It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Update: Remember, the dates listed are NOT the dates the phones will be received or sold, this is just an accessory list and the dates are when accessories for these devices will likely be shipping or received by stores!

Well what do we have here, the golden ticket? No. So what is it? Well one of our super ninjas just made Christmas happen in September with some information regarding upcoming and future T-Mobile handsets. By now you’ve already scanned this document at least 4 times and you can see it is just full of goodies. From the Windows Phone 7 HD7, to the unknown “Comet and Dell Claire” to the Blackberry Bold 9780 to the drum roll please…LG Optimus T! Boom, we have the Moto Jordan (which of course we now know is the Defy) and the Moto Begonia there and ready to be discovered. This all sounds like that leaked roadmap from a while back doesn’t it? Things sure are shaping up nicely from that roadmap aren’t they?

Seriously, by now you guys are already looking at this image again…so really, check out the whole thing, if this is legit and we have faith in our ninjas then T-Mobile is definitely ready to come strong this Holiday season and we welcome it, oh do we welcome it!

As for the Dell Claire and “Comet,” I’ll be digging because we have zero idea as to what they are, but we definitely want to know!

Oh and P.S., come back tomorrow for one more shot with just one more device hanging around!

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  • DannOfThurs

    So worth the wait tonight….looks like I’ll be waiting on getting new phones AGAIN! Lol

  • OH baby that list is like heaven right now.

  • AndroidRRR

    ahahah awesomeness all coming 11/1/2010 i didn’t get 1st though darn…

  • rolo

    Gimmie gimmie!!

  • AndroidRRR

    we can haz HD7 thats aweome@@!!
    but i want my android :)

  • YJ

    no iPhone???? j/j

    I just want the Desire HD for T-Mobile! Can we make that happen please?

    • Surfer

      I totally agree!! I really really hope that the MyTouch HD leak is old and discarded. And hopefully, T-Mobile picked up the Desire HD instead. Here’s to wishing :/

      On another note, does the Desire HD have HSPA+ like the G2?

      • mjN1

        I’m with you. After reading the specs of the Desire HD and all the info I’m getting from my own tmo sources, hmmmm…. I can almost guarantee it is going to be Desire HD people..this christmas is going to be lovely woohoo…..

      • BeerBellyBilly

        Yes, the Desire HD has HSPA+ (not sure what max speed) but sure if the radio is pentaband or not. Since is’s coming out for europe/asia first, my guess it is tuned for those bands only. Nice hunk of uni-body aluminum though.

    • Surfer

      @mjN1, I desperately hope you’re right :)

    • Oce


    • pimpstrong

      Desire HD would be much more… Desireable.


        I second that……

      • Barry

        You guys do realize the Desire HD doesn’t have a ffc. For me that’s fine but I know most of you probably want that so iim not sure if you would be that excited if it were to come since some see it as a deal breaker. If it does have a ffc which I have yet to see on any spec sheet, I apologize.

      • pimpstrong

        yeah you got a point. without the FFC it wouldnt be the BEST option but it would be high up on the top phone list.

      • Barry

        I hear you, like I said it wouldn’t be fine with me with or without it. I’m not pressed over a ffc in the least.

    • Emil Ghoting

      if it doesn’t come to T-mobile I’m gonna get an unlocked one from ebay… I need an Android phone with over a 4″ screen, with or without 3G… Anyone know if the UK Desire HD will it run on T-mobile’s USA’s HSPA?

    • Rpinazo

      The Desire HD will be available across the pond @tmobile UK as it was announced today. Wonder if it will make it stateside. Wouldn’t be for me but it would be sweet for Tmo USA to have all these super phones available against the competition. But IMO I don’t think it will be for us as we have the upcoming Mytouch HD!

  • Galen20K

    daaannnnggg Santa’s getting EXTRA cookies and Milk for THIS one! ; D

  • legendary1022

    G2 September 27!

    • David, Managing Editor

      No no, thats not the date of the phone, thats just the date of the accessories coming into the stores!

