myTouch 4G ROM Leaked, Includes Promo Video

UPDATE: The video has been turned right-side up!

Apparently the myTouch 4G ROM was leaked earlier this morning, and like many other leaked ROMs it included a few goodies. The folks over at AndroidCentral went through the ROM and found a 50 second promo video for the myTouch 4G. The video briefly showcases some of the features, such as the Genius button, HD video recording, Video Chat, and ScreenShare. Sadly, the video is sideways as its designed for viewing on a mobile handset but its still pretty awesome. We’ve queued the video up for you guys above! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • aLb3Rt

    looks good… looking forward to it…

    • JonnyB

      T-Mobile sucks

      • thaghost

        u suck

      • bmg314

        Wow what a well thought out, intelligent comment. Very conducive and relevant to the conversation. Thank you so much for enlightening all of us. Really, thank you.

      • 2FR35H

        @JonnyB If T-Mobile sucks then why are you on a t-mobile fan site?

      • G2

        Lmao T-Mobile sucks yet hes in a T-Mobile site posting comments, way to contradct yourself

  • Rocco

    I was really hoping this wouldn’t be running Espresso Sense… damn.

    • well i honestly dont care if its running expresso im STILL getting this phone !! i honestly cant wait for it!! this is the best phone t-mobile has ever gotten !

      • thaghost

        i agree. i concur. i second dat emotion.

    • Hmmm?

      I knew this would be running sense, why wouldn’t it? I don’t see the big deal, looks fine to me, I’m ready to get mine.

  • zapote21

    I tried to tell people that it was Espresso months ago, but no one ever believes me….

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      Stupid people for not believing everything they read on the internet and for not listening to only you huh?

      • cp

        Comment of the day!!

      • thaghost


    • FILA

      nothin a little rooting cant fix

    • bmg314

      No, you didn’t. I don’t believe you.

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    Very nice phone, this seems like an actual T-mobile advertisment, which makes me wonder where is the G2 advertising (other than the HTC ones).

    • immadroid

      the hd2 also was advertised by htc before tmo if they ever made a comercial

  • Looks good. Will it work as promised? Time will tell…

    Stay thirsty my friends!

    • Dick Richards

      Stay thirsty?? Can you be any less original?

  • jmts80

    My decision is made, I am getting the G2. I really do not like Espresso Sense!

  • Walhaddi

    So, you can stream your videos WIRELESS to a HD TV?

    • rpinazo

      Yes, but has to be DLNA capable. I don’t my HDTV is :(

      • ColoradoGray

        If your TV isn’t, another device might, like a ps3 or xbox 360 as an example.

    • Vibrant Addict

      All the Samsung Galaxy S phones can do this as well. It’s nothing new.

  • rpinazo

    Looks nice….aside from espresso (Launcher Pro for me). Definitely getting this one, Throw It In The Bag. David does the rumored Nov. 3rd date still stand?

    • phongeek

      i wonder if you can use live wallpapers on this with launcher pro

  • tooltard

    has it been rooted yet ;)

  • phone capo

    this looks nice

  • rpinazo

    There are ways to ignore the Espresso guys! This phone reminds me of Beauty & The Beast….The looks are ugly like a beast, but the specs are just pure BEAUTY!!!!! Can’t come soon enough

  • Alankrut

    Seems really nice, defiantly a good replacement to the Mytouch3g (original)

  • Manny

    man,i was wondering when u guys were going to post this… You already know the ROM is floating out there too. I think you can download it here.

  • Lone Ninja

    If the G2 wasn’t locked, it would have been my first choice. I guess I’ll have to settle for this one. I have a myTouch Slide and don’t hate espresso, but the phone itself is no eye candy. I need root to uninstall apps I never use (Amazom mp3)and some other google apps.

  • Androidless

    This looks nice. Still want the G2 with Wifi calling. As soon as I get a report of an update rolling out to the G2, I’m hitting the store. If I get too impatient and this comes out first…I might end up with this device since it is coming with the wifi calling feature.

