Two HTC Ads Showcase The T-Mobile G2

It’s all too common in the mobile world that as soon as the “hottest” phone drops, it’s no longer the talk of the town and steps aside for the next upcoming “hot” device. Even so the T-Mobile G2 has only been out for two weeks, our focus has already shifted to the myTouch4G or the HD7 depending on which OS you prefer. However, HTC isn’t about to let the G2 slip away from the conscious by showcasing two videos highlighting the strengths of both the device itself as well the Android platform that powers it.

Personally, I like the video, but I just love the music, makes me think of the Jason Bourne movies and for that reason alone, HTC has sold me.

HTC YouTube and HTC YouTube

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  • Carlos Estremera

    i finally submitted something that was posted… :) – can’t wait for myTouch ads…though I’m sticking w/ the G2…

  • El Guapo

    This is a great phone for a mom??? LOL

    • ob18

      Clever did you stay up all night thinking of when you could use that comment?

      • El Guapo

        I didn’t think it up… HTC did..

    • ogopogo

      LOL. Even though the ad indicates that you are more likely to hike up your skirt instead of hiking up a mountain, it is still nice to see some advertisement.

  • I really want to get these phone but the root issue sets me back. Im thinking of getting the vibrant with the nice screen or waiting for the mytouch4g w ffc. Oh what to do?!!! Any suggestions?

    • David

      I’ve been thinking about this, the Vibrant, and the MyTouch. A friend of mine just picked up the G2 and I had a chance to test it out. Very nice, but the keyboard really didn’t help me any. I suggest going for the MyTouch, as HTC has been doing a great job with its phones. I recently checked out the Samsung Vibrant in the store, and it seemed cheap. The MyTouch should be out soon, hopefully in the first part of November.

      • ob18

        Keyboard did bother me as well, was not fun to use and felt very awkward. But the biggest annoyance about the phone for me was still the hinge. But for those who enjoy the phone these things may not matter as long as it works for them and their needs.

      • I went in tmobile and fell in love with the G2 on sight. Like you said the vibrant feels way too cheap. And with costo selling at $99 with upgrade. I went for it. Getting my G2 soon. I love the keyboard to play w the emulators.

    • Usman

      Um, option 3… hold off on getting a new phone and see if the G2 gets rooted properly in the next few weeks.

    • Vibrant Addict

      Option 4, wait till 2011 and get an even better phone than all the ones mentioned. If you can wait that long. Key aspects of each.

      Vibrant: Screen and processor/GPU (slowed down by software currently)
      G2: Keyboard
      myTouch 4G: front facing camera, T-Mobile TV out of the box, Genius button (questionable), faster processor than G2.

  • Eddie Android

    2 ads from HTC and none from T-Mobile? I guess they dont want people to know about the G2. I know a bunch of people that have the G1 and still don’t know the G2 is out!

  • David

    Good to see some actual marketing here. I’ve already seen the G2 out in the wild. Compare to the Nexus One, which I didn’t see for several months! The G2 is a winner for anyone who wants a keyboard!

    • Foxeh

      A friend of mine who has an Incredible actually said they’re jealous of my G2.

      I’m not sure it’s an ideal SuperMom phone, though…

  • archie

    Saw the 2nd add during the baseball game last night, amongst the dozen or so Blackberry and Verizon commercials, seriously T-Mobile you need to spens some money on advertising.

    • ob18

      They skipped all classes related to marketing and strategic advertising.

    • Barry

      You guys do realize blackberry is a sponsor of the mlb playoffs

  • pimpstrong

    Oh what Oh what do we have in store for 2011? This game doesnt just stop after December so lets pull out the leaked info on Y2K11 devices already. All these devices are outdated already.

    • Midori

      Yeah I agree, the new mytouch 4G is already outdated! LOL!!!

  • The Observer

    i love the htc you commercials, didnt like the first vid here though, make it look like its for moms :/

    • bmg314

      Um, yeah…Tmobile is the “Family Network”, so get used to this kind of marketing. I’m going to go out on a limb and say you will never see a Tmo ad that portrays scrappiness or the little network that could, much less any sort of badass atitude. Just family fare. I’m not complaining, mind you…just an opinion.

      Btw, so all of my hope that the Glacier was going to be another (nice) device has just been crushed by the reveal that the MT4G is in fact the Glacier. Sucks.

      • cp

        So I guess the Emerald and the Glacier are the same thing.

  • T-Mo Advertising

    T-Mobile’s biding it’s time in marketing because, as we all know, they A. Don’t have as much money as Verizon and B. Advertise heavily for the NBA.

    It’s not a surprise, but clearly HTC isn’t going to put this advertisement out without having some money by T-Mobile to put their label in the commercial.

    • The Observer

      that doesnt make sense at all, if the g2 dont sell well then htc looks bad as well. htc want people to pick up this phone and its only available on tmobile so ofcourse they goin to put tmobile label on there

  • Vinyldestination

    I was excited to see Astoria!! But immediately disappointment that it was Astoria, Oregon. Not Astoria, Queens….

    • Darthtod

      Astoria Oregon FTW! C’mon, how can you not love the hometown of the Goonies and Number 5?

  • mikeeeee

    push UMA TO IT and i’ll get out my checkbook.

    • Androidless


  • jc

    The music is by Nina Simone, and it’s called “Sinnerman”. You may recognize it from the 1999 remake of “The Thomas Crown Affair”, with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo. It’s a great movie, and a great soundtrack.

  • JS949

    Actually it’s a dance remix of the original by Felix the Housecat. I love both versions. :)

  • phil mccrakin


  • Sean

    I like the wifi calling icon on the desktop of the videos

    • Razzmatazz

      Ha yea now that you mentioned it, the first ad with the lady using Speak to talk it shows it in the background behind the box. I need it now on my G2.

  • Lone Ninja

    This is a very attractive phone. Unfortunantely it can’t be rooted so I guess I’ll have to wait for the myTouch HD/4G. I just don’t want all of those extra apps I will never use and there is no way to uninstall them without rooting. Such a heartbreak for me.

  • cp

    I seem to remember on July 4th, when the pics of this phone were first leaked, everyone was calling it a fail and now eveyone is crazy about it. Just an observation.

  • crazythunder

    they should show a video of a room full of devs working hard to unlock this damned phone. grrr

    • J1



  • jl
  • J1

    Nice.. I love those htc ads, even the ads showcasing the evo and dinc
    *he awaits being pelted with eggs and tomatoes* I agree with David that’s one catchy little jingle..

    can’t wait to see the ads for the new mytouch highlighting video calling and all the other goodies( or bloatware depending on your p.o.v. ) that it comes loaded with..

  • patrick

    g2 for the win. eventough the hinge in annoying for me, im glad i have it. while others complain about the keyboard, i actually love it. the perfect staggered keys with a soft grip feel to it. ive done investigating on the hinge from going to tmobile store to tmobile store and its all the say. its how the phone was built, to be open and closed with ease. itd be a comepletely different story if the phone didnt stay open at all..

  • Rick

    I’m quite happy with my G2. I’m not having any problems with the hinge, and I see no reason to root it. I’m no longer juggling apps like I did on my G1. I can use the screen keyboard in portrait mode. The real keyboard is great in landscape and surfing. I’m putting a 32GB card in it this weekend.

    Yeah, faster phones are coming out, but that will always be the case.

  • mofo

    yeah i like my g2 as well, no issues with the hinge and it works great. i cant wait for root though hopefully the mytouch doesnt have a rootblocker also.