      • legendary1022

        it has to be close to or around that. I’m hoping tmo customers can get it a week early. They did say we would get the first crack. Just trying to get my g2 asap. A man can dream can’t he? lol

      • Foxeh

        There was someone who commented a while back that they were certain T-Mobile will get the G2 on Sept. 27 and had a fair explanation on why they believed so. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any other sources to verify, but now this accessory list just so happens to agree with that.


        With T-Mo still being rather quiet about the G2, a silent launch around this time may not be too far fetched. We’ll know soon enough, I suppose.

    • David, Managing Editor

      I’m sticking with October 6th for now on the G2, until we hear something that changes that!

      • alex32

        It was me who made that comment, but remember a tmo rep told me then again the tmo rep could be wrong.Seeing this again even convinces me more with what I have said a couple weeks ago the g2 will be released around a week and a half or two .Im still sticking as i said before with the dates september 27 to october 3 the g2 will be released from tmobile, and that pre orders will start next week. Just watch (: im that good

      • deceptivesmile

        I second

      • jaythe01

        G2 will be available thru corporate locations via soft launch as of sept 27. Hard launchand availability everywhere october 7.

        • David, Managing Editor

          Hey Jay, good to hear…any word on the pre-order, these guys have been asking and asking and asking I haven’t heard much lately!

      • khane

        whats soft launch?

        • David, Managing Editor

          I believe a soft launch would mean a quiet launch, its available for sale but not advertised as such. Its usually done as a ramp up to a big “hard” launch which begins an ad campaign and a marketing rollout. Jay might be able to better explain though.

      • TheLight

        I called T-Mo6ile two nights ago and asked the representative a6out upgrading to the Vi6rant or the G2. She said that their online system was down and she couldn’t tell me how much I would need to pay for the Vi6rant(I tried online, and it was). Then she was surprised that I even knew a6out the G2. Then informed me to call 6ack the around the 23rd for pre-orders so they could tell me how much it would 6e for me to upgrade. It was a representative and I don’t know how accurate her information is so take it with a grain of salt(I did :)).

      • legendary1022


        You my man fail at teh interwebs. stop typing like that. Just stop.

        Making it a soft launch seems very feasible. CTIA is the week of Oct. 6th and there is supposedly a important management meeting during that week. I can see a ramp up of advertising and media coverage during that week. Current customers will get first crack, so making it a soft launch makes sense on the first crack.

  • Holiday

    cant wait for the Blackberry 9780!

  • somebody

    lets go hd7 make papa proud

    tmobil might just have something going here

  • deemota

    The Dell Claire is the Dell Streak. I was at their Dell Streak Across America event here in NYC and I was told that T-mobile is currently testing it.

    • cranky_drew

      I hope you are right @deemota I almost went to AT&T for the streak but couldn’t give up the costumer care and unlimited data.

  • Mohammad

    Are we going to get the dell lightning? That’s pure sexiness. 4 inch touchscreen with slide out vertical keyboard. My dream woman!

  • Jesus

    G2 FTW !! :)

  • DannOfThurs

    I just noticed there’s no mytouch hd in there..and 11/15 is HD7 so there is either a change to the roadmap or we’re not seeing everything :D

    • David, Managing Editor

      Don’t worry, its there, trust me!

    • David, Managing Editor

      You are right!

    • Surfer

      I noticed the same thing..

      • David, Managing Editor

        You guys just gotta wait till tomorrow :-)

      • Surfer

        OMG, you’re teasing us David.. Can’t wait for the news!

    • Kickstar13

      The 11/15 date is when the accessory will arrive at T-Mobile stores, not when the handset launches.

      • Manny

        OMG!!!! TELL ME MORE!

  • tmorep
    • somebody

      i hope not thats such an awesome name for a random midrange phone

      • Vibrant Addict

        I would probably buy the phone just for the name. I’m hoping it’s not this one as well.

    • Galen20K

      NO, thats the Optimus One not the T that we’re getting.

    • Foxeh

      It was said that some of LG’s Optimus line will get dual-core Tegras, but I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up yet again, hehe.