  • alex

    i love this phone, sexy phone, sexy specs, and no 3rd party app for video calling!!!!!!!

  • alex

    I would have taken sense 2.2 than espresso…i am going with stock android..

  • somebody

    ahh the wonders of turning my laptop sideways to solve simple problems

    looks ugly but i want it

  • Cybersedan

    Sign me up, this will replace my vibrant.

    • mtc44

      Just curious…
      Why are you replacing a Vibrant? Isn’t that a relatively new device?

    • Will

      Wow, really? I love my Vibrant and though this phone looks nice on paper (the hardware’s look is ugly) it’s not enough to convince me to switch to this. To each their own though :)

      • Cybersedan

        Primary reason is for Wifi calling (I have horrible coverage at home), all indications are that the Vibrant will eventually get this feature, but who knows when that will be. Secondly, the only thing I like about the Vibrant over this phone is the 4inch SAMOLED screen, everything else screams iPhone 3GS wanna be.

        Yeah I knew this before I bought it, lived with it, now I’m ready to move on.

      • Scritz McGritz

        I love my vibrant TOOO!

    • Vibrant Addict

      I’m actually thinking of doing the same. But I will wait till it is released and do a one to one comparison when it’s in the store. Once we get 2.2 on the Vibrant I hope we get everything we need.

      • Will

        I have until Friday to decide if I want to return my Vibrant (14 days) and the more I read about this phone the more I want it to be honest with ya. The Vibrant is an amazing phone but I never realized how important flash was for me on a camera and a led notification light (and I know there are tweaks but still not sufficive for me) until after i got rid of my bb9700 and got the Vibrant. Not to mention this update has seemingly f’d up my phones performance by slowing it down and draining the battery BUT that’s not reason enough to get rid of the phone cause that will be fixed. I just have to decide how important aspects of both are for me. I know .2 isn’t a huge difference in screen but even that puts me off on the MY4G and I seem to be hung up on it. Eh, not sure :/

        Anyway ideas when this will be out though?

  • Cmb

    I dont understand why everyone is so upset with Expresso, I have own the G1 rooted and hacked the HD2 to run Froyo, Owned the Nexus 1 and the Xperia X10 so its not like I am a newbie but this Rom looks pretty good to me and geared toward functionality. I feel like a lot of stuff are missing on the stock Froyo that should be there and if you like a little more eye candy you can really personalize it fully (yes i know about “Beautiful Home” app but it looks alright but not that great).

    So i am not sure why everyone is up in arms about this, the spec are great and the Rom is pretty cool, + its probably going to get rooted pretty soon, and I feel like it won’t have the same bug that the G2 has to reinstall original Rom when you root it. What do you guys think?

  • It seems YouTube has completed processing the video and rotated it automatically so that you don’t have to tilt your head sideways to watch it anymore! :D

  • low

    to bad all the andriod phones do the same things ,impress me with some speed test ,because all the test is showing sprint 4g is faster than hspa, come on tmo, like 4g speeds, like could be fast or slow lol

    • Jake

      “because all the test is showing sprint 4g is faster than hspa” where are you getting this info? because I’ve been seeing the other way around!

    • thaghost

      LOW! are u HIGH?

  • Ansel

    So I’m still wondering if it’s gonna have live wallpapers or no since it’s Expresso…

    • Ace

      it should since the mytouch 2.2 update specification said it would have live wallpaper

    • Sami

      I wouldn’t think that it has live wallpaper because the mytouch slide doesn’t……

      • blablabla

        um….it’s going to have live wallpapers because it has a 1ghz processor. The slide doesn’t have live wallpapers (at least not without root) because the processor is too damn slow to handle it. They work ok on the slide but not buttery smooth. I’m speaking as a previous slide owner here.

