HTC HD2 Update Coming Soon?

Are those pictures of the HD7 making your HD2 feel unloved?  Well, maybe we can fix that.  According to our in-house Windows Mobile enthusiast and lover (T1 Connect in the forums), you may be seeing an update coming your way.  Apparently there is a ROM Update (3.14) out there in the wild that comes in the form of a ruu, which I guess makes it official and not a custom ROM (right?).  The brave souls who have tried out this update are noticing an increase in performance as well as an upgraded radio and core.  In addition, this update includes a few new apps (Shazam, Amazon MP3 and Slacker Radio).  In case you were wondering, no new SPL is installed, HardSPL isn’t removed and Android will still run on it (if you went that route).  All in all, it seems like a decent update.  If you are brave, hit up the download link and have at it or head to the forums for questions and comments.  (Seriously though, the forums are awesome, you should check them out).  I guess you could just wait for the official download link, but where is the fun in that?  Take a look at the pictures down below, and don’t forget to have fun.  Good luck!

xda developers,  Download link

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  • Which Way is Up?

    The forums on this site are awesome, glad I’m a member…

  • Steve Jobless

    Is it me or have we already had these apps available? The boost in performance is welcomed. But say if someone is running a custom radio;for better use of Android, would the updated radio over-ride the previous one?

  • ParappaLives

    Yeah, I already have Slacker radio? I really have no need for Amazon MP3 or Shazam either…hm. And despite having everything backed up both via My Phone and Tmobile backup, I really don’t feel like wiping and starting over again. I think I might pass on this one. I’m not sure if any of it is worth it for slight bump in performance.

  • watbetch

    People forget about how horrible HTC Sense is here. It’s been the root of all problems with the HD2.

    But HTC is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • pimpstrong

      Yeah that old Sense was pure D garbage.

    • Inuyasha

      If you don’t like HTC Sense, then turn it off. Problem Solved. I, and many others, do like HTC Sense, and it helps make the HD2 what it is, which is a great phone. I don’t know what “problems” you are talking about, but I haven’t had any problems with Sense or my HD2 in general.

      • watbetch

        I said HTC Sense is the cause of most of the problems with the HD2 and that is true.

    • Deke218

      I’m sorry but without Sense, the HD2 would be garbage.

  • papesh

    I already run a custom rom…pass for me. NRGZ roms FTW!

  • Inuyasha

    I flashed the 3.14 ROM to my HD2 this morning, and it is performing noticeably better without even doing the performance tweaks in the registry yet.

    @Steve Jobless
    The radio works fine with Android. I haven’t really tested Android with this ROM, but FroyoStone V1 and V2 ran fine for me with the stock 2.10 ROM and the radio. I was able to boot into Android without any problems with the 3.14 ROM, but still needed to do some stuff in WinMo, so I booted back into it. I only went as far as pulling up the menu in Android and scrolling down and back up a few times before rebooting, but it was as smooth as before.

  • pimpstrong

    Sense on the TP2 ran like crap and Stock windows mobile OR their Titanium skin was just retarded. The HD2 is without a doubt an awsome phone and is way better than the TP2.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I have both the HD2 and Vibrant. I had intended to sell the HD2 when I got the Vibrant, but you are right, the HD2 is an awesome phone (and so versatile, can even run Android) that I doubt I’ll ever get rid of it.

      A WinMo phone will always be able to do things that an Android-based or WP7 phone can’t do.

      For example, Microsoft will make the WP7 phones more “controlled” along the lines of what Apple does to iPhones. You won’t be able to hack a WP7 series phone like one can a WinMo-based phone. In other words, while on my HD2 I can install custom ROMS every 30 minutes if I want, users won’t be doing that on a Windows Phone 7 Series handset.

      Moreover, on my HD2 I run the custom ROM and shell “Core Cell EVO” that is a ROM that significantly modifies HTC Sense. For me that really makes the HD2 a fantastic phone.

  • t1 connect

    nrgz romz drain battery like crazy and ppl keep forgetting this without sense being on a windows mobile phones which spawned from touchflo, sense on android and windows mobile wouldnt exist. some of you guys are just ungrateful, and are just spewing things out of your mouth when in fact you have no idea what you are talking about and claim to be techies….appriciate, and stop hatin.