  • Eddie Android

    Damn just when I set heart on the G2 100% this happens!

    • phonegeek

      tell me about it i was JUST thinking the same thing hopefully my phone holds up till all of these release i have a feeling i need to wait lol

  • AB

    Okay, I’m a little confused. My husband and I both have our contracts up soon and we’re getting new phones, but I need to figure out how much longer to wait.

    Is the G2 the same thing as Project Emerald/HTC Glacier, or is that a different new as-yet-unseen phone?

    • Surfer

      No, they are not the same thing. G2 was the Vangaurd/Vision

      • Foxeh

        So if the G1 is the Dream and the G2 is the Vision… what will be the G3? The HTC Premonition? :P

      • AB

        Awesome! I was salivating over the Vanguard/Vision but thought it wasn’t coming out until November!

        Are there any comparable phones (with a QWERTY keyboard) coming out in November that I might have this confused with, or would upgrading our phones be fine to do once the G2 comes out?

  • mjN1

    Dear Santa, all I want is a HTC Desire HD is that too much to ask? I dont care what everyone calls it mytouch here mytouch there. Desire HD or HTC Ace, its the same thing. I’ve been a good boy hahah….

  • Josue


  • Wilma Flintstone

    Oh My :) by any chance are any of those a 4.3 monster with Android? Please let one of them be a 4.3 Android with FFC. If not, I’m going to be a naughty little elf.

    • mjN1

      @Wilma, yes on the 4.3, but no on the ffc. but its ok. because once that HSPA+ kicks in on that monster all those sprint EVO fans and iphone fanboys better buckle up cus were flying by sooo fast they wont be able to keep up cuz they cant go far away from there wireless router at home to keep up with those tmo speeds lol…

      • Wilma Flintstone

        That makes me happy and sad. I’m sad because I REALLY want a FFC. I’ve been wanting one since the Nokia N95 came out. The news makes me happy because I’ll FINALLY be able to get off this HD2 and WinMo.

        I am a Symbian/Maemo/Meego fan mainly and wanted to try out WinMo and have had nothing but major problems with Software and Hardware. Not bashing Winmo because it is nice for people that like it but it’s not for me.

        Now it seems like my trade in will be used wisely on a 4.3 monster that appeals to me. Thanks for the info.

      • Dale Murphy

        since your response seemed so definitive, can you provide more detail?

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Sure. Again, if you like WinMo, that’s perfectly fine but I just didn’t have the best experience with it when I tried it.

        Here’s more detail:
        First, I’m on my 4th HD2.

        The first one had Software problems where it would constantly delete my contacts around every 2 days resulting in me having to resync everytime it happens.

        I had to call over 30 Tmo reps to get it taken care of. Most of them gave me the basic I-don’t-know-what-to-do-but-I-work-in-the-HD2-department response which was “Do a master Reset”. I did that and it got worse. so I got that one replaced.

        The second HD2 I had worked fine for about a week, then the Hardware speaker went out. I used the basic testing method of plugging the headphones into the port and sound came through the headphones but I couldn’t hear anything through the phone speaker when no headphones were plugged in. I went through about 10 TMO reps and finally got that replaced.

        Then came the third HD2. Right out of the Box, I noticed the unit wasn’t even snapped together completely. Then, one day after an event, I had to take a friend home. He recently moved so I wasn’t that familiar with where he lived, so after I dropped him off, I went to Bing to try and find my way out and to my surprise, the GPS didn’t work. So I went to Google Maps, GPS still not working. So I tried Quick GPS, still nothing. Needless to say, I was lost for about 15 minutes near East Point Atlanta (Not a very safe place to be lost). Anywho, I called Tmo Reps Again and got the latest HD2 that I’m on now.

        Hopefully it will last until I can get another 4.3 inch phone with a different OS.

      • NiiDiddy

        it’s coming Wilma, it’s coming…. :)


        A wilma. I guess you didnt get a good batch. I’m still on my first one, been on it for almost 6 months now. Of course i changed the ROM. But other than that I’m problem free.