  • I have the N1(stock)and am looking at this new MyTouchHD. What is so bad about espresso?

  • jeremy

    I bet the audio video quality will still be crap, just like all HTC phones. They need to fix this!! other than that they make nice phones.

    • Kickstar13

      I’d have to agree with you there. My Vibrant takes much better pictures and videos than my T-Mobile G2 and it doesn’t have a LED flash either.

      • mikeyo

        it only takes good pictures in daylight. night pics are crap

  • blah

    NOO the offically named is 4G…sigh im still pre-ordering it… why must the really great hardware be wrapped in such an unappealing shell although the phone really does look MUCH better in person.

  • jp

    Can finally replace my iphone on edge

  • XfooYen

    Don’t worry about Expresso. It’s probably a reworked updated version of it and very well could be tits. I wants this phone.

  • PimpStrong

    I hope to God that they run the crap out of this commercial cuz it will move lots of these things AND put Tmo on the “4G” map.

  • TMOGuy

    Just as an FYI people. I got my hands on one today and was able to run quadrant to benchmark this badboy. Not only is the build quality great, the phone looks great in person and the benchmark score I got with it was 1932. The best I’ve gotten on my G2 is 1558. It’s an awesome phone with a lot of great features. Wish I had waited.

    • Cybersedan

      Thanks for sharing, I find it so amazing how people on this blog bash devices they’ve never seen or held, based on rumored specs and an image on a screen.

      Look at how people were screaming about the G2, 800Mhz blah blah blah, most people are singing it’s praises now.

      I’m looking forward to seeing this phone in person.

      • thaghost

        yes!! i agree. there was a hater named marcelo on here who used to post all types of bogus links. he used to blast the g2 b4 it even came out. i told him i would be looking for him when it came out. have i seen him since??? no. however, im getting this ova da g2. tmo is on the rise!!!

    • blah

      hey did you benchmark the vibrant too and what did you get?

      • TMOGuy

        When I benchmarked my brother’s Vibrant he only got 850

  • Vinyldestination

    Good to see this when I’m getting my G2 in the mail tomorrow.. (Waiving fist at UPS Tracking #)

  • prower

    all haters are going to eat their words when this comes out

  • Danny

    This phone should do Wi-Fi calling, have a FFC and sport Mobile HotSpot capabilities. No need to root this bad boy.

    This is definitely going to be one of those extremely capable phones that looks waaaaay better in person. Plus it will come in many colors for every taste out there without the added bulk of a full qwerty physical keyboard.

    I just wish T-Mobile’s testing team doesn’t release this phone with crippled features or poor performing device capabilities. Test it. Get it right then get it in our hands.

    Don’t slouch on updates either. Hire some extra help if you need it. You have an entire mobile phone community willing to help.

  • Josh M.

    I just jizzed my pants, while holding my vibrant, but honestly i’d get the mytouch 4G ;D

  • Allan

    what is the internal memory,,,,some sites say 4gb, spec comparison sheet says less

  • Vibrant Guy

    Well, we need to just wait and use the phone once it come out. I will be checking this out, and the Tab.

  • theycallmemrtibs

    Why are the G2 & 4g commercials geared towards women are they telling us something T-Mobile is a phone company for women thats why they take so long doing stuff that everybody else has been doing like coming out with great phones

    • thaghost

      tmo is a family network and apparently women are da head of the households now…lol jus kidding

  • Midori

    Best leaked phone commercial EVER!!! I cant to get my hands on this!

  • R6-G2

    It looks like the optical track pad lights up. In the video between 0:22 to 0:23 it seems to be glowing red.

    • mtnman

      It was just the record indicator on the screen it’s self. I thought so as well until I looked at it again.

  • MichaelN

    I wonder if anyone that’s gotten a hold of the ROM noticed whether or not it has WiFi tethering built in?

  • Claude

    What makes this phone better or worse than the G2. I know this phone does not have a keyboard, but is not locked and has a faster processor.

