HTC HD2 Software Update Coming Tomorrow

If you may recall, late last month we spotted a T-Mobile HD2 ROM in the wild and we were positive that an official ROM from Magenta was coming very soon. We’re happy to say that our instincts were right once again! Starting tomorrow, October 19th, a new software update (version 3.14.531.1) will be available for T-Mobile HTC HD2 owners. The software update brings quite a few fixes, including improvements in overall stability of the handset and access to new¬†applications¬†such as Shazam & Amazon MP3. The software update will fix the following issues:

  • Browsing Facebook photos is slow
  • White screen while browsing the internet
  • Cannot delete GMAIL messages from the preview screen
  • SMS sends to the wrong person
  • Twitter errors
  • Cannot unlock the phone
  • Cannot unlock the phone with the correct password
  • No space bar on company directory keyboard
  • Can’t hear Visual Voicemails
  • Speakerphone stops working after using the Call Assist app to call 611

HD2 owners will be able to download the software update by going to, selecting their handset and then following step by step guide. Additionally, Magenta will notify T-Mobile HD2 users via test message letting them know the software update is available for download.

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  • MattB

    The fact that this device had this many issues, but was brought to market anyhow is what really concerns me about the new Win7 phones… hopefully they were oversights due to too much focus being placed on the future os.

    • aLb3Rt

      everyone should have known all those issues with windows 6.5 prior or the hd2. lol good thing I got read of mine +profit ;) — G2 user

      • cp

        You should’ve used the money on some grammar lessons. It’s “prior to” not “prior or” and “rid” not “read”.

      • aLb3Rt

        Honest mistake douche. So what.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        LOL… as opposed to one making dishonest mistakes?

    • RDL

      These issues seem to stem from the overlay apps on the HD2 (Sense) and additional third party apps rather than the base winmo 6.5. Unless you know differently (have seen the detailed list where it details where the bug was in code), you’re making an assumption (like mine).

    • JB6464

      I don’t have any of those issues with my HD2 i bought new when it came out.
      And i can tether for free and cook the rom to andriod if i wanted.

      • Barry

        Which android do you use and is it fully functional?? I have tried and tried with several android softwares and Im having issues with the sound of chipmunks! Please help??

      • myn15

        hey barry, if u have facebook acct (and im sure u have one) just search and like HTC HD2 ANDROID then everything u need to know is in there, and u can even ask and learn other members if u ever you have issues with your hd2 android.. im running froyostone v3.1 and its running smooth since! they released new version 3.2 yesterday. to get rid of robotic sounds, make sure u hit the CLRCAD and update your new radio.. here the link..

    • Matt, you don’t think that Android has any issues? They are fixing plenty of bugs too.

      • MattB

        Definitely never said that, and certainly didn’t mean to imply it. That being said, as a person who handles front line support for tmobile, and has been in the industry for nearly a decade, I cannot think of another phone that i have experienced such negative backlash about… With any provider.

    • efjay

      Actually you should be more concerned with HTC quality control, MS supplies the OS to them, then they muck it up with their “Sense” crap, then people blame MS. This wont happen with WP7, the OS already looks smooth and all updates come direct from MS as well so it wont be a repeat of WM.

    • ParappaLives

      I don’t have ANY of those problems? How do I not have any of those problems? Weird.

  • Ruufus

    I am impressed that T-Mobile has been supporting and improving this phone. I bought phone knowing it was WM6.5 and there would issues. Thisis espeically true considering WP7 is just around the corner.

  • phone capo

    got a replacement phone on friday and it had the update on it…with that said I cant wait to get rid of this phone…crazy I only had it for 3 months and its not even paid for yet

  • i was thinkin bout using the leak , but im hype this come out 2mar …

  • Deke218

    I don’t have any of the above listed problems. Even if I did, its still better than Android. Been running 2.2 on my HD2 for a little while now and it reminded me of why I ditch Android after the G1. Frankly, Android sucks. The only thing it has is the market. Try running you droid with no apps.

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 USER

    put a custome rom on mine many moons ago, and that took care of the issues. After that I put android on it and have never looked back!!

  • gary

    Well not like it matters but I would hope that the majority of hd2 owners are just using the android builds on this phone instead

  • chrisrj28

    Yeah custom roms have been using that release base for a while now. Overall this has been the best phone I have ever had and one of the best ever made. Dual booting WM6.5.3 and Android is awesome, here is waiting for triple booting Wm6.5.3/Android/WP7

  • RDL

    I tried using the android builds on my hd2 a while back but they drained the batter so quickly and made the phone feel hot constantly. In addition they were unstable. It’s cool to have a choice so I’ll probably try it again soon but I’m waiting to see how the WP7 turns out in public use before I commit to it (I really want one but think I’m going to waith until after the initial push so I can buy one out of contract for the same price).