    • Matlock

      Hey Wilma sorry to hear your having issues with your HD2, Im still on my original one! Ive had mine since day one, and have never had any issues! I can say this when you get your next replacement definitely flash a custom rom on it, that will alleviate 99% of the issues you are experiencing, also once you flash the phone you are able to run Android on it. I would def recommend doing that, as you will be able to have the big screen plus Android!

      As far as Nokia goes, why dont you invest in an N900? it has FFC, runs on T-Mo 3G and is HSPA compatible, and is a Maemo based device!?!?! just food for thought.

      • Wilma Flintstone


        Oh believe me, I REALLY considered the N900 but at the time, I didn’t have the money to buy it and now that I’ve been spoiled by the HD2 screen (I came from a very durable nokia 3220 to the HD2), a 3.5inch screen seems small to me.

        Now the Nokia N9 is looking great and it has a 4 inch screen and is rumored to come with 64gb of internal memory WITH an expandable memory slot :) which if you put a 32gb in along with the phone memory, that’s a Whopping 96gb of storage on your phone!!! :)

        depending on when the N9 releases, I may sell the HD2 and buy that or one of these other wonderful devices coming to Tmo.

        There’s also video on youtube of a guy running 32 programs on the N900.

        Nokia is my favorite company and Symbian/Maemo/Meego is my favorite OS but I like Android, HTC and the New Motorola. I don’t dislike WinMo, I see where it has alot of promise but it isn’t very user friendly if you get really into customizing, flashing, dual booting and such, so I came to the cobclusion that it isn’t for me.

  • phonegeek

    crap my mytouch is going out on me an it looks like i have to wait even longer is it worth it… upon looking at this i shall say yes santa yes it is ( and dont worry santa im not going to beat you up since i saw kissing my mom….im watching youuuuuu -_- )

  • Shawn

    Come on let it be an iPhone case with TMo branding… come on Santa!!!! If it had HSPA+ too, then I’m done!

  • Eddie Android

    Ok guys on a different note, is it possible to transplant my Nexus One’s AMOLED screen onto the G2? I really want to know because after having a Zune HD (OLED screen) and my N1 I don’t want to go back to LCD


      I think you should buy the g2 take the n1 and g2 apart, and try to swap the screens. Oh, and please take a video of it so I can know if it works. GOOD LUCK!

  • Eddie Android

    What does “charge shell” mean up there on the G2 and HD7? Is it like the “Power Pad” covers?

    • Eddie Android

      * Powermat not power pad.

      • sean

        charge shell is a hard snap on protective case with extended battery pack built in. they currently make them for the hd2. looks a lot better than a standard extended back and offers protection

  • TmoFOllow

    is it possible the optimus t refers to the optimus w/ tegra processor, the dual core 2.0 ghz thats supposed to be released by years end?

  • joel

    Ooh, now this is a fun piece of news <3

    Holding back on the MTHD stuff until tomorrow, huh? Well-played, sirs. Not that you need that for me to check tmonews every day, lol

  • tato22

    really nice tmobile is coming up yihhhhhhhhh

  • Mi-Infierno

    Forget all the other phones…. I just NEED the 9780. Ill start saving for it now. Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas to Me!

    • pantlesspenguin

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the 9780 just the 9700 w/ a bit more memory & the ability to run OS6?

  • phastdriver

    Damn, my NPD (New Phone Disorder) just kicked up again.

  • jazzmanmonty

    I’m beginning to fear something. That list follows the roadmap, but there is no mention of the Desire HD or the mytouch HD. we’ve seen the pics of the desire hd and specs from the HTC event. we all want it. but now the big issue.

    The Evo and the HD2 were released around the same time and very similar. i’ll be very pissed if the desire hd we saw today gets released on tmobile as the HD7/ win7 phone so another badass phone without android.

    I don’t see much similarity between the mytouch hd leaked document pic and the pics of the desire hd. this leads to my concern as that the desire hd (of course uk gets android) will come to tmo as a winmo device?!? i pray to god no, because after today and seeing it i’ve waved off the G2 in hopes of getting this device. But not if its winmo.

