The Huawei Ideos Will Launch As The T-Mobile Comet

Updated with a better pic!

Back in the middle of September when we dropped the accessory list that hinted toward future upcoming handsets a few stuck out because we had never before heard their codenames. Well the “Comet” has officially been solved and will release as the Huawei Ideos to T-Mobile on November 3rd. Packing in a 3 megapixel camera, Swype keyboard and GPS (holy cow!) the Ideos looks to cater to the smartphone beginner as T-Mobile recognizes on the sheet above. No word on pricing but I wouldn’t be surprised if this comes in at under $100.

Hit up the videos below for a better look at the future T-Mobile Comet!

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  • vasyok

    wawa vuve

  • Vibrant Guy

    WOW. This is nice, very nice…

  • LuvMyGreenRobot

    Not so bad for a beginner. Plus its inexpensive and has Vanilla Froyo.

  • going_home

    I downtown in line already to get one of these.
    I’ll sell my Nexus and live happily ever after.


    • mjN1

      yeah good replacement lol…

    • ob18

      I think the line you should be in is not that one.

    • Yasir Faheem

      going_home how much for the google nexus one that works will tmobile and not att? How is the condition of the phone? I hate the my touch 3g and what something a hell of a a lot better.

  • Bimmerz

    Whatta cute little phone! Not for me, but it’s cute! lol

    • timmyjoe42

      I think you meant to say that is the ugliest android device on the market.

      • Usman

        No, that would be the Behold II.

      • GregP

        Behold 2 is discontinued (off the market) – this phone takes the cake in the T-Mobile lineup. Most heinous abomination goes to AT&T’s Motorola Backflip. That phone is the awkward teen of cell phones. Who has a keyboard on the back of their phone, really?

  • LSxChevelle

    Looks like a good starter Android…

  • This is Google’s response to Lack of stock Android phones. They will do it but in a entry level phone. Interesting….

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • What will Google’s response be to WP7?

    Stay thirsty my friends!

    • Steve Jobless

      Is there really a need to create to usernames if you are going to use the same signature on each of them?

      What will be K. Ray’s response to Steve Jobless?

      Stay famished my friends!

      • John

        Also worth noting that your avatar stays the same unless you change your email address.

  • James

    It’s already far better than the original Mytouch 3G…. *sigh*

    • Sweetchili

      Hey 2.2 is coming this week for the original my touch 3G. Nice huh?

      • Ray

        No I think it is 2.1 from what I recall


        I believe that its froyo which is 2.2

  • ET_PhoneHome

    Decent phone… Design is ok. Bigger screen, flash, better camera and I would have been bought. Looking forward to better design in future Huawei phones. All in all, good for starters.

  • BlackHawk

    Stock Android makes this tempting in and of itself. If its less than $200 off contract, as the video speculated, I might pick it up just for that alone.

  • Chris

    Looks like T-Mobile will finally add Android to their prepaid lineup. Sounds like the Sidekick line is replaced with Android.

  • djdarkknight96

    My kids new phone! Perfect!

  • Chris

    Seriously…at first for a power user it’s like “yeah ok another cheap phone” but then it says stock android and it makes you do a double take…

  • txgator

    will definitely pick one up for $100

  • biz

    Hopefully the higher model huaewei u8800 comes to tmobile. It’s hspa+ ready so it’ll have second gen snapdragon. That along with vanilla android will be awesome.

  • Tmo

    They made the tap… No thanks I’ll take the optimus t as a cheap android

  • 2FR35H

    2.8inch screen is too small I mean come on at least have a minimum of 3.2inches of screen I mean this is android treat like so please. you can’t watch movies enjoyably on a 2.8 inch screen. Nor surf the web enjoyably.

    • Steve Jobless

      Open source will be the rise and down fall of Android.

      • DavidOhio

        Sorry Steve but you could not be more wrong.

  • Ryan

    N wifi is pretty nice.

  • Mog

    One word: Huawei. (They made the T-Mobile Tap!)

    Two more words: QVGA screen. (And it’s only 2.8 inches! With no keyboard!)

    Three parting words: Get an Optimus. (It might even be cheaper!)

