T-Mobile TV And Family Room Info Come Forth

Since all we really know about T-Mobile TV is that it’s a rebranded MobiTV with a super new icon we’ve been hoping to score some particulars on what to expect. We asked for details and now we deliver with some information on what exactly you can expect to find when T-Mobile TV hits next month on the myTouch4G, HTC HD7 and future devices. With a thirty-day free trial to reel you in, T-Mobile TV will run $9.99 thereafter with content from ABC, Disney, Fox Sports and more!

Not to be forgotten and a brand new feature included with the HTC HD7 is the T-Mobile family room which will let all members of a family keep in contact with one another. I suppose if your family requires mobile calendars to schedule get togethers this is a perfect addition to your mobile device but something tells us this is more novelty than necessary feature. Still, anything new and exclusive to T-Mobile is just fine by us! There, we acted like a fanboy!

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