    Another concern is that people have been predicting that the MTHD will be released in november. if so, why aren’t any accessories being listed on this list. so in conclusion, either the hd7 is the desire hd but winmo based, or the mthd is being postponed which either of the two will make me cry.

    • jazzmanmonty

      quick side note…desire hd today we found out had a 4.3 inch screen, but mytouch hd leaked sheet says 3.8? i know with rumors in the past like with the samsung galaxy s seriies most similar specs held true like the screen between the various models, but this is something thats contradictive.. either a fake mthd leak or the desire hd is a totally different device. compare the rams too…something that should stay consistant.

      • pimpstrong

        Yeah I wouldnt be suprised if the “Desire HD” becomes our HD7

    • Kickstar13

      myTouch HD is coming definitely. Keep an eye out today. :)

      • alex32

        Desire HD = Tmobiles HD 7
        dESIRE Z= Tmobiles G2
        Mytouch HD is just another line of phones, that leak of a 3.8 inch is true

      • Barry

        Yea that’s the conclusion I’ve come up with. Especially when the authors have said it repeatedly they’re different devices. But its cool if I’m pleasantly surprised and they turn out to be the same…fine with me lol

      • Barry

        So Kickstar should we anticipate news on the MyTouch HD on 9/16/2010 or 9/17/2010 ?

  • Acacia Strain
    • pimpstrong

      So your sayin that the Op T is the Op Pad? I pray your right that Tmo is getting a Pad after all (although a carrier version is stupid). I cant imagine that the Gel skin and screen protector on that list is for a Tablet though.

      • Acacia Strain

        Tablet/Pad are the same thing. Google LG Optimus T. It is a tablet.

  • Foxeh

    I was actually in a T-Mo store the other day looking at accessories (only then did I learn that they’ve been carrying Nexus One goodies) and they have all of their G1 accessories on clearance for $2 a piece. I don’t know if anyone here will want to further accessorize a G1, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

    I was still on the fence on the G2 since T-Mo has been uncomfortably sketchy about that thing, but then I checked out all those Desire-Z videos on Youtube. Now I really have my heart set on the G2, it actually does appear to be exactly what I want out of a phone.

  • NiiDiddy

    Boy oh boy oh boy….This is good stuff!!! I am so excited!

  • rxgator

    most excited for HD7 and Dell Comet from this list. Chances that the Comet are the lightning? Slim to none, but there is still a chance.

    • Kickstar13

      The “Comet” is a Dell product?

      • The U

        I seen T-Mo’s official road map for rest of year and there will be two Dell Android devices coming this fall, an LG Tablet, the Mytouch HD (HTC Emerald), of course the G2, and the HD7/HD3 whatever its going to be called (windows phone 7 device) so all of the above is true!!

  • Fred Coulter

    Stop talking about new phones! Please, for the next year and a half, please stop it! Or at least for a couple of months.

    I just got the Samsung Vibrant, and don’w want to lust after another phone for a couple of months.

    So stop it.



    • Foxeh

      Don’t worry about it, Fred. If your Vibrant still makes you happy, keep it. There will be better stuff coming, that doesn’t instantly make what you have obsolete despite what many people will tell you. ;)

      • Acacia Strain

        And as far as screen resolution and processor Fred…chances are nothing is going to beat the Vibrant for a while. (At least in the screen resolution department)

  • LSxChevelle

    myTouch HD is the 1st week of nov… I don’t see the Desire HD coming to TMO US…

  • mikeeeee

    remember, accessories travel at different freight speeds than phones do and they are probably made in different plants or even countries.

    successful merchants have to have the right stuff at the right time together.

    how about some of you t-mo retail employees tell us which carriers they use?

    how much air freight do you receive as opposed to ground packages?

    this is a good way to determine lead time on new goodies.

    if this stuff comes by normal priority, it is made already and probably in warehouses getting ready for the ocean voyage to the USA.

    if it flies in, they got time yet to make it and distribute it.

    t-mo has a rep for timeliness and they are really and truly an international company, the only one in the USA.

