update is just for the original Cliq owners. Let the comments begin!

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