  • isiah

    I been installed a custom windows rom and android 2.2 on my htc hd2. I love my phone now. Tmobile is a little to late with this update.

  • JD

    Does anyone know if this will be a reinstall of OS or just an upgrade. I don’t know if it would be worth backing everything up and redoing all of my settings, even if it would make things run more smoothly.

  • anthonyx26

    Yeah, unfortunately, it’s likely a total rebuild of the device, not just a simple upgrade patch.

    WP7 will have OTA updates and Over USB updates (for big updates). Not a moment too soon!

    – anthonyx26

  • Sgt. Cell

    Landscape from the home screen would be nice. Not a necessity just wishing.

  • Carlos

    its funny how most people wanna blame Windows Mobile for the flaws of this phone! HTC is the reason it had so many bugs and problems with their SENSE overlay. turn sense off and all the problems go flying out the window, or better yet try a new build of sense from HTC and the problems are gone. im happy Microsoft decided not to retake the fragmentation road of Android.

  • Frank

    @ Barry. you need to first install Hspl3 on your phone and install a custom rom and then boot android off of that. The problem is the stock radio that doesnt work well with all those android builds. You will need a custom rom with another radio.

  • jazzmanmonty

    its not sense that is completely to blame for the bugs. i have used spb mobile shell and its buggy with that skin too. over all its Microsoft’s fault for making such an ugly and primative user interface. and the sad thing is that they are going from a very ugly (yet geek-rich) operating interface to wp7 which is just god awful simple and seems to be marketed for the stupidest of the stupid. they couldn’t find an in between so they have to rely on third parties to do so.

    as for the hd2, the phone in itself is amazing. the problem is that it was released as a windows phone. after android has been ported on it, people are starting to see its true hardware potential. i’m running android 2.2 on it, and the benchmarks blow away even the G2 benchmarks. and the thing is that the people building these roms aren’t even close to 100% done with making it the most amazing phone out.

    but i like to switch back and forth between winmo and android on this phone. i really hope that this update fixes some issues that the custom roms still havent so i have two solid roms on my phone.

  • WOw, I never had those issues with my HD2.
    Guess i’m just lucky because I haven’ had issues with my Vibrant.
    In a couple days I’ll know if I have issues with the G2.


    • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

      My first vib was a lemon. It kept getting hot, restarting, and never kept a signal. They sent me a new one and I’m ready to sell that one.

      • Frigadroid

        Yeah you need to sell one to make room in your screen name for mytouch 4g user lol.

    • ParappaLives

      Thats what kills me, it seems like to me its the MINORITY that are having these issues, but everyone else wants to act like its some huge issue for all users. Its not.

    • OJ_P.R.

      Ohh you will,I have both the HD2 and the G2,and both have their problems. The G2 sometimes freezes,sometimes the screen just stays black and I have to take out the battery,and some other small problems,but who knows,maybe it’s just mine,overall a really awesome phone…

  • Which way is Up?

    no update yet… :(

  • they didnt put on they site but i found this it just says tmobile hd2 mr ? whats that ??

    • SkullNBones

      Hi how did you find that link?

  • ParappaLives

    All I know is I won’t even bother with this update since I don’t experience any of those issues. Sorry to those who do.

  • mos_def98

    I bought this phone when it came out and I can’t front I was all geared up and ready for a hot new phone but this phone is one of the worse phones that tmobile has ever came out with. The issues that I currently have with this phone is that the phone constantly freezes, the phone will go non-responsive whenever I’m getting a text message coming in the bottom line is this the list of issues that I have with this phone is huge and so unreal. Tmobile has sent me 3 replacement phones whenever I have called in to complain about the issues that I’m having. I hate to rain on anyone’s parade but windows mobile is the worse and I refuse to get any more windows mobile phones.

    • Which Way is Up?

      It really does suck that this is what you’ve been going through. I too purchased this phone when it was 1st release and I too experienced the text message/freeze issue along with random lock ups. With that being said, once the 1st ROM update hit (2.13), all of those issues resolved.

      WM is a hell of an OS, definitely not for everyone, I applaud HTC and T Mobile for their efforts with the ROM updates as in the past, T Mo and HTC were not always so quick to respond (anyone remember the Wing?).

      I wish I could give you some advice on the issues you are going through, unfortunately, I cannot. Most of my issues with my HD2 have been resolved with ROM update 2.13.