  • FlyingRequin

    Thanks for the info David –

    Oh my…. a skin protector, a screen protector for a ruggedized phone (the Moto Defy)!!!! awesomeness

    You can really sell ice cubes to eskimos…. just awesome!

    • David, Managing Editor

      Look its not pictures of phones or what not, but its an indication of what T-Mobile is working with for the rest of the year, looked pretty post worthy to me!

      • FlyingRequin

        I did not mean to say the post was not newsworthy — it absolutely is very cool. The Optimus T.

        I just laughed at the extra protection for the Defy — that’s just funny :) We all need to enlighten our day….

        • David, Managing Editor

          All good, I was like come on, there is some good stuff on there!!! I don’t know about selling ice to an eskimo but I thought at the very least this would get you guys excited for some good phones coming up!

      • FlyingRequin

        And now as reread my initial post — by “you” and it did not mean you = david, but the larger YOU — as we the people….

        One can sell ice to eskimos… type of deal

  • thereugo

    Okay can someone answer me a couple of questions, Do I get the G2, HD7 that phone is a killer, looks arent everything but it does look nice, but Windows? Come HTC, should of had that thing run Android. How bout the Nytouch HD that also looks interesting. The Desire Z is the same phone as the G2 without the stuff. So many phones so little time, then the Dell Streak, what the hell is going on Tmobile? First there wasnt a phone in the world that you had for us and now Blam there are to many. What about the Glacier, sheeeeeez what to do someone help me!

  • tru dat

    What happened to the glacier?

    • Manny


  • Artiszan

    Really not a fan of windows mobile. Not many apps and limited platform plus wp7 looks like ui from the 90s. I have the hd2 and like the device especially after loading max sense on it and runs fine but does not have a lot of apps. I put android and run good but I think 4.3 inch screen is too big. Really a fan of the form factor and size of the vibrant and nexus one.
    I think the mytouch hd will be better with the 3.8 screen 4.3 just too big. And the g2 dezire z is amazingly fast. In first look from htc they turned the phone off and on and only took like 5 or 6 seconds. Phone is very fast.really don’t think you would see much differnce beyound that. With the keyboard ment more for business and is a awsome phone either way.
    And the mytouch hd will have dual processors too so if you are looking for speed there you go. And then there is your ffc

    • Barry

      You do realize when android first came out the app list was super slim also? I understand winmo isn’t for everyone but we should be a little more patient because android didn’t get to where it is now overnight. Also with how smooth the desire. Z look ed just imagine how responsive its gonna be with vanilla android. :-) I am really excited and I welcome the dilemma of too many good phones to choose from lol I’m anxious to know what the LG optimistic T and the Dell Comet are. Are they phones or tablets? Also anxious to see what story you guys have about the MyTouch HD :-)

      • Barry

        Optimus* phone didn’t know about transformers yet lol

    • Wilma Flintstone

      4.3 is too big in your opinion. 4.3 is the perfect size in my opinion. There are a selection of 3.7-4.0 phones to choose from. Tmo needs more 4.3 inch phones.

      • Barry

        Remember Wilma not just 4.3 phones 4.3 android phones lol

      • Wilma Flintstone

        good point. I wouldn’t mind some Nokia 4.3 Symbian^3/4/Maemo/Meego Superdevices as well as 4.3 inch Android superphones..

  • DanTexas

    Hey David from what I have been told (and yes since I Work for TMO) we are getting a tablet the end of this year. Now at that conference in wasshington Dell said we were not getting another netbook but something a little better. CAN YOU SAY TABLET… So im thinking either the comet or claire is a dell tablet, but i also spoke to someone who said that we would be getting an HTC tablet. All speculation but i believe a dell tablet is one of those items..

    • David, Managing Editor

      When we wrote this up last night I was thinking that LG sounds like a phone, but the more I think about it, it might be a tablet…I honestly don’t know, right now I’m leaning more toward the LG being a tablet but I could change my mind in 10 minutes, I just don’t have a good idea on what it is.