    For me, it is between the G2 and this phone for my next phone and I can’t decide.

  • MEEE

    Dear T-Mobile,

    Please remove those ugly bubbles from the icons, because it ruins the whole look of the UI

  • Will

    Any ideas on a possible release date?

    • thaghost

      rumor: nov 3rd

  • Vibrant Addict


    I’m gonna check this phone out soon as it is released.

  • Luisny

    i am a tmobile employee and i am def gettin this phone, i was going to get a g2 but i have opened at leas 8-10 g2 phones and out of the box i turned them upside down and the phone open by themselves, i was really dissappointed with the hinge on that phone b/ usually makes solid phones, maybe it will get back to them and they will re-adjust or fix it, but mytouch 4g for me it is (no moving parts) lol plud video chat

    • Fish

      Apparently the hinge problem with the g2 was fixed in htcs 2nd batch.

      I read that somewhere but I can’t remember

  • smash-mode

    Ok I’m new to all this jargon ish..but can someone pls tell me why espresso is so bad?? What’s the diff btw espresso, vanilla, froyo, gingerbead and all the other flavors lol???? I really have no clue

    • Jed Clamped

      Vanilla Android = Stock android, no matter the version
      Gingerbread = Android 3.0 but has not been released and has no date
      Froyo = Android 2.2
      Eclair = Android 2.1. 2.0
      Doughnut = Android 1.6
      Cupcake = Android 1.5

      Espresso, motoblur, sense, etc… those are all UIs that modify the stock experience.

      That’s it in its simplest form.

    • pimpstrong

      Think of these as versions of Android

      “Gingerbread = Android 3.0 but has not been released and has no date
      Froyo = Android 2.2
      Eclair = Android 2.1. 2.0
      Doughnut = Android 1.6
      Cupcake = Android 1.5”

      just like versions of windows. Example: Windows, Windows 95, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and windows 7.

      The problem is that the Manufacturers and the Carriers team up and lay a skin on top of it which gives it a new User Interface (UI). Current UI’s on these phones are Google’s Vanilla, Samsungs Touch Wiz 3.0, Motorola’s Motoblur, HTC’s Sense, and T-Mobile’s modified version of HTC Sense which is known as Espresso. There are more but these are the most common ones.

      The problem is that these different custom UI’s (which are NOT the stock Google Vanilla) are making updating the phones much more difficult because the people who write the software have to do MORE work to actually make it function on our phones. In the end it means that we are left waiting impatiently for the latest version of Android to be updated on our phone while the “Stock Android” phones had it within days or weeks for it. Some phones are taking Months to get updates.

      Thats the detailed form… I got time to burn.

  • Jesushouston

    im not interested with this fone at all no keyboard no fone for me the g2 is for me

  • Serotheo

    I hope it supports live wallpapers.

    • phongeek

      quadruple ditto

  • Fish

    Espresso (or Expresso) will affect the speed at which this phone receives OS updates me thinks. A server CON imo.

    I really want the phone but i’m thinking i’ll wait a few months after it comes out to see how the updates proceed.

    • phongeek


  • Wilma Flintstone

    still waiting for that Nokia E7. I think that may be my next device. Just the processor speed sucks. 680mhz. what was nokia thinking?

  • tmoemerald

    at 18 seconds i see a slit above the metal back right above the speaker could this be a second microphone? i wana know if anyone else sees what i see ^^

    • pimpstrong

      I believe it is.

    • mikeyo

      looks like it might be. i dont see any other reason for a hole to be there.

      • PimpStrong

        That’s what she said

      • Midori

        Classic! LOL!

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    Can’t wait to replace my vib with this! It seems so slow compared to my g2. Does the 4g have the newer generation processor in it??

    • Kickstar13

      Yes, and the myTouch 4G’s 2nd Generation Snapdragon processor is clocked at 1GHz unlike the G2 which is clocked at 800MHz.

