T-Mobile To Charge Third Parties More For SMS Sent Over Network?

I may consider myself something of a phone connoisseur but an industry analyst I am not so I don’t pretend to understand all of the charges that exist in the wireless industry. That’s why I don’t understand the need for a charge such as the one T-Mobile is considering implementing for businesses that send text messages over the T-Mobile network. Beginning on October 1, T-Mobile will reportedly charge one-quarter of one cent to businesses for every message delivered to its customers. That means that a lot to the companies whose bottom lines will be affected by this move, such as Twitter, Banks or sites that send the scores of sporting games out. The volume of texts sent under such pretenses is huge and it will definitely have an effect. How many of you get bank alerts or sports scores sent to you? I can’t imagine these companies are looking forward to their costs going up.

GigaOM makes sure to point out that in 2008 Verizon attempted the same play, only they were looking to charge three cents per text alert. However after a massive public backlash, Verizon abandoned their plans to enact the measure.

I just love the wireless industry!