    • Deke218

      Try deleting some of your text messages. You can’t store 100000000 text messages on the phone. Its HTC’s message app that causes the problem.

    • nyuhsuk

      I definitely agree that there are small quirks to using WM6.5 as opposed to other phone OSes. First off, it’s a massive learning experience, especially if you’re coming off a dumb phone or an iPhone. It definitely is more like a computer than a mobile OS. You need to manage the resources like you would any computer.

      I happened to stroll into a T-Mobile store the other day and my Droid-toting friend fiddled with the HD2 on display there and was complaining about it being all choppy and slow. It sure was. And the culprit was nearly EVERY application available on the device was open in the background. We were sort of impressed with the ability of the phone to still perform under that heavy load, even with that standard T-Mobile ROM. After closing all the heavy programs, the phone returned to wicked smooth oepration as expected.

      I’m not sure if this same scenario is to blame for your phone but chances are, resources are not being managed well.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      so I see you’ve been through 3 hd2’s as well. I was pumped to get the hd2 as well but the issues I’ve had with this thing are ridiculous. I’ve had hardware and software issues and had to call tmo over 30 times about this phone. I’m ready to get a new phone but tmo doesn’t have any 4.3 android devices. I really want to try symbian 3. The Nokia E7 has almost everything I want. It’s even got Tmobile’s 3g frequencies. The only issues is the 4 inch screen and 680mhz processor. Why Nokia chose that processor, I’ll never know. Come on Tmobile, bring me that 4.3 inch Symbian 3/Maemo/Meego/Android device.

  • Jon

    I do not what you guys are griping about I do not have any issues with my HD2 I think most do not know how to tweek their phones and get them setup!!!!!!

  • sfrench5

    unfortunately the Phone still suxxxx ass get a vibrant guys…….. then head over to xda developers and pimp your phone out orrrrrr wait for the mytouch 4g

  • db

    does anybody,know if this rom fixes the texting lagg on the phone?

  • Which Way is Up?

    T-Mobile HD2 MR Software (Version 3.14.531.1)

    It’s up and running now!

  • Mae Mae

    This new TMOUSA stateside just released 3.14 HD2 ROM has missing component part apps already…. Go to Settings> Menu> All Settings> System and look for the Alignment Screen and all it’s compontent parts, they are missing. My uncle Tech1 fixed this same issue in my early released version TMOUSA 3.14 ROM version. I see the same 3.14 ROM that was released over at XDA-Developers earlier, now from TMOUSA stateside, it’s a low down dirty shame…! The very same 3.14 ROM that a guy on this site was bragging on today, not knowing that the ROM on his HD2 had missing component parts.

    Test your FM radio(If Asian HD2 Radio Drivers are still there), it may not work, also test to see if you can send pictures to FaceBook and Videos to youTube via the Album. Text Messaging, you will still get the 129 error that has not been fixed and their may be more things needed to be fixed. If my uncle Tech1 I had never got his hands on the XDA-Developers early released version of TMOUSA 3.14 ROM, then I guess he would not know any better either….!(lol)

  • Mae Mae

    Well, it’s MyTouch 4G time…!

  • nerd lust

    Interesting! I have been watching this phone. When the price drops a little more I might pick one up.

    • elena renteria

      I got my HTC HD2 this past October, at Sams Club, for .98 cents! It was time to upgrade and renew my contract…if you have a Sams near you, you should check it out :) Its a great phone!

  • Nick

    I did my update tonight and the update to facebook is the GREAT!! You can now read ALL comments instead of the last one, as well as like status and pictures. Also, you can now TAG photos which wasn’t doable either! The phone is also running 100x better than it was!

  • Yess This Update Fixes All Problems My Phone Has Yet To Freezee Yet ,, :D I LOVE THIS PHONE THE HD2 is Basically The Best Phone Now ..

  • db

    so no texting lagg?

  • Mae Mae

    NEW Just Released Stateside TMOUSA Tech1 HSDPA HD2 3.14 Pure Stock ROM Bare 2 The Bones With Lots of *Android Love, 8MP SuperFine Camera! (HSPL3 REQUIRED) You can upload pictures to FaceBook and Videos to YouTube via the Album, FM Radio Works, Align Screen, Clear Type, Text Size ALL works, get the TMOUSA HD2 3.14 Pure Stock ROM HERE ….. The ROM is located at the bottom of the ROM description in post # 1…. See the bottom of post #’s 1, 2 and 3 for other TMOUSA HD2 app downloads that may interest you too…!