LG Optimus Reveals Itself, Wi-Fi Calling On Board?

Let’s preface this with the usual warning of take this with a grain of salt, etc. etc…looks real…etc, etc.  I know your eyes have already scanned over this and found the things you wish were different but let’s just laser in on Reason To Buy #2:  is that Wi-Fi calling on board I see?  Is there truly someone sitting in the heavens answering our prayers?  Our ninja for this image did say that he was told this phone would have “native” Wi-Fi capability.  However, with the Kineto wireless article still fresh in our minds, we’ll reserve judgment on that until we can get a little more detail on the device!

As this isn’t the first time we’ve gotten wind of the Lg Optimus coming the Magenta way, we’ve definitely had some guesses as to whether this was handset or tablet.  Now that we have seemingly resolved that question, we’re not overjoyed with the 3.2-inch screen this thing will be rocking, but we can overlook that for the pure joy of Wi-Fi calling.


  • Danl

    wifi calling? That would be awesome for those of us in dead zones.

  • going_home

    TMO needs to spread the love and not just limit it to a few phones.
    Kineto needs to put their 2.2 compatible app on the market.
    I’d pay $10.00 for it.


  • MJ

    Hopefully some hackers on XDA can get this to function on our current android handsets. Except the Hotspot calling, I would hate to give up my Nexus One for this

  • mikeeeee

    one more time into the breach.

  • djdarkknight96

    Nice, finally UMA on android! Need an app for dat!

  • Santi-Go.!

    Wifi Calling Is Just What I Need.! Hope This Is True, But I’ve Still Got My Eyes On The G2…

  • I love the name but it doesn’t seem like much of a phone. I vowed never to buy an lg product again anyway. They give the appearance of high quality at an affordable price but when you actually use them you will be reminded that you always get what you pay for.

  • FlyingRequin

    With Google — that seems to be the code name for “Vanilla” Android. That is an extra point…. but still why only 3.2in screen???

    This is probably the Google phone for the masses.

    • 2FR35H

      LOL “with google” just means its an android device. I mean by your logic my behold2 has “vanilla” android because it has “with google” on it. HAHA I think we all know it DOES NOT!

    • Drew

      3.2? Yet another kiddie phone. Round of claps for tmo…

      • Steve Jobless

        The iPhone has .3″ more, do you consider it a “kiddie” phone? The HTC Aria has a small screen. Would you consider it a “kiddie” phone. The phone is as childish as the apps you run on it.

  • Claude

    No more overseas rates when traveling outside of the country if you have a Wifi connection. I would seriously look at this phone just for that feature.

    • tmorsa

      they still charge you for wifi calling even if you are oversees…. it was a system glitch and it was caught but good idea

      • ultravision

        they dont charge you any extra money besides the minutes from your usage bucket while using wifi overseas. its not a system glitch or anything. Kineto on their website stated this was one of the biggest advantages to this service and by the way… kineto is a partner of tmobile. Each UMA phone on tmobile has kineto UMA software on it. tmobile allows people to use UMA overseas for no roaming charge at all because it is simply wifi.

      • rusty1


  • DatNizzle

    Other than the screen, it’s not too bad. Another half inch would be perfect. The camera’s not great, but 3.whatever mp is fine for posting to the web. Sell it for $0-$50 with a contract it may sell pretty good.

  • Vibrant Addict

    Oh my god, that is beautiful. Wifi calling is finally going to be available, from the carrier that I least expected it from. LOL

    • Vibrant Addict

      Woops, meant manufacturer that I least expected it from.

  • Vibrant Guy

    Nice…very nice.

  • pimpstrong

    Good news here. Another Ground Breaking feature from our great carrier

  • troyag1

    This is great news, an entry level smartphone with wifi calling, and a smallish format that will help bring “dumb phone” users to Android, now if we could have it without a data plan this would be affordable for my kids.

  • K

    Is vibrant better or the g2?

    • 2FR35H


    • going_home

      G2 is better hands down (faster) , its HSPA+ capable.
      Vibrant is only HSDPA 7.2 .