    • Carlos

      @T1 Connect, OMG I APPLAUD YOU!!! I have been saying that 4ever and also I would like to add that the HD2 was trend setting phone and made every other OS owner mouth water!

    • David, Managing Editor

      Preach on!!!

    • nyuhsuk

      Let the NRG rom drain the battery once or twice to calibrate your usage pattern. I easily get a full day outta my NRG ROM equipped HD2. I noticed with my older TP2 that syncing your IMAP/POP accounts every 10 minutes killed the battery MUCH quicker. 30 minutes now and it’s doing great!

  • Deke218

    If you do nothing else, flash the new radio that comes with this ROM. Edge is faster than what my HSPA was on the previous radio. I downloaded the new ROM but will wait until the weekend to get to it. The radio [2.14] is fantastic.

  • Deke218

    New Apps? Shazam, Amazon MP3 and Slacker Radio: The only app that didn’t come with the original ROM was Shazam. I downloaded that from the market.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    This is interesting, someone in the San Francisco Bay Area, on Craig’s List selling the service of putting Android on to an HD2, for $40.

    I wonder if he has got any customers.

    • Steve Jobless

      I see that all the time. It’s utterly ridiculous. You are selling the developers hard work and he gets no cut. I’m sure most people don’t bother to donate.

  • bryan

    First thing to mention is that just because a ROM is in the form of a RUU does not mean that it is an official ROM, many cooked ROMs are distributed as a RUU.

    @T1 Connect, while i agree that sense and even touch flo before it were improvements over the standard Windows Mobile interface, the sense programing causes performance issues (not always but many times).
    With regards to Android, i don’t see any big improvements added that are not available on stock Android. Sense on android is the best UI/ skin available other than Vanilla Android, but when you realize the other main options are Motorola Blur and Samsung Touchwiz that doesn’t say much. The newer versions of sense that were just announced by HTC add some cool features, but i would prefer it if they were just applications that HTC made available through the market rather than a whole framework on top or / integrated with Android.
    My current phone is the Mytouch Slide so I am familiar with Sense, i just don’t see the need.

    • Deke218

      RUU doesn’t make it an official ROM. RRU with Shipped does.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      This is correct, RUU does NOT mean it’s an official update.

      Perhaps people would understand that if they knew what “RUU” stands for.

      The acronym means “ROM Update Utility.” And all that means is that the phone is updated via Active-Sync with the phone connected to a PC via a USB cable.

      Once running RUU the program takes over and updates the phone.

      The alternative to running RUU from a computer is to do what I call “microSD flashing.” That process requires only that I put the ROM on to my phone’s microSD chip, in the root directory, use the phones boot loader command, and the phone finds the ROM on the chip automatically and installs it if I click “yes.”

      With “microSD flashing” one must change the ROM name to RHODIMG.NBH so the phone’s boot loader (tri-color screen) will find it.

      With the RUU updating process the PC running the ROM Update Utility will find it.

      So “RUU” does not signify an official ROM. ;)

      NBH means the C0 and C1 control code sets define control codes for use in text by ROMS and computer systems that use the ISO/IEC 2022 system of specifying control and graphic characters. The C0 set defines codes in the range 00HEX-1FHEX and the C1 set defines codes in the range 80HEX-9FHEX blah, blah, blah

  • chrisrj28


    I see that all the time, here in Sacramento ads will occasionally show up like that and they often word them as if it’s something scientific and that only they can accomplish this with their custom software. Always gets a laugh from me.

    But anyone using a custom rom I recommend to try the new radio, I hit 770kb download using Android which I have never hit before. Battery life already sucks for me so I prefer the increased performance in signal strength and speed.

    I am sure the rom chefs will begin including this new Tmo base in their roms soon

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      For the newbs in here, what is meant by “radio” is the software part of the OS, or separate software, that runs your actual phone, that is, as opposed to your phones “PC” functionality.

      Beware, you must read the ROM developers instructions to the letter.

      Some say to NOT update your radio because the dev’s ROM with a different radio may brick your phone.

      Other dev’s say to update your radio because the updated radio “OS” is better than the old one.

      Pay attention to which phone a dev says a radio applies. All devs will tell you to check on your phone’s “about” menu to see which radio you have. They will tell you if, for example, you have radio version xxxx.xxxx that you should install the update.

