LG Optimus Reveals Itself, Wi-Fi Calling On Board?

Let’s preface this with the usual warning of take this with a grain of salt, etc. etc…looks real…etc, etc.  I know your eyes have already scanned over this and found the things you wish were different but let’s just laser in on Reason To Buy #2:  is that Wi-Fi calling on board I see?  Is there truly someone sitting in the heavens answering our prayers?  Our ninja for this image did say that he was told this phone would have “native” Wi-Fi capability.  However, with the Kineto wireless article still fresh in our minds, we’ll reserve judgment on that until we can get a little more detail on the device!

As this isn’t the first time we’ve gotten wind of the Lg Optimus coming the Magenta way, we’ve definitely had some guesses as to whether this was handset or tablet.  Now that we have seemingly resolved that question, we’re not overjoyed with the 3.2-inch screen this thing will be rocking, but we can overlook that for the pure joy of Wi-Fi calling.