  • Barry

    So does this mean no LG tablet ? :-(

    • 2FR35H

      I hope not.

  • Ash

    Best news ever! Come and support the T-Mobile UMA Fan Page!


  • ceas

    Cyanogen had tweeted that the G2 dump had the native drivers needed by the kineto app for wifi calling.. so I’m betting G2 owners will have this option in the future if not out of the box..

  • Hamster

    Not sure. The picture said that the Wifi calling isn’t going to use your minutes while UMA is supposed to. Sounds more like they’re just bundling it with the Google Voice app.

  • David

    Assuming this is true, this may be just what I’m looking for. I’ve been intrigued by smart phones but turned off by their size and/or weight. Except for the Palm Pre, that is, but it isn’t available on T-Mobile. Assuming the 3.2″ screen translates into a smaller form factor (the Palm Pre has a 3.1″ screen), I’ll be happy to give up my old Motorola flip phone for this! :)

  • KV66

    Holy cow…can you hear me now mofo?? I hope this is not another joke like the Motorola Charm sporting UMA. I was waiting till November to dump T-mo (sadly) but now I’ll wait to see how this pans out. Hello T-mobile, Google!! we’ve been asking for this for 2 years now.

  • chule

    I’ve oft wondered if RIM contracted with TMO to use UMA exclusively. What else could be such an obstacle when there is such a cry for the android feature?

  • I’d get it because of a couple features: Wifi Calling (Even thou I have free calling through Google Voice/Gmail), LONG BATTERY LIFE! (I love my Vibrant, but the battery life is horrific & has completelty turned me off of it, & just in cause you say it, yes I calibrated the battery already, like 7 times or more, not making a difference), Android 2.2 OS (Froyo), & it’s still considered a smart phone. I keep getting this overpriced phones with all these features just to get bored with them after a month or so when I need to just get why I get a phone, TO COMMUNICATE & handle a few extras. My only nag with it is 3.2 inch touchscreen. My hands aren’t the biggest, but they sure aren’t Pinnochio fingers either. So, we’ll see… Right now I just want a phone that handle’s it’s just & last. That’s about it. I’ll probably end up getting one of the tables anyway for my data usage.

  • I doubt this is UMA, since it doesn’t use your minutes. It’s probably Google voice or something like it.

  • Cybersedan

    Following up David’s tweet, I’m also surprised this post hasn’t gotten more attention, people have been asking for Android UMA forever and here is a good silver lining, yet no love.

    • Ash

      probably because the verbiage is vague and the previous moto charm flyer lied to us before

  • NiiDiddy

    FINALLY Huh….Wifi Calling. Sweet. Now it just needs to somehow find its way to the other Android devices currently supported by Tmobile, and we’ll all be happy :)

  • D

    I found out that the biggest hurdle preventing T-Mobile from allowing UMA on all their Androids is an issue between 911 location and the FCC.

    According to my tipster they already have the UMA software ready for OTA and want to release it ASAP.

    I asked if they were working with Kineto and I was told “no comment.”

    Please don’t ask for details cause that is all I know.

    • Steve Jobless

      The sky is blue.

    • Nate

      Keeping my fingers crossed that this is true.

  • Voiceofreason

    The leaked Moto Charm spec sheet said UMA lite and where is it? I don’t believe this not even a little.

  • solidus433

    Doesn’t look too bad. I might give it a look when it hits shelves. Any idea what’s under the Hood?

    • MattB

      600 mhz processor according to an LG insider, trying to launch it as a ‘basic’ android device, not trying to blow anybodies mind with it.

  • mingkee

    This phone has mobile hotspot and UMA, but the rest of specs are kinda basic.
    Hopefully it’ll allow $10 web2go basic with it and I’ll buy.

  • mr.brown

    For the record, this phone was SUPPOSED to have UMA on board, and even though the box/paperwork say the phone allows UMA calling, the phone does not. The support was pulled last minute and marketing was never changed.