      Someone said both the Claire AND the Comet are both Dell devices, but considering Comet, at least on this document has no mention of Dell I wouldn’t put total faith into that. I thought maybe the Dell was a Windows Phone 7 device, one of the leaked Engadget devices from a while back but again, not to sure on that front either. Lots of unanswered stuff here…

      • DanTexas

        yea ur exactly right

      • LSxChevelle

        I’m thinking tablet…hopefully Tegra 2 but prepared for it to have half the specs lol

  • Antoine
    • David, Managing Editor

      Well thats for the UK and I’ve learned that what the UK gets, has little to do with the USA gets so I don’t know…confused!

      • Antoine

        Thanks for the quick answer buddy!

      • la_resistance28

        Which is too bad, cuz the UK T-Mobile is getting the Desire HD! Hopefully we get a crack at it as well. But would HTC really spoil us with the G2, then the Desire HD all in one quarter? That would be TOO sweet!

  • Which Way is Up?

    wow, so excited over the HD3… especially when considering the inital speculation over the specs on it… man, 2 months away…


      I’m pretty sure that ALL of the specs aren’t true. But hopefully most will be.

      • Which Way is Up?

        yes, phone freak, we can ALL be sure that not 100% of the information given to us on any given subject is 100% true-Lolz…

        however, one thing does come to mind whenever I think about the HD series from HTC. The HD2 was a worthy successor to the original Touch HD in every way shape and form, from screen size/resolution, OS version, Touch Flo3d to now Sense, etc. I am hoping HTC continues with the pattern and the HD3 (HD7) will be a worthy successor to the HD2.

        I hope even a small amount of the speculated spec’s (like that?) are true, this phone will be awesome. now, regarding the software…

    • Manny

      i thought this is it… definitely not hd2 hardware

  • Antoine

    If so this phone sucks!!!

  • DarkCloud

    HMMM I THINK IT JUST JIZZED IN MY PANTS. Looks Like in going to be buying 3 New phones befor the year is Over. I Love T-MOBILE i think i Should just sell my Soul to them because they have never failed mean. My only Problem is im goign to be at basic Traning while my wife buys me these phones and and one for her self their just going to sit there till i get back FUN FUN FUN :)

  • Squeakz

    And the iPhone is nowhere to be found on that list :(

    • JB6464

      That might be our speacial suprise.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        what, that the iphone didn’t make the list? YAY!!! Just Kidding. :)

  • jaythe01

    Dell claire is the Dell streak..the comet is being tossed as the lightning. There is still one phone not listed and its left as dark scheduled for black friday.

  • hitch

    wait….”one more shot” “just one more device”
    did you “just one more thing” us?
    tell me it’s not the iphone…
    I really don’t want t-mobile to get a damned iphone…

    • ogopogo


      • Manny

        probably my touch hd related

        • David, Managing Editor

          It is…

  • efjay

    I know its the standard entry fee into the android world to hate anything Microsoft related but if this is true I question how many haters will still call WP7 “ugly” and “boring”.

  • alex

    Well I really want the mytouch hd, how about we get both? :D

  • En2Mente

    Engadget is claiming the claire is a tmo version of the streak. So we will see how that goes.

  • g1ana

    now I dont know if I should get the G2 or wait until november!! uuggh
    check this out in motorola website

  • 3Gsurfer

    No one is wondering what that other Motorola Android is [besides the Defy]? I want a powerhouse Android phone that is NOT HTC. HTC makes really good phones, but just not for me. I don’t like the look of Sense UI. Not a fan of Windows phones, but would love the form factor of the HD3/HD7 on android. The myTouch HD looks nice, but again its made by HTC and will have some HTC UI on it. The G2 is really great, even tho its made by HTC it has stock android. Only thing I don’t like is the form factor. I will be PISSED if that other Moto phone is the Flip-Out. Need to ditch my Cliq XT! It is still on 1.5!

  • Chuck

    “Oh and P.S., come back tomorrow for one more shot with just one more device
    hanging around!”

    There is iPhone products on that list,……?

    I mean why wait until tommorrow?