      • JM77

        I wonder if there will be a significant difference in quadrant scores since the G2 is running lower but has vanilla?

        For those who love clock speeds, coolbho3k tweeted he has his G2 humming along (and stable) at 1.4ghz… Whoa! Oo

        I would be afraid of mine melting. ;-) Still, it is nice to know the G2’s chip is designed to run 1ghz, so kicking it up to 1.2 would be no problem if it starts to feel slow in a year or so.

    • Clydesdale

      Yes the new mytouch will have a fast processor, but the difference between your g2 and vibrant has much more to do with froyo vs eclair… To see a good representation of the 2.1 to 2.2 difference, run a quadrant benchmark on any phone and look at the comparison results…look at the difference between the nexus one, and the nexus one with 2.2… And of course if you are in a good hspa+ area you’ll have faster downloads on the g2/mytouch hd…

    • claysu

      What do you do with all of your old phones? How was the HD2?

      • BTWATTER

        keep em and sell em I just sold my hd2 to a guy for 200 cuss he didnt have a full upgrade yet

    • blablabla

      you’re comparing a 2.1 device with a 2.2 device. How smart of you.

  • TMOJoe

    The features of this phone look and sound good and for me makes it worth it to finally leave Blackberry. All we need now is the date and price.

    • Kevin

      Yes! Date and price would be fantastic.

      • JohnMcJohnerson

        The manager at the store I was at yesterday said Nov. 3rd release date.

  • pimpstrong

    I liked holding the phone upright and watching the video full screen. We need more videos that way!

  • ob18

    I’ll again wait till it hits stores to check it out.

  • Will



    *sigh* I’ll wait until it’s released and hope to GOD it isn’t locked the way the G2 is. If it isn’t, this will be my next device; goodbye N1 on CM6, HELLO MT4G on CM6.X!

  • mula

    any idea what is it coming out!?

  • souldntsay

    That is the video that plays when you turn the phone on for the first time. It demonstrates key features of the device and serves as an onboarding tool to ensure a unique and high excitement experience the first time used.

    • Cmb

      That makes sense thats why the vid is in that skinny format.

  • LyonByTheSea

    it looks much larger and flatter than I had imagined … much less teenager-ish than many folks were thinking because of how the other MyTouch(s) do. I love mine but am sooooooo looking forward to this one!!!

  • reddragon72

    Also the same APK in the G2 update for WIFI Calling is in this ROM, but even with it we cannot get it to work. Really wish T-Mobile would hurry up with this feature!!!!!!

  • E-Z

    I have a g1 and am thinking about getting this phone… What is the Espresso that everyone keeps talking about and why is it unpopular?

    • BlackHawk

      Espresso is Android 2.1

      • E-Z

        I thought that was the Eclair

      • jonathan

        Espresso is the UI overlay aka Sense(ish). It is not “Android 2.1 or Android 2.2”

      • mikeyo

        No its not its tmobiles version of HTC Sense u.i.
        and its version 2.2 (Froyo)

  • John

    I’ve played with it, it’s a different version of espresso than I’ve seen before. It’s a pretty zippy phone though, didn’t dig the UI at all though.

  • Great reporting! If anyone’s interested, is giving away a MyTouch 4G! All you need is a digital camera…

  • Looking good.. Still very happy with my rooted vibrant over the g2.. And my screen will make me a cry baby to downgrade to anything else.. The Vibrant is capable of everything this will do other then video calling.. Not really a seal the deal type thing unfortunately.

  • jd

    i am waiting on the 4g to come out. i hope it is better than the nexus one by google. i needa upgrade.

  • jd

    thenexus one is about to be 3. when everyone else will still be 2.2 i hope
    t-mobile can get it together. i to have the vibranti like it so far would not trade it but want the4g as a back up.

  • somone

    i hear gingerbread is comming to the vibrant in december… acording to android :)