  • Mog

    I mean, I’m not normally one who criticizes low end phones for being low end. I understand that not every phone can be some 4″ 1 GHz superstar. But I will criticize phones for being low *quality,* and for being inferior to even their low end competition. This phone just seems pointless, just like the T-Mobile Tap was. The T-Mobile Tap was *more expensive* than the Nokia Nuron, a phone which was vastly superior in every conceivable way. This phone seems destined to be similarly redundant. I mean, Sprint’s Optimus is going to sell for $49. T-Mobile has announced pricing for their Optimus, but I can’t imagine it selling for much more, meaning that there’s no way this phone will be able to save you as much money (compared to the Optimus) as it really should. Unless they give you money for taking it. ^_^

    I’m not anti-Huawei, although I admit I’ve found every phone they’ve yet made to be substandard. I just think that people will be able to get more for their money, and that T-Mobile should probably leave Huawei (and ZTE) to the bargain basement regional carriers. A phone like this is just unbecoming to one of the “Big Four.”

    But who needs brand integrity when you can make bank selling low-quality phones to unsuspecting consumers?

    Disappointing, T-Mo.

    • Mog

      *has NOT announced pricing for their Optimus, sorry

  • whyhellomichael

    Will be great with the new 10 dollar android data plan………….

  • Tony

    You’d be better off getting a used G1 off Craigslist for about $50-75

  • jlatnyc

    @ whyhellomichael…. what $10 android data plan?

  • vinny

    Great entry level Android phone. Has 2.2, Google for everything and the big thing I saw, SUPPORTS TETHERING AND HOTSPOT. THE G2 DID NOT COME WITH THAT BUT A FREE DEVICE FROM CHINA COMES WITH FROYO AND ALL IT’S GLORY. What gives T-Mobile??????? Why a free phone but not the company’s newest and supposed greatest doesn’t????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Based on how they have been pricing their phones lately TMO will probably set it’s “MSRP” at $350 or more.

  • derrickps3

    same old same old, the only thing different about a android phone is the look and design of it, it’s the same OS just on a different looking phone, so its just a matter of us choosing which one we like lol

  • derrickps3

    it looks like the behold 2 a bit, but with a better os version….

  • tmoguy89

    DAVID ! I feel this is a better introduction video of the new mytouch 4g !

    source: intomobile

    • David, Managing Editor

      Perhaps, but this is the Ideos post!

      • tmoguy89

        I know my bad , didn’t think you would read my post if I put it in the old mytouch post!

  • pimpstrong

    I know one thing, T-mobile has a gang of Androids at bat and on deck. But sadly there’s still no hope for a huge Android.

  • dorqus

    If they are releasing this on November 3rd, then the Motorola Defy should be out even sooner, as it’s already on the T-Mobile website as “coming soon” I’m probably going to return my G2 (It’s not the awesome phone that I thought it would be, I’m waiting for my 2nd replacement to show up) and pick up a Motorola Defy or maybe this “Comet” especially if the price is right…

  • TMoFan

    This looks like a nice smartphone, however I would question the quality and would feel more comfortable with the Optimus as others have suggested. If these smartphones are priced right I would consider purchasing one. Does anyone know if TMobile would enforce a data plan if I bought the phone outright?

  • pug_ster

    At this point I am willing to trade my Motorola cliq xt for this phone

  • Jazzzzzzy

    I have read a few places that there is a front facing camera on this. Anyone know if this is true? I have tried to look on the videos, and there looks like there is a proximity sensor and possibly something else on the front but I can’t really tell. It’s no biggie if there is not one, just kinda curious. =]

  • mtnman

    Nice little phone. I would guess that this will be priced at $99.00 w/2yr contract. Great for the kiddies as a stocking stuffer. And the nice deals on the “Kids are free” promo should shore up Tmo’s sales for Q4. This phone isn’t for the tech savy nor the public at large, but geared towards those that are budget consious and those with kids screaming for a new phone for Christmas.

  • alex

    If my lil man was older i would get this…my fiancee and I are just waiting for her sprint contract to run out. By dec.1st we are running towards a tmo store and choosing between the g2, mytouch 4g/hd, or an evo style of phone-if Tmobile get’s one. Sprint is nothing but garbage except there data plan and the 4g phones.

  • This is wack

  • David

    The phone will be $ 9.99 with a 2yc
    And the data plan will be $ 10 for the android web
    It’s something new tmo is rolling out this month

  • jutecat

    after the last huawei nightmare (the t-mobile tap for those who don’t know) I’m completely shocked they are releasing another phone from this manufacturer. they must have gotten roped into some kind of contract with them.

    stay away from this thing, the tap was the worst phone t-mobile EVER sold.

    • osmany

      NO!!!!!! the tap was not the worst the behold 2 was trust me

  • chazzy

    i think its a nice lil phone i just dnt like the big button on it