      If the dev says an update should be installed, they usually provide the radio update too, that is, in addition to the ROM update.

      Typically, ROMS do NOT install radio software.

  • abel2fresh4u


  • phone capo

    might pass on this…I dont feel like installing all my apps over again…I run stock on my hd2 had it since june only hard reset it once(knock on wood) freeze once in a blue…so im good!!!!

    • Deke218

      Um, try backing everything up first – SPB Backup. Then restore using ROM upgrade mode. Takes all of 5 minutes.

      • phone capo

        really? thanks a lot going check that out man

      • phone capo

        thanks…I love google found it

    • Troll Burgers

      SPB Backup demo has this option? Just asking… otherwise that’s a >>$25<< five minute process.

      • phone capo

        found a way around that 25 charge :-)

      • Deke218

        There’s always a way.

      • Deke218

        I paid for the app. It was worth it to me because I try a lot of ROMS. Time is more valuable than money sometimes.

  • nain77

    does anyone know which rom can run android smoothely? im using miri rom but mms doesnt work on windowsmobile and i wanna be able to usee both OS’s. im using an older android build nd i still get echo voice. anyone know which rom doesnt effect the voice quality?? email me? i know how to update roms/radios so im not a noob. any help would be greatly appreciated

    ps. i searched for about 2 hours before posting this

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Ask some of the guys in here:

      I have to leave so can’t answer. But WM Power User has people as expert as XDA ;)

    • t1 connect

      The most stable and two of the most beautiful romz on the market right now that can run android really smooth are the elegancia rom by miri and steve007 and LeoAF by Ark_N check it out at

  • nain77

    im going to try the elegancia rom soon, i dont see any suggested radio though? im using 2.08.xx.xx

  • James

    About that 2.2 update for mytouch… when will that ever happen.

  • t1 connect

    2.2 for the mytouch 1.0 or 1.2 isnt gonna happen, they’re being discontinued soon, and with the 528mhz processor in that phone it wouldn’t be the smartest thing in the world to do.

    As far as the radio for the elegancia rom, check our radio xxx.50.26 works fine for me. good and reliable…

    You guys should really check out tmonews forums…all this info can be explained there..and you can discuss these things with real pro’s over there who’s always willing to give you help and goodies for your current phone. just as i started out on this very blog, i would love to see some of you guys over there.

  • SaggyBalls

    The article should have clarified that new ROM will not play nice with all Android versions. It’s hit and miss. Some people have bricked their phones while others only have nominal issues. Runnin a stock ROM will almost always result in poor functionality when running Android.

  • im running froyo on my hd2 , never been happier. a friend of mine has the droid incredible and theres nothing he can do that i cant…. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy f’n better than windows. try it ,,, battery drain sucks , but still worth it.

  • nain77

    froyo desire hd??

    • SaggyBalls

      Not functioning properly, yet. Android boots up fine but the dreaded robot
      voice is back. Along with a few other bugs. I’m using the Froyo Desire HD build from Darkstone on my HD2. Mileage may vary.

  • nain77

    can u provide the link??

  • betboxxer

    Wont work with android. Android boots but the robot noise is in the headset when making calls.

  • GG

    this doesnt seem to work right there some bugs here and there so i doubt this is legit like my emails dont update or facebook updates it stays on the same same screen the only time it real updates my stuff is when i factory reset it for the first but anyways nice try.. if anything let me me know when tmobile officially announces it

  • Liz

    Can someone let me know how to download Android on my HD2 ?

  • tmo1

    Got a call today from the htc rep and was told to hold off on the update. he said they were “adding a few things” and he would bring the new version out next week

    • Strayelectron

      Hopefully, one of the last minute “things” will be a fix for the voice command/bluetooth problem. I miss the incoming call announce to the headset that I had with my Dash.

  • lttl_espana

    The news from tmo1:

    “tmo1 says:
    September 28, 2010 at 9:10 PM
    Got a call today from the htc rep and was told to hold off on the update. he said they were “adding a few things” and he would bring the new version out next week”

    Should be posted as an update at the top of this post. Just to let people know.

    Thank you Tmo1.

  • duck bd2

  • Steve

    Any updates on when the official TMOUSA rom will be out? “Next week” was two weeks ago.

  • Rickart

    porque no funciona con la htc hd2 t8585 !!!!????