T-Mobile TV And Family Room Info Come Forth

Since all we really know about T-Mobile TV is that it’s a rebranded MobiTV with a super new icon we’ve been hoping to score some particulars on what to expect. We asked for details and now we deliver with some information on what exactly you can expect to find when T-Mobile TV hits next month on the myTouch4G, HTC HD7 and future devices. With a thirty-day free trial to reel you in, T-Mobile TV will run $9.99 thereafter with content from ABC, Disney, Fox Sports and more!

Not to be forgotten and a brand new feature included with the HTC HD7 is the T-Mobile family room which will let all members of a family keep in contact with one another. I suppose if your family requires mobile calendars to schedule get togethers this is a perfect addition to your mobile device but something tells us this is more novelty than necessary feature. Still, anything new and exclusive to T-Mobile is just fine by us! There, we acted like a fanboy!

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  • Sal Zade

    …MobiTV is already available on the hd2.

  • Carlos Estremera

    according to the image $9.99 charge will only be for additional contnet…everything else is free (ABS, FOX, Disney, etc.)

    • Carlos Estremera


  • Carlos

    What about the G2….just came out and I’m ready feeling left out!!!! :[

    • Linkage

      There will most likely be an OTA update to add it.
      I really doubt they would leave one of their hard-hitting phones out of new features like this.

      • Shawn

        But that is what T-mobile is known for. Phones are forgotten about after 2 weeks. Guarantee we won’t see it on the g2

      • Hmmmm?

        Don’t listen to that idiot below, T-Mobile will bring this to the G2. And they are not forgetting their phones. The myTouch phones are getting Froyo and so is the Vibrant so people just need to be patient.

  • david

    MobiTV sucks IMHO

  • thaghost

    great! cant wait to sport it on my new mytouch 4g when its released

    • Leachpunk

      too bad there will never be a myTouch 4G unless tmobile buys sprint.

      • sorandkairi

        doesnt make since… because it is a fourth generation mytouch…. oh…. oh… my bad you wer cracking a joke….. silly me, not being able to spot such a healthy dose of sarcasm…. :/

      • David Thomas

        Why? Sprint doesn’t have 4G either.

      • Vibrant Addict

        Love your reply sorandkairi. Hahaha

      • mjN1

        Why, do you think sprint got and actual 4G network? Best do some reading sir!

  • Illegal Machine

    MobiTV is GARBAGE.

    I cancelled before the 30 days (returned my buggy Vibrant) and they still charged me. When I called and talked to T-Mobile, they didn’t sound surprised (as if I wasn’t the only one).

  • pimpstrong

    Yeah if it is just a rehash of MobiTV then big deal. I want an Android Netflix or Free Hulu app already.

    • sorandkairi

      ditto for the netflix (although current dont use) hulu…… i never watch anything on hulu besides FOX DOMINATION episodes, lol

      • Schneider

        Netflix App coming to Android “soon”. Months ago Netflix hired Android programmers. It’s coming. Netflix is on everything else now Android is just the next logical step.

    • Hmmmm?

      Netflix sure, but there won’t be a free Hulu app. Hulu+ only if anything.

  • NiiDiddy

    where’s the dislike button? don’t like mobitv!

  • The Observer

    i hope tmobile tv will be in the android market so i can put it on my g2

  • Big Bad Butcher

    Apparently you have no idea what your talking about. 4g means 4th generation, it is not an owned slogan by Sprint. Sprints 4g isn’t technically 4g either. T-mobile uses HSPA+ and Sprint uses WiMax, 2 different networks but it seems they are moving around the same speed, average from the tests that i have seen online. SO HA!!!!!

  • Deke218

    …Just saw that Gingerbread has support for FFC. I guess the G2 will not see that update.

    • Tristan

      It’ll receive gingerbread, just means it won’t magically grow a FFC.

    • Vibrant Addict

      What? That has got to be the worst logic I’ve ever read. LOL

    • k-mack

      it will get Gingerbread, I’m sure.

  • mikeeeee


  • jose

    jeez i starting to see how they really dropped the ball on the G2.

  • kai

    is everybody sure that this is going to android? android seems to get left out of a lot of the video streaming apps….besides sling player…..the picture above lists wp 7 as a ‘maybe’ necessary specification.

    • G1er(former)

      That’s just for TMobile “Family Room”. MyTouch 4G is running Android and it mentions it in the article.

      • G1er(former)

        he, rather. sorry tmonews editor, didn’t mean to call you “it”…

      • Darthtod

        “It puts the lotion on its skin…”

  • Fred Coulter

    What does the Family Room offer that Google Calendars doesn’t offer? If every family member creates a Google Calendar and shares it with the other family members, don’t you have a shared calendar?

    I, too, am waiting for Hulu for Android, Netflix for Android, and Unbox for Android. However, until then I’ll settle for everything else my Vibrant does. (After all, it is just a phone, right?)

  • bloggingpig

    1. Yawn.
    2. SPB TV FREE!! on the Nokia Nuron (and other platforms as listed on their website).
    Been streaming live TV from across the world on the grandfathered $5.99 Tzones plan, and it’s nice =)
    3. Skyfire + any streaming drama or live TV website. Been watching this way, too.

  • Serotheo

    I’m curious as to if you could accidentally watch the paid content, I think it should have a warning or be like how prepaid works you know? That you have to pay for the feature before accessing it, so you can’t accidentally incur the charge.

  • Marisleysis

    does mobitv/tmobiletv stream video smoothly? i would hate to use it if it constantly stops to buffer.

  • last time i tried mobitv it was low quality even with wifi enabled so lets see if tmobile tv will be any better.