HTC HD2 Software Update Coming Tomorrow

If you may recall, late last month we spotted a T-Mobile HD2 ROM in the wild and we were positive that an official ROM from Magenta was coming very soon. We’re happy to say that our instincts were right once again! Starting tomorrow, October 19th, a new software update (version 3.14.531.1) will be available for T-Mobile HTC HD2 owners. The software update brings quite a few fixes, including improvements in overall stability of the handset and access to new¬†applications¬†such as Shazam & Amazon MP3. The software update will fix the following issues:

  • Browsing Facebook photos is slow
  • White screen while browsing the internet
  • Cannot delete GMAIL messages from the preview screen
  • SMS sends to the wrong person
  • Twitter errors
  • Cannot unlock the phone
  • Cannot unlock the phone with the correct password
  • No space bar on company directory keyboard
  • Can’t hear Visual Voicemails
  • Speakerphone stops working after using the Call Assist app to call 611

HD2 owners will be able to download the software update by going to, selecting their handset and then following step by step guide. Additionally, Magenta will notify T-Mobile HD2 users via test message letting them know the software update is available for download.

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