  • shawn

    Oh come on how long are you going to prolong the agony?
    I mean the suspense is like Christmas.. oh I see what you’re doing. :D

    “Well we’re waiting” (Ted Knight – CaddyShack circa 1980)

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    check out the G2 (actually the HTC Desire) pics and one vid from the london event, the vid shows how fast it boots up, regardless of what news comes out later today or tomorrow, i gots to get my hands on a G2.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Just remember that boot up is NOT what the G2 will have, thats running the new Sense and our G2 will be stock Android!

      • G1 user waiting on G2

        So do you think it would be faster or slower? Im somewhat new at all this phone stuff and hear people saying stock is faster, either way, im loving and waiting for the phone day by day.

  • joel
  • jazzmanmonty

    OK so it sounds like for now, most of us that were gearing up for the G2 are now starting to debate holding off. Much speculation for some of these new devices are that they are tablets and not phones. I find it interesting on that note that tmobile is gonna suddenly pop out 2 or 3 tablets at the same time. great for the tablet lover to have options. but i hope it wont be like their multiple releases of phones where we get a few phones, each with some cool features yet lacking others, instead of just one amazing powerphone.

    But for the ones that are phones, i think we need to solidify what is what and separate the rumors from what we actually know about the upcoming devices in a nice comparison chart. We have all the specs on the G2. We have the specs for the moto defy. But the Desire hd has now added more confusion, which we all thought would be the mytouch hd but are now unsure. We’ve received a lot of new info in the past week and i think its time to sort it out nicely in a chart in comparison to the leaked roadmap. I know in a perfect world we’d have all the specs and it’d be simple, but lets do what we can with what we got.

    Also, though i refuse to go to a winmo device, i do have to agree that the more i see out there, it’s becoming more appealing. i think its the stupid animations! lol

    • alex

      it is the mytouch hd,you already saw the pic;grab and go

  • Jay

    i onder if the HTC HD7 is a Win Mo 7 phone or if it’ll be ther first 4.3 in. android phone to T-mobile


    • Marc

      it’s suppose to be a win7 phone. I just hope we get the HTC Desire HD, I hope that is the big surprise for tomorrow. Please Please Please !!!!

      • Barry

        I feel its either that glacier or iPhone news and I think its iPhone related.

  • AM123

    HTC DESIRE HD PLEASE T-MOBILE, PLEASE!!! If it goes to At&t, I’m just gonna wait for Verizon to drop their version of the EVO!!!!!!

    • Marc

      I hope it comes to tmobile, because I would definitely buy that phone.

  • I have the original MyTouch and the poor fella is on his last legs. But it looks like he has to last until the HD7 drops this November.

  • Kyle

    Does anyone know why TmoNews hasn’t posted any of these new videos on the HTC Desire Z (T-Mobile G2)? They’re all over the internet..

    • David, Managing Editor

      Because it’s not T-Mobile related!

      • Kyle

        It’s the exact phone T-Mobile will carry.. minus the HTC Sense.

        • David, Managing Editor

          That’s not the exact same phone then,why confuse people?!

  • Acacia Strain

    Seriously if the Vibrant, HD7, Mytouch HD, G2, and the LG Optimus Tablet doesn’t make you think that:

    A) Tmo is really stepping up
    B) They are going to have the best phone lineup HANDS DOWN
    C) This is just a precursor of brilliant things to come in the next year(s)

    Then you just can’t be satisfied. Tmo is getting close to being #3.

    • Barry

      They still need that device with the “wow I have to have that” factor. Is that device coming soon I surely hope so. Maybe the HD7 will do the job but I doubt it since everyone wants android (myself included). But If the HD7 comes correct I may give Windows 7 a shot.

  • Emilio

    So where’s the shot of the new phone??? Desire HD for tmobile US???

    • Andrew

      The Desire HD just passed the FCC with no US bands. The Desire HD is not coming to the US at this time.

  • jazzmanmonty


  • Hmm, ya.. it really is Christmas time you know..

  • Hmm, ya.. it really is Christmas time you know..